Zimbabwe to hang 49 prisoners‏


Harare (ZimEye) – Zimbabwe is set to hang 49 inmates at the Harare
Central Prison out of over 1 200 jailed at the prison.
Briefing a Senate Parliamentary Committee, a Harare Central Prison
officer-in-charge Chief Superintendent Norbert Chomurenga said: “There
are 1 221 inmates, four are juveniles, 426 are B class, 745 are C
class, one is D class and 49 are prisoners under sentence of death.”
He said one of the 49 inmates who was convicted of a murder charge 13
years ago, was yet to be hanged.
An inmate at the Harare Central Prison, said there was trauma in the
prison as they waited to be hanged, adding even the prison guards were
also traumatized.
“We are traumatized, including those who guard us, since they witness our
death,” he said.
Notorious robbers Edgar Masendeke and Stephen Chidhumo who committed
various crimes including murder and escaping from lawful custody at
Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison were also put under the gallows.
Chomurenga also said at the height of problems facing prisons in 2008, 229
prisoners died at Harare Central Prison and 189 perished last year
because of hunger. (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

  • Sarah Chipandu

    hutsinye hwega, vanhu veZANU. Muchangofawo mese mese

  • jojo

    sarah chipandu,hauzi utsinye shamwari,vanhu ava vakauraya vanhu vakawandisa and the way they killed these people is so pathetic.hang them today please.this is not a zanu- pf issue my friend.we do have relatives who were murdered by these criminals,it pains. can you imagine to kill someone because you want to rob him of his monies!!!AAAAhhhh!! terrible. TINGAPERA NE MHONDI IDZI DZIKADZOKA

  • son

    kufungawo here ikoko nhai sarah kwauri kuita,ndikataura hanzi son nyarara haufungi,hee unotuka vamwe.manje so here varume.


    While I agree with the penalty of all who commit offence, I think that this is mere cruelty. How many people has Mugabe himself killed and yet he walk free?

  • http://hotmail somhlaba mthunzi

    if you kill somebody and the courts sentece you to death you should be hanged because there are people like cHIDHUMO WHO KILLED INTENTionally …they should be eliminated…and many will be hanged especially with the number of murderous bussinessman like the Nigerians who have infested our country, the death sentence should be enforced.

  • son

    thank you somhlaba mthunzi for your constructive ideas,


    Life imprisonment is crueller than hanging.Anyone should have the right to be hanged if he gets fed up with life imprisonment

  • pragg always

    you guys you need to examined your brains i think you have a problem look here are the facts muprison umu maita nzara munotii nevanhu varikupedzera vamwe chikafu ivo vaine death sentence enforced on them 13 years ago yet the prisons are broke

    what more about those not yet convicted for more than 10 years

    but i agree with sarah she is right no one with the right to kill nomatter what life is precious

    i would love to meet you sara remember nyamhara primary shool