ZIMBABWE: The Case For The Re-Introduction Of The LOZWI/ROZVI Monarchy


The Lozwi/Rozvi Monarchy should be revived. It is the true uniting factor that transcends tribal barriers. It is representative of all Zimbabweans in every region be it Matabeleland, Mashonaland, Masvingo or Manicaland. We have done our homework and the chaos that stifled the same project when we tried it in the 1950s is now a thing of the past. Zimbabwe as it was, a unitary state from Zambezi to Limpopo, has to heal its wounds but it won’t do so by dividing itself in answer to emotions.

Yes there have been clear wrongs committed against our people but deep as they are, sad as they are, atrocious even, they can never be a rallying call for dividing a country that was never at any time divided. I say so because I know this for a fact, because it is my direct ancestors who were the hegemony in the solid, united country.

Netjasike/Tjilisamhulu/Chirisamhuru built and governed from Manyanga, Tjibundule/Chiundura built and governed from Kame/Khami and Changamire Dombo from Danangombe/Dlodlo. All these areas are in present day Matabeleland. They collected tribute from tribute paying tribes in present day Midlands, Masvingo, Mashonaland, Manicaland, Manica and Gaza in Mozambique, Limpopo in South Africa and also large parts of Mozambique. All these people would never have a king or chief installed without the knowledge of their Emperors who were based in BuLozwi [present day Matabeleland]. Each time they wanted to install a leader they would first send the person to be confirmed at Njelele, the main shrine of Mwali in present day Matabeleland. Normally Mwali would give advice but not directions on who that tribe would install as their leader. After that the tribal leader would be confirmed in front of his people and neighbours by a representative of the Lozwi/Rozvi who would give him his royal insignia. This is not something that happened only in the remote past. Gutu was confirmed this way; by seeking guidance from Njelele and he was chosen ahead of his rival Munyonga in 1963. Zimbabwe was and ought to be one country. From BuLozwi [present day Matabeleland] the Emperors ruled a united country, and at Njelele again in Matobo, Matabeleland South, everyone worshipped to one God, Mwali. The people spoke Kalanga as the official language, and they addressed their kings that way. They also spoke to Mwali in Kalanga, which was and still is the language of Njelele.

We have wronged one another over the years, but we cannot reinvent truths because of wrongs. We should all be brave enough and face our past together and address our past together. All past wrongs must be addressed bravely and boldly and as a people we should never allow a piecemeal approach to such wrongs and liability thereof. We cannot pick and choose the victims and perpetrators we want and then seek to condemn and reward them in accordance to our own designs. We cannot deny Gukurahundi. We cannot deny UDI era atrocities. We cannot deny colonial era atrocities that Cecil Rhodes and the pioneer column and colonial governments thereafter are responsible for. We can also not run away from the fact that among ourselves even before white people came to Zimbabwe there were tribal fights and these in some cases took the form of outright atrocities. Ndebele-Shona relations were not rosy. Deniers of these historical facts, be it Gukurahundi, UDI-era, colonial-era and pre-colonial era atrocious realities are the ones who are doing Zimbabwe a great disfavour.


While in the USA they are celebrating their avoidance of the fiscal cliff because of their honest approach to problems they faced as a nation, Zimbabwe is confronted with a perpetual social cliff that has aggravated because of a failure to grasp the mood on the ground. In all this the political leadership lack of a clear resolve is so telling and the consequences of that has been simmering tribal and racial tensions that will implode one day. As a people we are at a point where we need to divorce from these historical realities that sadly underpin our current regional and tribal relations but we can never do so by keeping quiet as what has been the case since the founding of the modern nation that is now Zimbabwe.

When the Nambya are asked about Mzilikazi they remember him as the person who killed their king, Hwange and wreaked havoc in their polity together with his Ndebele warriors. When the Kalanga are asked about Mzilikazi and the Ndebele again they remember them as the people who destroyed their way of life. When the Shona are asked about Mzilikazi and Lobengula they remember both as people who wreaked havoc on them and destroyed their lives. Lobengula is further accused of killing Chaminuka.

When an Ndebele is asked about the Shona and Robert Mugabe, they say they are responsible for Gukurahundi and the atrocities that claimed many Ndebele lives. When black Zimbabweans are asked about Smith and white Zimbabweans they talk of a racist lot that was responsible for atrocities at Chimoio, Mulungushi and other areas and also the marginalisation of their ancestors and their colonisation and displacement. And white Zimbabweans also regard Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF as the “black Hitler” bent on removing them from the one and only country they have ever known to be theirs, Zimbabwe. They point to the land reform and now indigenisation as unfair punishments for being white rather than as a measure for addressing a past injustice.

Rhodes is still a white ancestor representing white supremacy and conquest whose “grave should eventually be removed from Zimbabwe”. Preposterous attempts to say he brought people food [and obviously “civilisation”] have been rightly shot down. Nehanda, Kaguvi, Mapondera, Chaminuka, Makoni, Chinengundu, Mashonganyika, Chikare, Chigavazira are viewed mainly as Shona First Chimurenga heroes, Lozikeyi, Mlugulu are only viewed as Ndebele Umvukela heroes. Joshua Nkomo only became a true Father Zimbabwe in death, otherwise he together with Dabengwa and Lookout Masuku were regarded as leaders of dissidents who were responsible for the likes of Gwesela and Gayigusu and the atrocities they committed on mainly Shona targets. And the list goes on probably Mugabe, who is largely demonised in Matabeleland as the father of Gukurahundi whose hands are dripping with Ndebele blood, may also become a respected hero in Matabeleland and Midlands after his death. What I am driving at is the truth about our perceptions which we have done so much to hide but to the detriment of our well being as a nation. Judging from how Ndebele-Shona and white and black Zimbabwean relations have formed on social networking sites such as facebook and in the Zimbabwean Diaspora reality, the tensions are there to see and also frightening, very frightening.

And for politicians to wish that away without addressing them is even more troubling. ZANU PF politicians are not interested at all in discussing Gukurahundi, white Zimbabweans largely believe there were no atrocities committed by Ian Smith during UDI and instead blame ZANLA and ZIPRA even in this day and era, and on Cecil Rhodes they believe the issue is the past although they also believe Ndebeles raided Shonas and that should always be stated and that Gukurahundi atrocities and post-2000 violent land invasions must be punished. MDC-T believes post-2008 crimes against humanity should be addressed but only mentions Gukurahundi at their convenience when they want Ndebele votes in Matabeleland and the Midlands. They are simply not prepared at all to discuss UDI and colonial era atrocities. The MDC without anyone’s surname seems to talk much about Gukurahundi but I must say I am impressed by the leadership qualities of David Coltart as he is the only Zimbabwean politician who has called for the investigation of all atrocities including UDI-era atrocities. He seems to be a lone voice though. Groups calling for secession or even federalism in Matabeleland are only interested in mentioning Gukurahundi atrocities while they completely deny pre-colonial era atrocities by Mzilikazi and Ndebele warriors on neighbouring tribes such as Kalanga, Nambya, Venda, Sotho, Shona, etc and the existence of dissidents.

We are a nation of cowards seeking truths that suit us. We should be ashamed of ourselves and especially our politicians who have failed to address the main problem in our social relations head on. They have allowed the growth of suspicion and the erosion of confidence in people from a different race or tribe. Meritocracy is being sacrificed in honour of tribal, regional or racial loyalty. In my view outstanding politicians who could easily be leaders of the country in their own right, are being judged through tribal, racial and ethnic blinkers to the detriment of the country. They are victims of a lack of political will that has allowed sensitive issues to drag on as convenient tools for political campaigns. Politicians who have nothing to offer in terms of primary issues such as hunger, accommodation, education, development and opportunities for all have allowed the perpetual existence of a social cliff of secondary issues such as neo-colonialism, accountability, secession etc to gain political mileage. They have deliberately avoided meaningful discussion of the matters in order to guarantee the perpetuity of their own political existence. Such minds are destroying the country.

Had politicians wanted, the issue of Gukurahundi, UDI-era, colonial era and pre-colonial atrocities could have been addressed and would by now have been a thing of the past. The artificial barriers that separate us could have been removed and Zimbabweans could have been allowed to choose merit in leadership rather than the franchising of people we identify with and the disenfranchisement of those we don’t. Minds must meet to address these things in our own way and to our satisfaction. We should be ashamed that we have other people coming to us every time in order to get us agreeing. We are a sorry nation of poor souls asking for intervention all the time, we needed Lancaster to end the liberation war and to do so we recalled the British who re-colonised us at our collective invitation, removed the UDI flag, re-hoisted the Union Jack and appointed a new Governor who was answerable to the Crown. Among ourselves we could not agree, we could not use the moral leadership that was there and mechanisms that were there to get us talking again. After 2008 and to this day we need South Africa, and other neighbouring countries to get us talking again.

We are collective failures who are shamelessly dependent on anyone and anything for our own existence. We are collectively immature, the laughing stocks of the world who think separation, secession and foreign brinkmanship as ways of solving our own problems. South Africa ended Apartheid on its own, in their own way, on their own terms and charted a future that was and is still based on their own mechanisms. ANC and Inkatha Freedom Party needed no Zimbabwean intervention in Kwazulu-Natal. ANC and the NP are even in a coalition as we speak. In Zambia UNIP and MMD needed no Zimbabwean intervention not even SADC, the same for Kamuzu Banda’s Malawi Congress Party and its Young Pioneers, Malawi solved its own problems. They needed no intervention from anyone. Tanganyika even became one country with Zanzibar, Tanzania, but they solve their issues alone. Burma has solved its own problems by themselves.

Nigeria ended military dictatorships on its own and when Obassanjo tried to get an unlawful third term Nigerian mechanisms and mechanics stopped him in his trail. Ghana ended years of military dictatorships on its own and even now as we speak the electoral challenges by the opposition is being managed through Ghanaian mechanisms. What is it that we have that is missing in other countries? South Africa has much more mineral wealth than we have, it’s more diverse, and yes it suffered even worse from Apartheid than we have. Why do they manage to live together in harmony? Why don’t they need us when they have their problems? Go to Johannesburg and you hear every language spoken; Tsonga, Zulu, Sotho, Pedi, Venda, Afrikaans, Shona, Ndebele and without anyone being crucified. Zimbabwe has failed because of a vacuum, a leadership vacuum. I am not blaming anyone because this is not the purpose of this paper, but Zimbabwe simply lacks a unity leader. One who can rally everyone behind him or her, for the common good!

Even as we speak government has sat down and decided the country’s new capital should be in Mashonaland West. Resources will be channelled towards building a completely new city. The idea is not bad as more construction jobs will be created and there will be new opportunities for our people. But this project is completely misplaced. It has not taken into account the cry that Bulawayo has for years given. That there are no opportunities there and that people in Bulawayo also need to be considered when development opportunities are being planned. It is already a city and needs improvements only, a wiser decision could have been to move the political capital back to Bulawayo and have Harare remain as the commercial capital.

Such a move would deliberately encourage the development of the city into a modern city. It would certainly bring jobs to the youth there which had to move in most of their lives either to Harare or down south. The sight of young men from Bulawayo and Nkayi selling axes in Harare is not pleasing but I have seen this since I was in primary school. The age does not change which means it’s not the same people I used to see but generation after generation sells axes in Harare. I even saw them on my recent visit to Zimbabwe. Lovemore Majaivana captured this in his song “Umoya Wami”. Government’s belief that the political capital city should move from Harare is correct, but it has to be moved to Bulawayo which has for long seen an erosion of opportunities. It is this lack of leadership that has done much to allow the emergence of a social cliff.


When the First Chimurenga was being fought, the main idea was to restore the Lozwi/Rozvi Monarchy as had been directed by Mulenga/Murenga/Mwali hence ChiMurenga [as commanded by Murenga]. Mkwati came all the way from Matabeleland to fulfil that goal, organise resistance and restore a unity leadership. We cannot separate ourselves because of emotion. Proponents of separation have cited the Rudd Concession 1888 and the subsequent Royal Charter. They have argued that Mashonaland and Matabeleland were colonised as two separate entities hence they ought to be different entities. Nothing is further from the truth than this. For a start, the legality of the Rudd Concession is questionable so it therefore has no legal force or implications.

Consequently the Royal Charter that was awarded to Rhodes was also not legal. Lobengula contested the Rudd Concession, by sending his representatives to the Queen of England. He was contesting that he never ceded any land rights to anyone but had given mining concessions. He would not have sent representatives to the UK if he considered Matabeleland separate from Mashonaland. When the British occupied Botswana and agreed with Khama to make it the British Protectorate of Bechuanaland, Lobengula did not contest this. And when the British entered into an agreement with Luwananyika[Lewanika] in Zambia to make it the British Protectorate of Barotseland again he never sent anyone to England or contested this. In both cases he was correct because he had no business in the affairs of two neighbours who were being graciously and willingly colonised. But when the British made moves in Mashonaland he contested, because to him this was not a neighbour but part of one country and the British were now occupying territory he considered part of him by hook and crook.

It is also important to realise that the British awarded a charter to BSAC, and did not necessarily become part of Zimbabwe until 1910 when the whole country was declared a British Protectorate. The Rudd Concession had no binding force as a treaty and simply has no legal implications to talk of. Queen Victoria indeed assured Lobengula that she was not taking his land but was only mining in his country. We can even argue this on the basis of property rights and the law thereof should that be necessary and we can still come to one conclusion, the illegality of the Rudd Concession as a treaty and therefore its clear lack of binding force on anyone. Zimbabwe was clearly illegally occupied by all accounts. So we cannot place reliance on the Rudd Concession as a basis for arguing secession. Zimbabwe was and is one country that was governed as such. However, yes Zimbabwe has always had devolved or decentralised powers and with the Monarch at the helm of tributary and not competing power structures.


Given this reality it is necessary to suggest an alternative form of leadership. I believe we need to reintroduce the Lozwi/Rozvi Monarchy which was and will be clearly uniting in nature. It need not be absolute as is in Swaziland but could take the character of European Monarchies. They are ceremonious but still retain the power of a sobering word. It is a Monarchy that everyone identifies with in one way or the other. It does not matter someone speaks Ndebele, Kalanga, Shona, Ndau, Venda, Tonga or lives in the Midlands, Mashonaland, Masvingo, Manicaland and Matabeleland. It is the ultimate unity leader that can easily play the role of a sobering presence to a society that is tension filled.

Where politicians have failed we could get relief from a traditional leadership that we all largely identify with. The structures for this are there and this will in no way threaten democracy as we know it. In the same way that Spain and the UK have prime minister-led governments Zimbabwe could have the same and political parties could still compete for power in the manner we have always known. But the head of state will no longer be from partisan politicians who have failed consistently to agree among themselves and pull the nation ahead. Instead they have always humiliated us by seeking salvation outside the country including from people who have in the past counted on the Zimbabwe for leadership.

Our country is great. It is bestowed with natural wealth and great people. It is a great nation with a great history. From Great Zimbabwe, Kame, Danangombe, Manyanga etc. From the defeat of the Portuguese in defence of our sovereignty to our attempt to explore the Moon, a first in the history of mankind, we have stories we to tell that we are proud of. We will make our country Great Zimbabwe again and we will formulate debates that are necessary for our collective good. We need to march together with other nations, compete at the level of the best and succeed where we have failed but to do so we need each other.

We have to face the world together, be it in sport, commerce, trade, however, wherever. We need each other. I have observed us when we are really together we are truly formidable, to anyone anytime. We won the Second Chimurenga together, we built Great Zimbabwe together, we hosted All Africa Games in 1995 together and we supported the anti-Apartheid movement as the leading nation doing so at the time together. In the DRC we deployed together, no white, no Ndebele, no Shona, Kalanga, Venda, Tonga, Chewa, Tsonga or Ndau, we deployed as Zimbabweans together and defeated forces that were threatening the Sovereignty of the DRC. We are praised in that country as a nation not in our individual constituent capacities. This is what we can do, when we are together, we have done it before; we will do it again. We are Great Zimbabwe, we are what we are.

It is not in character for us to fight. We lift each other and mend our torn soles together. We provide and pray for each other, we don’t wish each other bad. Our major shrine was Njelele, for us together, and for those who still worship in that religion, it is still our shrine together. We have to get together and demand our share as one nation, which respects each other and wants to learn from each other, develop our capacities from our resources and build on a respect for diversity. We need to contribute to our collective good by pulling our individual strengths through the recreation of self-governing polities that again should not be seen as threats to collective cohesion but pillars of collective cohesion that must be encouraged and sustained. This is the country we were, and we succeeded that way. This is the country we should be and we will succeed that way.


  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Away with your Rozwi dream wena,are you under MDC-t payroll to confuse Mthwakazians with your stupid MDC-t tendencies. Innovate your own dreams not to copy Siwela aims

  • Dabulap

    Dabulap has been quite, but Julius had raised an interesting topic. This matter needs plenty of discussion and research. I wonder how many people still have knowledge of the Lozwi kingdom. People are now preoccupied with Ndebele and Shona politics and have forgotten their roots. Some of my Kalanga brothers and sisters don’t know anything about the Lozwi Kingdom or Tjibundule. In fact a lot of Kalangas now regard themselves as Ndebele. The same applies to the people of Masvingo. They now regard themselves as Shona and not Karanga. It is disappointing that Karanga is no longer spoken in this region. They now speak what they call standard Shona which is actually Zezuru. This situation has resulted in polarization of Zimbabweans into two main rival groups i.e. the Shona and the Ndebele. This has become the root cause of all ethnic problems that we face these days. Liberation history does not say much about Makwati whose name was corrupted to Mukwati. It is only said that he was from Matebeleland but there is no mention that he was a Kalanga and that he was guided by Mwali the God of the Lozwi people. I happen to be a decedent of Makwati and have some oral history passed to me by my grandfather about the life of Makwati before he left for the east (kuno buda huba).

  • mrozvi mukuru

    Yah this is truly in line with original development plans for this country. The political city should be transferred from Harare to Bulawayo. The mt Hampden project can still be undertaken as a new business/commercial centre.
    If we vote nationwide on this matter you will agree with me that the capital be taken down to Bulawayo
    Tha Rozvi Monarchy is actually being revived and I have already contacted Julius Dhewa for ideas as this has to be undertaken.
    Hapana asingafariri nyaya iyi. Well done Julius Mutyambizi

  • moyondizvo

    I am a decendent of Dhombo and Chirisamhuru, takazondogara pa Belingwe apa. Thanks Dapulap, for instilling some chillies on this menue. I am a raw Karanga and I feel at home when I am in Plumtree where the language of the Kalangas is spoken. I feel more comfortable when I am in Bulawayo than when I am in Harare.For the nation to be stabilised and actually revive its image, Bulawayo should be the capital city. It is the city of Kings.

  • Shariyah

    Good story Dhewa murozvi mukuru,we must start by renaming Matebeleland buLozwi.

  • Jumpdaki

    Wooh! wooh nzekulu wavasekulu. Lina lizihosana no doubt about that and you are Mthwakazian. You are not telling the truth when you say Mthwakazians view Mzilikai and Lobengula in bad light no its not true.

    You appear to have researched in order to arrive at a preditermined confortable conclusion, a conclusion that will please all political parties and tribes except your people the Ndebeele and your expect the Ndebeele haters to reciprocate through suporting you agenda mwana wabasekulu! There was only one kingdom we remember and it is that of Mzilikazi. We are not about reviving ancient or fossilised kingdoms but the last victorious kingdom. Kingdoms were desposed by the more powerful kingdoms once and for all and so all is now cast in stone my brother. There is no love lost between me and you and I suport you in taking over all our rain making shrines together with the authority that goes with that kind of stuff.

  • Tjawangwa Moyo

    I am kalanga, I remember Mzilikazi as one person who protected us from the Shona mob who only came into our area only in the 1700s to claim all our narratives. We became part of him and his state after Nyamazana had killed our kings and the last king of the Nambya. He adopted our mwali god. Today the same shonas who have done the greatest sin on earth by stealing our identity are through apologists like Mbizi-~Dewa who never grew up in present day Matebeleland to know what we suffer call Tjibundule a Chiundura etc so as to diplomatically share our history with the Shona who I repeat arrived here enmasse in three main periods 1. 1700s 2. 1920s from Malawi as labourers 3.1940s towards the federation and joined by many Mozambicans. Finally I want any shona person to challenge me on this 7 out of 10 ‘Shonas’ you meet are from Mozambique and Malawi by descent and more often than not most push the tribalism agenda. FACT

  • Shariyah

    Tjawangwa Moyo,you are just a primary school graduate who cannot be taken seriously,if its true that you are Kalanga then its fine you are grateful and obedient amahole former slaves of Mzilikazi.

    Mzilikazi had no business protecting Kalangas but killing them instead,this is evident in history,one E.Msindo in LANGUAGE AND ETHNICITY IN MATABELELAND:NDEBELE-KALANGA RELATIONS IN SOUTHERN ZIMBABWE, 1930-1960 deals effectively with this issue. Of interest is where he refers to one Rev. Mtompe Khumalo (a descendant of the former Ndebele ruling family) who taught at Hope Foundation around 1940 who used to preach in church , “Akunga Makalanga kwakuyi kudla komkonto. Sikota igazi lakho.” Meaning “Kalangas were food for the assegais. We licked their blood from the assegais.”

    If thats how you feel protected then you are a complete fool.
    Shonas have been in Zimbabwe for more than 3000 years,you have missed your history but amazingly you have never missed your daily dose of ingwebu.Sober up and come back talking sense,boy!!

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Shayirah Banda,Robert Matibili,Greyhole Nyirenda,etc they are aliens from Malawi not forgetting Bla Miki an orphan from Malawi rescued by his uncle Chegotsi who arrived during Rhodesia n worked as a garden boy n cooker

  • Greyhora

    The idiot Nakednja at it again! A cooker is the device used to cook, uyezwa sihlama? The person using that device is a cook. Free education that you never got dog! I don’t want to see any more mistakes from you grade 7 nxaa!

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Kikikikikiki asshole Greyhole usuyagula manje. Udakwe yikukhotha isihlama sika Swangilai na?

  • simon gama

    To hell with yo rozwi wena sihlama!

  • Chegotsi

    Thanks Cde Greyhora. An uneducated Mthakatian is calling me a cooker!! Kikikikikiki!! The other time he was talking of a car called a Fortune!! Poor carjacker. Maybe its not worthy responding to these shallow graves.

  • Gen Rukuruva Ghoko

    I am a Rozvi from Bikita. Which books should i read to understand the TRUE history of Zimbabwe? Pliz help.


    Small tribes stop making noise, hakusisina Munde’ere, Mukaranga,Mukalanga,Mundau, Mukorere, Mumanyika, tese tave Ma Zezuru under the able leadership of Cde R G MUGABE.

  • simon gama

    Clearly u are busy trying to shonarize the country like yo fathers. No chance muntu kalahlwa.

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Chegotsi rodent cooker n eater so?

  • Pombi

    This is a master piece ,a must read for every Zimbabwean.This is the kind of progressive thinking that we want at this point in time.However ,the aspect of a monarchy seem to be far fetched.I believe in a democratic society like the current set up and all we need is a leader who can unite all the warring tribes together,buttressed on healing and reconciliation.ineed zImbabwe willl be Great Zimbabwe again

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Wena Chegotsi n Greyhole you want to shonalize english like everything niyanya, a cooker is person employed to operate cooking apparatus like Chegotsi when cooking rodents

  • Greyhora

    Don’t use English if you are poor at it Nakedog, and on top of that u refuse to listen when those who clearly know more than u try to educate u. That’s y ningafunda bantu bakoMthakati, u are ignoramuses and u are stubborn in your ignorance ingakho lingabomalayisha labohwindi labo waiter eMzansi…

  • E Makwembere

    Ndebelelized English student Cde Naked, the Mthwakazi dissident.

    I hear the Siwela leadership are looking for him after he carjacked deputy spokesman Nhlanhla Nkomo in Jo’Burg. You wil never make it to the US mfana Naked. Better phone the MDC-T committee in KZN and get the posh red card which will earn you a green visa to the land of milk and honey

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Uyanya wena Greyhole what is a cooker explain to us wena mlungu wannabe. Ephraim-Farai Makwembere,procurement officer at BP

  • Greyhora

    I told you sihlama, a cooker is the device, a cook is the person. How many times must I tell you one and the same thing u dunderhead?! Eish, angikaze ngibone isiqoqodo esinje empilweni! Useless fool!

  • Okway

    “Zimbabwe as it was, a unitary state from Zambezi to Limpopo” – I think you are describing a Rhodesian construct and trying to package it and sell it as Zimbabwe. Rhodesia by any other name is still just that. Zimbabwe is not a nation but a political state and until people are allowed to go through the necessary metamorphosis to determine their own identity and destiny she will remain that & increasingly divided.

    Btw don’t kid yourself even if Jews accept Hitler as a Hero, Mugabe will remain the spawn of the devil and therefore no hero in Matebeleland.

    Finaly dont confuse Ndebele as a nation with tribe.

  • Greyhora

    If in doubt sihlama Nakednja, ask Jumpmgo’doyi the slightly more educated ZJC, he might know…

  • Shariyah

    okway,this is not Kaduna state of Nigeria..

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Ngibuza wena asshole Greyhole because they want more cookers like you n cleaners at Methodist Church

  • Greyhora

    Hayi lenja iyanyanyisa, Jumpdog, akukhuze ihole lakini leli uNakednja selizwele ngokunyanyisa abantu lana!

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Uzonya angithi uvule i fly by night school wena cooker ye mdc-t. Is your fly by night school on Zimdofo eye registered?

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Hehehehehe from a fly by night mdc-t spokesperson to a fly by night english tutor. Yiyo iguqula izenzo yakhona

  • Tjawangwa Moyo

    Shariyah. I really understand your case. You are right. You are not wrong at all.
    When we were grade, 1 minus 2, the answer was it cant. We were right. The teachers knew that our heads could not comprehend the fine intricacies of Algebra.

    Yes you are right, shonas arrived in present day Zimbabwe 3000years ago. Beach, Chigwedere, Ranger and maybe Dewa and even Mugabe have told you so. But it cannot be hidden that the 3000 years is only 300years. University libraries all over the world including the University of Zimbabwe have those texts. They will tell you of Guruuswa somewhere around Tanzania where they came from, by the way according to your response I can tell you could be from Malawi. Some are in Portuguese. So Shariyah once you go past the level of it cant maybe up to grade three, you will know that, some things it can.
    Before I start working. The Khumalo guy was saying that in 1940, Mzilikazi arrived in present day zimbabwe in the period between 1816-1828. That guy was saying stuff in 1940. He does not reprsent Mzillikazi as your wafflings in year 2100 wont be representing Shona ideas. Are you alright Shariyah? Is everything ok? We could assist with books if you need more knowledge or research methodology. Only that we can thrash out epistemological issues for now IT CANT for you. And Tjawangwa means Tholakele. Its kalanga, the last time I heard your rantings as expected of an IT CANT graduate, that you say there is nothing called Tjawangwa but Tawanda. Open that head, be quick to listen and slow to speak Shariyah.


    Ndebele and Kalanga in present Zim is one thing no one will change it. Kalanga people are using Ndebele names and surnames on the other hand they gave Matshobana a place to stay. Those with Shona gukulahundi tendencies trying to cause dis unity among Ndebele/kalanga people are wasting their time. I prefer to make friends namaKalanga noma ngithathe umfazi wekalanga than emaShoneni

  • Shariyah

    The Kalanga history can not be divorced from the Rozvi/Shona history,they may be close to the Ndebeles due to shared suffering in present Zimbabwean politics.Kalanga were outdoing each other trying hard to impress their Ndebeles captors by embracing all forms of assimilation,eg language and culture inthe belief that they will be promoted from amahole to enhla.
    You know Tawanda Moyo aka Jumpdung you are just an overzealous ”hole”,i dont prefer to argue with abantu basutha ingwebu and then in their drunken stupor are tempted to believe they are intellect material.In 1828 Mzilikazi was still fleeing Chaka and he was nowhere near Zimbabwe where he took refuge after outrunning the persuing impis,you Sir are a fool not worthy of my attention.

    Chigwedere didnt write this history because he was yet to be born,it was documented by British,Boers and Portuguese! He is simply an analyst as regards this period.
    Didnt i tell you to recover from your trance before you start writing again,your hyper-excitement tells me you are part of the last batch of Ndebele people to migrate from Rwanda,you are so relieved to be in Southern Africa especially our Zimbabwe

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Wena Shariyah you sound like someone who ran away from Zimeye and came back with a different name, you must be Chigwadziso. He is the only guy who was fascinated nge Rwanda when it came to Nguni history. We will make you change your name again.And We also know you as someone who lost his tongue in France while hijacking French kiss. So we are not astonished by your stupid comments

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Zimeye y delete word Chigwedzis0 are you protecting him na?

  • Shariyah

    I am comfortable with any name you give me,Jumpdung also thinks im Mukadota.What is more important is for you to get the message,you are also fascinated about soup that you miss so much from Methodist.

    I am Shariyah,cant you read wena sela laseDiepsloot?You are the only coward that enjoys swinging from one psuedo to another under fire from cde Greyhora.

  • Tjawangwa Moyo

    shariyah, you are trying really hard but it seems the more you try you sink deeper into grade 0. I dont know where to start when responding to your last contribution where you call everyone fools and drunkards. Maybe 1 or 2 points will bring inroads into some insights.
    1. Shaka Zulu die 22 September 1828-according to you learned man it took Mzilikazi 3 months to reach present day Zimbabwe. What I know is that he settled in present day gauteng for almost a decade.
    2. Chigwedere is a historian, he writes history-Ok to follow your brilliant argument that a historian is one who writes things as they unfold
    3. Tell me of any British who was in present day Zimbabwe before 1800
    4. Give me one name of any Boer who lived and wrote about the history before 1800
    5. Assimilation is a one way thing according to you, kalangas scrambling to be recognised, right? Then what do you say of Mzilikazi adopting the Kalanga Mwali and religion

    I could go on and on. But why should I find myself trying to explain to a grade 1 that IT CANT is wrong. I am end up seen as an imbecile. And that will be right, coz it is normal for a grade one to believe that 1 minus 2 IT CANT. But for me to argue with a grade one to say it can, its very wrong and abnormal. So let the grade one resort to name calling. It his state of normalcy

  • Tjawangwa Moyo

    Just to add they arrived in two groups and Mzilikazi only arrived in the 1830s to find Nkulumane installed as king resulting in many……in fact let me just leave it there it could confuse you

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Tholakele Moyo don’t waste your precious time trying to teach these Shona rat eaters about Nguni and Kalanga history. Amakalanga kawadli amagundwangi like maShona as far as am concerned. Noma kuse Lindela ikalanga ne Ndebele batshaya iShona bebambisene, no one will separate them. The laungauge amaShona they understand ku Zimdofoeye yikuthethisana kuphela

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Buzani mina I know iLindela with my own eyes, I queued for soup @ the Methodist church & went to Lindela bcoz of Swangilai and his sanctions. Jumpdaki mf’ethu u remember the day we queued for soup eLindela yaphela simile iqedwa ngokungomadlagundwane? Amakhanka lawa ayasimotshela, Zanu PF is the only party that can deal with these mbeba eaters. Viva Mugabe! Pambili ngoGushungo umngqobi wabathakathi!

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Usuphelelwe lala Grayhole Naked bye bye. Usu bhuda noku bhuda uyoze ukhohlwe ngoku khotha isihlama sika Swangilai

  • Mukadota

    Cde Naked with his soup stories at the Methodist Church just shows the pervert has a fetish for male sh0na arrse.

  • Mukadota

    The article destroys the myth propagated by these retarded midget pot bellied mopane worm eating fascist matebeles. Matebele colonialism has been worse on other tribes who have been forced to adopted Ndebele names and even customs at the detriment of their survival. Perfect examples are the Kalangas and Vendas who even call themselves Ndebeles but have a distinct and different historfrom the so called ” people who crossed the limpopo river”. Then we have the nambya, Tonga, Khoisan etc whose cultures have been forcefully absorbed by matebele domination and taken advantage of by the lunacy and absurdity of the Mthwakazian project. I read part of this book and its a classic totally destroys the matabele fascist agenda.

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Yes they call themselves Ndebele but they practice their own cultures n speak their own laungauges uma besezindlini zabo. So wena Mukadoti ufuna ukuthi bathi bangamaShona na? Zimbabwe minority tribes don’t want to be associated with Shona thieves,killers n looters. Only Nigerians n Chinese are dying to be classified Mashona because ningaba bhidlizi

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Greyhora

    Deleted – Advertising

  • Greyhora

    Mr Editor, in the interest of serious debate on the forum, I urge you to take action against this impostor, whose only interest is to drag this forum down the mud and stifle meaningful debate. You and I know very well who it is so please, let there be no sacred cows here!

  • Shariyah

    ”Just to add they arrived in two groups and Mzilikazi only arrived in the 1830s to find Nkulumane installed as king resulting in many…???…in fact let me just leave it there it could confuse you”, Why dont you admit its confusing you rather,i have been to varsity dont worry about me failing to comprehend this cheap crap.

    Who asked you when did Chaka die?,who said it took the fleeing cowards to reach Zimbabwe,ofcourse it took them around a decade,they were also flushed out of their hideout by boer columns,voertrekkers in transvaal.

    You are a Kalanga who wants to impress Ndebeles through pathetic attempts to potray himself as a loyal ‘hole’ who keeps track of his ndebele master’s history,alas you know nothing Chawangwa.
    Kalangas were only related to Mzilikazi as”kudla komkonto”
    How bizzare that you seem to trust the history lessons passed on to you by your equally dazed friends while downing gourds of traditional brew in your native Bubi.

    I am done with you Chawangwa!

  • Jumpdaki

    Bwakwakwakwa, kikiki an idiot thinks I am Tawanda Moyo kikiki because, (wait! let me wipe tears of joy). So anyone who says history as it is becomes Jumpdaki? You only need to ignore doctored history to be called Jumpdaki. Dimwits are in disarray because the truth has been told. I only instigated this article by challenging Sh0ona claims of being owners of Zimbabwe. Honestly I did not expect this. Even Dubulap burst into action.

    I am impressed, my uncles came out guns blazing to claim their right places. Strictly speaking I am half Nguni and half Kalanga myself I know what I am talking about. If there are people who are supposed to leave this country in peace and go to guruushwa or what ever in Tanzania it is the totemless Zezurus.

    There is a song that says something to the effect that Kudala kwakungenje kwakubusa umambo lomzilikazi. They accepted each other, trusted each other and ruled together. Ndebeeles never defeated Mambo’s children and it is why we respect each other up to this day.

    May the Sh0ona supremists be reminded that the guerrila tactics they learnt from China where known to Chibundule years before they decided to come and forcibly settle in Mambo’s land. When persued by his enemies Chibundule would go straight to an ant-hill and carefully go back the way he came. His trackers the superstitious clueless Sh0onas then thought he would have disappered into an ant-hill. That was Chibundule the Kalanga King. Mzilikazi respected such qualities. Jeqe was one of the most feared of Mzilikazi’s generals yet he was a Kalanga. My grandmother is Vuma not just that but royal and true indiginous tribe of this land. Karangas and Samanyikas betrayed us big time. Lets know our real brothers and history and see how peacefully we will leave in Zimbabwe. Savages are outnumbered by far. You hear that Greydog, Mukadota my nephew and Sharinja. The foreigners simply adopted Kalanga history and heroes to make them theirs. Why did you Shonas bomb njelele and even go to bath there, leaving mukuvisi river.

    Kalangas are God fearing people while Sh0onas with their talking baboons, genocide, lions and hyna, flying baskets are devil worshippers.

    Thank you Tjawangwa Moyo. I will refer you to individuals including Phathisa Nyathi for Rozvi history. thanks Dewa.

  • Shariyah

    Chawangwa,who said it took 3 months?

  • Shariyah

    I am simply calling you Chawangwa because you chose to call yourself tjawanga,didnt i tell you before that its Tawanda Moyo aka Jumpdung,i can fool you but not vice versa.

  • Jumpdaki

    Sharinja you are a fool who gets very happy when insulted in correct english. Which university did you go to? To try and study what?

    Never Sh0onalise Moyo’s name to cha or ta, he is a Kalanga the real owners of Zimbabwe who can only be challenged by the san and so he is Tjawangwa. The man is an obvious intellectual who is considerate enough to avoid confusing you dimwit and empty vessel with too much detail. He is in a class of his own, so just go and play elsewhere. He has said it and its over. His articles must be your munual if you care about knowing the truth.
    Dubulap I used to be a very nice person senzukulu webukalanga until people became too tribalist and too much of liars I then went out and came back using Tjibundule’s tactics and said the truth and mother fucke*r thinks Ndinoyi Tjawangwa!

    Greyhole you know very well that you posted that article to advertise your arse so leave the editor alone.

  • Mutumwa Gandanga

    Chero mukapopota kana kuchema misodzi yeropa itai asi isu mashona tisu varidzi venyika.takavaka imba huru nemabwe pasina matope imi mandeere muri takarasima kumhanyisana nemasango nanarubhengura nanamuzirikazi.kana masvotwa nesu modzokera kwazuru nekuti imba haiite machongwe maviri

  • Chegotsi

    Hey, Cde Naked go and sleep. Maybe when you wake up, you may have sobered up of the skokiana you were taking yesterday at Makhumalos’ shebeen ku Magwegwe uko. Just go thru your comments again as see how rabid you can be when drunk. Satan we ma Roma.

  • Shariyah

    Kalangas are confined to plumtree for your own info,a tiny portion for that matter,do you know what is Zimbabwe Jumpdung?
    Sharing the same suffering with Ndebeles doesnt make them Ndebeles idiot!Try as you can but they still remain related to Karangas/Shonas historically linguistically.
    Since when did Ndebeles call God Mwali/Mwari.

  • Dabulap

    I actually retired from trading insults and arguments on this website. I continue reading articles and comments but try by all means not to be drown into commenting. However this article triggered some interest in me because this is one subject that I am interested in and have done a lot of research on it. Unfortunately this is not the right forum, (for well known reasons) where I can discuss some of my findings. It is a known fact that history is propaganda of the winner. That is why it is called “his story”. Right now in this epoch we are witnessing history that we know very well being distorted to suit a certain political agenda. The same has been happening through out the centuries. But overall, I want to reiterate that Kalanga is Kalanga and not Shona or Ndebele. Remember we are not only found in Zimbabwe but also make about half of the population of Botswana. Ndoboka makamu angu. Dabulap is dabuling out.

  • Shariyah

    Dabulap,for reasons that both of us are well acquainted of,you dont want to be identified with Shonas.
    This may be an emotional feeling deeply entrenched within you but you cant undo the relationship,”Ndoboka makamu angu”,what you have just said is pure Shona..
    Thank you!!

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    K Ndebeles n Matshangani are Zulus you Shona fools, Vhenda n Kalanga are your kins. Is that k Shona donkeys

  • Shariyah

    kikikiki,i am a cross breed who is more Shona than you Naked,you are 30% Shona and i am 75%,i have no problem being called shona for that reason though my surname is Sibanda,wena you choose to be Ndebele though you are 20% tshangani and 50% nja!

    Dont you think its just fair to call yourself a dog,nxaaaaa!!

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Uzonya nyofi kanyoko am 100% muTshangani wakwa Malamulela uZimba ka Gazankulu So ufunani maBanda. Ngatshiya ingani zami e KZN

  • Shariyah

    hayi,you cant be 100% muSthangani,how about your dog percentage?

  • Shariyah

    That Dapulab is full of self-praise yet he is one of the most confused people on this forum,he claims Kalanga are neither related to Shona nor Ndebele yet he also claims Rozvi/Shona lineage,useless bandit!!!

  • Chombo


  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Dabulap

    @ shayirah,ndokuloba manteni,tophela tobona, matshente e mbudzi ndova kuma ndlambudzi,unoziba gwese? u bloody ndodla ndolila

  • Dabulap

    I don’t know who is pretending to be Dabulap here. Well tried bro, but the difference is that Dabulap doesn’t insult others any more. And tjiKalanga tjitjo tjonga tjino nungidzigwa. Now back to Shariya. Kalangas and Karangas are Lozwi/Rozwi not Shona. There is a difference between the two. The similarity between the languages doesn’t mean they are the same people. Zulu is similar to Xhosa but those are two different tribes and their traditions and cultures are different. Same applies to Tswana and Sotho. Shona refers to maZezuru and maKorekore. We baLozwi/Rozwi we worship Mwali/Mwari while maShona worship Mhondoro.

  • Tagwireyi

    Dabulap,mukuru munorevei kana muchiti vaRozvi havasi maShona,ini ndiri muRozvi ndinobva paMhandamahwe apo,who are you to give me a new identity something my parents or grannies never taught us.

    Its apparent your hatred of Shonas has blinded you insomuch you try in vain to re-orient the Shona dialects,mind you Shona is not Zezuru and Korekore are migrant Rozvi from Dzimbabhwe who migrated and ended up being called veKurekure(Korekore).
    Zulu and Xhosa all fall under Ngoni tribes whereas Chi(kandamazeko),ie KAranga,NDAu,MAnyika,ZEzuru,KOrekore represents main Shona tribes.

    Mhondoro(svikiro) is simply a medium between Mwari and the people,dont mislead readers.

  • Tagwireyi

    Shona is a nation not tribe,its an umbrella term though its origins are foreign.

  • Shariah

    Tagwireyi,dont waste your time on these people,that Dapalub has all the symptoms of mental sickness synonymous with one Jumpdung,in short its Jumpdung wearing a mask due to shame.

  • jongwe chatunga

    Point of correction mujabe is not sh0ona, his mother B0ona is sh0ona and his father is from malaa-wii.

  • jongwe chatunga

    As a karanga I find venda, tonga, kalanga as easy languages or part of me but I find zezuru, korekore, Ndeere coming from another planet. I see it as unaaceptable to allow a first descendant achimwene keeping Zimbabweans stuck in these quagmire whilst him and his foreign zezuru, korekore, Ndeere r milking our country. I’m really hate cause I know us Zimbabweans r peace loving

  • Dabulap

    Tagwireyi a pure Rozwi name. You just want to be Shona just because there are benefits attached to being Shona these days. Just like some of my Kalanga brothers who became Ndebele because Ndebeles were rulers that time. The word Shona did not exist during the time of Lozwi Kingdom. The Rozwis have never been called Shona. And for your own information, I do not hate Shonas. I have a lot of friends and relatives who are Shona. I just want to maintain my identity.

  • Tagwireyi

    Unombaigwara Chatunga

  • Dzimai Moto

    I’m not a historian but I’m worried if we divide the country into groups that should fight each other. If the Rozvi Monarchy succeeds, what will happen to those classified as non-Rozvi?

    United we stand! Divided we fall!

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Nguni

    Wena jongwe chatungwa you filth smelling stupid karanga what is Nderee. That’s why Karanga women are sex traders. Why waste time trying to find something you are not sure of?

  • Shariyah

    Iwe Dubalap confusionist,so why do you leave mandevere achiti Zimbabwe is a Shona name yet you know its Rozwi of Kalanga/Karanga origins.

    Why dont you tell them its Kalanga who named the country,thats why Joshua Nkomo a Kalanga was re-christened father Zimbabwe,he went on to name ZAPU/ZIPRA inthe 60’s yet he was free of Shona influence to name it Zimbabwe African People’s Union

  • Dabulap

    Shariyah, you are the one who is confused. Dzimbabwe is both Rozwi and Shona name. Don’t forget the two coexisted and their languages were very similar. Thats why we used it at ZAPU and ZPRA. In fact you ask a question and then answering yourself. You are so arrogant you just argue for the sake of it.

  • Jumpdaki

    This Sharinja is as arrogant and ignorant as he is a fool. The bloke wants to us to believe Rozvi and Sh0ona are one and the same hence his blind presentation Rozvi/Sh0ona.

    May I ask why history claimed by the loud mouthed Sho0nas is always in dispute? From Nehanda heroe status to the builders of great Zimbabwe down to who set the fuel tanks on fire during the Rhodesia war to the causes of Gukuraundi including deaths of seniour and prominent Zim citizens?
    Why are Sh0onas not open about their origins? All we hear is that they are the owners of Zimbabwe and Nehanda is their militaary general, spirit medium and was their army.

    I have discovered their modus operandi to be that of either destroying other people’s history or just stealing it and converting it to their own use. A case in point is that of Mkwati a Ncube who had a clear national role and was sent to Mashland in line with his job description to warn those people of the impending hunger as a result of the looming drought. Nothing is said about his origins but the mere fact that his name could be easily Sh0onalised like that of Tjibundulale/Chiundura it had to be safely recorded.

    Sharinja’s directionless rumbles are a clear sign of a soul who has become a victim of doctored history. Sharinja is clearly a lost soul when it comes to arguing with facts. He then hides behind name calling and complaing about english spellings as if he is Braitain himself or some high school english teacher at some remote rural village.

    My conclusion is that if Zimbabwe ruins were built by Africans then it must have been built by Kalangas. May it also be clear that Karangas are Kalangas but Kalangas and Karangas. What I mean by this dull Greyhole and your side kick Sharinja is that insomuch as Ndebeeles are Zulus, Zulus are not Ndebeeles. I hope you dont get confused as usual. I also note that Sh0onas clearly know that their Guruushwa is in Tanzania. However Sh0onas find their history so embarrasing that it is not worth reliving. I accept the proof that the Nomadic and numerous Sh0onas used to give the peace loving Mambo sleepless nights through senseless raids and unending demands for tribute forcing the accommodative Mambo to complain to King Mzilikazi who quickly slapped the Sh0ona arse and endeared himself with Mambo forever hence the unity between Mambo’s people and Ndebeeles who are all Mthwakazian. Karangas are our people we must love them although they are lost as their forefathers have gotten lost before. The Ndaus are our people and the samanyikas as well. You see we are the majority who have failed to unite against invading savages from distant lands. You think mazinyo Nyerere supported ZPF for nothing? think again.

    Mambo’s Kingdom extended to some parts of SA and Botswana but misguided elements like Sharinja now argue that it was Nehanda Kingdom. The stiff Naked fools are mere shameless Kalanga history scavengers who cannot now tell east from west because they are lost in the maze of falsehoods. direction

  • Shariyah

    Jumpdung,you often come with long wishlists something that inhibits my reading interest,however i managed to go as far as the 2nd paragraph before i lost interest.
    Let me help you here,for the record ZIPRA had absolutely nothing to do with the shelling and subsequent torching of fuel tanks in Harare,your claims are absurd and they only serve to vindicate claims that ZIPRA were useless,to this day they have nothing to point out to hence trying invain to steal ZANLA’s achievements.The people who shelled fuel tanks are well known,they camped in Mbare where they hid their arsenal and carried out reconnaisance from,when the flames went up people knew about the mission already and the whole township was awash with whispers of their heroism.Rhodesian Sergeant Mike Norton wrote the same group joined the support party in Chikwaka TTLs for resupplies,kidnapped Mrs Yvonne Mulligan and sparked another battle when RLI launched Operation Mulligan in vain,Lt.Ian Henderson’s Augusta Bell chopper was gunned down but he was rescued.ZIPRA must have been so disappointing,how come you exhibit your tebele(followers)traits everywhere ZANLA succeded.

    So tell me,how did ZIPRA do it,you know very well they often had skirmishes with ZANLA when the later’s guerilla operations encroached into Matabeleland,ZIPRA was cautious about operating in Mashonaland for that reason and there was also language barriers since they were largely Ndebele.Is it not common knowledge and an open secret that ZIPRA was busy assembling a conventional army to confront Rhodesians while ZANLA guerillas were liberating some areas already,if you were a ZIPRA cadre you can concur you spend most of your time in Zambia smoking mbanje and contemplating a fight with Rhodesians.

    ZIPRA’s biggest war time achievements were militarily insignificant but managed to instill fear on the Rhodesian civilians reminding them their government could not protect them,they shot down two Viscount passenger airliners and ruthlessly killed women and children who had survived the first crash.This was the sole transgression why the British were reluctant to condemn Mugabe when he dealt ruthlessly with the ZIPRA dissidents.

  • Shariyah

    Jumpdung aka Dublap,you are a bag load of raw lies or its simply a mental case,if the later i suggest you visit your local psychiatrist,your check up is evidently overdue,tell him you need a major overhaul,pliz!!

  • Jumpdaki

    Kikiki Sharinja you amaze me bakithi! You post twice in a row because you realise what you have written above is in dispute.You are a mafikizolo in this site thats why you call me anyone from Dubulap to Tjawangwa and anything from Jumpdung to Jumpyfrog. Dubulap is no novice thus why he gave up debating with simpletons like you. He even explained why he had to contribute. So please go and play elsewhere.

    Any guerrila or military novice that Zanla was would laught himself silly after reading you statement “The people who shelled fuel tanks are well known,they camped in Mbare where they hid their arsenal and carried out reconnaisance from,when the flames went up people knew about the mission already and the whole township was awash with whispers of their heroism.”

    This alone proves what sort of a seasoned liar you are. Where was the Rhodesian intelligence when rallies where held in mbare to inform all and sundry about the impending heroic exploits. You just expose your ignorance of basic guerrilla tactics whilst you expect us to believe you are a gurrilla fighter yet you are a mere musturbating gorrilla. I just sampled you civilian talk. Was this a civilian operation that gets discussed over a mug of scud masese? You make me laugh.

    Now to the point Sharimbwa, I do not remember writing anything about Zipra so what is the lecture all about bastr*d? Did you take all your tablets today. Please do so. Dubulap opasi babengasotsha bani atshela omass ukuthi lamhla siyahlasela. Even the Greydog must be disapointed in you and will not lick your arse today.

  • Shariyah

    Jumpdung aka Dupalab,me being a mafikizolo here will not hinder me school you.
    Anyway,i reckon you thrive on falsehoods to make merry your day and i guess i have spoiled your party with each factual script i churn out here.

    I am happy i have humbled you,your last post doesnt focus on presenting your side of arguement and addressing some questions i raised,instead you chose to run your rope around the tree like an abandoned goat until you choked yourself.
    If you and Dubalab are two different people then i cant help but laugh how people can be so identically dwarfed upstairs.
    Since when did whispers constitute a rally???,that was the work of Chimbwidos to survey and coordinate the attacks with everything being kept low among the trusted.Wanga wapererwa hantika! Now you can take a break from me and carry on with your ingwebu otherwise your midget brain will saturate with declassified ops.

    PS:Hey man,i am born free but i keep my history close,i never said ndiri ex-combatant!!!!

  • Jumpdaki

    I all the facts presented to you will still not take out of your mind what mama has told then you are a real mama’s boy.

    Sharibwa more information to prove that you are a liar as an individual and as group is coming, wikilicks kind of thing but I am not Assange. People like you chimbwa chemunhu and Greydog including Mukadota will be astonished to even learn that Sh0onas are na little bit around 60% of our population. This includes the Karangas remember Karangas are Kalangas who think they are Sh0onas but Kalangas are not and will never be Karangas. Ndebeles are Zulus open secret but Zulus are not Ndebeles, common sense.

  • Mehluli chirisamhuru

    I have heard all of you disputing, am a rozvi myself and I believe I am not a shona coz there is nobody who can claim to be one. Shona was formed to accommodate karanga, ndau, korekore, zezuru to name but a few, just for learners to have one school subject umbrellaring all other tribes if not langauges. But then, I am proud of my being a rozvi coz we are the only people who would speak direct with god without spirit mediums. Viva Rozvi people viva, viva!!! I Thank you…….