Zimbabwe 2013 Election Survival Kit for Candidates


– How to detect spy GPS tracking devices placed under vehicles.

– Short tips to surviving militancy in next few weeks.

As the country nears election time it is crucial to remind those contesting that they would really need to take all the survival kits for the game is dirty and costs lives. This short piece of advise is for all parties.

Those who landed from the diaspora-paradise and now contesting the elections must be reminded that in Zimbabwe things aren’t in black and white as they are in the western countries where these folks had camped during the upheavals of the past decade.

Never take things for granted, they are far deeper than they look and here the game is dirtier, probably bloodier.


Watch what you say. That motor-mouth of yours could get you behind bars before the first ballot is cast. Remember the clause in the Criminal Code that criminalises your utterances critical of Mugabe: Many have been thrown behind bars for calling our dear president ‘old’, which I think he really is. Watch Out. How can you avoid this? Just say, our dear president who has led this country for 33 years since he was 56years old. People are not daft; they have dealt with far larger figures courtesy of Dr Gideon Gono. They will do the maths along the way as they go

Be cautious of what you eat, never feel hungry suddenly and eat anything offered to you. Never eat special meals prepared ONLY for you.  Remember this is a dog eat dog world; you might fall victim to your stomach’s craving and your belly will send you to a very very dark place where you cannot come back. In this regard, refuse all and any VIP status offers.

Watch out where you go and who is around. When you drive watch out for cars that follow. Never drive on a predictable route like a Formula One car until you CRASH into a trap like a starving mouse. Be unpredictable in all your travelling. Even change cars and mode of transport if need be. Even your spouse should not know what you are up to. Unfortunately some may end up losing their relationships but perhaps this is the price all serious politicians will have to pay.

Never travel alone especially at night.

Checking for tracking devices.

Check out for tracking devices under your car, bonnet, seats, for they might be placed by someone close to you. Check for tracking devices that can monitor your driving location. This way you could just about save your life. How do you recognise them? Pictures of various tracking devices tracking devices can be seen here.

These devices which cost a mere USD30 on the common markets, can be detected and removed physically.

The cost of electronically detecting the devices can be unbearable. An expert has commented: I can say that there are NUMEROUS ways to track vehicles besides GPS, and techniques that allow physical observation of vehicles and individuals much easier than one can imagine. There are also ways to defeat vehicular tracking as well as locating installed devices. You can contact any competent TSCM (technical Security counter-measures) individual (usually a private investigator, w/former FBI/CIA background in TSCM), and he or she will be able to locate and effectively shut down any tracking devices, and advise as to other methods of potential surveillance. These services are not cheap if done correctly, keeping in mind that the equipment to locate “bugs” will cost $30,000- $75,000 dollars or more.

Telephone usage.

Use a second phone number for communication of confidential plans, especially in the short period of the election.

Don’t be overzealous when you hit the keyboard: Be careful with what you post on social media like Facebook, Twitter and others, all these can be used against you, even though they are clearly part of your freedom of expression. Freedom of speech is what you whisper, but be reminded that walls have ears too.

Be smart with words, you don’t need to say the obvious, in Zimbabwe even folk tale can be used as admissible evidence in Court.

This is a short introductory informational into what Member of Parliament candidates can do to be safe in the coming few weeks.

COMING NEXT: How to physically trace an email sender to the house address.


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