Zimbabwe Cargo company smuggles illegal substances


HARARE(ZimEye)A backyard Zimbabwe Cargo company has gone on a stealing escapade as it preys upon poor Zimbabweans in the diaspora, while smuggling illegal substances into the country, the ZimEye can reveal.

The company, Zim Cargo which is involved in the smuggling of illegal goods into Zimbabwe sealed in drum containers (pictured-right) meant for liquids has to date officiated the stealing from more than 50 desperate Zimbabweans in the UK, becoming enriched with more than £100 000.

Drums donated by economically depressed exiles intended to benefit poor Zimbabwean families have been stripped, opened and subsequently reported to be ‘missing’ upon which time no compensation whatsoever is paid.

As at the time of writing, goods worth more than £114 000 were missing and customers were fuming over the matter. Apart from the goods stolen, the company charges £205 per drum.

‘No no no no, it happens all the time..we keep referring customers to Mr Nembaware ‘ the receptionist said

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At the time of writing, the company’s website openly stated that it ships ‘…most household items DUTY FREE to Zimbabwe,’ a contravention of Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom’s customs regulations which require that goods being transported in and out of the country borders be declared what they are.


Put ANYTHING – Dead or Alive

Put ANYTHING – Gold or Food

*No more duty to Pay

*No more Clearing Charges to pay!

* No weight limit

All in all for ONLY £185.00 (empty drums excluded) are some of the cache phrases used on the company’s stationery.

A receptionist who answered the phone Saturday merely referred ZimEye to the owner of the business a certain Mr B Nembaware whose two mobile phones kept ringing continuously without an answer and Nembaware never rang back.

‘You will need to speak to Mr Nembaware directly for that…’ the receptionist said, stating that she had no information and could not assist in any way whatsoever.

When our reporter inquired, ‘..are you a company or are you a person?’, the receptionist gave no answer.

Who are the directors in your company?’ our reporter further inquired upon which time she boldly replied:

‘Mr Nembaware is the boss!’

Nembaware apparently is also the truck driver of the makeshift vehicle that picks up shipments from vulnerable customers in the United Kingdom. His website http://www.zimcarrgo.com states: WE ARE OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK ON 020 (8)961 1105

The department of fair trading has been informed as the company comes under public scrutiny and police surveillance. It is still not yet clear which other goods the company smuggles into Zimbabwe as they are not checked by Zimbabwe’s Customs Authority (ZIMRA). Finance Minister Tendai Biti’s office has now been informed (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

  • Makwembere

    this guy must be arrested and locked up at CHikurubi, that’s where he belongs!



  • C.C

    I introduced about 5 people t5o this guy and each one of them had goods that went missing from their drums and when he was informed about it his answer was that Zimra guys stole the goods when they were clearing them and he said he had confornted customs not to open the drums and nothing of that sort would happen again but the stealing later started again shortly after.He has norespect whatsoever.I urge every reader of this newspaper not to deal with this Nembaware guy anymore.There are other reputable companies like Laccefield Nursing Agency 07966542470.Since I started using these guys nothing has gone missing from my consignment.

  • Sadza Shoma

    Never never use this fly by night companies. Always pay more and have peace of mind. In this day and age people some still deal with companies with mobile nimbers – a sim card costs 2 pounds. When will Zimbabweans learn pliz? People are still buying one legged trousers. Shows many in diapora are ma Grade 7 chete. Hard earned money beaing stollen by the likes of Nembaware. I urge all those who lost ggods to Nembaware to deal with his parents in Zimbabwe who are benefiting for his tsotsism.


    The whole world knows that whatever has been said about Zimcarrgo and Mr. Nembaware is grossly incorrect. The truth is that delays can be inavoidable but all our goods will definately reach Zimbabwe. If the article is true the department of Fair Tradingand the police should have long investigated the company.

    Mr. Nembaware kindly ask the whole of UK to make intelligent conclusions.

    Any fool can tell that somebody has failed in life and thinks using dirty tricks would rescue his business ambitions. Shame on them. To confirm Zimcarrgos and Nembaware’s intgergrity,visit http://www.zimcarrgo.com and ring the testimonials. WHEN ON EARTH DID ZIMCARRGO START SUPPLYING BLOOD STAINED DRUMS.

    It is easy for those who know Mr. Nembaware to believe that he has no eyes, legs or ears than to delieve the cocktail of lies in the article. Please feel free to ring me on 07939887638.


    I have heard there are two zimcargo companies and this is most the likely the new zimcargo which is not part of nembaware company. I must admit i have used his company several times and never got filthy drums as above. He might have delays but I beleive he is genuine. MAKAITA SEI MAZIMBA kana behaviour yekunyika kwenyu follows you nekuUK. Varoyi chete who are after somebodies livelihood. What is illegal chakaiswa mumadrum macho. Nobody wants to pay duty that does not make me mbavha

  • Vashe


    Put ANYTHING – Dead or Alive

    Put ANYTHING – Gold or Food

    *No more duty to Pay

    *No more Clearing Charges to pay!

    * No weight limit

    Kana ndimiwo!! what a legitimate company!!!!

  • Vashe

    Your are clearly told that its a “deal hard to believ” and yet you find it extremely easy to believ, you deserv kubirwa.

  • Sarah Chipandu

    Vashe, why do you make this an issue? English is our second language, u should know that by now. Even Biti haataure fluent English although he has two degrees

  • Moses

    Hie Zimeye- Masimba

    Masimba there is need to make a thorough research on what exactly is the problem with the service provider lest people be afraid of anything and possibly tarnish other people,s image. It will not be fair I beleive.

    Why does it seem that this operator has so many clients who use him and I have heard so many complaining regards delays but they still use him?

    What missing items are you reffering to?
    Are these illegal importations as well?Who is the source?

    If Compensation,why dont you advise the people the right thing to do.They should sue the Company instead of making noise in the paper.

    Duty Free:
    This is an advertisement.In Zimbabwe nothing gets in without payment of duty even soil.You need to research and find more information Mr Masimba.

    If you could assist Zimbabweans who are grieved on what needs to be done will be better than just broadcasting half baked news without solutions.

    Are these guys not Competitors as well.

    Zimbabweans must assist each other and in the event of misbehaviour lets advise them the best things to do.


    You need to find more information:

    What illegal substances are being imported? Specify:

    I believe you needed to find more information before publishing the story because these could have been emotions from some clients who are disgruntled by the delays as opposed to illegal importations:

  • Chavurura Wegona

    This news article is very shallow and signifies typical Zimbabwe envy and jelousy. Its most unfortunate that such an unsubstantiated article does so much damage to a man who is obviously a competitor to another company.
    You would be forgiven to think this reporter, (if he is a jornalist at all) has got vested interests. He wants to give the impression we Zimbabweans are naive and stupid and would blindly send items without research. Stop this back stabbing at once if we are to progress.

  • Vashe

    Sarah Chipandu ndarwadziwa chokwadi nekubirwa zviripachena. Inga its written in grade zero english?

  • Priscilla

    I am surprised that Even you Mr. Nembaware you have the guts of saying all the goods entrusted in your care reach zimbabwe.If so where are my 2 drums I gave you to send to zimbabwe in December last year.You said they were stollen in transit inside zimbabwe , that your container was opened by thieves in Harare.I requested you to give me the police report from the zimbabwean police.Up to now I havent received it and no compensation given.These goods were intended for an orphanage on http://www.mpata.org I think you need to at least do genuine business. You even told me not to worry because its not only my drums which went missing but 10 others.If you carew about your clients and the image of your business you wouldnt say such words to a person with feelings.I thank you Masimba for publishing this article.Shame on you Mr. Nembaware.

  • Brandon Chiridza

    i never got my 2 drums delievered.Dhodhi rinonzi Nembaware never answers his calls yet when he does his rounds to collect you are assured the best service. I will NEVER use or recommend his business to anyone …EVER. I was reliably informed that he is under surveillance..so its a matter of time before he gets caught. Shame on you who still use his service to try and save a pound.

  • Better


    I advise those whose items were stolen to act by suing or trying to get a redress instead of shouting on the internet.

    I have seen other people whose cargo did not arrive solving their own stories.

    Dont just sit and think Marimba will assist you.

    Do the right thing.

    Indawa kupusa.Why are the people in Zimbabwe not suing?

    Do the right thing.


  • lYN

    I applaud zimeye for exposing fraudulent companies like youras Nembaware.This is UK you will not get away with this dirty business.Somebody recomended this company to me at a time when the shops in zim were empty.Out of 50 jeans i bought at £10 each , only 4 were in the drum on opening the drum you sealed you tsotsi.This time you are finished.wafumuka.Haunyare wakaita sei.Teerera taped voice of your secretary.Urikumutambudzirei mudzimai uyo?

  • Mrs Chin

    Nembaware company yako inonyadzisa.Hama dzako whom you have employed to seal the drums are bloody thieves.they steal even sweets, socks and pens.Your company is disgusting.We in the diaspora will wreck you to pieces if you keep on hiding behind your finger.Your secretary admitted that they recieve these complaints everyday.You had enough time to address the thieves in your company yet you decided to turn a blind ear to complains lodged to you.Maybe you are part of the racket.You survive also on stolen groceris.Shame how dare you steal from customers who have paid you for the service.Batai mbavha iyo

  • Julie

    Which whole world are you refering to ,Nembaware? You know for sure that your business leaves much to be desired and yet you pretend to be bold enough to befend your company.Manje you are now in the sportlight.Those drums you seal do not contain liquids but solids wadzva. Munyengeri.Next time if you know that you are evading customs by buying some customs officers handle your clients with caution otherwise the government of National unity is looking for US$ to pay civil servants.Meety us isu vezimra in your next containers ntalaaaam

  • muzii

    I sent 9gold scales only to find that there were only that only 3 arrived .Could you tell the world you refer to how these scales lept out of a security sealed drum Nembas? Warwadzisa vazhinji.Misha mizhinji irikuchema newe ha.

  • Mwana wevhu

    Despite snatching my articles out of each of my 3 drums,whats more infuriating is your decision not to respond to my phone calls even when I left several voice messages. Dont think you are in your native village where you command your victims to shut up and they comply .This is the country of brother Gordon i can become a celebrity by merely standing up to crooks like you and oprobably receive an MBE

  • Claytons

    Has anyone heard about another massive thief RICHARD SEMBA plying his trade from 45 clevedon gardens in Hounslow TW5. Fellow Zimbabweans beware Richard Freight imbavha inonhuhwa. I gave him my car and goods 13months ago and he is still telling me lie after lie.Imagine someone with the guts to steal expensive cars. Use him at your own risk, he rarely answers the fone anyway.Try him now 07867535456. Never dealt with such an idiot in my whole life.

  • Zenab

    Compensate the goods you stole otherwise these issues will continue .More storms,hurricane Katrinas are expected any minute from now to pounse on you door step.


  • Emma

    From snatching one or 2 items from each of your customers’ drums how many drums did you fill up for yourself,Mr Nembaya?

  • Mr. Preacher

    May the lord surely curse the hands that takes whats not theirs and destroy ! destroy! destroy! destroy fraudulent businesses the likes of yours

  • The zimbabwean Community nationwide

    We, of the zim community organisation condemn your business as we have received several complaints about your business. Many items have been reported missing from the drums of our members

  • Ndaizivei

    Instead of the new articles I packed in my drum last year ,15% of the items that were found in the drum on arrival were marengenya(rags) Can you tell me mr Nice Guy how these rugs entered my drum.You collected my drum from my house to your van and packed it in the container sealed.

  • Ex-ZIMRA

    I worked for ZIMRA for 5 years prior to my coming to the UK.Mukoma ,when your guys are professionally foolish theives, dont even accuse ZIMRA of stealing otherwise these guys vachakusona until you boot yourself out of business.Mukoma kupusa chete ndiko kwamunako mubusiness.

  • http://sam tengwana

    i agree with everyone who has been swidled by this babaric thief called nembawere,just to let you know that he has an accomplice called RICHARD SEMBA of RICHARD FREIGHT[BEDROOM COMPANY],this richard thief is heartless,witch to say.i gave him my car to ship to zim on the 17/08/08 up to now nothing has been delivered,not only me,they are about 30 people who i know still crying for their beloved goods.HE works with his lying mistress, lying bitch who helps the boyfriend to swidle money from innocent people. For you all out there still strugling to get your goods from mbavha richard semba to get intouch with me on 07877022411 so tht we meet at his house and call the police from there.we want him to tel us where he has put our hard earned goods.please thoz out there dont use this thief,mwana wemuroyi richard frieght

  • Musonza, Leeds

    I send 6 drums with this Gentlemen, Mr Nembaware and they all arrived safely. What I know is that some people failed to pay their balances and this was the cause of problems.

    Problems with Zimbabweans is that we tend to exaggerate things, hanzi if one person is deported by Home Office, zvinonzi “Vanhu vaperakuLondon nekudepotwa.” Or if someone heard a person who lost his money for building project in Zimbabwe, zvinonzi “Vanhu vapera kudyirwa mari kuZimbabwe”.

    The first time I send 4 drums with Mr Nembaware and they arrived and I then send 6 and they all arrived.

    Gutless jealous thugs are spreading nonsense about this man.

  • mercy R

    Thank God for you but listen to the taped tape above .If your goods were not stolen you should not say those who are complaining through this forum are jealous or stupid. Put yourself in their shoes brother. the problem with people like you is that you are selfish and want to suppress the truth so if your goods were not stolen wait for another forum of praise otherwise this is a wrong forum for you.This will not put a stop to these complaints unless Nembaware addresssesw these people’s issues and give them their goods.Yuo must remember that many zimbabweans lost their goods with a former company called Protea in 2007 by bieng silent.Protea continued collecting goods from people even when it had gone into liquidation only because of lack of publicity.We will not allow this stealing to continue brother.

  • Brief me

    Hokoyo Bradford HOKOYO LEEDS, LONDON, Sheffield,SCOTLAND, AWAKE WALES! BEWARE zimbabweans in diaspora Nembaware is coming.Us ZIMRA guys are on his neck or else you lose all your goods to customs Be warned as the smuggling deal is unveiled.

  • Claytons

    Vanhu vanosapota mbavha imbavhawo. Kana tumadrums twako twakasvika whats the point of trying to cover mbavha.Vese varikusapota mbavha idzi varimugame iroro Zimbabweans dont take them seriously.Isu takabirwa mota dzedu please dont insult us. RICHARD SEMBA please dzosa zvinhu zvedu please!

  • Musonza, Leeds

    You’re all writing bloooooooody nonsense! This man helped me feed many of my people when I send close to 10 drums in 2008 and they all arrived.

    Last year I send medicine, food, clothings, and electrical gadgets and they all arrived.

    There are people who took adavantage of send-now-pay later scheme by Mr Nembaware. These people struggled to pay in time resulting in drums overstaying and became vulnerable to vultures.

    You can’t whinge on Nembaware. He is not the man who pays you that minimum wage.

    ChiZimbabwe munochiwanza vanaMamunzwaMugabe!

    How could you send a drum to Zimbabwe on your UK minimum wage salary and when you struggle to pay you expect Mr Nembaware to be father christmas.

    I will defend this man because I know he has delivered my drums on two occassions and I’m planning to send a generator.

    Zvenyu zvemakuhwa epaShift, hanzi madrum haasikusvika. Ndakanzwa shamwari yeshamwari yangu ichiti mukadzi weshamwari yake ane shamwari yakatumira madrum.

    Absolutely nonsense! Crap!

    Grow UP!

  • whishwash

    We know you are Nembaware himself trying to save your face.Its too late .yadeuka yadeuka you man with SRB{Serious Rural Background).Its better you zip your mouth because we know its you not this face of a musonza you are trying to wear.Mazimba achenjera unotozviziva from whats now happening in your zimcargo house of robbery.

  • kwarakwashu

    Mr. Nembas I have my 5 drums you were supposed to collect last week but after much thought and this wake up call I have called another company more expensive than you by £50 and so have my other 4 friends.Good bye thief.

  • Pasi

    Pasi naNembaware! pasi naye.Down with zimcargo! down with Richard Semba!
    Down!! Down!! and down!!! until they reach the bottom of the bottomless pit Amen.

  • tinotenda

    if one of the customers you cheated or stole from is a member of Zim Central Intelligence (an equivalent to M15),you are in hot soup Nembas.You better quickly respond.Chitsotsi chenyu mungadai makasiya kurizevha kwamutare changamire.Rwendo guno mazoirasa.

  • Siza

    Let this thief sink mheni iwe Tinotenda. Dont advise him.This is his time to sink. Let the titanic sink deep

  • Susana

    Iwe Nembaware ,in 2007 you stole my goods from my one drum and when I remained quiet you took me for a fool.Nhasi zvakuwana.I kept on praying that one day someone should expose you.My prayer is answered this month of August,2009. May God bless you Zimeye.Long live the paper of JUSTICE, the voice of the VOICELESS

  • kick my Ass

    Guys zimbabwe needs a clean-up another murambatsvina especially those like Nembaware who think they are untouchable because they have “connections” in Govt.Pasi nezvimbwasungata izvi guys.


    It is important to know that even Jesus Christ who was said to be perfect had enemies.

    To all current and prospective Zimcarrgo customers and readers of this article.

    I am not going to waste my time dealing with the article. My seven year old daughter will answer every aspect of the article in the most appropriate way. She will be with you very soon.

    From Belfast to Brighton, Bangor to Dover why do people continue to use Zimcarrgo? Why! Why! This would never happen if the allegations were true or proven.

    We will continue to provide our services honestly and responsibly. Our hearts are clean and our conscience is clear.

    Could you please read every aspect of this article with a microscopic eye, digest your reading diligently and arrive at intelligent conclusion. The choice is yours – go for Mr. Nembaware – Zimcarrgo.com or the suggested alternatives – Masimba Chirimutsa.

    Corporate or personal dirty tricks, smear mongering, cheap politics, jealousy, black mailing and sabotage will always feature among the poor and those who have failed in life. This is the plain truth.

    Zimcarrgo.com is here to serve the Zimbabweans. Let me tell you something for nothing. Each time these cheap articles are put on the internet our sales increase, the Loin goes stronger and worldwide by the minute.

    Zimcarrgo. Com – B. Nembaware asks its customers to deal with the article in the most appropriate and effective way.

  • VaChiwashira

    Why avoid duty if you want to help your country? You want to do shoddy things you pay for it one way or the other. B. Nembaware please don’t be blasphemous, by comparing yourself with Jesus. I start smelling rats once people start comparing themselves with Holy men. There is no smoke without fire! What goes around comes around. Be honest with people if you want to be a global force like DHL. Shortcuts are dangerous!!

  • dee

    myself have never done business with B NEMBAWARE but have just to a conclusion all these people vanoti tinotumira zvinhu kuzim are just the same.RICHARD SEMBA OF LONDON is one hell of a thief, dear zimbabweans never give your items to this dog he just put them behind his house he drives around with his witch wife in a transit van with zimbabwean flag but realy not doing any good to zims zvinhu zvarova this idiot does not care what he puts other people thru

  • CIO- Zimra official

    Hamuna nyaya dzekutaura u a all foolish.empty vessels mak da most noise.Silence is briddle.In buzz learn 2 use da cheque book nt da mouth.Relevance is confirmed with evidence nt foolish blabber.Laws are made 4 justification of an individual.Nw let da foolish express their folly thru da media.Bt take no part in da buzz.

  • http://www.zimeye.com Munya

    Zimbabweans are well kwown world wide to be intelligent people but apa mandinyadzisa.Why wasting your time and money going on the Internet commenting about ZIMCARGO wen you have not sent even a spoon with the company.I have been sending my items with the company since early 2008, but nothing went missing except delay in arrival only at times.What illegal substances are you talking about? How many have stollen items? Why you not mentioning the illegal substances you send with the company? Why don’t you visit the company you the reporter and get enough information from the company officials first b4 publishing.Are you the one who counted that 50 people have missing items that costs about 100 000 Pounds.Musadaro varume don’t think kuti kana mauya kuno kuUK MAVE VANHU VANOSHAMISIRA.

  • sylvia

    Iwe Munya Who wrote your article if you are so illiterate as to fail to spot that most if not all the above are complaining about poor service and, or undelivered goods.Munya you are a nembaware worker or his worker who also swindled our goods.

  • zimkwacha

    Iwe Nembaware dont even equate yourself to Jesus. Even your fellow companion thief on the cross dared not compare himself to Our Saviour Jesus Christ.Uri zibenzi remunhu. Learn to shut up if you have wronged us we will only leave you alone when you pay back the goods and drums you stole from us. Otherwise lets get going.The more you talk through this paper the mare you agitate us.

  • Musonza, Leeds

    Ini Musonza I defend this man, Nembaware big time. Them thugs who have not send a thing will continue to make noise here.

  • liz

    Nembaware tell me my 2 drums are at his second depot and the guy with the keys is on leave .To all zimbas and you musonza( Nembaware) Is this an answer a genuine businessman gives in this 21st Century? All in West Yorks be aware of Zimcargo thieving business.Many thanks to zimeye for exposing this man.

  • ansva

    Iwe Nembaware uri zibenzi.Are u sure you are still going on stealing customers’drums? Shame on you.

  • kumusha

    It makes economic sense that Zimra gets revenue by having a large volume of goods in rather than taxing out zimbabwean business operators.And we should not criticise Zimra or Zimcargo for encouraging revenue and trade optimisation.

    Zimcargo is providing a business service in a harsh and tough economic environment.Its also a right for its customers to claim credit facilities from the company.But banks will not provide a stimulus to a small business with operations linked to zimbabwe.
    Any person try collecting 4 drums to your house for Zimbabwe and You will discover that Nembaware is in a business that not worth his time ,effort and passion.

    No weight limit is called an offer.Any successful business has to have offers in its strategic actions .Buy one get one free is an offer,the scrappage car scrappage scheme is an offer.Its standard for business success.

    Those who want to start their own shipping business should not engage in blackmail,like the photos above, thats bad business ethics.

    There is a market for shipping goods to Zimbabwean overseas.You can try this with some luck.You may need the help of companies like Zimcargo on warehousing and dealing with paper work across ports.
    The world is full of free markets or competetive markets to use Alan Greenspan’s words.This type of trade only works if everyone is honest.

    Lets suggest one thing to Nembaware that will solve the current delays in his courier service.Zimra will get more drums and more revenue, Nembaware will get his money like very businessperson is supposed to and we will be happy to see our goods get home in time.

    To Nembaware i can only say, some comments above are genuine customer outrage ,if you dont listen and make your customer management better your business will go down.If You try and deliver a better service we will be proud of you as a successful zimbabwean pacesetter.

    I am tired of hearing stories of failure,every society has a choice of how they treat their businesspersons,to support them or shame them, but if its shaming your own,your discourage enterprise in the long term and we wont get anyway as zimbabwean people.It all comes home to roost.

    We want a better shipping service,lets demand it like real customers straight to zimcargo ,surely we cant make it any better by making it worse,its business the customer is king.