Zimbabwe: Mozambique Tensions Escalate



Minister of Defence Dr Sidney Tigere Sekeramayi
Minister of Defence Dr Sidney Tigere Sekeramayi

Eastern Highlands, Zimbabwe – The Zimbabwean army has increased its watchful eye on the border with Mozambique after the 21 year old peace agreement in the neighboring country crumbled in the last week. Recent increasing negative developments have caused panic in Zimbabwe’s security forces.

Mozambique attained independence from Portugal in 1975. Two years later a protracted civil war began. This war ended after the signing of a peace agreement in 1992 between Renamo and Frelimo armed forces. In 1993 approximately 1.5 million Mozambicans who had been refugees during the civil war returned from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. In 2012 Afonso Dhlakama, Renamo’s Rebel Commander went into hiding in the mountains of northern Mozambique after claims Frelimo rigged the elections.

The Mozambican military invaded Dhlakama’s jungle hideout on October 21, 2013 and seized it.

The latest tensions in Mozambique broke out last Tuesday in Caramaja in Nampula province, about 998km Northwest of Mutare, when RENAMO guerrillas shot dead two people during an ambush. Another surprise attack followed this one killing one civilian an injuring another.

The Mozambican Government led by President Armando Guebuza has denounced these actions by Renamo as terrorist actions. The latest fighting has resulted in an estimated 60 fatalities.

However, reports of escalation of hostilities have been Mozambique and Zimbabwe were quickly quelled by Defence Minister, Dr Sidney Tigere Sekeramayi. Sekeramayi told state media outlets that Mozambique’s stability is of particular concern to Zimbabwe due to the Beira pipeline and Railway that connects Zimbabwe to the Port in Beira.

Sekeramayi also stated that Zimbabwe had not been asked for military assistance by Mozambique.

While Mozambique’s internal strife was not expected to spill into neighbouring Zimbabwe, military patrols on the border have reportedly increased suggesting a tension neither side wants to admit.

A war in Mozambique could cause a catastrophic humanitarian disaster for Zimbabwe which is facing a food crisis for almost 2.2milion of its citizens.

  • Saskatchewan

    What are the exact contents of the signed 1992 peace agreement? This may shed light on what is truly happening now. Something is not being brought to light. Dhlakama may have a valid point.

  • http://www.hotmail.com Shame

    “…Sekeramayi told state media outlets that Mozambique’s stability is of particular concern to Zimbabwe due to the Beira pipeline and Railway that connects Zimbabwe to the Port in Beira…”

    Is that all? A pipeline and a railway line? I for one am surpised that a pipeline and a railway line laid by Portugeese colonialists in the 19th century has suddenly become more important than the peoples of the two countries. So if there was no shared pipeline and railway line, then what?

  • http://www.yahoo.com Lt Colonel



    He shoild just go the Savimbi way there should be no room for any further negotiations with this terrorist.

  • KwaGutu

    kill the terrorist Dhakanma

  • http://Nil Sikhalazo ndlovu

    War has never been the best way, despite th fact that Dhlakama might hv sinister motives, diplomacy is th best, warlords or mongers usually survive up to the end when millions would hv lost lives, gvnments must be sensitive abt this call yo brother find out why,,,, mayb a solution cud b found b4 we tok abt 2million that wud hv died when people come to their senses n start declaring a ceasefire, as zimbabwe we know the potential that Matsanga has.

  • mudahr

    war z organised violence nthng bad abt it from thmas mapfumo dhlakama ngapondwe baaba iweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Hombarume

    Gentleman to negotiate with a terrorist is the worst mistake to make. Zimbabwe will not negotiate na dhlakama who concentrates his attacks on civillians even women and children. Just an instruction and we pounce.

  • Edward

    We are ready to cut Dlakama’s tail, no to terrorist never and never again.

  • Meso anowona

    Its beter to kill him, no negocietion with terrorim, a weker of colonialismo

  • Meso anowona

    Moçambique will never get peace if djakama cotinuer alive! Kill one to save more

  • Meso anowona

    Terrorist harichinje man, ngaripondwe

  • sir goda

    guys guys guys whats up with panicking.nothing will become of our Zimbabwe not at all.we will never send an army to mozambique we just need riot there.there is no threat.

  • cash tok

    they have killed our brthers and sistefs in the eastern border of zim these matsangaises have no mercy if zim involve itself in domestic affairs of moz..sadc shoulf entervene not zim alon..zim shud only defend our borders..lot of our br and sis in moz wil be killed

  • http://gmail tungamirai

    our mission as nation myt b questioned, our punchline disputed bt e fundamental truth still remains that we shld wipe out lock, stock n barrel this savimbi of the new millenium. remembr hw dis bandit killed our relatives in the eastern boarder. go crush the bandit

  • http://www.zimeye.com bhibho

    Mutare, Mutoko, Rushinga, Dande here are more problems for the people but ZNA ndinoikuza ine mbumburu dzinotsemura aorta valve, dzem tsem