Zimbabwe: Final Presidential Election Results Out, Baba Jukwa Vows Action


Zimbabwe Election Results:Presidential Figures Out

Zimbabwe’s final presidential election results are now out but will be announced late Saturday night, a senior ZANU PF official has revealed.

The official who requested anonymity told ZimEye the results will be available Saturday refusing however to disclose the outcome.

“They are now available and will be out Saturday night,” he said before walking away from our correspondent just after being asked on the actual outcome of the election, in Harare’s 2nd Street Saturday morning.

ZANU PF has claimed victory in this year’s election amid protest from the opposition MDC parties who have voiced that they are contemplating taking action of the highly disputed result.

ZimEye will continued to update our valued readers as events develop.

Meanwhile the faceless Facebook campaigner, Baba Jukwa vowed to take and coordinate unspecified action against president Robert Mugabe’s win.

Jukwa threatened to organise mass action that will cripple the country and bring Mugabe to his knees. Jukwa questioned how 21000 voters could have passed through 15 polling stations in less than 12 hours.

“What about this one,”In Uzumba 21 000 people voted in 12 hours in 15 polling stations which averages about 2 seconds per voter” whats your take Zimbabwe?,” he asked.

He then called on Tsvangirai to organise mass action against Mugabe. Said Jukwa, ” Tsvangirai must wake-up and lead from the front with your team, today early morning action is needed for sake of the people. Remember we have progressive forces at Zanu who also back you who are not in need of those evil people. I saw some are happy saying this and that, Baba Jukwa is here to stay and cleanse Zimbabwe. As long as the evil people exist I will exist.Together we will attain a better Zimbabwe.”

  • Makoti

    Baba jukwa just leave us alone. What will we gain from war? More bloodshed? let the sleeping dogs lie.



  • Regai Vatonge

    12hrs x 60min X 60sec ÷ 21000pax= 2sec. Anyway even at 2mins as you say it is record speed. Checking your name in the voters roll alone takes more than two minutes.Unless if there was no need to check names.

  • nambya

    simple maths troubling the famed jukwa

  • mzansi

    @wL MAJAJI, its a very simple calculation and it gives 30.85 seconds per voter, or maximum of 2 voters per minute. Take into account preparation time and other factors and you can easily come up with the 2 seconds if you like. You can’t even do basic arithmetic and you’re so proud of it. It’s a real shame my friend and these are the kind of people like you who are going to be blindly purporting to run the Zimbabwe for the next 5 years; what a calamity to befall the once beloved country! !!

  • Muchuchusi

    Majaji maths dzako maths dzako hadzibude weka futi

  • mzansi

    21000/15 polling stations =1400 votes/station. In 12 hours = 1400/12= 116.67 voters per hour= 0.51 voters per minute. Any assumptions can be incorporated and even then it’s totally unrealistic

  • Kudakwashe manomano

    Not convinced

  • mzansi

    His answer may be well below 2 voters/minute or 30sec/voter, but still how do you achieve that rate even in a densely populated urban suburb???

  • Dr. Dlodlo esq

    If there is a person who never feel embarrassed living a life of cheating; it is Mugabe. Can we therefore trust Mugabe’s leadership to fully represent Zimbabweans? This is now a wake up call to everyone to stand up against Mugabe otherwise we will continue to suffer.

  • zimbo

    21000/15= 1400 per station. 12*60*60=43200 seconds. threfo 43200/1400= 30 sec per voter still thats impossible

  • http://www.google.com unsatisfied

    how can 21000 vote in 12 hours because 12hrs*60min*60sec=43200. so it means 1 voter = 2.057143seconds, which is practically impossible. therefore drawing a conclusion from here the election is flawed/rigged.

  • http://dnlmaposa@gmail.com nyero

    Baba jukwa is right its 2 seconds per voter;which is not practical. What kind of school did u go to? nightschool? Then go to back to finishing school.

  • Indeginisation

    Baba jukwa…faceless and toothless.only read by urban folk with little to do..wil the mdc was busy daydreaming from baba jukwa story bob was givin women and youth mine syndicates and changing the lives of zimbos..if you try and strike we are the new owners we fire you and we want to import grain replacing your silly british brands..bhora mugedi this crisis wil only present opportunities for vanhu vatema..you dnt pay your bills and we know the mdc councils like byo and hre will sale your home..bob mudhara

  • mmmm

    but remember, each polling station has about 3 or so booths…

  • zviwororo

    Just for calculation sake, its more appropriate to consider this 21 000voters(V) figure as distributed over the 15 polling stations(ps). 21 000(V)÷15(ps)=1400 voters per polling station. So rather its 12hrsx60mis/hrx60sec/min=43200sec available for each of the 1400voters at every polling station. 43200sec÷1400voters=30.857secper voter……….

    There is your math, approximately Half a minute per voter on average!!!

  • Kudakwashe manomano

    Now we need figures for each of the polling stations involved here. My feeling is that there wasnt a uniform distribution of voters across these polling stations. If my assumption is right then its highly likely that we could be having polling stations with much higher voter processing speeds. Please furnish me with the figures for the individual polling stations.

  • Jongwe Mupoto

    Sei vanhu veZanu vakangonza kuti Baba Jukwa vanobva va jamba jamba. Avhunduka chati kwatara ndiye.

  • ursula walder

    21000 voters : by 15 stations = 1400 per station in 12hrs (divided be 12)=116.666 per hour per station : 60 min = 1.944 per min per station – and you want to tell me they did 2 people in a minute in any service station? That’s not possible!

  • chamakuvangu

    hey look its far less that that because the 21 000 are those that voted zanu pf,,there are a few thousands that voted mdc T in that constituency so the total is more than 21 000…21 000 are only zanu voters,,,this is ridiculous

  • http://www.zimeye.com tiritose muhondo

    u zimbos never cease to amaze me.to think that some one actually believes zpf won boggles the mind.bennett you are right i have been saying the same thing since 2002.lets bring it on


    Sorry i said 2 minutes per voter instead of 2 voters per minute.

    there were 21,000 votes spread across 15 polling stations. therefore each polling station had (21000/15) 1400 votes.

    therefore if 1400 votes voted in 12 hrs how long did it take for each voter?

    12*60*60= 43,200seconds= 2 voters per minute.

  • http://www.lento@gmail.com Lento

    Ko munogoshamisika nekuUzumba ko Hre south kwakavhota vanhu 27 000 within those 12hrs wani saka kuUzumba chete ndokwaisakwanisika kuti vanhu vavhote within 12hrs????

  • http://siyiqaba@gmail.com Comrade Naked

    Nxa! Facebook politicians


    its been stated that there are more booths in a polling station. hatishi kushamisika kana. its a monumental failure in calculation by Jukwa which exposes his simple mind. ngaatikwanire

  • mombemumunda

    Baba Jukwa your time is up you have failed Morgan has failed. It’s time to leave zanu alone.you are a bulldog without teeth. Why can’t you identify yourself of you know you speak the truth and are doing the right thing..you led Morgan and mdc think they would win but I think you were wrong, I know Zim people love Mugabe. Now you are trying to cause chaos and a revolution in Zim.Zim people are not stupid they will not get involved in stupid protests because those protesting are the ones who will suffer. You jukwa and Roy Bennett are safe wherever you are and now you want to make people suffer. Zim people of you are stupid you listen to this coward called baba Jules tell Bennett to protest by himself first then join him . Zim people please do not be used, Zim is a peaceful nation

  • obert

    baba jukwa is right its practically imposible 21000 in 15 polling stations in 12 hours

  • nsikabayitshiye

    smell of a scandal there

  • http://n/a Sober

    Among all of us who are commenting on this forum how many voted? It is a surprise that even baba Jukwa is not aware that there was a minimum of three booths per polling station which gives us 45 voting booths for the 15 polling stations. Only mmmm managed to mention this and the rest are trying to prove their Grade 5 mathematical prowess and failing to realise the obvious truth that a minimum of three booths are stationed at every polling station.

    All the past elections recorded almost the same level of people but nothing of this sort was voiced. When desparation is not contolled you will end up accepting anything as evidence.

    The Zimeye and alike online publications must stop following this character you will be ashamed because very soon this character will disappear into thin air leaving you in a pool of mess.

  • Sockie

    Wat abt yema electronic ballot papers

  • gaba

    its clear 90%+ agree neni kuti since mdc ichipinda it has been winning zvelandslide chaizvo but zvaingorigwa & its going to continue so the question is :what is the practical & effective way inounza freedom?

  • http://www.mdc.co.zw cadre o

    lets make our calculations whilst put in2 considerations that there were 3 polling booths at each polling station

  • Kudakwashe manomano

    Yes the polling stations might have had 3 or 4 booths but still the checking of the names in the voters’ roll for people with surnames beginning with
    say letter M coming in succession would mean that the voters had to wait for their turn at the voters’ roll, ballot issuing point (where a little lecture was given) and finally the ink -point before entering one of the many booths you are alluding to. So at times the number of booths didnot help in this regard. Its just idiotic.

  • Nduk’ ebomvu

    Wil Majaji what grade did you attain for your grade 7 Mathematics? Do you know the difference between 2 seconds and 2 minutes???

  • test

    Number of people voted = 22000 ZANU and 1000 MDC = 23000
    Polling Stations = 15
    Each Polling station has at least 10 servers = 15 x 10 = 150
    Voting Hours = 12Hrs x 60min = 720min
    Actual 720min x 150 servers = 108000
    108000/23000 = 4.70 minutes
    Therefore it takes at least 4.70 minutes to vote for those old people vekumusha who requires assistance.

  • test

    The only danger to be realized is that we are going to have more people who voted than those who registered revealing the mass rigging done by Zanu

  • fitness

    30 second * 3 voting boxes = 1,5 minutes per voter. You must be involved and study what was happening on a voting station

  • Kudakwashe manomano

    The 3 or 4 polling booths received voters processed frm one point so dont try to defend this hogwash. It would have been different had each booth had its own set of polling officers manning it.

  • The Black Aristocrat

    Zimbabweans – Our god given Military Dictatorship’s Election Riggers have spoken, and answered your wishes and given you the result you have dreamed of and prayed for – 5 more years of food aid, 95% unemployment, death by preventible disease, squalor,poverty, foreign companies shutting down their businesses and taking their money out of the country, and zero new investment by the International Community, outside of our new Chinese Colonial Masters.

    But don’t worry some of us will be okay!

    As a result of ‘entrusting’ our ‘President for Life’ with another 5 years of power, you will continue to be able to point up to the sky in awe as our $25m private jets stuffed full of the Nations looted diamonds fly over and say ” we may be in one of the poorest countries in the world, standing here in rags outside our shacks, with a life expectancy of 35, starving, watching our children die of preventible diseases, and regularly get beaten to a pulp by Mugabe’s CIO thugs and Police hit squads, BUT, ‘liberation’ and ‘industrial scale vote rigging’ has brought us the god given and enviable privilege of being able to watch our obese masters in their expensive designer clothes fly around in these beautiful machines, and live in 50 bed mansions at our expense!

    Zimbabweans need to get a backbone and stand up and be counted like the Eastern Europeans did against their Dictatorships, who prevented change and impoverished the masses for nearly 50 years by rigging election after election.

  • tendayi

    Baba Jukwa mathematical challenged
    -why then r there 3 booths,
    – # of voters max capacity in 2 min in a poll station
    -zim police dnt ve rubber bullets in stock this week

  • toendepi

    zanu defies anything normal,what can u expect from a cult and its priest.they preach blood and suffering.we should wake up and liberate our selves.kusiri kufa ndekupi?

  • http://www.plessey.co.za Tomas Chiangwa

    If we follow maths, ofcourse we will get rigged. ZANU might be found guilty. Above all the ZEC head had resigned. Why? Probable because of this maths saga

  • munhumutapa

    Forget about the time, what I want to know is where were the Mdc-t polling station representatives, every polling station had a representative during voting and counting. They also have to sign to agree that everything went well at the polling station before the result can be passed.

  • Indeginisation

    25000 plus voted in mbare alone…bhora mugedi vaka striker tino va fire,if they try to sabotage food we will have new businesses dzevatema instantly ko telegraphic transfer iri ti mu zimbabwe..bhora mughedi

  • Indeginisation

    Morgan was asked on rigging by e tv and all he could say was that how can a whole province of manicaland defect in 4 years…he takes peoplebfor granted,shame voting in mt pleasant when he was a unionist leader yet bob with his many years in state house cast his vote in highfield..humility baba.If he cant infiltate a 89yr how can he rescue the economy..knwing morgan he wil cal 4 sanctions again

  • mapha

    lets just assume that going thru a process of checking your name,taking some instruction from officials, voting for your your councialery, parlamentary and presidential candidate and after that deeping your finger to da ink after voting,da least minimum time i can alocate is 2mins lets us caulate on those 2mins even though still impossible,so its 30 pple per hour by 12 hrs which gives me 360 pple,and lets assume they were three poling stations, with 3 booth in each poling station thats totals to 9 booth, so then lets multiply those 360 by 9 and it gives us 3 240 pple voted in an average of 2mins per person,no even a rocket scientist wll never understand that

  • Cde sinjonjo

    There three booths only at the end but one starting point. Even allowing for three booths its still does not work for a person to take 30 seconds to complete the whole processs os voting. Ah! come on common sense!

  • trapgirl

    hamuzive maths vanhu varipano, why coment if you not capable especially those defending the mother of all shenanigans. you have 21000 people and out time is 12 hrs. lets break it down convert the time into minutes= 12×60=720mins now convert that into senconds= 720×60=43200 seconds it implies then that 43200/21000=2,057 seconds. so 1 person voted within 2seconds our anser to the nearest. is it clear.

  • Indeginisation

    Ko how did 25000 plus vote in mbare with all those mdc and mdc t agents…its 15 centres *3 class rooms*3 booths*12hrs divide by 21000

  • toendepi

    zvemaelections edu hazvidi logic,chero dai mdc yawhina remember army generals and police chiefs had promised us war.so why shld we look at normal situations of free and fare elections.Guys Zimbabwe is not a gushungo pvt ltd.lets have aplan of action.street demonstrations might be difficult becoz of notorious system. passive demonstration is the best

  • Jamaa

    Where were the MDC polling agents at these high turnout stations?

  • Indeginisation

    Ko mbare had 25000 plus voters..the two mdcs and ngo agents vanga varipo?

  • Carlos

    Bhora mugedi

  • Dzimai Moto

    Asian technology was used. The ballot paper itself was shrewd, it had thermosensitive staff such that an X on MDC would be errased a feW minutes after voting and the fadded computer print on ZANu PF would be visible. Its that simple, its new nobody thought that Mugabe would pull out this one. Don’t blame MDC polling agents. Semi illiterate people cannot make a perfect X that is on ZANU PF ballot papers.

  • Indeginisation

    Thats a new one…bhora mugedhi

  • Kikikikik

    Zimbabweans Vote for Peace nothing else……………..

  • http://google walter

    The best morgiza can do is accept defeat and go back to the drawing board.After all he only short changed the electorate. its now payback time. So adios Save.The Save of sorrow is flowing.

  • janana

    who is lying here? bajukwa or zec? Zimbabweans r educated n I presume not stupid. Zec publishes that there r 44 polling stations in Uzumba and ba Jukwa puts them at 15. my ? is r we in light o these figures b4 we rush to comment? have we verified these polling stations figures b4 we cast our comments? hameno

  • janana

    its not the maths. its the lie

  • rigawo

    mu zimba ari intelligent bj abuda ne maths dza discuswa pafora ino , yakapenga nyaya iyi

  • rigawo

    ko rg variku gadzwa rinhi tinoda kunodyawo nyama nekunwa drink

  • rigawo

    ko pane ma head of states ati akorokotedza here chiitiko ichi tifambire mberi ne basa kana vakamirira rita

  • http://www.zimeye.com tiritose muhondo

    these guys had help from all over.here is what keith khoza(anc spokesperson) said on 13 march
    ..’the pple of zim wil decide who governs them,but if called on to assisst,we wont hesitate in coming to their assisstance to ensure they r successful.this is the same way in which we would consider any requests from any other liberation movement we have ties with.’….

  • lawry

    Baba Jukwa you mad a abd assumption that the voting process was 1 person per time. How many ballot boxes were in a polling station, the process was not serial. Please don’t mess with us we did statistics big time

  • manyepo kwete

    This is how Baba Jukwa has manipulated people all along through lies.There were 9,620 polling stations in Zimbabwe for 210 constituencies averaging 45 polling stations per constituency.Why would A zanu pf stronghold in a rural constituency have polling stations that are less than the number of wards? Tangai mafungawo mega pleaseeeee.

  • chitema kuva mutema asina pfungwa

    Check out the Chaona register were Chimukoko was the presiding officer, there are comments that can explain some of the irregularities pipo came across.

  • Kudakwashe manomano

    Lawry the statistician can you explain the statistics being discussed here, otherwise your words are hollow. Your contribution adds no value to the debate.

  • Citizen

    Baba jukwa voting was not a matter of hours. Everybody in the line was allowed to vote. Even well after 8 as long as u arrived before 7 . Baba jukwa we are tired of you.

  • Indeginisation

    U c disadvantage ye mdc is they think you can campign ne internet muzimba…how many people outside of byo or harare are on the net daily,no i meant monthly kana yearly?ncube failed badly but for a person with less financing to morgan he did well…was shocked by morgan righting a piece pa washington post ko how many people who read that will vote?hanzi how can pple in masvingo forget us in 4 yrs..when u preaching gay rights in zim?truly who in mashonaland will vote for such..ko ma presidential akuto tanga

  • jonzo mwana we vhetereni

    hey vanhu indava so mhani………..
    21000ppl/15pls=1400 on ave in each poll right
    1400/12hrs = 117 per hour on ave right
    117/60min=1.95=2min on ave
    but hey chimbwasungata kana wakavhota heee
    kana uchivhota hatimiri tichi processor munhu one at a time but instead its a contineous process were each stage is counter catrcted by the mass flow its not one dog at a time but its a mass flow.
    chete pafa munhu hapashai muroi.but learn to accept dft.

  • Indeginisation

    61 percent to bob..2million plus in favour of command in chief of defence forces comrade r g mugabe.bhora mughedi

  • francis mambo

    Baba Jukwa give zimbabweans a break, we are sick nd tired of your useless nd unfounded accusations. Zimbabwe belongs to the Zimbabweans and so let the children of zimbabwe speak for themselves. The election was indeed the children of Zimbabwe speaking to the world on who should rule them and takeover government business. You are a cowered nobody. if you wish to put a real meaningful & progressive challenge , then show yourself up and be identified. You are too cowered so just shut up and stop in-sighting violence in our peace loving nation. The people of Zimbabwe have spoken.

  • nyaruzy

    haha wanhu wakapuxa xure munongochema chema apa wi are waiting fo e prsdent to be sworn in kwete makudo anongochema zvisina nxa nxa l love zanu pf my drim z to be lyk kasukuwere mulah hevy kana aine mwana sikana mmmm l m e inlaw en lol mamama we mdc kkkkkkkk kusiiwa ne aprox 1 million lol mmmm mazino

  • muchamaya

    baba jukwa has selective amnesia. voting wad not limited to 12 hours. even Tsvangison alluded to this in the interview he gave after casting his vote. eligible voters in line were allowed to cast their votes well after 7. denial

  • mathematics power

    Simply mathematics….. 12hrs*60mins*60seconds=43200seconds/day

    Total N0 of seconds/day >43200*15p/stations=648000seconds/day

    Total votes cast in 15 polling stations is 21000

    Average time taken per person at each voting stage is 648000 divided by 21000 people =30.85seconds per each voting stage which is very possible…… thanks

  • mathematics power

    Zvedu zvabhadhara. . ….MDC will not rule Zimbabwe even in a thousand years to come like there master Ian Smith declared.

  • Pmadzi

    Also consider that there was an average of 3 boots per polling station & in every 30 seconds,they were fully occupied.it took 30-45 sec per person in the boot.so its possibe 4 three people to cast in every 2 mins.note that in the same 30 seconds the voter was checked in the voter’s roll,simultaneosly onother’s id was checked,another one issued ballots,another one being inked etc.also not that everyone in the queque was alowed to vote after 7pm,this translates to more than 12 hrs of voting .i voted and noted what was hapening

  • Statesman

    The 21000 figure troubling jukwa is that of Uzumba. Jujwa is thinking that the results are from a single polling station because he himself did not vote. I’m frm ward 9 & there were 5 polling stations in this ward only. The stupid jukwa must then find out how many wards the are in Uzumba & add the respective number of polling. With correct figures its possible to clear 21000 within even 6hours.

  • http://Www.live.com Ara Eneke

    U are a dumb statesman. Where on earth has such a high voted for various parties in Uzumba? It’s clear as day and night that there was double,treble dipping. What nonsense is this u are justifying

  • PPP

    Maths dzevanhu vasina kuvhota ndedzekufadzana nenhema. Kana polling station imwe ine 3 booth at least, you need take that into account as well. Next time go and vote.

  • Muvhangeri Mupanduki

    Svomho! Lets move on….asijiki!, waiting for the green horse to faint. Ko saka mainternal gimmicks akamira sei, ndiyani vp kkkkkkk

  • Mbiti

    Its not a question of who is statistcally affluent but a question of who voted.makudo here akavhota kana kuti vanhu?.its common knowledge that able bodied and highly literate zimbabweans voted for the dictator who has got only history to share with us…nyabo dzega dzega…its a shame zimbabwe is yet to plunge into another economic decay led by a selfish individual.its crystal clear that we have yet again authored our own hunger and unforgetable queues of bread and other basic amenities.Let it be our own shame and riddle.how is it possible that the very same leader we disgraced in 2008 aggressively won with a super majority.is it because our dead fathers,uncles naming but a few voted in their graves?is it because all of a sudden we love the mighty bob?indeginisation has clearly failed dismally as the policy is being implemented along partisian lines.not only that indeginisation had stuggled heavily to create jobs leaving the general populace selling mazitye.with an unemployement rate hovering above 95%,which is one of the key indicators of economic growth,would a fair minded grown up zimbabwean wake up and vote for someone who is clueless about the prospects of the once thriving economy.

  • Progress

    For things to go well for us Zimbabweans we need to take to the streets. Mugabe and his cronies can only hear the language of violence. Let’s rise people of Zimbabwe against these tyrants. For how long will the people’s will be subverted? See how in North Africa citizens have taken their national destinies into their own hands! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  • ruraltourban

    from the election it seems as though there is more urban to rural migration which on the ground seems not to be possible in our country.

  • jongwe ratiza risina musoro

    Jukwa soja

  • tusti

    talk is cheap, action important at this point in time.

  • http://www.google.com Mbida

    high time u entrusted urselves to almighty jesus. He wont let u down. After all mdc-t solicited 4 divine intervention @ their rallies i.e. they prayed. Meanwhile, we’ve 2b content wth border jumping, smuggling and brace 4 cross rate.

  • http://www.gmail.com President in the making

    My people my people do not worry.
    God haz give u a good leader.
    He will take u to the promised land.
    I know its not ka ropert kapuriel kakape.

  • http://www.gmail.com President in the making

    Haz given

  • http://komuredi komuredi

    please ple we did sent you to skool to len many things including current affairs.all the idiots who did not vote are making noise.simple maths (example) Kambuzuma 3 polling station had 2 blocks each block had 4 people sitted with voters rolls meaning 4 people were saved at once in each of the 2 blocks.next tyme go and vote tichazokurovai manje munotaurisa

  • Bruke

    Bhora mugedhi.
    hande ne team zanu pf.
    R g Mugabe .
    pan Africanist.

  • Skuula

    Sei vanhu vakango tarisa paUzumba, hw abt other place with a high voter turnout, it really shows ur biaus, lets all be objective, those who voted knew exactly what was happening, i afraid for those who want or a inciting to take on the streets, mukazobatwa batwa motange kuchema muchiti mahuman rights , voilence equal rights. Akakuudzai Bob akawinna munyika munoita nzara, ndiani? So its true kuti ndimi murikuita kuti tipihwe masanctions nhai?

  • RIggery

    30s per voter how come. I was in when I voted it took about 120 sec. Show ID, Name check, cross name out, receive ballots, receive instructions. did finger in ink. go behind one of 3 booths. even if some one was now being processed. And it took me about 10s per ballot then show and drop ballots.

    What about assisted voters about 100 per polling station.

    RIG Masters

  • nixon

    Zano yazviita zvakare vote rigging. I call upon western power to put as much sanctions as they.please western powers give them all you have ‘sanctions’ kuvanhu.

  • empowerd

    Zimbabwe shall never be a colony again. Hatitengesi nyika nokuda sugar varume

  • Tringindi

    You guys are just dull. There were at least for polling booths per polling station. Why are you assuming there was one booth. Just saying.

  • Tringindi

    I mean four(4)

  • Brady

    accept defeat no blood sheding please

  • MuZimba

    If we can’t resolve and agree a simple mathematical problem – we have a problem! (multiplication and division – grade 7 stuff guys, come on!!!) I think all the bright ones stayed in Zimbabwe.

    Anyway, if you are Zanu (PF) good for you, for us MDC supporters it’s a tragedy.

  • Temba Ncube

    Which constituency had just 15 poling station. Let’s try 2 b real rather than have mere suggestions of vote rigging. In places where MDC T won there no calculation why. Why should the whites determine our destiny. Akonwa haasiye bhachi padare. Why should we sacrifice our happiness for someone to enjoy at the end. There is always a second chance. However Mr Tsvangirayi you have tried for three times so give Biti or Mwonzora a chance at the top. This will be true democracy. The people do not like you. Why should we use dirty tactics like sanctions to force the electorate to love. Vanhu vaneta. Egypt you promised cannot be reached. Is your mission blessed by the Almighty. I think your prophets of doom misled you. Your Baba Jukwa made wrong calculations. For how long will the people listen to you. A girl is courted using tricks and not taking advantage of the fact that she is in need. The moment that person get enough food on the table that person will forget you. Do not use the 2008 scenario and try to frighten people the Lord has the power even to change the hearts of our detractors and you will be left in the open. You are Mafikizolo in politics. Look at how Mobutu ended. Let’s see if you are the person who has the power of the 13 million people

  • MuZimba

    Judging by the fact that this Jukwa is that one who got this maths issue monumentally wrong, I actually think his true identity is “Chinotimba”. Remember he is the one who came up with this stupid theory of this ballot paper which puts an X on Mugabe if you voted Tsvangirai! I am staunch MDC and would really want to hear anything to prove Mugabe rigged, but this one is incredible!

  • MuZimba

    Hey Temba Ncube, with respect, the election were somehow manipulated, and you know it. I think what what u r saying is maZimba we should accept it and move on. I don’t think so mate. It should be challenged, but no violence please.

  • http://n.a. BLA D

    lets have evidence that holds mvura ko kwakawina mdc toti magic o the riggin machinery yakaita sei

  • Pissed off

    At mumba speakfor yoself, nt all zimbos love mugabe sme of us have no reason to love hm.. His a violent man who deprives the country of freedom of speech, speak bad abt hm u go to jail, bt in other countries they speak as they please…this country is nw fucked up coz of his pathetic rule his been in power fo way too long, we need change, sme countries have had mo than ten presidents yet me and my kids and my grandchildern wer born stil under the rule of mugabe, come on… Hospitals ar way behind, ther ar no jobs, the economy declined once and morgan saved us…whenmugabe was busy sayn ther is no crisis in zim ther was no fuel no food in shops and wld use trillion dollars to buy bread, carry wrthless money in satchels, even with money ther was no food in shops bt stil mugabe wldn wrk with ther countries to help us, we starved and lost weyt bt he didnt care, the man is old he must retire, hw can a nation want to be ruled by one old man fo all these yers? Whuz nt even duin a good job at it..mugabe is the reason why other countries imposed sanctions on us hence makin us suffer… I personally hate the old man and will never believe that all these people voted fo him its defntly rigged…if it wasnt fo morgan facin up to mugabe and joining the unity gvt we wld stil be suffering like in 2007…robert has killed this country and shame on anyone who dazn see that.

  • Bradley B

    I am sorry that the election turned out this way. It seems to me that either the majority of Zim citizens support ZANU PF or they supported MDC and don’t have the courage to stand up to that dictator and his cronies . Sorry guys, you deserve what you get if you cannot take action. You suffer and we all suffer.

  • Peter

    Wakambonzwaa kupi kuti revolution party yabviswa pachigaro hazviite zvakafanana nekuti Man U is relegated Old Trafford haibvume

  • Given Sibanda

    Congradulations to the honorable president for thumping his bitter rival Mr Tsangirai.Big thanks Zimbabwe for choosing the right candidate, his excellence,the commander in chief of the army,head of state,president R.G Mugabe who represents the nation’s aspirations on realizing our true enemy, the west.For the ‘west’,give us the money you promised, we’ve met your rigorous terms, yet you’ve continued to doubt our intelligence by not acknowledging our choice for freedom,black empowerment,independence,and a lot more represented by ZANU PF and remaining African hero the Honorable President.We know what the west intends for our continent and all of us as Africans must realise their manipu lative stance on Zimbabweans they are forcing and intimidating us to vote for their moral less Puppet tswangirai by use of sanctions and impending chaos.Africans, realize this before they invade you again, for your rich resources are so vast and tempting in their greedy hearts.

  • Bradley B

    And then Zuma congratulates him on the victory. What a laugh. Does he think that he will pull the same trick in SA?

  • Bradley B

    Dear Given Sibanda, your concern about the West is misguided. Wait and see. Between your honorable Mugabe and the Chinese, you will have nothing left in a couple of years. Then we can talk about who is honorable.

  • Pissed off

    Given sibanda u ar so dumb.. This is nt 1980 its 2013 therz no such thing as any country being colonised again, didnt u do histry, ther ar wrld organisations these days they will nt stand and watch any country being colonised….. Morgan is nt a puppert bt a wise man who knws that zim can not survive alone, no country can survive being independent, we need the help of other countries you dumb fool thats what u and mugabe dont understand, ryt nw zim has nothing of its own, we usin u.s and s.a money u idiot not zim dollar because it lost its value, we buying food transported frm s.a, so if u cant see that morgan only seeks help frm other countries to make zim better then u shld go get your IQ tested. Ther dnt wana colonise is, hav u ever heard of any country being colonised again after gaining independence? I dont think so, coz colonisation was done long bek fo a reason during the scramble fo africa bfo wrld war u dumb fool, western countries ar nw way developed and respet african races they dnt have any reason to colonise zim its a poor country compared to theirs… You and yo presdnt ar racists, he chased away innocent white zimbabweans bt u dnt see european countries chasin away black people, it was when the whites wher chased away that zim started havin economic problemms bcoz they did a better job at keepn the farms goin well unlike mugabes corrupt people. If it wasnt for morgan we wld still be suffering ryt nw nge trillion zim dollar becoz mugabe ddn wana accept that therz a crisis in zim and didn wana ask fo help frm other countires coz his got pride and dazn care abt the well being of the people. Honourable president my ass!!! People wher beaten up their asses burnt by his zanu members all bcoz they ddn vote fo hm, they probably voted fo him in fear of history repeatin its self. I honestly cant believe ther ar such stupif dumb people like u!

  • Pissed off

    We need a new president who is nt too proud to seek for help. A new president who gives us freedom of speech. A new president who will boost our dying economy which bob killed himself. Hospitals have shortage of nurses becoz the gvt cant afford to pay many people, hospitals have shortage of material yu bring yo own blanket when being admtted, whats that? The machines ar behind, in other countries thev latest hopsital equipment, the schools have old chairs and desks, ther ar no jobs, ther ar no good doctors they all flew to better countries, zim tv channels suck other countries get better latest entertainment, ther ar a few dams built by the whites, mugabe failed to build more dams hence startn a water and electricity problems, this country is under developed ther ar no jobs and yet things ar expensv here, bills, hopsital treatment its all expensv, we need a better country where everyone can afford living comfortable and earning a decent amount and high schools graduates gettn jobs instead of sitting hom with their degrees or goin to wrk fo other countries. How on earth will change come is we stuck with the same presdnt who has ruled this country to poverty fo 33 yers?? If he was a good presdnt we wldn have gon thru a crisis at all.have u ever heard s.a america being sad to be goin thru a crisis? NO!! Becoz they change presdnts, hw can a country be ruled by an old man over the retiring age, his sick and old and aint thinkn straight he cant even walk properly or talk boldly. We get that he fot fo independence bt come on he wasnt the only one who did, he wldn have deliberated zim on his own, 33 yer rule is enough payment sikhathele thina people shld have gvn morgan a chance fo 5 yers and if ther wernt happy with hm then they vote bob bek after 5 yers after weve tried a new presdnt and c what changes he wld bring instead of being stuck with one old man

  • Bradley B

    Morning “Pissed off”, Perhaps you can inform me as to why Zim people cannot get rid of this cancer that keeps killing the country.

  • Pissed off

    Because his good at rigging and installin fear in zimbabweans, he beat up people during the re run of 2008 many people lost their lives especly in mashona land wher he got more votes this yer… Ther wer scared if he lost he wld beat them up, i myself was afraid if he lost he wld start a ar, coz his a violent man, with his statemnet that says “zimbabwe was obtained by blood so it shall not be gvn to mdc by just a stroke of a pen…his intimidating..im gla he won otherwse we wld be fleeing to neighbourin countries escapin war.

  • Given Sibanda

    Bradly and pissed off, it is apparent from your comments that you are either, one of those Zimboz who couldn’t live without sucking crap from the white man ass, such that you’ve followed the whiteman after he was cast out of our Eden, or you are being funded by the west to undermine our intellect, in that case keep on making that money bro, but the people will uncover the truth despite your efforts . If you don’t fall under the criteria mentioned above then you are plain stupid because you are denying the west’s interests on our continent, since you know history, you should know that things remain the same only that the invasion part has taken a twist, the whites settling here yet, the west doesn’t have natural resources they rely on other continents. They have already invaded the gulf and they are getting our God given resources at relatively insignificant prices causing conflict and imposing sanctions, buying diamonds behind our backs. Africans know this money is not wealth, minerals are and we have them in abundance. They are still arming. They are funding opposition so that they may if they win they may have control our land. If the African people would unite Like in the aspirations of the late Gaddafi the west would definitely tremble. Zimbabweans are not stupid for electing the honorable Mr president. As long as there are revolutionary leaders like his Excellence, Africa will have the opportunity of uniting its trade and vanquish the existing exploitation of our beloved continent.

  • Bradley B

    Dear Given Sibanda, is it better to suck crap from a black man’s ass? I believe that it is foolish to suck from anyone’s ass. Colour is not the issue. You remain occupied with the West. I have warned you about the powers from the East. Be afraid, be very afraid of them. As for Zim people dealing with the white mans rule, explain to me how it is that SA could rid itself of apartheid and not land up with a dictator like Mugabe? I believe that Zim people, if they cannot rely on elections, should resort to getting rid of the cancer by way of passive resistance. Bloodshed is not the answer. There are other ways of dealing with the cancer.

  • Mfana kaSobhuku

    i Maths akusimbanje kikikikiki…

  • http://www.gmail.com President in the making

    Bob z no more so we heard z it true

  • Kudzai faira

    Guys lets say it without fear the elections we not fee and fair.

  • jooo=ooooooooooo

    koolman God