ZBC restores suspended journalists’ salaries and benefits


By ZUJ Correspodent


The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has restored eight suspended journalists following a High Court order barring the corporation from suspending them.


‘ZUJ was surprised to discover that ZBC had with effect from October 2008 terminated salaries and benefits including medical aid for eight journalists suspended at the height of the Presidential run-off elections. We once again took the matter to the Union lawyer, Mr Rodgers Matsikidze who instituted an urgent Chamber Application with the Labour Court.


We are happy to announce that ZBC, realizing the Union’s resolve to pursue the matter immediately called for a meeting with our lawyer and undertook to restore the payments. ZBC human resources department under B. Shumba has written a letter to our lawyer to confirm this undertaking.

In July the High Court ordered ZBC to reinstate the journalists to their original positions but then the parastatal opted to retrench them. The retrenchment has hit a snag after the realization that the process is illegal in every aspect and has not been sanctioned by any authority including the board. It is now very clear that there is an individual boss at the Corporation who wishes to have things his way even in flagrant violation of the law. The plan to dispose of these journalists is NOW VERY DESPERATE and some of us saw it right from the beginning.’


The six suspended journalists represented by ZUJ are;

Patrice Makova

Monica Gavela

Brian Paradza

Robert Tapfumaneyi

Garikayi Chaunza

Sibongikosi Mulilo

 -Zimbabwe Union Of Journalists  Correspondent-