‘VIDEO of Prophet Magaya Illicit Sex Confession Released’ – Lawyers


A video of PHD Ministries pastor Walter Magaya allegedly confessing having adulterous sex sessions with a man’s wife, has been “released”.

Sex Sin confession?... Walter Magaya
Sex Sin confession?… Walter Magaya

Lawyers representing Denford Mutashu the husband of the Nomsa Ruvazhe the woman Pastor Magaya is said to have bedded, have said they are now making the video public.

Mutashu`s lawyers say they have the footage in which the renowned preacher allegedly admitted the charges now attracting damages to the tune of $500 000.

“Our client is in possession of video recordings where you admitted to have had an improper relationship with his wife,” they said.

The announcement continues:

“Our client then intercepted love text messages in her (Nomsa Ruvazhe’s) phone from you, Mr Walter Magaya, and our client also made a print-out of the communication between yourself and our client’s wife.

“Our client also noted that the affair between yourself and his wife has been going on for some time and we are also in possession of communication which you made with our client’s wife while in South Africa.”

Pastor Magaya in what could have been a reference to the charges, said he was under attack. Magaya in July claimed there was a smear campaign against him by his enemies who are spreading malicious lie after he was accused of having attacked a congregant.

Magaya said he will soon increase his security in a bid to track down those rivals targeting new convents.

“This is the seventh time that my name has been dragged in such issues. You can’t fight against me, but against your testimony. Anyway we will beef up the security so that we see who these people are,” Magaya said.

Before Magaya’s address, a Harare woman Charity Makurumidze gave a testimony that she was offered $100 000 by some men to feature in a video meant to destroy Magaya’s image.

In her testimony before thousands of congregates drawn from all over the country, Makurumidze said the men had promised her a “heaven on earth” if she had agreed to smear Magaya.

“After my deliverance, I met three men in town who promised me money and a house if I appeared in a video claiming that Prophet Magaya is fake, not a man of God,” Makurumidze said. “They promised to give me $100 000, but I declined. They wanted me to lie about Magaya to an extent of threatening to kidnap and torture me if I don’t comply.”

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    Oh my dear, what kind of lawyer would let their clients release crucial court evidence to the public or make public their clients crucial evidence before court proceedings start? Now I believe the saying that, “A lawyer is just as good as his client”. At least now we know what that there are some lawyers out there that we should avoid dealing with at any cost.

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    how did those men get your contact lady don’t cheat us. who is paying you to clean the name now? why you of all the people? if deliverance is equals to bedding Magaya then I know what you mean, you were delivered indeed.

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    This woman’s statement or confession is remotely true to say the least, she is just doing PR to this entreprenuer masquarading as a pastor. Guys stop fooling pple we can see through your satanic lies