Tsvangirai to attend peace prayer meeting in Masvingo

PM Morgan Tsvangirai

Masvingo(ZimEye)-The usually sleepy city of Masvingo has suddenly become alive as local residents anticipate MDC president and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai`s visit to the city to attend a peace building prayer meeting organized by the Zimbabwe Pastoral Fellowship Association Saturday.

A fresh wave of excitement has swept through the dormant city as hundreds of local residents brace for the peace building prayer meeting at Mucheke Stadium.

Gospel music icons Pastor Charles Charamba and Mrs Olyvia Charamba will perform at the event alongside high riding gospel music star Blessing Shumba.

MDC provincial spokesperson Harrison Mudzuri yesterday said Prime Minister Tsvangirai would be accompanied by senior MDC officials and government ministers. He added the event should be celebrated by all peace loving Zimbabweans.

“The coming of the Prime Minister shows that the MDC is a peace loving party and it is our duty to work for a peaceful and democratic environment. We are therefore calling on all objective minded residents of the city of Masvingo and the people from all corners of the province to turn up in numbers to attend the crucial event. This
is part of our programme to work with stakeholders and Church organizations to discourage violence in the country. This time we are calling for peaceful elections and we also expect Mugabe to come and unite with the MDC family on the day. We are expecting hundreds of party supporters and Church members to throng the stadium and we also expect Zanu PF supporters to attend the important event, “said Honourable Mudzuri.

Meanwhile MDC Masvingo Urban Constituency chairperson Muranganwa Chanyawu also called on peace loving residents of the ancient city to rally behind the peace building objective.

“We are calling on all objective minded residents to support the noble cause,”said Chanyawu.(ZimEye,Zimbabwe)

  • Revai

    Thanx MDC……life is not that complicated….really

  • Pastor Same Rock

    Yes its a blessing for a country to have peace loving people. Our Nation deseves peace and unity .

  • http://www.tapes.com tapiwa

    God iz great .it show humility

  • Anonymous

    God is great. Peace for the country.

  • Lahe

    The associated Pastors watch out! ZANU PF might label u. Were U at the president’s 21st birthday bash?. Food 4 thought.

  • Robo

    We wil b there

  • http://n/a Sober

    According to the story this is a political gathering disguised as a prayer meeting. Harrison Mudzuri said, “This is part of OUR (MDC-T) programme to work WITH stakeholders and church organisations…”
    So it is wrong to say that the PM Tsvangirai will be attending a prayer meeting because the so-called pastors organisation is there as an invited body and not owners of the programme.
    So it is obvious that this is a political gathering, and like all ZANU-PF political gatherings pastors are invited, BUT that does not make the gatherings christian or religious they are still political.

    Religious bodies and pastoral organisations must open their eyes and see that they are being used as covers to political hidden agendas. No sane minded christians will attend such a gathering on the pretext of going to a prayer meeting because this is a political meeting and slogans will be chanted there. Fortunately the Police are already aware of this and necessary steps are being taken to beef up security in case the MDC-T people fight at the ‘peace’ meeting.

  • Anonymous

    Good move,even if it is political or not.we need leaders Who fear god and respect pple choices.

  • Successor

    m loving this

  • tambudzai

    weather political or nt as long there wl be the word of god hapana anorambidzwa kuenda wchever party.We thank the lord fo ths prayer.l wl b at work but my kids wl be there.thats great

  • Blaz VaBlaz

    Sober it shows that your level of education is very low to the extend that you think if someone is a politician he/she cannot be a christian. Please work up from your sleep before you start sleepwalking.

  • Anonymous

    Masvingo wil never be the same again. Tinotenda Mwari. We a going

  • Obeymaimbe

    Thank you comrades. You are welcome. God bless Masvingo

  • Anonymous

    i share,de same BDay.Hppybirthday Tvangi.It iz a Holy Sabbath raJehova.

  • Unknown 2

    I will be there i love peace and its gud for us to go and pray for our country and our leader.there is nothing political here.god bless masvingo

  • Anonymous

    I love Tsvangi, I love Mugabe and i love peace. Prayer is the devil’s biggest enermy. Those who seek peace shall find it

  • Popz

    zvinoda mwari zvose zvose.

  • Chegotsi

    Nhema dzake, he was at the Masvingo courts to witness a failed bogus marriage of one of his concubines Masaiti , to a fake Cameroonian. What a smoke screen.!

  • tazvijaira hatichatyi

    politically or not no problem…as long as jehovah God is there tha’ts exccelent a God fearing leader is a good leader keep it up Mr prime minster ..that’s why musingawuraye vanhu nokuti munotya mwari…….police commissioner’s devil minded is behind good news alwaz ……tazvijaira.

  • chaparadze ngwanga

    with God nothing is impossible. I am a peace loving patriot and i hope the police is not going to sabotage that vital event.

  • cde zvamunodazvauya

    Tsvangirai akatumwa nababa kuzosunungura nyika.

  • walle

    god is great .

  • Chikukwa

    Tinotodawo a gathering like ths kwedu kuchipinge.

  • Kido

    Andiswe tiyanda musangano walumuno musike kubinga

  • http://zimeye CHANDO KUPISA

    We are watching you,we hope these are genuine prayers otherwise you will be sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, what a good work. God bless our PM.

  • Luba

    Tats great.may god bles masvingo

  • Cde marwadzo

    Mugabe endawo pamwe ungarererwe zvegukurahundi taneta isu veduwe!

  • Cde marwadzo

    Mugabe endawo pamwe ungarererwe zvegukurahundi taneta isu veduwe munhu wepi asingakoshese hupenyu hwevanhu vake!

  • Anonymous

    Mugabe endawo pamwe ungarererwe zvegukurahundi taneta isu veduwe munhu wepi asingakoshese hupenyu hwevanhu vake!

  • Bla Miki

    I hope he will be man enough and humble before God in confessing the following sins:- That, through greed and hunger for power, he sold out the cause of the liberation struggle: That he caused untold suffering to the whole nation through his advocacy for economic sanctions imposed by his masters: That he is a an international liar and con artist who has amassed a lot of wealth through telling the world a negative story about the situation at home and the “sympathetic western world” would then donate into his coffers: That he intends to turn the country into a Sodom and Gomorra by recognizing homosexuality as a human right: That Tsvangirai does not respect his elders as evidenced by the way he demeans the President. Finally, he should use this occasion to testify about his barbaric acts of impregnating several women, breaking their hearts and at the same time, exposing them from Hiv and aids. We hope this gathering will assist the bastard in many ways to reform.

  • Papa wemba

    THANX To all who love peace and their PM.Masvingo u are blessed.Chinja maitiro,Maitiro chinja.HEZVO UKO. BWA-A.

  • http://n/a Sober

    @ Blaz VaBlaz,
    It is a well known fact that politics and religion are two completely different things. Being religious and being a christian are two different things. If you go around wearing a T-Shirt written I Am A Christian, does that make you a christian? Does naming a political gathering a prayer meeting make it christian and godly?
    That is my point it is of no use to christian a political gathering; that is USING THE NAME OF GOD IN VAIN.
    Our Zim political parties must stop using God’s Name to achieve their selfish ends and they must stop pretending to be godly, thats hypocrisy.
    If you write a Bible verse on your Commuter Omnibus, which you acquired through ritual killing, does that make you, the owner, receive God’s appoval? I see that most of us are ceremonial christians and that closes our minds and eyes to reality. Let the Bible be our guide in worshipping God.
    Blaz VaBlaz if you have a Bible read Isaiah 1:11-20.

  • Bla Miki

    Blaz vablaz vekuita seiko bveni remunhu kuswerotevera njiri yakaita saTsvangirai.

  • http://gmail.com Chimoto

    Blaz va Blazi *…remhashu riri pahuro.

  • Anonymous

    No genocide shall go unpunished Robert endawo kuchurch gushungo.

  • Sekuru Gora

    Zanu yora

  • Mdara

    God is faithful 2 his world, ol dis sufferings shall come 2 pass…those who want a peace prayer shld b der, if u dnt want dnt disturb coz punishment 4rm e ALMIGHTY GOD is waitin 4 u…

  • http://editor chamutengure vhirirengoro

    hendei kumasvingo

  • tonde muza

    sober u are so stupid, every one has the right yekunamata

  • http://n/a Sober

    @ tonde muza,

    I failed to understand were you are coming from because I never said anything to that effect. What I am against is using the Name of God in vain; using God and His people to achieve evil and corruptible ends.
    Please quote what I said that is wrong and argue factually from that point not just to aimlessly insult.
    The Church, ‘churches’ and ‘pastoral’ organisations has for a long time been used in politics; used to insult heads of states; used to advance evil agendas e.g. homosexuality; and used to denounce ruling governments and align themselves to certain political parties, something that is against the Word and Principles of God. The laid out duties of christians in politics is:
    1. To pray for the leaders in power.
    2. To abide by the laws, rules and regulations of the nation.
    3. Not to use christian or pastoral freedom as a pretext of evil, be it politically, economically or socially.

    Judge it for yourself guys. What we all need to know is that christians, I mean true christians, are answerable to God and to Him they will give account. Therefore whatever they do they have to seek God and please Him not please men or politicians. Thus we always appeal, POLITICAL GATHERINGS AND RELIGIOUS ASSEMBLIES are two different things which must not be mixed. God is for all but political parties are for different people. Now if pastors take sides what will happen to people of the other party? How many ZANU-PF supporters attended the prayer meeting in Masvingo?

    Prayer meetings must not be prefixed MDC-T or ZANU-PF because politics is always divisive yet unprefixed Word of God brings unity and peace.
    The presence of political leaders must not be publicised as if they are the center of attraction. The center of attraction at prayer meetings is God not Pres. Mugabe or PM Tsvangirai.

  • http://gmail.com Chimoto

    I agree wth u Sober.u ar a man