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Zimbabwe: Baba Jukwa Latest Election Update News
(OPINION)Safety Tips during 2013 Harmonized Elections
1. Keep your political opinion to yourself. Avoid arguments on political subjects, especially with strangers. Do not discuss party leaders.

Hot release…Baba Jukwa


2. If you are going to vote, visit your polling station early to avoid long queues.

3. Do not wear political party regalia as you go to cast your vote. It is an offence under the Electoral Act to wear party regalia within 100 meters of a polling station.

4. Be vigilant and exercise caution. Avoid groups or public gatherings where demonstrations are likely to start.

5. After casting your vote, do not loiter around the polling station. Leave immediately.

6. Do not carry dangerous weapons like knives with you, either in the vehicle on in handbags, etc. It is an offence to be found in possession of such weapons.

7. If you can, ensure that you are indoors at the time the election results are being announced. Do not be caught travelling. Avoid joining victory marches.

8. For those who drive, police will be mounting roadblocks, and it is advisable to carry with you your driver’s license to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

9. Avoid giving lifts to strangers. You may unknowingly give lifts to political activists, making you vulnerable to attack by their political opponents.

10. Avoid driving whilst results are being announced, during the night and do not drink and drive.

11. When you park your vehicle at public areas like shopping malls, avoid parking between or near vehicles with posters.

May the Good Lord keep you and protect you. HAPPY VOTING
Unedited letter:
“Hide my ID: People must be careful of the ZANU PF candidate for Mufakose constituency Abraham Gwatidzo. he is parading himself as the clergy. contrary he is not a God fearing person as he purports by his picture with a collar. he was aligned to Kunonga who terrorized the Anglican Church. He was not properly trained at Bishop Gaul College, he just passed through the college for a term before Kunonga fast track his ordination since he is related to amai Kunonga. Fellow Christians in Mufakose don’t vote for such person who persecuted the Church. He only disappeared into the scene when things were getting tougher. Let take this opportunity to remind all Christians that they must vote for a leader who resepect the church of God. A s you all know Robert Mugabe persecuted the Anglican church for five years. he only dumped Kunonga as a way of redeeming himself but we know that he was the one who was behind Kunonga. Pamberi ne Change. Vote wisely for MDC-T.”
Unedited letter:
“please Baba Jukwa Hide My ID.
I was talking with one of the teacher arikuvhotesa baba am shocked of what he said, he said it’s 70% that most people will vote for wrong MDC:
1: Pakanzi ZANU pane mombe
2:pakanzi ZANU PF is written in bold
3: peMDC which is not MDC pane a big palm in black which will attract the MDc-T suppoters
3:pe MDC-T pari very small zvekuti you can hardly see and kakaitwa kadiki diki zvekuti hakatombooneke
4: MDC & MDC t vanhu vachu vakaiswa vakadakufanana
please advise all people to be aware so that they can vote for their right candidate. pl zpost this pliz”
Baba Jukwa

  • http://www.facebook.com Dzii pastate house

    I hv voted wisely but l urge ppl to take their time to avoid such mistake of voting a wrong candidate.victory is certain.nw crossing red sea.

  • asijiki

    i have a question on whats happening here in chitungwiza, after voting they is a house just after the polling station where people are going and people there will write down your name and your adress and your phone n#…..what is it for..? And ey are sayn if ur nem is not writtn dwn ma1 ako

  • munhumutapa

    People were openly wearing their party colours during the campaign with no violence so what is Jukwa saying. Painting harare red with no problem, at times Jukwa has no story, don’t give people ideas of violence Jukwa we want peace after elections

  • munhumutapa

    @asijiki. I voted in chitungwiza and there was no such thing. I am in chitungwiza north.

  • Stop-a-Thief

    Finally we got the bull by the horns…
    And long-awaited freedom beckons…
    Tomorrow we’ll see who’s Big Daddy…
    Bhora rakaponja haripindi mugedhi…
    The road to freedom has been rough…
    Until we finally said “enough”…
    Waving bye-bye to a 90-year old…
    Whose departure is as good as gold…
    He lingered like a bad smell…
    But Zimbabweans finally ring the bell…
    Smiles all over their brave faces…
    Proud they’ve removed the nutcases…
    And choosing proper aces…
    No more chefs & comrades…
    No more toyi-toyi & night raids…
    We salute our women & men…
    For bringing change by a mere pen.

  • Jumpdaki

    I have just voted there is no such bullshit. You bogus refugees why not come to vote rather than spread stupid falsehoods.

  • wayne peattie

    I hope and prey MDC wins I also hope and prey that Mad Bob and his cronies accept defeat. I am an ex zim and would love 2 see my loved country back to were it should be no1 grain producer no1 tabaco produce no1 gold producer no1 diamond producer best education in the world again o and NO1 tourist destination.

    May MDC run the country out of the hell Mad Bob has run it into

  • George Frost

    Born and bred Zimbabwean and probably know the country better than half the residents still there.
    Get the dithering idiot off his pottie and put MDC into it’s rightful place in Parliament.

  • Jumpdaki

    Tsvangirai wanted his picture on the palm so how could the whole palm have been black. Why does MDC-T like lying about the MDC.

  • asijiki

    i can give you the adress if you lyk…and u cn go thre 4 urslfs

  • Crocodile Squad

    Asijiki stop hallucinating. There is nothing like that here in ChiTown or Democratic Republic of Chitungwiza

  • http://www.blueskyholdings.co.za EG

    True Zimbabweans will vote and have voted for the true party and the only party.Viva and and long live the Zimbabwean party”VIVA”

  • M16!

    I love Zimbabwe, peace! Writing in from Zambia…

  • http://www.facebook.com/normanchikware Nomza chix

    I hope people of zim have voted in peace.Weather u are MDC OR ZANUPF,u must love u contry andmake time to take stock of u relationship with others.Ask u self,”Why should i need to violate my mothers,sister,fathers,brother or who ever is concerned in u society.SAY “NO” TO VIOLENTS AFTER ELECTION RESULTS.OUR COUNTRY,OUR PEOPLE.

  • jabu

    Peace !Peace ! Peace ! Pliz! Pliz! Pliz!

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  • Tete


  • http://www.yahoo.com whisky

    ichoooooo,viva zanu pf. To hell with sellouts

  • judah

    leave Abraham Gwatidzo alone get your facts straight before such misinformed outbursts where were you when he qualified to be a teacher and then studied to become a reverend. its not wrong for a man of God to go into politics it might instead have a positive contribution to the nation at large.