A sceptic’s journey…

Rumours are very, very powerful. They spread like wild fire and are often lapped up quickly, just as a very hungry man would eat any food that comes his way without bothering to find out where it comes from. It is the easiest thing in the world to hear a rumour and begin to spread it around adding and subtracting from it according to what people want to hear, especially if it is tasty. It is a harder thing however to seek to find out the truth about something and respect that, neither adding to it nor subtracting from it. Right from time, man has loved to gossip; we all have itching ears, eager to hear the latest, especially if it is defaming someone’s persona.

Prophetic revelations and predictions from ‘men of God’ are among the most tampered with, misused, assumed upon and spread through various media forms, particularly here in Africa.

The renowned prophet TB Joshua of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Nigeria is among those whose prophecies are grabbed, twisted, changed and spread round like there’s no tomorrow. Why so much controversy? Why so much interest? Why is everyone talking about this man? Is he a false prophet or genuinely sent from God? One thing is clear, opinions vary widely. While some praise him from the housetops, others vilify him as if he is the cause of all evil and pain in this world.

TB Joshua is certainly unpredictable. Almost every week, he will speak of what God has revealed to him covering almost every aspect of life – from the death of a president, to the outbreak of protests, to the results of a football match!

Hearing so much about him and yet not actually witnessing anything firsthand,

I decided to check TB Joshua out in the clear cold light of day.

I started to watch his live broadcasts on his channel Emmanuel TV every week, taking particular note of the time for world prophecy. As the AFCON 2012 came closer, I was eager to hear what this man would say, as it seems as if in the past he has predicted the outcome of many matches in big tournaments, most recently saying that Nigeria would not qualify – something that was confirmed in their disappointing match against Guinea (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrtX4lkMzwg / http://www.modernghana.com/news/355017/1/tb-joshua-predicted-super-eagles-shocking-exit.html) Despite this seeming confirmation of prophecy, I was incredibly cynical of this man and saw any prediction I would witness as an opportunity to lash him and condemn him once and for all.

Even before the tournament started, the internet and some newspapers in our country Zambia was littered with news that both TB Joshua and a South African Sangoma had predicted that Zambia would take the cup (http://www.ibotswana.co.bw/news/sport/item/10862-bone-shaker.html). I knew however that this was false as I had scrutinised his prophecies closely and he had not mentioned a word about the coming tournament. As I write, some still believe this report that TB Joshua agreed with a Sangoma. It reached the day of the match and TB Joshua had not yet spoken. I relaxed, assuming that God decided not to reveal the result to his “servant” at this time. It was Sunday February 12th 2012, I was watching Emmanuel TV but as soon as the match started, I excitedly switched over to watch it, eager to see my country performing. After about 5 minutes, I instinctively switched over to Emmanuel TV again to confirm if the service was over and literally could not believe my ears. TB Joshua was talking about the match! He said that he could see the victory coming to a country that was not expected, that it would make them smile because of the past record and the victims. He went further to say that somebody would miss an open goal 25 minutes into the second half and that people would be shouting, questioning how he could miss such an easy chance (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mmbpPInYaE&feature=channel_video_title). At last, this was my opportunity to test TB Joshua’s prophetic prowess, I switched back to the game and settled down to watch. I agreed in my mind that the result of this game would determine for me whether this man was of God or not. Interestingly enough, 25 minutes into the second half, at the 70th minute, Drogba missed a penalty and then Zambia went on to take the cup after a nail-biting penalty shootout, providing succour to the grief that has been prevalent since the death of the nation’s team in a plane crash in Gabon, 1993. What could I say? Someone had missed an open goal 25 minutes into the second half and the team that nobody had expected, the underdogs, the least favourite sealed the victory. My incredibly sceptical mind towards TB Joshua suffered a severe battering and I went on my knees in bitter tears begging my God for forgiveness for misjudging his servant and opening my big mouth to speak of what I knew not.

So, what can be said about this man? Many believe him, many don’t. Some say he is deceiving, some say he is speaking of the devil. But I have come to a conviction that this man is a God-send to this generation. I believe that the more TB Joshua’s prophecies are exposed, the more they will silence the cynical as they eventually managed to silence me. But some, however many more prophecies are spoken and confirmed will still not believe. Why? Because they refuse to believe. They have chosen to harden their hearts so much that not even a nail could penetrate through.

The question many are asking is: If he is a false prophet, why has he not been exposed and silenced since? And the other question is, if he is a real prophet, why don’t more people believe him and recognise him? Why all the vicious attacks? I will answer that question with a scripture:

Those who are just stumbling onto this man and wish to come to your own conclusions as I did, unbiased and untainted by what you have read or heard, just check out two of the recent yet to be fulfilled prophecies of this man.

– He said that an African president, head of state will die of sickness (http://thetbjoshuafanclub.wordpress.com/2012/02/09/what-tb-joshua-actually-said-regarding-an-african-head-of-state/)
– He said a bridge will collapse in India (http://watchtbjoshua.wordpress.com/2012/02/09/deathtrap-in-india-tb-joshua-foretells-the-collapse-of-a-huge-bridge/)
Or why don’t you find time to watch his channel on a Sunday and hear his predictions live and raw and monitor their outcomes?
After reading this, some may disregard it immediately as a piece of propaganda and continue to rain curses on this man, others may continue to speak of his authenticity. There is one thing you can’t do however – and that is to ignore him, sweep him under a carpet as if you had never heard of him. Why? Because years down the line, your conscience will continue to niggle you, irritate you – why did you not find out the truth about this man? Was it all that difficult? Find out so you will have a definitive answer to give, if and only if the Lord asks you about it when you stand before Him on the last day.

  • Anonymous

    TB Josh!

  • Artwell T. NYAMUZUWE

    Praise the living Jesus Christ. This a ‘True Man of God’. Always stay tuned to this channel and you will feel the main reason of being alive. ‘DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER. BETTER IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, THE BEST IS YET TO COME’. Allow the word of God to dorminant your heart, then you will really understand who T.B Joshua is. Stay blessed brethens. Emmanuel.

  • Shefugulaz

    Kana manzwa izwi musazoomesa moyo yenyu.thou not judges others.JESUS is alive.munhu haadi kuudzwa chokwadi.lets wait and see.

  • behold i hv told u ds b4

    obidience comes before a miracle,Abraham obeyed God first bt unfortunately ds generation is nw vice versa miracle first en obidience.Matt 24 tel us dt kuchatoitwa mamiracles anoshamisa asi kuchasara vanoti ‘zvakanyorwa zvichinzi’

  • tser

    True prophecy from GOD is meant to bring people to seek HIM and understand some of HIS plans for them. TB Josh prophecy only bring glory to TB JOSH.

  • http://yahoo Rosette thiyoyi

    Praise be to God .I thank for give us great man of God prophet T.B josua a true man of God who came to save the all world ,who came to give life to us .May he live long .live long ,live long all the glory be to jesus.

  • Lewis Wesley Madzore

    wat a e signs of a true prophet,wat he says comes 2 pass so I believe this man is God’s servant & all the glory I return 2 Jesus

  • Dabulap

    “…still they refused to believe…”

  • munoda

    I’ve heard of the Devine Commission of Paul Mwazha of Africa. This man was sent by God our father on behalf of Jesus Christ our Lord John 14 vs 25 & 26. Teach people about Jesus.

  • given321

    Of all things in the world, you got convinced by a match outcome ‘prophecy’? If you are really sincere and honest with yourself, check back to your bible, prophecy is not given for prophecy’s sake. These games and athletics are not new, even during the apostle’s times ancient Greece had a lot of games and athletics, but do you here any record of the apostles or early disciples getting immersed in such matters? But your prophet even raised a soccer academy, he is obsessed with soccer up to prophesying about it each most often, a prophet indeed!!!

  • http://www.google.com pipi

    a true prophet has to be more Bible oriented tha soccer, politics and etc oriented, He has to direct people to Christ, encourage people to lead holy lives so they can be candidates for heaven.

    faith and service, what shall it benefit a man if he wins the whole world, yet he loses his own soul.

    a true prophet has to mae the law of God his rule of life, and so lead others into believing God’s law, why? because the Law of God is God’s character,it doesnt change, if a true prophet why living in contrast to what old time prophets did?

  • Alfred

    Prophets carry the word of God to the people – ie what God wants his people to do or why God is angry with his people so that people can repent. Read Isiah, Jeremiah Ezekiel and Joel. Their prophesies were for the benefit of the people.

    The prophesies of TB are more or less the sames as the prophesies of that lady in acts16 vs 16-20

    Acts 16:16-20

    Common English Bible (CEB)
    Paul and Silas in prison
    16 One day, when we were on the way to the place for prayer, we met a slave woman. She had a spirit that enabled her to predict the future. She made a lot of money for her owners through fortune-telling. 17 She began following Paul and us, shouting, “These people are servants of the Most High God! They are proclaiming a way of salvation to you!” 18 She did this for many days.

    This annoyed Paul so much that he finally turned and said to the spirit, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to leave her!” It left her at that very moment.

    19 Her owners realized that their hope for making money was gone. They grabbed Paul and Silas and dragged them before the officials in the city center. 20 When her owners approached the legal authorities, they said, “These people are causing an uproar in our city. They are Jews

  • Gweks

    Hanzi my people are perishing becoz of lack of knowledge, if someone wants to say anything that he want to suit him thats what he says here u are not being objective, TB Joshua doesnt predict matches only, he teaches the word, and on top does a lot other things. You hypocrites are just figuring out matches only, ndoo chete zvaanoita here, aaaaah kufa kurashwa chokwadi. It shows you do not follow his teachings either, if you dont like him go to your church and keep quiet not to make unneccessary noise on this platform. Dont take enjoyment in just uttering nonsense on the annointed. Chamunongoda chete kunzwa what a medium says zvikanzwi zvataurwa nemunhu wa Mwari u dont want to hear u start murmuring nonsense zvikangonzwi ndi Rotina mavhunga mobvuma kuti kwaita diesel pachinhoyi to the extend of even going there with empty tanks and on top getting a diesel bath, u will continue dying in sin, its better for u to watch kana zvakunetsa switch off ur tv and tune to any prophet u want kwete kushoropodza u attract curses upon yourself.

  • Bhudhi Musekii

    lf the woman in Acts 16 said things which would come to pass lets all wait for the judgement day because God & satan can both do wonders and leave us confused as to who did it. Regai zvikurirane mbeu nesora. Iwe unoda kudzura ndiwe ani. Vaporofita venhema nevechokwadi vachawana mubairo wavo. Kana Jesu mwana waMwari nesimba aainaro akasiya Judas iwe nyarara kusvika tose tichazotongwa. NETSEKA CHETE NEKUTI IWE UNOZOVEI KANA TSURI YORIRA. Iri harisi bhora raunoita mutsigiri. Shandira korona yako hama yangu.

  • tamirepi chitanda

    TB JOSHUA is a servant of the Almighty God.his prophecies always cme to pass.don’t harden your hearts Brethren end times are near.

  • P Kafesu.Harare

    Long live TB Joshua!!

  • Shumba,Highfield

    As far as i can see most of TB Joshua’s profecies has been fulfilled so lets be patient and have the courage to wait for only 2 remaining profecies left

  • Anonymous

    If u were a doubting tomas now this is your time to start believing.To the man of God i say keep on serving the almighty God for he will reveal to you many more things to come.

  • Yomi

    The Bible says ” Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm”. Jesus in his days was equally accused of using the spirit of Beelzebub and till present day most Jews are still expecting the first coming of Jesus the messiah as promised by the prophets of old that their fore father did not believe either. Miracles and prophecies edify the words of God. when a prophet says in the name of God and it comes to pass it is just one of the fruits by which you will distinguish the one sent by God.
    It is so unfortunate that a prophet is without honor even in his own country, Nigeria where I come from. If we fail to believe in our heart that TB Joshua is a true man of God who then will you believe? This man prophecies, performs miracles, preaches the words of God and gives to charity, he lives simple life, not as the custom of some of these ministers of God that would put on finger rings, jeweleries and necklaces. If it is because he exhibits so much supernatural power that you call him a devil are you indirectly saying that devil is more powerful than God? That God can not exhibits his greatness through one man? Or is it because of his lack of proper academic background that anyone thinks that God can not use a shepard like David, fisherman like Peter or a stamerer like Moses to show His greatness?
    God can forgive any sin but definitely, not the one spoken against the Spirit of God that does all these through his servant TB Joshua.

  • Munhava

    The bible tells us to be wary of false prophets and not to base our faith on miracles and wonders as the devil is also capable of performing these things. In short when you hear someone being addressed as a prophet or performing miracles it time to stand back and look closely, because you been forewarned.

    Its also important to know how the appostles handled this issue of false prophets. They had similar people in their day, instead of labling them false prophets they used the little knowledge the false teachers had as starting point to teach them. By so doing they avoided the danger of working for the devil unknowingly by attacking those who were preaching about Jesus. While the bible warns us in many ways about false prophets and their miracles, its also important to note that nowhere in the bible does it say its for us to rebuke these prophets, but rather to be like the berians who recieved with an open mind, then checked with the scriptures to see if it is so.

    Our greatest protection against being misled is to take the whole counsel of God.

    Finally, there is a difference between divination and prophecy, is it possible that people can use divination,which God forbids, but call it prophecy?

  • given321

    @Alfred, you’r spot on, what kind of edification do Christians get from soccer match results forth telling, and calling this prophecy? Lord help us!

  • Chegotsi

    Prediction of earthquakes like the Haiti one would be of better help than that of a futbal game or Michael J ,or a president’s death. Please God help us more.

  • Tongai

    TB Joshua i conman plus in`anga inodya mari dzemarema nebhaibheri!

  • Mavambo Kusile Dawn

    Many in both the clergy and laity have abused an above-quoted scripture about “touch not my anointed”. True, let’s respect men and women of GOD but never never worship them. They remain fallible and mortal. Discovering that the spirit of anti-Christ was unleashed, John gave the following admonishment:

    1Jo:4:1: Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
    1Jo:4:2: Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:
    1Jo:4:3: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.
    1Jo:4:4: Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.
    1Jo:4:5: They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.
    1Jo:4:6: We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.

    This mantra about “men of GOD are infallible, they are holy, immortal blah blah” is balderdash! They are subject to spiritual scrutiny, especially in this day of satanism and devil-worship. Christ warned that satan will appear as an angel of light. TBJ should be no exception to scrutiny! Let people continue to judge him until he is proven genuine by his utterances and the word of GOD. We have lady believers who got pregnant by their pastors thru the stupid belief that men of God should not be watched/monitored. Let’s be real: Christ himself was abused but he never prayed for destruction upon his enemies. If men of GOD are so holy that they should not be scrutinized – then the people who posted above are either dead or leprous as we write now.

    We don’t want to accept everything and anything in church simply because it is uttered by someone who performed a miracle last year; each and every prophecy should be judged on its own perit. Neither do we want to elevate human beings above Christ and his word. No!

    To those who are in the habit of hurling vulgar willy-silly can we not constructively review TBJ’s prophecy in the light of GOD’s word and not political goggles? You’ll be condemned, not because you said this against TBJ but because of your horrible personalities. GOD bless Zimbabwe!

  • Bla Miki

    Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise be to him who died for us all so that our sins were forgiven by the heavenly father.

    Indeed, the path was set forth for us to follow immediately after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The scriptures clearly tells us that, Jesus Christ, before he was taken to heaven, told his disciples that he would not leave them alone but would sent the Holy Spirit to live in them.

    Through the Holy Spirit, the Apostles of Jesus went on to heal the sick, raise the dead and spread the Word in Jesus mighty name. l do not object the supernatural powers of prophet TB Joshua, his prophesies about who is about to die and which team will be winning matches, neither do l doubt his healing prowess, l am a little concerned if this is truly in line with the scriptures.

    l know a lot of people who have been assisted and managed to overcome all sorts of challenges befalling them through prayers and healing from Prophet TB Joshua, but what does the word tell us about miracles? Jesus mentioned something about it.(Vaporofita venhema vachavepo vachaita mapipi nezita rangu.

    l do hope this World needs Salvation and the time is nay.

  • chaps

    prophecies come as a warning and are to do with the kingdom of God.Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,that’s a warning.It is usually to a people so that they take action or remain in position/situation they are in.God does not reveal things for the fulfilment of our hearts and to prove that he is GOD but for the enhancement of his kingdom.

  • T.Musango

    Tirikungovhunza kuti sei musina kuburitsa video yacho on Sunday chete. And who told you that he is a man of God? Only God knows who is who among human beings.

  • Mati Madii.

    Miraclz & redicting events mean nothing brethren! Jesus christ is e same yesterday & forever, He can do it. The Devil too can do it and e bble says he wl even be hvng power to bring fire 4rm heaven. The sign we hv seen, where is e voice? Let him tel us about Malachi 4v5-6, Rev 10v7, wat happened in e garden of Eden, the Sepent seed, e rapture, tribulation & wat no so dat he cn be diffrent 4rm a South African Sangoma who told it exactly to e Dot, 28 hours b4 his Profecy.

  • Anonymous

    Instead of sacking healing you are bursy critising and time is moving hey you people try to put your houses in order TB said what God revelled to him and you are upon him why should you be against god not TB

  • mahindra

    I don’t knw why u people don’t visualise mockery? I think u all witnessed those miracles in streets by those ‘Hoccus Poccus man’. Why don’t u believe that TB Joshua is one of those, if we ask those people to predict soccer matches and other events they will!

  • fey

    glory should be to God not to man.if a prophecy comes 2 pass God must be glorified not the prophet

  • qude

    the bible states that the devil have pwrs that can impress human biengs.this z done in the name of the mighty god.i wl only believe in this man when we meet in heaven

  • patrick kaiwala

    Tb Joshua is the second moses and is a true man of GOD

  • wakadiwa,

    amana musanyeperane bhora here,kana nemiwo.mafunnies anoitwa muchrch iyi haya.changamukai vana veafrica,pakutowonekwa huMan of God ipapa,makambonzwa zvichinzi prophet daniel vapredictor bhora kti Babylon ahwina against Chaldea.kikiki ngatiite kunge takapasa grade7

  • http://HOTMAIL TRUTH

    It will not happen till the Zimbabwean pple r freed from the clutchies of emperialism & neo-emperialim.God does not & will not do things or fullfill prophecies to please the hearts of man but do what is just & rigtious.Praise b to the lord of the day of recompance,may he grant long life & protection to our revolutionery leader R.G Mugabe

  • chandengenda mutunhu une mago

    muporofita wenhema vakataurwa mubhuku dzvene kuti muvangwarire pamazuva ekupedzisira

  • Gweks

    if u choose not to believe his miracles are from are from God let it be, enter ur house pane ambokunetsa here kuti beliver, hapana akabatira umwe pfuti pano, chingoitawo zvinoda liver yako, isu some of us we believe. Hanzi heeee satana anoita ma miracles, haaaaaaa what i know satan cant stand the name Jesus. Hanzi hee kune n`anga dzinokwanisa kuita prophesy mmmmmm iam yet to seee one i come from chipinge hakuna zvakadaro what they can do kubata mweya wemunhu wakafa but when talking they will be reqesting water which is a sign they will be burning in hell. So if u choose not to believe gara mumba mako kwete kuswertinyaudza pano. To God be the glory.

  • http://gmail buhle

    guys read your bible very well it says touch not my anointed one and do my prophets no harm. it also says test the spirits for many will come in my name. which one of you has tested the spirit behind TB Joshua and found it to be or not to be of God. Nothing lays hidden on the face of the earth forever but do not be quick to judge for the bible also says each man is accountable to his maker. Whatever spirit is behind TB Joshua will be revealed and if he truly is a man of God i am sorry to tell you that all who have been insulting him have invited curses into your life. people do not be quick to speak but rather have a listening ear and pray to God for discernment.

  • http://www.connect.co.zw his mercy live forever

    TB JOSHUA Prophesy and let the devil be put to shame just do your work as per God ‘s will and forget and ignore nast critics. I pray for God to keep on using you dont lose heart let the power of the most high holy spirit oevrshadow you each day of your life Jehova protect TB JOSHUA AMEN

  • http://n/a solomon Maredza

    Thanx Mr Writter for Confirming that Sir TB Joshua is a true man of God I really believe in his prophecy ,May God continue to guide him and reveal the truth to us.True prophet revealls things that comes to pass.SO HE IS A TRUE PROPHET OF GOD>

  • Charity

    I feel sorry for the people who are speaking evil about prophet tb joshua, saying that he is not sent by God. Thats what they did to Jesus back then, am not suprised but feel sorry for them, coz the bible say in mark 3:22&23 up to29, we should rather be careful of what we say and not join the devil in trying to bring the man if God down in which he (devil) knows for sure that he lost that battle long tym ago

  • Charity

    T b joshua is a true man of God, coz devi wiil not cast out devil, butGod spirit does cast out devil.LONG LIVE PROPHET TB JOSHUA LONG LIVE,no matter what people say i will stand by u

  • Charity

    I feel sorry for the people who are speaking evil about prophet tb joshua, saying that he is not sent by God. Thats what they did to Jesus back then, am not suprised but feel sorry for them, coz the bible says it all in mark 3:22&23 up to29. we should rather be careful of what we say and not join the devil in trying to bring the man if God down in which he (devil) knows for sure that he lost that battle long tym ago

  • sk

    ko imi chakunetsai chii.

  • Dadiso

    The measure with which we judgeth shall be the same measure used to judge ourselves. “Those who are not for Jesus are against him”. Read Luke 9 vs 49-50. And also read Mark 9 vs 38-41.

  • Proudly Zimbabwean

    Remember the story of Mirriam,Moses sister. When they spoke against Moses and what God did to them. People don’t speak for the sake of speaking I tell you. I have been to the Synagogue and I never saw or heard any evil deed there. It’s all about prayer. And TB Joshua doesn’t want to be glorified, he always tells people that the glory belongs to God not him. My pastor says if you don’t believe in what he does turn off the TV or change the Chanel it’s your right but mind what you say about these man of God. Some of you are going thru challenges it’s time to seek God’s forgiveness because you have doubted Him, you have over glorifiied the devil.The problem is people have loose tongues, too loose. Mind what you say to avoid the wrath of God coz mwari is not a nyanga that you can turn left and right. People you are always doubting it didn’t start with you look at the Israelites upon all first hand miracles they saw they still doubted, upon manna from Heaven they still complained.
    If we are to ask the ones doubting and the ones who believe in that TB Joshua is a man of God to compare. The ones against to say why they don’t with evidence and the ones who believe to come with their testimonies. I think I know which list will be long. God bless you all!!

  • Mutengesi Chii

    Iwo maporofita acho anongova eNigeria chete

  • Clanye

    Guyz lets be serious my problem is not about his prophecies but his riches . You remeber that man from the bible who went to Jesus and he said Lord i have done everythng what else can i do to inherit e kindom of heaven , Jesus agreed with him but he then said now sell everything , EVERYTHING you have and give to the poor . TB Joshua is worth $4.5 billion and Somalia jus nids 1 billion to help w medical fascilities and he jus donates $100 000 and u thnk he is being generous . I tell u no man who has mo than enuf he nids ‘ll enter e kingdom of God . Even when the disciples were sent by Jesus they went without anythng . This man is after riches and wealth nt doin’ t 4 e glory of God

  • Anonymous

    Guys even satan still has powers coz they were not taken from him,remember Jesus saying if they speak of this world the spirit of God isn’t in them,what mo prophecies do u want to hear from him.lastly Jesus said these false prophets shall peform great miracles to decieve even the elect and remember during moses’ time they also perfomed the same miracles perfomed by moses,thanx to God coz one day he is going to reveal everything.its a matter of time guys do not worry everything has its end jus wait and see

  • tom tom

    Because of poverty and sickness and life hardness, people are jumping from one church to the other to seek salvation. A miracle does not make people holy. Sangomas do the same as prophets, witches also do like wise. The bible clearly states that there shall be false prophets who will command a mountain to move and it shall happen. Jesus was God but he never held healing schools, he never did healing cruasades, Jesus when he made the great commission he told them, go preach the word, those who believe will be baptised and shall be saved and they shall their hands on the sick and shall be healed.
    TB Joshua is now advertising his healing sessions on TV, 80% of his TV viewing is healing, removing evil spirits, what’s puzzling is that all demons from TB Joshua they all speak in English no matter where they come from, this is done to appeal to the international populace.
    Why put posters for healing, Jesus never performed a miracle to prove he was the Son of God.
    There is only one Jesus and one God.
    Sings of the end. Let them make money from those who want to buy salvation, a miracle or prophecy is nothing. TB Joshua is a cult man and of coz he must have followers.

  • http://yahoo Robert Nobert Jaka

    TB Joshua is a prophet send from God . Those who think otherwise please I beg you change your mind . God is really working through this man .

  • Anonymous

    siyabönga ngoba uNKULUNKULU uya esambulela abantu bakhe izindaba ezinhle ngokuthunywa kukaPAUL MWAZHA WEAFRICA

  • brother arts

    brothers nd sisters,y r all these famous prophets frm nigeria nd ghana?yet nt even a single one has come frm bethlehem or smplace wr christianity began.wts surprising is people luv nollywood muvees wr u c è capabilities central african states hv in the spiritual realm yet u believe in these prophets frm thz countries!pple bcrfl,thz r the last days.


    hahaha vapfanha muchafira mahara zvimwe zvamunodzingirirana nazvo hazvina kukosha plus u just quote part of the story and you rush to conclude. in the past we all kno abt hw desciples died but t was not written in the bible save for iscariot. wat im tryn to xplain is that not all prophesies were written in the bble except for those which give lessons to we. more all of us we belived paul the octopas and now a man of god had prophesised and we are ignoring it after the writer had confessed that he the live tramsmission and even posted its internet link. plus many of us spent less time on emmanuel tv if not. he prophesised about disturbances in his country thus muslim christian clashes and he wared nigerians bt vakaramba kuteerera vakaona moto. zvenyu zvekusateerera hazvisi zvinyowani chero nguva dzana abraham noah namoses zvaiiveko. he is prophesising whats near you so that you can learn even jesus taught in parables that was well opposite the word bt the wise deduce smthn from that!

  • Kelvin Tatenda Kuwandira

    TB Joshua is only a man who is being used by God to help us but some of dont jus believe because we being used by the devil…how l wish to be helped by this God sent prophet l know one my dream will come…All l can say is go on and keep up the good work man of God.

  • Tapiwanashe

    My foolish pple 4rm Zimbabwe y ar doin al dis 2yoself 1john 4vs4 test e spirits. Who among u has even fasted fo 2dyz\9ts this man fasted 40days He shows u his history yet u don blive. Very stupid

  • Zwakele

    God is the Lord and he ruins forever more

  • munoda

    Tinotenda Jehovha, Mwari ari kumusoro kudenga, Baba waIshe wedu Jesu Kristu nokutuma Paul Mwazha weAfrica neevhangeri yoruponiso kuvanhu vake veAfrica kutanga tevere pasi rose. Iye anodzidzisa nzira dzakafanira vanoti vanonamata Mwari. Africa yosikwa patsva pamabasa eivhangeri youshe seshoko rakataura muna 1940 richiti, ‘Recreation of Africa’ Nyika dzose dzamirira Paul Mwazha kuti apedzise basa reevhangeri yoMweya. Shoko rinoti ‘ndudzi dzose dzamakaita dzichauya kuzonamata mberi kwenyu. Ishe dzicharumbidza zita renyu.’ Kunooka huvizhura, rakauya chechi renyu muDzimbabwe raVaApostora veAfrica. Sipiti rimwe richasara pachamwa zvipuka zvose. Ngavauye vose seshiri dzechimokoto paruware,vauye vakawanda senyuchi pamuzinda.

  • http://www.facebook.com Benson sakala

    i believe in God and i also believe what t b joshial is doing

  • munoda

    Paul Mwazha wakatumwa naMwari kuparidza zvaJesu, haana kuuya neharavara. Vanhu motenda zvaJesu nokuda kwaPaul Mwazha weAfrica muchiita kuda kwaMwari muchikwira kudenga.