Tendai Biti’s Home Bombed: MDC-T


MDC-T Secretary General and Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Tendai Biti’s residence was bombed on Sunday, the party said in a statement.

An explosive device was thrown at the Finance minister house’s durawall just after midnight, it was reported as it became apparent a police guard was in operation at the time.

No statement was issued by the Police.

The party’s report was not clear if Biti was present at his house at the time of the alleged attack but a man named as Gift Kaseketa said to have been in the house at the time, reported that he heard the sound of the blast but “did not see anyone, and neither did he hear any sound of a vehicle”.tendai biti-bomb-blast

“He was only able to see the dent left by the detonator in the morning. Only marks of the futile attempt are visible to the wall,” the party added.

The MDC has now called for a thorough investigation into the incident and said it “does not take this attack lightly given that there have been increasing criticisms and verbal attacks on Hon Biti lately.”

Adding to the report, the party’s organising secretary Nelson Chamisa was quoted saying residents had also heard the blast: “I am told the explosion was loud and caused some discomfort among residents in the neighbourhood. We are still trying to ascertain the circumstances.”

The attack comes within days of an ultimatum having been issued against Biti by president Robert Mugabe on civil servant’s salaries. ZANU PF has also accused Biti of holding back a loan meant to finance struggling businesses. (ZimEye)

  • cde bofuratsikamwana

    well, who doesnt know this style surely. play victim, it’s counter tactics chete chete. who would want elections in such an ochestrated turbulent environment? hapana nyaya apa chimambaira ndechake murume uyu. ma-game oga oga to smear a bad name for the ruling party. too late we have sourced you out machinda.


  • Fidza

    Iwe cde bofuratsikamwana,

    There was a police guard at the house; ko why did the police not hear anything, or act?

    Ok then, why no statement 20 hours later, Bloody murderers!!

  • http://www.gendecracy.com Cde Gendecratic ( 1969-79 Provincial Commander Tete Province )

    this is not good at all.

  • Sober

    Personal analysis on this is very important.
    1. Is Zimbabwe a place were bombs are used to kill targetted groups?
    2. Does a detonater meant to kill or destroy leave a DENT as said in this article?
    If the truth can be said, in all warless countries bombs are rarely used.
    If this was meant to kill Minister Biti why could the blast have taken place in his absence because if this had been planned and executed by a professional person it could be impossible to miss the target.
    At the word of Pres. Mugabe, who is referred to in the article and whom I want to believe is your suspect, Minister Biti couldn’t have seen another day and they all know that.
    Maybe its just a gimmick since the SADC meeting is close.

  • Thandie

    In Jesus Name, no weapon formed against Tendai Biti will prosper. In Jesus Name, Tendai Biti will not die but live to proclaim the good works of the Lord. Tendai Biti pamberi neminamato. They want to kill you coz you have just asked them a simple question – Where is the DIAMONDS money going? The truth must be told. Soldiers and Police have mining claims so that DIAMONDS are looted. Chokwadi chichabuda. Zanu PF, Zimbabweans are God fearing people. One day muchazvionera chete.

  • http://zimeye CHANDO KUPISA

    Cheap political publicity why dont you show us the “bombed” house,and why show us musoro wake as if ndiwo wabhombwa?

  • choyachatsva

    hahahahaha lol, thanks a lot chando kupisa. hapana nyaya apa, they should have showed us his dead body, this iddddiieot biti,nxaaa

  • Mutororo Akachinja Maitiro

    What else is expected kubva kuimbwa dzemu Zanu PF. Just like they tried to silence Daily News before now they want to silence Tendai Biti nokuti arikufumura huwori hwavo hwese muhurumende. Don’t be swayed Biti you are doing a tremendous job. Mazuva echimusangano chehudzvinyiriri cheZanu ne mhondi Robert Mugabe avapedyopedyo.

  • Tich

    This is a brainchild of Jonathan Moyo, Augustine Chihuri, Chiwenga and Patrick Chinamasa.
    So I agree Mutororo.

  • Guvnor

    More useless monkey tricks by the useless zanu muppets.

  • Jezenga

    This may be an MDC political strategy for propaganda.

  • craig

    poor attempt,why do you want to kill Biti for,who doesn’t know the truth.But Biti have you no conscience over civil servant’s salaries do something they turn against you.

  • Edward

    Biti has enemies in both parties and he knows it,not just in Zanu pf but in the Mdc as well.

  • Sober

    Guys do you know the impact of a bomb even a petrol bomb let alone an explosive that leaves a DENT? If you have an answer to this, then you know what this means. Even the smallest of all bombs will not leave a dent.
    Isn’t it a surprise that there is no photo to prove, even shattered windows.
    Tendai Biti is not guarded by even 10 people, several times he walks alone. Do you remember the last time he was involved in an accident he was alone. So how can he be that difficult to be traped? Face the truth guys, after all it might be an electric fault.

  • mdara

    mugabe wants to use the tactics he used to eliminate Tongogara and Chitepo i know his methods

  • Bla Miki

    When is this MDC madness going to end? How can anyone ask a silly question as to why the police officer on duty did not hear the sound, sill and stupid question indeed, he did not hear anything because nothing happened in the first place. Dent? Does any explosive leave a mere dent or it destroys the targeted area? You cant even change the type of play MDC? Yaora zveshuwa pati iyi mutikwanire

  • sandy wa tau

    zanu ne mdc maface.regai zwiputitsane