Themba Mliswa Blames MDC-T For Corruption In Govt

RBZ-money-rich Themba Mliswa
Themba Mliswa

Harare- Black empowerment lobby group, the Zimbabwe Economic Empowerment Council (ZEEC) has accused the inclusive government of fueling rampant corruption during its four-year lifespan.

Speaking at a press conference held in the capital today, ZEEC President and Hurungwe West MP, Themba Mliswa said GNU heightened corruption in government hence should be eradicated.

Mliswa added that the MDC-T lost the battle in the 2013 harmonised elections because they were too reluctant to act against corruption and ended up being part of it.

“MDC-T lost victory because they enjoyed corruption and forgot to campaign,” he said.

He further said that Zimbabwe needed a strong anti-graft body that could eradicate the corruption that the government of national unity had brought.

“The only thing that Zimbabwe needs right now is a strong anti-corruption body that will eradicate this corruption,” he said.

Mliswa added that there was no need for President Robert Mugabe to pass on the leadership to other people who he described as politically immature and “uneducated”.

“Definitely if there was someone to receive the baton he would have handed it over. I have no interest of receiving the baton because I am only in politics for just five years, then after that I will start a church. That’s my prayer to God,

“The baton stick will not be passed on to you if you are not in the game,” he said.

Mliswa said the MDC-T’s strong urban base had fooled them into campaigning in those areas only while Zanu-PF concentrated on people at the grassroots and therefore won the vote. He said this explains why most farms are owned by Zanu-PF officials and supporters.

The newly elected Hurungwe West legislator said he believes the new government would meet the needs of the people by creating an enabling environment for economic development.

“We believe the new government will introduce policies that seek to incorporate the small to medium enterprises in the mainstream economy by assisting them with equipment and capital,” he said.

Mliswa said he is confident the incoming government would be more vibrant and meet the people’s expectations.

  • Justin

    funny thing is he is actually telling us that ZANU PF is corrupt and he had hope that MDC will change ZANU. Corruption has been there long before MDC and Mliswa has been part of it (check his recent past, court cases and all)and with the policies being offered by them we dont see it going away soon. How can a corrupt President fire a corrupt minister? If it was possible some would have been fire back in the 1980’s

  • Greyhora

    So, according to Mliswinne, Zanu PF won the elections because they were NOT corrupt, blemish free, squeaky clean?

  • Kubatana

    Isnt he the same guy always in and out of the courts. From Zupco, Zifa and now politics. Iyooh

  • Comrade Naked

    It is time for them to lose weight now and start looking for jobs,no more stealing our hard earned tax money.

  • Comrade Naked

    Editor i forgot something,someone even got honoured as Dr Shangalai kikikikiki. We witnessed many strange things during this useless GNU.

  • Greyhora

    How does a petty Hillbrow/makokoba dirty cellphone pick-pocket earn hard-earned tax money wena mntaka Chinotimba Nakedog? Uphi uMsilakaka?


    Wena Greyhora, we all know this Mliswa guy is none other than your shameful self. What did you guys do when you had the chance to drink tea and dine with Mugabe? You just enjoyed the moneys and that’s it

  • Greyhora

    What’s your point, Xoladog?

  • Mliswine

    Corruption should be eradicted, fool…how can you say that when you are part of corruption…mliswine

  • Comrade Naked

    Nja Greyhole stop hiding under Mliswine name nxa! We also witnessed more Shangalai ass lickers headed by refuge Greyhole seconded by Mukadoti n Makwerekwere. Professor Ncube/Mlotshwa Mzilankatha is taking a break at Zumaville eNkandla while Shangalai is begging for his masters to finance him.

  • http://gmail COMRADE CADRE

    Dr Shangalali lol
    That one spent 5 good years , making tea for Bob and bed hoping with different ladies instead of campaigning for 2013!
    While his councillors were looting municipalities who knows what else they did?

  • Greyhora

    So, Msilakaka has gone to weep at his father-in-law’s doorstep in eNkandla? Akaziyangisi nje lomkhwenyana ezenza inhlekisa ebantwini? Why not stay and fight your own battles with your people? Is that what u mthakathi do? Squirm away at the sign of trouble? At least Tsvangirai has not abandoned his cause, nor the people, even though the odds are stacked 10000/1 against him, not some of these yellow cowards who have suddenly retreated into cowardly shells. Nxaaa!

  • Bla Miki

    Rot Bennet mentioned corruption in the MDC T as the major reason why he was resigning from the defunct MDC T party. He even cited Zwizwai and Tsvangirai as examples and surely this, coming from Bennet cannot be wrong.

  • Gogodera

    Kana mbavha, dzoti kuba kwakaipa
    Mahure oti kuhura kwakaipa
    mhondi dzoti kuponda kwakaipa


    Musade kutinzwa, Actually other foolish politicians thinks we are fools as they are, such that they can Write trash they want to, hoping we buy that… nxa nxa nxa..

    We have brain guys functioning proper..


  • Sydney

    So Temba Mliswa, you joined Zanu-PF yesterday and now you talk about corruption of MDC.Did you know that your party has been corrupt for the past 33 years and killing its own through stage managed accidents.If you are not careful, you will be the next.We know you are singing for your supper.

  • Robmug

    “Mliswa added that there was no need for President Robert Mugabe to pass on the leadership to other people who he described as politically immature and “uneducated”.
    Its pathetic fo a ZANU PF legislator to accept that ZANU PF is a party of danta headed pple, and Mugabe is taking that opportunity to click on power, and continue to include mor danta heds in his party like Chinotimba, nd no one will chalenge him. The death of mugabe wld mean the death of ZANU PF. uneducated pple.

  • Hungwe

    Well said Mliswa. Your party has won massively, so why don’t you forget about MDC and start working. We need jobs, water, electricity, quality education etc. I just hope that unlike your president, you don’t think you are in office for the sole purpose of demonising the MDC & the west.

  • makapusa

    Why has Zanu failed all these past years….why do you think it will succeed now. Zanu will do it’s usual….looking after vagara vari mashefu. Kana usiri shefu hapana chako.

  • Mukorekore

    Mliswa, your party wont be around come December, thats why Zuma didnt come for the sheet inauguration.

  • Tsano

    Where to from now Greyhure

  • jongwe ratiza risina musoro

    Mliswa was once a refugee in Uk wat happened,

  • Guvnor

    You cant expext much sense from a zanu muppet who is a tombfool to boot.

  • jabu

    Can Elizabeth be faltered for her actions? I certainly don’t think so. After all, Liz is a beautiful young woman who I believe fell in love with the idea of becoming Zimbabwe’s First Lady. I very well doubt she was genuinely swept off her feet by our Morgan. Theirs was so obviously material love.

  • Chivi chinouraya mwenewacho

    I hate to agree on some of the things said by Mliswa because he has a record himself, but some things he said about MDC is making a lot of sense

  • hazvi

    we dont need a new anti graft body iyoyi iriko can be very effective ikaregwa ichiita basa nemazvo. vakamhanya kuhigh court vachiramba search warrants handiti ndeve zpf



  • Sekuru Tiva

    Makudo kusekana makuma

  • Veduwe

    vana Themba,ma refugee. nyararai…

  • Veduwe

    Is this how Themba looks like now? Inga apera basa, ko what happened to that fake accent?

  • Chatunda

    Mliswa you are an empty tin. Making a lot a noise