Zimbabwe Minerals: A symbol of dearth of leadership‏


OpinionIn the last instalment, we gave Obert Mpofu, Mines Minister, an E grade for the lack of clear leadership that he is demonstrating in his ministry. Can Mpofu clearly tell us what the Zimbos (within and from without Zimbabwe) are benefiting from our wealth, especially mineral wealth? Mpofu and his ZANU(PF) compatriots, no doubt, show they have gained taking into consideration the sagging bellies they have, and for some, the many girl friends they maintain and the posh cars they drive.

Where is our mineral wealth going? Take this for starters. In Mhondoro platinum was found some years ago and the mineral is exploited in a mighty way! They say for every 30 tonnes (30 000kg) of soil unearthed, they only get 3 grammes of platinum. Not even the black front runners in the company can vouch for it, for they don’t know because the process is done in South Africa.

As they mine platinum, they also get other minerals like chrome, valadium, paladium, gold, etc. In fact they have declared 13 minerals with the MMCZ, the mineral marketing corporation formed by a former Minister Chris Ushewokunze.These minerals are then extracted and no one knows how much of each is extracted and the moment we know there will be nothing left for the people of Zimbabwe. It only the ZIMPLATS owners and other miners who smile all the way to the bank.

And our people remain mired and wallowing in poverty. You see, for thirty-three years the Robert Mugabe Regime in Harare has failed to take stock of our minerals and work out a formula for their marketing and how the entire nation will benefit. Their lack of hands-on approach to leadership is costly and l don’t know how to tell them that the military approach to leadership does not work.

Could it be that Zimbabwe and other Third World countries are cursed? I don’t agree with this school of thought because Biblical prophecy says we are blessed and Zimbabwe will be the top nation of the world! And I’d rather listen to God than the whole world! What is lacking in most Third World countries especially Zimbabwe are the right people in the right positions. Instead we have the wrong people in the right positions with great disaster for all of us. Brunei, off the coast of China discovered oil in 1974 and everyone, from the cradle to the grave benefits from it.

We discovered gold, diamond, platinum,etc, and can somebody out there show me who is benefiting in Zimbabwe apart from ZANU(PF) stalwarts, foreigners and a few dare-devils amongst us who mine ‘illegally.’ And this is one of the areas where ZANU has dismally let the nation down apart from farms (where they have harvest trees instead of crops) and industry (which they turned dysfunctional). And apart from ideas that bring the nation down, which other ideas do they have that can uplift the nation?

The Mugabe Regime has failed for thirty three years, why should they get another five years? I think it was William Shakespeare the Father of English Literature who once said,”What? Can’st thou have a serpent sting thee twice?” In other words don’t give another chance to a spoiler, deceiver, failure, etc, if that chance impinges negatively on you. We have given Robert Mugabe and crew too many chances and they have shown they can not be trusted with power.

Obert Mpofu has failed to give political direction in his governmental sphere of influence and personally am not impressed! Because of inept leadership in Third World countries, the Chinese, who have the audacity to exploit every opportunity that presents itself have immensely benefited and we now have more billionaires in China than in any other country in the world. Its high time people like Morgan Tsvangirai began to formulate what they want to do, how they want to do it and the necessary time frames and hence the economic blueprint they have produced is a step in the right direction and deserves praises from all and sundry including from ZANU.

We don’t want the Patrice Lumumba bug, a disease in which you get into power when you are not yet ready because you never anticipated it and hence you never prepared for it. As we speak, there is no Zimbabwean more ready to receive the mantle of the nation’s leadership than Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai. The man is prepared and already has a government-in-waiting. His array of technocrats rank amongst the best in the world and thank God for the GNU which has given him apprenticeship (in Zimbabwe it takes 3-4 years to train an apprentice which is the unintended lifespan of the GNU). Zanu technocrats have failed us on mining and hence the MDC has to take up the ‘conch’ or authority in that specific area and many others. Lets all agree, pane chinonzi kukura. Jesus Christ put it in another way,”You can not put new wine in old wine skins.” Zimbabwe is ready for leadership change and renewal and Zimbabweans must be ready for a new way of doing things and new attitudes. By Herbert Mugwagwa

  • http://www.jam.nhamb@fcbook.co Endangered

    Thank mrs for telling the mass the and what only left is the action among the leaders as we elect them next elections

  • Guvnor

    Succinct article, 3 decades of failure can not be ignored. It is time for Zimbabweans to focus on the alternatives at hand. It is ape like and indeed moronic to expect any improvement by resorting to more of the same blundering numbskulls of zanu.

  • Papa Wemba

    B4 MDC entered,the parly was like an old peoples home,aged useles ministers sleeping during meetings,knew nothing except lies that takarwa hondo.Imbwa idzi.

  • kufaurimupenyu

    Our country has gone to the dogs becoz of theft.Kuba kwanyanya and havanyari.Zimbabwe hangove cholera.mvura yakachena yoshaikwa.Havanyari vana Mpofu nana Chombo kuti vane mazi mari avakaviga mumabhangi vana vezimbabwe vachifa necholera.Masatanists

  • Thoughtful

    Great article revealing the truth! Thank you. Our Zimbabwean problem has never been resources, but leadership. To say we have leaders at all would be like trying to mock God. Real leaders should 1. groom those who take over from them SMOOTHLY. For 32 years no grooming has been done as if people live forever! Somebody holds on to the button stick even when he is out of gas in a country rich in talent! Asi makazora madhodhi pa button stick zvekuti raakunyadzisa kupa vamwe? A management team must recognize it has failed after a term or two and hand over to new blood, or that team will be dictatorial. 2. listen and hear twice then talk once. Those who claim to be our leaders always talk and never listen. It is thus not surprising that they cannot hear the groanings of those they are supposed to be leading. 3. consult with those they lead so that there is ownership of the process. 4. exhibit servanthood leadership, otherwise they are treating the nation as their personal property. They are there by people’s mandate, but they have long forgotten. It is wrong to assume that national benefits should be enjoyed by those in the Politiburo first, then their cronies only. The liberation war was fought on the understanding that we all would benefit. Besides, not only those who were armed fought. Please remember the old women who cooked huku for the guerillas when it became revealed that “gandanga haridye derere mukoma rinobhombwa”, remember the small boys then, like me, who that time could count the natos and inform the armed warriors. Please refer to the Bible for the kind of leaders God desires!

  • Mukadota

    These theiving bastards never stop to amaze every normal thinking zimbabwean. The coffin dodger even admmitted this at their just ended occult gathering in Gweru. Corruption & blatant looting of our national resources is now official policy with these ali babas. As thick as they are with their monkee followers they have no brains as to think that these minerals not only belong to us but to future generations.