Tinopona Katsande Bedroom Video Latest: Zifm Kicks Tintin Out of Work


The local Zifm radio station has suspended its most prominent presenter Tinopona Katsande after a video  of her in a compromising act of intimacy was distributed on the internet.

Tintin as she is known on the radiowaves’s suspension also comes after she issued an apology to the Zimbabwean community on Sunday.

In her apology, she said that photos of her with her boyfriend would be published in a Monday issue of the tabloid HMetro. The photos had however been published already on Saturday night two days before.

Millions of Zimbabweans took to the internet on Sunday seeking to watch the video . In the video she is seen laughing directly into the camera.

A senior employee at Zifm who requested anonymity confirmed to ZimEye that Tintin has indeed been suspended. “While we never assume responsibility for our workers’ private issues, our station will act where there are clear issues of public concern and this is what we have done as a precautionary measure against this mishap,” they said.

HMetro published a speculative piece that suggested that the man filmed with Tintin is likely to be the same man she once dragged to court for battery.

Meanwhile, Tintin was consulting legal advice following the publishing of her photos on the HMetro news-print.


    zifm is over reacting..tin tin ddnt post these videos on line and so why should she be punished..who ever posted them wanted this to happen and you just mADE THEM HAPPY

  • hazvi

    Mwari chokwadi pindirai, isu tinemateenagers mudzimba tibatsireiwo.

  • http://www.traditional-healer.net kENNY

    she deserves to be suspended but it certainly makes the station more popular as people want to now hear her

  • http://yahoo isrialmaburo

    shameful story

  • a.k.a john asekuru

    even if sh did its a f***n life shz enjoyin ….siyayi munhu akadaro

  • jaku mujaku

    Hure remakokoko uri hure remakoko Tinoporn Katsande. Kungozvida apa busy nefornication and unprotected sex. Zvii zvauri kudzidzisa vana vadiki ipapa?We know you did it for fame like Pokello. You are a disgrace to the Katsandes. I am a Katsande tooand I disown you from today. Nxaaa. Imbwa yemunhu kuda mbiri nekutengesa porno ptuuuuuu

  • bhutsu John

    that sex tape was boring

  • Mutengesi Chii

    What is so special about sex that everyone would want to record it? Ndochisalad chach here?

  • http://gmail shepard

    Thats bad to who ever took the video

  • batai munhu

    lest we forget

  • http://gmail shepard

    mwari pindirai nyika yava sodom ne gomora

  • Charlieboy

    I am surprised that she has been suspended and not fired. In any event is pornography no legal in Zimbabwe? I just wish if all those would be porn artists and addicts watch YouTube video confessions and testimonies by former porn actors and addicts. Good people of Zimbabwe, pornography is the cancer of human souls, no matter what form it is in pornography is not good for any society.

  • wedlock

    Second round Tino hoek mi up,…….more to follow

  • http://N/A Simboti Yekwa Tangwena

    Ndezve Chihure izvo mese na Supa Mandiwanzira wacho muri we Porno shit,TinoPorna Katsande wembwa.

  • Zulu

    its so sad about loosing her job but the bible says unokohwa zvauchadyara saka Zifm aingamakiswe nemunhu anoita zvakadhakwa kovechidiki vanodzidzei…………

  • https://www.facebook.com/tinoponamapereke.katsande?fref=ts Nao

    I have watched the Tino sex tape and its nothing but disgusting, dirty ewwww. What an emabrassment to womanhood. I have been to her FB page (https://www.facebook.com/tinoponamapereke.katsande?fref=ts), and cant help but be petrified by comments like, “no weapon formed against you shall prosper”……hello…… she made the weapon. Nothing wrong in comforting a friend in such a difficult situation but rebuke the behaviour. She was smiling with pleasure in the video, being a willing participant. What’s wrong now?

  • http://Www.zimeye.com Harris

    Katsande black painted herselg.celebrities shld be examplery to the public by adopting gud social values.she has reaped what she sow

  • Charlieboy

    My apologies for the typo, I meant to ask if pornography is now legal in Zimbabwe. If not, how come we are not hearing of pornography related arrests, c’mon ZRP, basa sebasa, I know you guys can do it.

  • sean

    haa chiclip chacho chinotobhova. kamufesi kacho hakagoni kusvira and chibeche chacho ndachikure kunge anemachende nxa. iye tino vacho kana chikapa haana.

  • Munhuwenyika

    Whoever suspended her I am on you, I want to take a video of u and post it to the whole world to see……nhai nhai vanhu who doesnt do sex? Tino is just unfortunate that her phone got into the wrong hands…….nxaaah manhi!

  • Beche ibeche

    Zvaipei akasvirwa akasvirwa asi beche racho mabonzo zvao

  • kevin

    hazvitipe sadza izvi. kana achihura arikuhura nomuviri wake .

  • dad joe

    4kambuya kanonyadzisira kudaro apa mwana vachief vekwamtoko tibvirepo neiro boorangoma rake iroro murimadhunyazi.

  • chicho

    its not like she posted her own fotos. zifm is too harsh as if its made up of perfect people

  • http://www.joyfulfmradio.com Fred Bass

    Celebrities please be exemplary. What happened to the term Role Model ?

  • red wind

    i aint in support of their actions but myt try and justify their actions that their reputation is on the line based on the foul behavior.

  • edwin

    mateen apinda papi apa ukwane

  • tintin

    ngaaende ngaaende munhu uyu idhodhi chairo

  • Mark Khumalo

    Somebody please give me the link to where the videos are

  • http://Gmail Tinashe

    Hapana chinoshamisa apa,,everyone does sex,,only tht hatikuonei chete

  • Pipiya

    give us link

  • Mark Khumalo

    Somebody please gimme the link to where those videos are. Email me on mark_khumalo@yahoo.com


  • Soxx

    Musviri and photographa vacho should also be commented on or kutukwawo. Tinoponyora was not alone is this shit…

  • Taurai

    watch the video on http://www.deepleague.co.zw

  • kay

    tho its shameful,,it shldnt compromise her job.ts js a private video tht leaked, not only her does that.only difference is hers got 2 th public

  • Karma

    AAAAhhhh disgustin ,,,,,,, hutsanana hushoma choya chakangozara aaaaazhzzzh ,kusemesa chaiko …icho chuma …..TinoPorna Katsande WASHORESA DZINZA REKWAKATSANDE

  • tete vedu

    she is a fuken cunt, no wonder akarohwa naBrian. Nhai ndozvakaita masalad here kubuda masahwa zvese nepelvic bone? Ndasemeswa hey.

  • Muzimba

    Those who are perfect please cast the first stone.
    This gal did not even post the video online to begin with, it was a private thing with her then boyfriend. It was not meant for the public and unfortunately it ended up in the wrong hands and what good is it going to do to the person who rushed to post it online. To me that person is evil coz he rejoices to see other in pain.
    Is it unusual for people in a relationship to have sex?
    Siyanai nemwana wevaridzi she never encouraged young gals to have sex etc…, and that nonsense you self righteous peeps purport

  • Sammy

    Zvine basa rei auraya munhu here thats her private life its only that shez a pub figure except that we all have our dirty linen

  • mbaimbai

    Tinashe wapona here pa scandal iyi kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • conelious moyo

    Zimbos with their holy-than-thou hypocritical attitude suck. That was a private and personal video and in no way does it reflect her moral standing. Name th partner too coz this is tantamount to victimization like arresting women for solicitation. Who doesn’t do sex recorded or not?

  • http://cooltoad.com mund

    munzwireio tsitsi,….pane booora ngomao rinongoda kumudzikisira chete,…but izvi zvakaitwa in private izvi,….jus be strong girl, they cnt stop the sun from shining

  • Musikana

    One thing doesnt add up apa.If my memory serves me right phone yakabiwa October 2012 saka munhu akaiba anga akamirirei gore rese.Tino usatinyepere shaa u dd this yoself cc.Ofcourse everybody does Kama Sutra but behind closed doors coz tts wher it belongs.Respect yoself my love,next tym put such in yo laptop n encrypt.Yeah????

  • http://facebook general b

    sha tino gore rese munhu akachengeta video yako…ozoti nhasi rega ndichiibudisa hahahaha uritsaga

  • http://personal WALTER

    People living in zim know fuckall about these celebrity things. Those who are supporting her do not understand the word celebrity, can I now take time to explain ,being a celebrity is not just being read in newspapers ,it come with a huge price tags, children idolise these people and follow many things they do so why should she be different. Phone lost or stole it doesn’t matter .I will give an example of Wayne Rooney well loved but the day he slept with a granny it was all publicised.We are all responsible for our actions. SUSPENDEND ,that’s wrong she should have been fired instantly,thus why BABA JUKWA said ihure ra Supa that’s the evidence.

  • VaNdini
  • trevor muchirawehondo

    the end of tym is like an hour away..GOD BLESS ZIMBABWE

  • http://gmail lavaz

    yah the new Zimbabwe for sure.bt haugoniba tinopona

  • inini

    Tino for big brother, that’s where she deserves to be. you never know maybe that’s why it was published probably by her so that she can follow in pornello’s footsteps ozobva joni ava nemu west African wake. hameno

  • LD

    Ndaona Tino asina kupfeka. I am dissapointed. Not by Tino. I love ka slender body kake but dude wasnt perfoming. Kutadza kusparka ka slender. Dai ndirini………… maiweeeeeeeee!!! paitodanwa zrp vanhu vofinga kuti papondwa munhu. Tino would like kukusvitsa kuma clouds hangu ini. ka slender ndakafarira

  • http://zimeye Ihondo

    MaZimba kupusa,instead of condemning people circulating porongrahic material you condemn the victim of theft. Misplaced moral high ground makabirwa election and did nothing but are quick to condemn a victim of invasion of privacy. I hope muchageza nekukwira vakadzi venyu makapfeka hembe coz you have shown tht it is acceptable ..to invade privacy and publish it. How afr nemagetsi? ko mvura? urikutambira marii? une imba? medical cover? what are your rights as espoused by the constitution of zimbabwe?

  • mboko140

    kkkk at the idiot that put the link to a pengaudzoke track

  • mandebvu gumiremhete

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  • mandebvu gumiremhete

    tinosvirwa katsande

  • Ndezvenyu izvo

    hahaha zifm is full of pple wt crazy stunts hahaha kubva kunana munya nekaye kekuba zvikwama haha!! ts a cursed office hehe u need devine help b4 maita zvihombe

  • Kasoro

    kuita sei kwacho? imi recodhaiwo mavideo enyu,,,tipei hedu liknk yacho timboonawo zvinotapira

  • kazano kaJeje

    @Bleix i berg to differ with u i feel zifm dd just the correct thing.actually she should have resigned before the vedios went viral since she was fowarned.why iam of this opinion is simply coz she is supposed to be a role model to the youths,what do our children learn from this? if it was Bev i would not have problems with that.sorry Bev

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    Hire yihure fire her arikunyadzisa Zimbabwe yese hure retuzvi

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    chokwadi ndechekuti ..these guys fail to understand that there is better sex than what they are getting..i mean really thats the worst sex vedio of all time and if people are doing this in their doors ana tete vane basa ,the guy has every right not to reveal his face specially ne ka tooth pick kaanako,,lets be serious dont make a fool of your self..

  • supafaka

    Tino wakabvira kare kukwirwa,chitipa video iya yakaita kuti umamiswe muromo uyo timboiona futi.Next tym tanga wageza moshaver,mozokwirwa zvenyu.Ndinenge ndakaona nhunzi mudhuze nebek yako.

  • Dzimai Moto

    A lot have gone astray. A lot have done more evil than what Tino has done. She is a victim of theft, over and above that she loses a job. The thieves are very cruel. We are all sinners.

    The person who got the video from the phone needs to be questioned. There is no good reason of stealing even if the stollen items are palatable to journalists.

  • mwana wevhu

    Dai aigona chikapa beta,iye nebboyfriend yake madofo chaiwo,kuita mbodza yebonde chaiyo

  • supafaka

    kkkkkk,ndarwadziwa kuti vamwe vakadzi varikufamba muroad umo havazivi chinonzi mboro,apa hapana kusvirwa apa,Tino uyo akatiwana haazombowani nguva yekutora video,kutadza kusvira munhu akafongoka zvakadaro,kkkk baba vangu shavi iwe,murume uyu haagoni kusvira uyuwo Tino haatombozive kuti mboro inonaka sei,hapana zviripo apa.tinotonyara kuti makatadza kusvirana kwete kuti video yakalika,kkkkkk

  • nyasha

    a very sad incident. firstly , none of us are perfect…so please do not lay indictments on tino. what we all need to do is to go back to basics and follow the principles set out in the bible. God is not stupid- all his commandments & guidance are based on his love for us and for our good. sex and the pleasure of sex were created by God but we shortchange ourselves and get hurt by chasing after sex outside the confines of marriage. please take time to listen to matt chandler “God and sex” on youtube. you will come away deeply enlightened & blessed. take note of his remarks on porn too- very interesting.
    Tino may this disturbing experience bring you closer to God. to the rest of us judgemental folk thriving on the perverse and misfortunes of others…God is watching. May Gods grace be upon all of us.

  • nyoka

    i saw the videoand found nothing very bad,she just needs improve on chikapa,i liked that she was clean shaved.but that guy was awful a big embarassment to men all over,his dick kept popping out.

  • Batman

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  • Mr T

    iye aitorwa akatarisepi hanti aitozvida zvake and she made sure that her face appears most on that boring tape

  • http://www.hotmail.com striker

    I think she was attacked for her open support for ZANU PF in retaliation of someones wifes exposures by some agents

  • http://www.gmail.com sasha fierce

    tjo revenging on tino

  • masvingo

    tava vanhu vakuru tinosvirwa…wati foni iyi yakabiwa rini,round abt tym yawakamamiswa? saka zvave kukutevera a yr later?pane zvausiri kutaura

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  • bigg

    to hell katsande


    Tino rega ndikuudze uri duzvi chairo at least Ponokello akatsvuka zvino iwe tumakumbo twakasviba kunge pasi pemboro utwo tibvire apo apa aikusvira wacho kamboyo kacho kadiki kekuti akakosora kobuda shit duzvi rehure

  • Brian

    The sex tape really isnt that interesting. She is trying to get media attention to boost her career. She is a nice looking chick but her body looks terrible. Her pussy doesnt look nice at all.What do you think? http://iharare.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Tino-Katsande-Video.mp4

  • Seka

    Hyocrites x 100
    Let the one who has not sinned be the first to cast the stone.
    Whether you have recorded your sex act on video, cellphone, in you DIRTY MIND(MEMORIES) or kept it to your self, the fact remains that you have engaged in that act.
    Tintin just seek forgiveness from your creator and forget about these earthly hypocrites who want to act “holier than thou”

  • http://http//wwwfacebook.com n magwati

    so makandiwa anokwana papi.you said milions of people watched it.vekuchurch kwenyu vangani.
    poor reporter.piwirwa mari zvimwe kwete makandiwa.shame maningi

  • tj

    nobody is perfect, i love tino, but when you record something you have to keep it safe, but also this video was ditaetefull
    but pple are overreacting , zimbos need to get used to sex tapes thats all, it ll blow over soon

  • critic

    they both didnt seem to be enjoying it, it seems more like a chore
    no kissing no touching, it seems like men fucking, tino you need to pliz yo man more, caress him on his back with yo nails, play with his balls ( shaved or trimmed ballz) shake yo waist a bit, and moan, i d like you to come both of you to my studio , i give a few pointers and we make a better video for you, you re a good actress you can do better than this !

  • critic

    lovemore sibanda pfutsike, why tino should be fired, its her life
    iwe haubonyore here, nobody judges you, LOOSER, rega munhu asvirwe and record kana achida

  • critic

    IWE TINOSVIRWA KATSANDE chanyanya kukurwadza chii apa? tibvirepo, its nt yo body, pamwe anoda mboro duku zvake, its her choice, GET A LIFE NIGGA

  • maita

    Even the devil can quote scriptures. Unonzwa even tsotsi richiti ‘anosimudza marombe kubva muhurubva’ zvino iri hure roti no weapon fromed against you blah blah blah

  • critic

    iwe MAITA, ahura adii? she was fucking her bf, your opinions dont matter, svirwawo kana warwadzaiwa

  • http://www.facebook.com/torgimadifficulty torgima

    why did she recorded that sex tape. it means she wants it published let her faCE THE HUMILIATION