Warriors in uproar over US$200 appearance fee against Brazil


Harare (ZimEye) – The Zimbabwe senior national soccer team – Warriors players were each paid a paltry US$200 instead of US$1 000 they demanded after playing World soccer greats Brazil, in a high profile friendly in Harare, it has emerged.

The Warriors faced the Samba Boys who beat them 3-0 at the National Sports Stadium where over 50 000 fans thronged the giant stadium and ZIFA made a staggering US$600 000 from gate takings.

According to Warriors vice captain Zvenyika Makonese, the players were crying fowl after receiving US$200 as appearance fees.

Makonese revealed that a bid to negotiate with ZIFA officials for a review of the fee failed as they purported to be busy.

The Warriors were also left without transport from the National Sports Stadium after the Brazil match and had to commute to their hotel.

One of the players who requested not to be named said: “The money is too little for a high profile match in which Brazil was paid more than US$1million and ZIFA made money in gate takings.”

ZIFA has referred the issue to Zimbabwe Tourism Authority which has also thrown back the matter to the soccer body.
(ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

Benjani on the move against Brazil 2nd June 2010

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  • Guvnor

    If ZIFA payed out $ 1 million and got income of $ 0.6 million then they made a loss of $0.4 million. The players must simply understand that there is a long way to go and they never would have gotten a chance to play Brazil. ZIFA and the players must now settle down to the hard work of making the grade required for them to participate in football at the highest level without having to pay appearance fees.

  • Bla Miki

    l agree with the Guvnor, our dedicated civil servants who most of them spends 24 hours a day on duty are failing toi realise such a windfall of US$200.00 in just 90 minutes (of failure for that matter). Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Kaka was an achievement the now fading Zvenyika Makonese should be proud of. For the record, if Zvenyika and company wishes to boycott the next game, be assured that we have found very good replacements for you. Our local talent will never let us down.

  • samukeliso

    Mr Gasela do not leave us hanging in air like this. There is something you are not telling us here, look here i am basing this argument from your first paragraph:
    The Zimbabwe senior national soccer team – Warriors players were each paid a paltry US$200 instead of US$1 000 they demanded after playing World soccer greats Brazil,
    Mr Gasela what was the initial agreement between zifa and the players before the game, what did zifa promise to pay these players whether in written form or by word of mouth if there was any. Was the agreement based on remuneration after the game yes or no
    If there was an agreement that zifa was going to pay them 1000 then zifa has to pay them,
    If zifa failed to make a proper focust of the match attendance and failed to price the tickets accordingly in what way can the players held to responsible by zifa’s failings.
    If there was no initial agreement tough lucky players we we can’t operate that way.

  • Sakunqandwa ziinkwenkwezi

    uyakhuluma wena Samu, what was the agreement, ZIFA shd pay according to the agreement/contract that they made a loss is not the players baby, as management their job is to do the business side.

  • http://hotmail.com somhlaba mthuzni

    what dou expect from people who think Moses CHUNGA IS AN african legend…..omswelanto babntu laba….sokwabulala ilizwe sidiniwe ngakho

  • sao

    People, Zimbos and all friends of Zim I have a question to ask. Were these boys contracted to play and what was the purpose for playing Brazil? Did they achieve the purpose? If they did well and good – I believe they were not forced to play, they actually enjoyed the experience and they should pay ZIFA for the opportunity – be patriots guys!! come on