TB Joshua Responds to ‘Eubert Angel attacks’


Nigerian preacher TB Joshua has responded to attacks reportedly uttered by miracle-money Zimbabwean preacher also known as ‘prophet’ Eubert Angel who it is claimed ridiculed Joshua in one of his sessions. Eubert is said to have asked a female congregant why she desired to go to a place ‘where they would only tell you when the next president will die.’

Scores of Christians have openly testified that Angel spoke via a televised program on his Miracle TV the above words which have the impact of bringing TB Joshua’s reputation into question. TB Joshua has  a long history of fulfilled predictions which include the death of the late Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika.

“Also, during a partners meeting of Prophet Angel which I attended, he even boasted, ‘T.B. Joshua is the one who always calls me on the phone; I do not phone him.’ Upon request, one of his ushers had to stand up and confirm the assertion. This happened recently, in the second week of November 2012,” wrote another concerned church member.

I leave my battle for God...TB Joshua


It is claimed that while prophesying to a certain lady from Zambia, Angel “told her that she was supposed to go somewhere else but because of financial difficulties came to him. The lady replied that she had wanted to go to The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria to see Prophet T.B. Joshua. Prophet Angel then asked her why she wanted to go to a place where they would only tell you when the next president will die. He told her that it was in his own church she would hear the reality. I was very shocked to hear this.”

TB Joshua at the weekend responded to these alleged attacks stating that as he can remember they are true:
“Brother Patrick, thank you for your email. Don’t be troubled in your heart. Remember, Jesus said there will be trouble. Indeed, there is reason to be troubled because of what the founder of Miracle TV, Uebert Angel, said about me and my ministry. There is greater reason not to be.

“I believe what you said in your email. It was true Angel (Miracle TV) said this in his service. There were almost 20 emails I received saying the same thing. Brother Patrick, I have nothing to say. I leave my battle for God. He has been fighting for me and He will continue to fight for me – because the battle is of God. In Him, I live. In Him, I talk. In Him, I have my being. You with God are majority.

“I drop my pen here to say I love you all and trust only God, Jesus Christ, our Saviour,” the Nigerian preacher said.

At the time of writing this article, efforts to reach prophet Angel were fruitless.


  • Hon Kurirakwejongwe

    This is wat happens munhu agutisa.Anonodenha the real ones kutsaga trouble.Anjero wagutisa.Hold on.

  • wasu

    Well said man of God TB Joshua. Mhinduro yemweya mutsvene.

  • Hezvo!

    Manje adenha mago! Katsotsi kadiki kadenha
    guru racho! Hazviperere apa!

  • http://gmail chimoto

    josh bata munhu

  • http://www.plessey.co.za Tomas Chiangwa

    Uku ndiko kunonzi kudenha

  • Jumpdaki

    This is painful. Looks like a humble man has been betrayed.


    MDC Wichdocter,false prophet.

  • http://www.zimeye.com Zuruvi

    Ana Angels vaita mari nemashiripiti zvisina Mwari mukati vanotaura mashoko akaomarara. Inzwai munhu waMwari haana kana kuda kumuratidza masimba ake. Nyarawo Angels idya mari wakanyarara. Zvokunyomba vamwe ndozvinei.

  • Greyhora

    Well said TB Joshua. Your detractors seek to profit from abusing your name, but with God on your side, they shall be put to shame!

  • Cde Festus

    Greyhora when did you become a Christian?

  • ryton dzimiri

    Jesus did not accept any penny. What kind of Prophets are these? No wonder they fight for CUSTOMERS. We Christians just watch as Customers and traders clash at Market area.i

  • Bla Miki

    Gaydog is not a christian but a follower of TB Joshua who is also praying to to have Tsvangirai be President.

  • nambya

    seems this said angels is insulting everyone from the useless biti,comedian gringo and now man of God Tb Joshua.i wouldn’t be surprised if he calls them ‘miracle insults’


    Religions of prosperity? Bunch of con men.

  • raphael

    signs of the end

  • Chihwa

    Thank u Man of God,Your reply teaches me what Humility is,God Bless.

  • Mavambo Kusile Dawn

    Someone once said if you are not very sure which one is which between a leopard and a cheetah, just set them on a marathon. Soon, one will climb up a tree and the other will run on. Don’t be perplexed – with prophecy only TIME will tell!

  • Observer

    Angel has been truely called by God but only lacks maturity and humility. Remember “humble yourself before the Lord…..” I watch both Miracle TV and Emmanuel TV and what brother angel said of T B Joshua is not true and is unwarranted. God chooses whom He wants on HIS own terms for His own purposes, which may be out of sync with our own and that makes him supreme and sovereign. GLORY TO HIM.

  • Jude

    Why come to a conclusion that my father Prophet Angel attacked the man of God Prophet TB Joshua without hearing his side of the story.

    You cannot pass a judgment based upon hearing one side of the story without hearing the other side of the story.

    I thought journalists are supposed to have both views before going to press.

    But as far as i am concerned Prophet Angel respects Prophet TB and we hold him in high esteem in our ministry as Spirit Embassy.

  • Greyhora

    Cde Festus, born and bred… I never use the name of The Lord in vain and I differentiate His messengers to those of the devil by their deeds. Look at Bla Dog, for instance, can you say he is inspired by the Good Lord or by the devil lucifer himself?

  • http://Www.nehondo@gmail.com Nehondo

    Matsotsi ese. Thats what happens even wth lions kana mhuka dzakupera, start fighting 4 lizzards. Its business 2 them vese nana Makandiwa. Everytym/everywhere its miracles and money, when is it gonna b tym 4 salvation?

  • benson

    When someone told me that Prophet Angel had made such a statement,I refused it coz I strongly felt he cant utter such words against someone used by the same Spirit that works in him!And I can boldly say,those words are from Mr Ubert Angel,not Prophet U Angel,and the reply by Prophet TB Joshua…satan is embarrassed by it…!Anyway,satan knows what is happening to his kingdom,so he has to seek ways to get at the annointed ones against one another….And an ordinally member seeking help is the one who says,I was shocked…But do u thnk Mr Angel never got a check in his heart b4 the words got out of his mouth?I believe he did and maybe he has evn settled the matter with Baba God…

  • Tim

    One day, the baboon will miss the branch. Who is baboon? God Almighty and His Son, ‘JESUS CHRIST’. will judge. Let’s watch with zipped mouths. Emmanuel!

  • Thabo Phateng

    Thank you Prophet of God. In your response we have learned a lot as children of God. You have taught us the right ways of handling persecutions such as these. Indeed, good is not enough, best is suet to come.

    Thabo from Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Shariyah

    Ryton,this is certainly a clash of business rivals though our local guy has been out-maneuvered by Joshua.
    Hey,his tounge rolls freely!

  • Andrew

    He he he its a matter of a kettle calling a pot black birds of the same feather flock together the reason why the devil is always loosing his kingdom is always up in arms

  • GNU

    Ma clients r Angel ndeeku southern africa & va TB ndeveikoko….the statement angel used means he has pride is disrespectful of older preachers.

    But hey we knw the truth kuti GNU believes kunonga is better becoz he had clear motives



  • mdidizeli mzeki

    please do not encourage these gold digging prophets. and vele the laast prophet was John who connected the past with the future. these vana engel nana joshua they are connecting with money. surely they will burn in hell

  • http://yahoomail. johnson brown

    God is in T.B joshoa i believe in his teachins.

  • Israel Edward

    Touch Not my anointed and do my prophet No HARM. Judge not so that you will not be judge.The battle is of the LORD.

  • kyabanoki Lubelenga

    Good morning all,what I can say is I love both prophet Angel and Tb joshua and my prayer is that they should just love one another. Please men of God you are all blessed.

  • Brian Mutsonziwa

    Glory be to God. TB Joshua is a man of God we must respect him and learn his teachings. Amen

  • http://hotmail.com never trouble anybody

    Thank you for the reply to the men who seems to be wild in his mind, TB continue showing the work GOD has assigned you to do on earth, many will come to believe in all your miracles

  • angelo

    This is a lie.

  • mdidizeli mzeki

    never trouble anybody you are a troubled individuals. miracles do not belong to man. that is where you go wrong. God has his

  • Raborife lindiwe

    Emmanuel,amen my prophets saints we must not judge lets continue praying for each other with love.

  • Edgar


  • Basilius

    Common effects of heretics. Now it’s a fight over customers – business is at risk. Angel calling Joshua false or whatever, is like a pot calling the pan black

  • D mahlobo

    Emmanuel-even our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ Himself was mocked and hated by many,PROPHET TB JOSHUA is a true man of God,no wonder many hates him,keep watching EMMANUEL TV.

  • Rejoice

    Prophet T B Joshua u a really man of God and anointed one who is in u is greater than who is in this world may God bless u more to bless us amen

  • engida

    i was able to learn from you all. God bless u. But judgement belongs to God the almighty

  • Mcphero mine manager

    Real attacking is aiming in the soft area of the dog anas when l am busy miracles of gold and diamonds fall from the sky.

  • Theodosia Komba

    I know god is using you accordingly MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS YOU

  • Mwana wamajor

    Major prophet never attacked anyone as much as i know prophet angel always teaches his children to respect other man of God he also sent birthday greetings to prophet tb joshua @ his 49th bithday saying he went to scoan in 2008 and he said he uplifted his prophetic ministry 2 higher dimensions its only that journalists and some folks misinterpret him dont loose heaven coz of gossip

  • Mwana wamajor

    Now i see these journalists wants to screw up things to meet their demans there is another day when prophet angel was prophesying to a certain gentleman and he was kind like tok bad about prophet joshua and prophet angel silenced him and said how many in this place know that i respect prophet joshua so much but journalist dint tok about it these are all lies

  • Mwana wamajor

    About this zambian woman i was there this story was screwed and spices were addad prophet angel prophesied to this woman saying that ‘im seing you looking for money to go see a prophet in west africa but i want to prove to you that i also am a prophet of God’ and he prophesied to her problem. if you can analyse is there any part which talkes bad about joshua. christians dont let the devil divid u coz of his lies the bible says the devil is a liar and the father of it.

  • Madzibaba Appiah

    “TB tells you when the next president will die” koiye angle, kuporofita number nezvitupa zvevanhu ndokunamata here???????????

  • Mwana wamajor

    As far as i know prophet angel never accussed prophet joshua of prophesying the death of presidents coz prophet angel also prophesied the death of Ghana president j.f atter mills. but what he said was that ‘prophet joshua prophesies much about international prophesies of which i dont but about your life i will tell u everything’

  • http://Mt@yahoo.com Mwana wamajor

    The bible says in provebs only a fool will hear one side of the story and believe it

  • Sam

    jesus christ was criticized, talk not of arigidi born prophet. people are still coming to adore God’s works in u but it might be too late. as far as i believe tb joshua is spiritually twins brother of jesus christ. i love u TB.

  • http://yahoo.fr nana

    I find it so hard to understand that many souls are dying and instead of people to help save them spend time denigrading their co workers on the field… Seniour Prophet TB Joshoua is too humble and a true man of God to embrcae these kinds of attacks so calmly letting God to fight for him is a true sign of spiritual maturity.
    you know a man of God by his fruits

  • http://yahoo.fr nana

    it is not given to any one to ell when next te president will die… only great men God like Prohpet Isaiah who will tell king hezekaiah to put his house inorder and the king would cry for a change which was accored . We are so blessed by the Gift of TB Joshoua as an end time prohpet recognised universally not even by his mouth but by his great works. learn from Him and be Humble… Africa should unite under one banner to spread to Gospel of freedom. men of God please respect the elders and see that u do not become conceited and speak condemnation to yourself. que le seigneur nous garde

  • http://yahoo.fr nana

    be care how u say prophecies to people… some are agents of darkness ready to twist your words to cause frictions between u… be slow to speak to any one. like Tb alwyas say ask the lord what to say and how to say it… God bless the Zimbabwean man of God and help him to grow unto maturity.

  • chris mushendwa

    Brothers na sisters,Seniour >Seniour Prophet TB Joshoua ,is too humble and a true man of God to embrcae these kinds of attacks so calmly letting God to fight for him is a true sign of spiritual maturity.
    you know a man of God by his fruits,I advice Prophet U Angel to luk 4 reconciliation wit Seniour Prophet TB Joshoua ,if he z a real christian n man of God he wil settle dis matter soon,otherwise God wil intervein

  • ebengo asongo

    I need be to prayer with you PROPHETE JOSHUWA so I am living in Europe IRELAND but i dont know how can i do so can i write a letter for you and to say the problem that i have is that good

  • Noms Tawarwisa

    Mwari ndiye anoziwa dont judge for you shall b judge but test all spirits…

  • Mpilo

    I lyk de way man of God TBJ responded,i learnt smethng frm it

  • Mpho

    Pray 4 restoration

  • Isaac ibrahim

    Thank u my mentor prophet Tb joshua 4 the respond, coz battle is 4 God and he will ft for u in jesus name.

  • Higher Power

    God bless T.B Joshua. I believe in the work he does.

  • Hofni

    Christian cevil war-love is the answer

  • Hofni baloyi

    I love both of you prophet Joshua and Angel,false words wont stand,we pray God who renders Devil useless,say more lies it shall not stand,gather more insults it shall come to nothing

  • nchadi loeto

    Many people are being fooled by these tricksters. When will you learn to differentiate between fabricated and non fabricated stories. You do not need microscope to scrutinize this lies about Prophet TB Joshua and Uebert Angel. To my surprise The -So -Called Christians are un able to see that these are just pure fabricated lies to bring Christian in to civil war which Papa Angel was talking about last week. People let us ask God to give us spiritual ears to hear things the way He hears them and ask Him to give us eyes to see things the way He sees them

  • muleya syankwede

    surely look at the works these men of God have done, whoever fabricated these stories we are saying shall be punished by Jehova God because you are bringing confusion among his people-you are indeed a devil if this is what you wanted to happen between thes men of God. Prophet TB Joshua, how can i have access to the annointing water? i readly am in need of it, it doesnt matter even if its sold. please reply. i live in the capital city of Zambia Lusaka.

  • Mtokozisi sibindi

    Both a prophets of god sent to us ,this is dvl,s ways of tryng to devide man of god dd prophet angel sent any to tel prphet tb ,prophet angels alwys speak well of other man of god .luv u al

  • Davita

    …varume ngatinamatei Mwari baba vakasika denga nenyika, uchenjeri hwese hwenyika ino hwuguma

  • shimelis Esatu

    God bless both prophets,Don’t forget you are men of God. Thankyou prophet TB
    joshua,the way you responed was a very good lesson for me.

  • http://m.facebook.com antonyfyah chinyadza

    ha ma1!speechless

  • Fernando Alfredo

    Good morning brothers
    I need your prayers for God’s wisdom and marcy, power of the holy Spirit, guidance, provition and daliverance of all my family.



  • kassahun

    You children of God REMEMBER what Joseph, son of Jacob said to his brothers, ‘do not fight on the way back to your father’ as we r on our way back to the heavenly father, why is the fight, you brothers do not give THE DEVEIL TO REJOICE IN THE CHANCE WE CREAT FOR HIM,JESUS IS THE LORD, be in him to him as we all are through him. God bless you all.


    -we ned to b very careful wif our sentence-prt Eubert is not an angel from heaven neither prt T B Joshua, they ar bot instrument of CHRIST JESUS. rber d story of kg soul nd kg david in bible.prt JOSHUA as taken a gud step,do nt conderm any prophet.

  • KB

    I respect My God and who ever he sends nd that leaves me with no choice but to respect both Prophets..The only thing i can say Is if this story is something to go by then I would pray that my respected phrophet Uebet Angel should kneel down and apologize to God his owner for insulting his elder brother in spirit.I also pray that Prophet TB Joshua keeps his cool and make sure he prays for his younger brother because they were sent to this world to do God’s work defferently.At the end God’s word should reign.NO need for defending any one coz no matter how hard we can try to hide our prophets we cant hide them from god which minz who eva is wrong is wrong b4 God nd they hav to ask for fogiveness..Amen

  • Mabhodho kunofiwa

    Lets not say anyth’n about this . God is in contol we knw the truth not so far

  • Blessed one

    Emmanuel!! Beeter is not gud enough but the best is yet to come judge not guys but Prophet TB Joshua l salute u may God continue to bless u in Jesus name Amen!!!

  • @Mashy

    A prophet must be humbled with no pride, friendly and free to people, respect his brothers and sisters.Since I trust T******* I would like to incite my blood brother E****** to ask for forgiviness!!

  • Mshow Blacks

    My brothers and sisters the ends are near.It is evidenced by all this .We only have to trust in GOD not being concerned about which Prophet is a GOD chosen one.

  • http://www.gov.bw keitumetse mere

    The battle is not ours is for the Lord . The best is yet to come.