UK Zimbabweans Demonstrate Against Quick Deportations


Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom’s West Yorkshire county are staging a mass demonstration against quick and accelerated deportations by the UK government.

This comes following concerns raised by human right organisations at the manner in which Zimbabweans were being swiftly apprehended and deported without due process. The UK government’s Home Office department has been blamed for forcibly deporting many Zimbos at a sensitive time when it was clear Zimbabwe’s political climate would be worsening following the upcoming elections in March 2013.

Unverified reports also state that asylum seekers are being drugged by UK Border Agency officials if they resist deportation, and also being threatened with the same while in detention.

 The UK government is further accused of carelessly deporting people to a country they yet also refuse to lift sanctions on saying that the rule of law is yet to be observed.

“On making fresh claim, reports are coming forth where asylum seekers are not allowed to submit old evidence that was submitted on their first claim, but the same evidence seem to surface on reasons of refusal of the fresh claim. The failed asylum seekers are threatened with inhuman treatment if they resist deportation, some being drugged or threatened with sedation when put on plane home, also they refuse people with right to appeal and tell people to leave the house in three days with nowhere to go and with no relatives,” they said in a statement.

The agency is also taking too long to make decisions, leaving Zimbabweans in financial and emotional limbo.

“UKBA takes time to make decisions and at the same time not given financial support and one is not allowed to work…..those who are helped are given vouchers and they are not useful in terms of using public transport as they wants cash.”

The organisers called on all Zimbabweans to come to Leeds and raise their voices against what they called British injustice.

“We are kindly inviting everyone to come. It is for all Zimbabweans regardless of your political affiliations; and all other nations are also welcome. A selected team was sent to speak to the police senior representative about the peaceful demonstration in place and all the arrangements and changes will be communicated as such to everyone involved.”

The organisers said it was wrong for failed asylum seekers to be sent back to a country where economic sanctions are still in place.

“Why does it (UK) not start with the lifting of sanctions to show that you now trust Robert Mugabe? The fact that they still stand reveals your inconsistency in dealing with issues relating to Zimbabweans.,” said the statement.

A petition will be handed over to the Border Agency in Leeds. Demonstration starts at 11.30am to 13.30pm

For more information contact the following:

Kevin Ngwenya: 07717206366

Herbert Moyo: 07401056973

Gertrude Kugura: 07446841318

Siphiwe Ncube: 07809671648

Sunduza Phakathi: 07787322720

  • Ndetshu

    I am just currious about what Chando and Miki are going to say about this.

  • JMoyo

    Deport FLORENCE na James CHITAURO first – UKBA How can u have zato thieves and murederers living there in south london – please apprehend and deport them without delay!

  • Ndetshu

    Where is Chando and Miki?

  • samson

    never made the news

  • Bla Miki

    Just been to Zim myself this last Xmas since Xmas 2002. Musanyepa maface Zim is hell hole, dirty water, no sewage treatment, roads are a death trap, health services non existent, no electricity and worse still there is NO MONEY IN CIRCULATION, prices are over rated and from my assessment Zim populace dont know the USD value at all. Yes some pple are making but the truth be told there is no money for everyone in Zim at the moment. It may look like things are getting better but remember the Zim populace is just coming out of the worst recorded inflation so to them any thing different is much better than the last economic woes they faced. Yes groceries and all fancy stuff one may like are in abundance but check the prices, OUT OF THIS WORLD.

    To my fellow diasporans leave the Zim pple enjoy you are not missing anything at all what i can only say is my fellow diasporans save your money for the time being and if one is to engage in any business activity at home make sure you can travel and close your deals NEVER EVER trust Zimbos back home otherwise u will waste your hard earned cash. Takadyiwa mari nevanhu ava mhani and to them we are fools where they only see pound and dollar signs and im not condoning sending money home to help relatives that we should do.

    Hanzi zviri kufaya.

  • Blessing Chitate

    Vakomana irwai hondo kusvika mapihwa mapepa.Isu tajaira mvura netsvina zviri kuno tisu tatotindivara.kana vamwe venyu vari padole idyai chibhanzi ichocho.Kune mari yedu yakadyiwa nemaBritish haisati yadzoka yose saka irwai hondo kusvikira makunda.Those who are lucky siyanayi nemashifts endai kuzvikoro vakomana Zimbabwe needs you, sooner or later some of these old dogs will be no more and your academic qualifications will be handy in the new Zimbabwe.

  • Cde Sixpence Pabonde

    Dzokerai kumusha hapana munhu waunowana pabhodha akasoroti meso dzvokodzvoko achikutarira. People are busy with their lives in Zimbabwe, ende unonzwa kusungunuka uchidonha paairport kana paBB uchipinda munyika yamai vako. Ndamba dzezvematongerwe enyika dzaitaikirana parutsatsanhi neZANU ike zvino matumbu fasha fasha gumi nefararira kufuta, vachidya muhurumende vese neZANU. Isu tinoshanda mudiaspora chimwe chigumbo chakatsika paruzevha, tichigadzirisa misha nekutenga n’ombe, tichitora mari yatinoshanda kuno tichienda nayo kumusha. Ndoo-contribusheni yanguwo iyoyo, kudzosera mari dzedu dzavakaba nekushandisa madzitateguru edu semaslaves necolonialism, tichinovaka nyika yedu. Diaspora iyi yangofanana neHarare–vanababa ndokwavaishanda, vachigadzira mari dzepenjeni. Handiti futi munoziva kuti muZimbabwe tinobvumira mazakwatira emari kuti apinde but kwete kubuda kunze. Eheka.

    Siyanai nemanyepo amaivhara nawo varungu kuti mupihwe asylum nepermanent residence aya. endai kumba makasununguka–don’t believe the lies dzamainyora kuti muwane mapepa.

  • Chando Kupisa

    Zimbabwe is certainly better than a few years ago, but its still a pale shadow of the pre-2000 glory. There are no jobs or advancement opportunities for the majority and money is really hard to come by for most. Public amenities are shambolic. I really feel for the youngsters who have no idea how good life was before magesti atakanga kuenda etc.

    To the asylum seekers in the UK, you have my full support for your demo. Yes there are opportunists like in everything else (and there is nothing wrong with that), but a good number of you have a genuine cause. Lets not forget the violence and loss of lives inflicted by fellow blacks on black for political gain. There are many who died, got raped, shamboked, had buttocks burnt, lost property to arson and many gruesome acts.

    These are real traumas many do not want to re- live or even go back to. Yes its mainly safe now, but the mental and emotional scare still linger for some. And its not easy for them to believe they are safe now. Please be sensitive before posting and think about how you would feel in their shoes.

    And to countrymen back home, remember how they supported many families during the dark economic time before diamonds and all. vana vakaenda kuzvikoro, vane cholera vakarapwa, vafi vakavigwa etc.

    Be grateful they sustained the economy…….thats a huge contribution on its own. Even Gono accepted the diaspora was keeping the economy afloat. Its not fair to now say they did not build houses etc. After all some did.

    Not all in the UK are highly paid or in esteemed professions, just like not all at home are rich. But UK provides huge opportunities and realistic chances of living a decent life, now and in the future by comparison to heading home without pekutangira.

    Demonstrating is a sensible leverage to push Home Office to re-consider. Some will benefit in the process. Its worth it. But kana zvarambisisa, then home is best regardless.

  • sisi fay

    Home is best kani

  • Johane

    lsu tirivekupa dama rimwe rirohwe.