“Sudden Death of an old African President in 60 days”


(Lagos) Renowned Nigerian ‘prophet’ Temitope Balogun Joshua has ‘prophesied’ that an old African dictator is dying within the next 2 months, reports claim.

TB Joshua(pictured), who has foretold many world shaking events which include the death of Michael Jackson, the resignation of Pakistan’s former president Pervez Musharraf, and also the rise of the current president of Ghana a few weeks before they happened, was quoted from a Sunday morning message:

“I’m seeing a head of state, by that I mean a president. He is not feeling well. He is very old. What is this I’m seeing…sudden death. .I’m seeing the death of an old African president in two months,” during a service on Sunday.

TB Joshua who is renowned for making other predictions has not disclosed the name of this old African president, but many Zimbabweans on Monday rushed to suggest that it could be President Robert Mugabe who is currently Africa’s oldest presidential ruler.

So popular is TB Joshua that many Zimbabwean politicians including Morgan Tsvangirai and ZANU PF Womens league leader Orpha Rushesha, have in recent months been flying to Nigeria visiting his church to be prayed for.

TB Joshua


“TB Joshua, Tell me now!”

An MDC legislator, HON Perez Hamandishe was seen on social networking website Facebook stating his anxiety:

“I want TB Joshua to be straight to the point!! He mustn’t keep me in suspense. He must not keep my nerves on edge and stretched to the limit. He announced today that an old African President is going to die in two months’ time from today. Who is that President?, TB Joshua, Tell me now, I want to know.”

Others however have rubbished TB Joshua’s prophecy accusing anyone supporting the prophecy to be practicing witchcraft:

Said one other Zimbabwean:

“This does not need any education, common sense is enough. Anyone who listens to TB Joshua needs deliverance. That’s why I transferred the prophecy to you, cause you claimed it for someone; why not claim it for yourself? Zvawaita ndokunonzi kuroya. Long life Mugabe, those who wish him death it shall be their portion.”

Also foretold John Atta Mills election

TB Joshua is accredited for prophesying the election of Ghana’s John Atta Mills, among others.

Speaking a few weeks after he was made president following TB Joshua’s prophecy John Atta Mills said:

“I believe that the elections in Ghana have changed the minds of many people. I believe there are many people who are going to give themselves to God because of what has happened, and we will always want God’s name to be glorified…My brothers we are all the same children of God. Lets help one another. Lets hold each other’s hands and whatever happens to us lets give praise to the Almighty God. God we thank you for your glory. May your name be praised forever and ever. Amen” VIDEO:

  • http://megazimbabweconvention.blogspot.com/ martin da william

    it looks kuti, some people are lucky, to be presidents and also given the time to repent and intercede… so i think this is an eye opener and hard pereparation for this dictator to pray and repent to God rather make it a mockery… there is no one enjoying but we are rejoycing the peace promising to come to that african nation if that dictator steps down or is taken away naturally… saka usataure zvisina maturo

  • Cde Festus

    Chinyanga shut up wazvinzwa? nxaaaA!

  • Mago

    Kana vachinge vari mwari vamuonesa ngaanyemgetere rufu ruganhuke.rufu rukaitika haushandiswe namwari asi urimuporofita wenhema anoti gomo ibvapo enda apo une chikwambo

  • http://mbonisi1@mobileemailvodafonesacoza Comrade Naked

    We all know cancer is eating his ass,he will die very soon let’s start celebrating,the man of GOD has spoken, Mugabe will never see 2013 after that arrest all looters n gold panners like Bla Miki

  • samanyika wekwaMutare

    I think jus rushing to lable some1 as mupofita wenhema is wrong. As africans we’ve a big problem. There a lot prophecies we believe sterek in the bible bt we were never there. Now prophecy by pple we see we lable it nhema. Lets jus leave it to Jesus. Remembr “kana tikaramba Jesu uchatonga”

  • nambya

    To be precise tb joshua mentioned aprial 16 as the day of the president’s demise.He also said in due course he’ll mention the name of the president so that they’ll ‘see what they can do.’Mr editor the word dictator was never used he only said old president

  • nambya

    My sincere advice to all ‘sick,old african presidents’ is that go to tb joshua(using tax payer’s money ofcause)and seek deliverance and healing.

  • http://zimeye CHANDO KUPISA

    Nothing new we have heard such predictions before, kungoti ma Zimbabwe majaira zviporofita zvemanyepo.Izvozvi mukanzi bhadharai mari kuti muudzwe zvakawanda mese tinokuonai maita mudungwe kunodyirwa mari dzenyu.

  • Mavambo Kusile Dawn

    @nambya you hit the point! Mr Editor, these words are your very own citation of TB Joshua:

    “I’m seeing a head of state, by that I mean a president. He is not feeling well. He is very old. What is this I’m seeing…sudden death. I’m seeing the death of an old African president in two months.”

    Where is the word DICTATOR in this quote if you’re just not sensationalizing an otherwise mild prophecy? Besides, “very old” is not “oldest”. I don’t see any way this prophecy directly points to Mugabe.

    And there is no need for hullabaloo – if it’s about Mugabe, it means he will not see mid-April, 2012. Let’s wait and see as this is an opportunity to “try the spirit (of prophecy in TB Joshua)” (1 John 4:1). As for judging TB Joshua, we don’t have grounds to do that from this prophecy. God bless Zimbabwe!!

  • Command Center

    Oopss, sounds bad, really bad

  • Jumpdaki

    Ladies and gentlemen,comrades and friends there is nothing to debate here. Through TB Joshua the Lord has spoken.
    I note he did not say ditactor, Old is subjective and even if he says old African ditactor who is president. Our President is not the only old president in Africa and besides we do not know how God defines our President.

    I advise other readers not mock the man of God these are super natural issues. Let me shut up

  • Dumi

    lets pray for that African leader,whoever it might be .

  • Senilect

    Even if he did not say old or dictator, whats important is he has seen the sudden death of an African President in two months. So come 16 April 2012, we should expect some breaking news abot the death of one of the African presidents. So there is a probability of 1/54 for each of them to die. (nb I have assumed Africa has 54 countries)

  • Dabulap

    Why are we being so sensitive to this to the point that some are mocking the man of God. I agree with those who say he never mentioned the word dictator and not even the name of the president. Calling the man of God a witch is the greatest insult to God himself. Lets not get obsessed with politics and forget that we are His creation.

  • Meva Ogagu

    False prophet. Why doesnt his god give him dreams to help Africa from the miseries or perenial droughts, HIV, malaria and dominations by other continents. As for Zimbabwe, the death of any individual will not change anything. We will all die. Even this very devilsh prophet will die one day. So why predict the death of an old president? Is he to live for ever this president? Politicians are voted out of office and not condemned to death. It was not Christ’s mission to kill dictators or old presidents of this world. I wonder if the likes of this worldly and riches amassing prophet would meet Jesus Christ of Nazareth or the apostles of the early church face to face. To hell with prophecies of darkness and evil!

  • Carol

    Never speak foul about a man of God, whether he is true or not because only God knows who He sent and who He didnt!!!! To all you who said foul about TB Joshua, ask God for forgiveness. May Glory be to God for He knows the plans He has made for us.

  • Bhinya RekuMbare

    There are other old presidents in africa e.g Wade bt th pple f Zim Zim ‘ve their wishes since we ‘ve failed to remove our own old president thru the ballot. Thats the truth. So we wait with abated breaths for the news when the appointed time comes.

  • http://mbonisi1@mobileemailvodafonesacoza Comrade Naked

    I think he Is talking abt Swayiningalai he is a silent dictator

  • Papa wemba

    Vana MEVA OGAGU kani.shut up.what do u know.u are giving a ricketed argument at the same time uttering tosh to TB.A clever fool just waits up until april instead of vomiting words like that.how dare you insult the prophet!.

  • nyoli

    zimbabweans do not despair, it is the malawian president BINGU WA MUTHARIKA he is saying here. MALAWI WILL BE FREE IN TWO MONTHS, HOOOOOOOOORAY!!!

  • Mavambo Kusile Dawn

    We will all die – president or no president; dictator or no dictator; man of GOD or boy of GOD. Although Mandela, Wade and Mugabe fit this prophecy, remember GOD is GOD and these two might bury a number of us here before they go. Some AIDS patients were written off by the natural men but they lived decades more to see the demise of those who considered them dead.

  • munyaradzi

    pliz dnt use the prophets name to fulfill yo agendas. dnt misqoute hie. he said president because he has respect n noes all leadership is from God. y then ryt as if he said “dictator”, wu eva he myt b sayin is God’s spirit sayin but dont lie 2 us using Men of God.. nxaaa!

  • Meva Ogagu

    Papa Wemba. I believe Africa has genuine problems that are solvable not the death of individuals. We will all die young or old. I believe that I have a right to express my opinion. For you to ask what I know I understand this is typical of you. I have read many predictions some come true yes but the death of a single African leader to me does not make a priority for our continental development hence my resentment.

  • Cynthia Mushona

    One point i noticed is that every comment is acknowledging that Mugabe is a dictator. That includes those who support him. There are rather sticking to the point that TB Joshua did not say “Dictactor”. You brood of vipers!!

  • Anhu acho

    Kana ruri rufu rwevadvinyiriri zvinofadza nokuti kusununguka kunenge kwaita.Zimbabwe ine udzvinyiriri hunotokunda hwaivapo hwa Smith. Kushungurudza chembere neharahwa dzakakuberekai dzikakuchengetai muhondo, ikozvino aita mari yake hanzi muMDC or MUBRITISH. Ngachimbofa chimwe chimudzvinyiriri muone kana Zimbo USA dollar ringatengawo zvinooneka kubvamusiwo

  • Greyhora

    If there’s some truth to this, I hope he saw Mugaybe in his vision.

  • rolland

    IS EVERY AFRICAN PRESIDENT A DICTATOR?, Prophet said “president” and you whoever you are have the audacity to right as if he said dictator. makambodzidzirepi journalism dzenyu idzi?, kurikungoda kuti those who dont see vajambe zvamada?, shame on you as a firm and as individual minds.

  • Anonymous

    Uuuuum! Not for those of a nervous disposition.

  • Papa wemba

    Meva Ogagu. ya i understand u but to me Dvlpment in africa is affected by POOR GOVERNANCE.yes we cant celebrate death but to the pple of that country i think itwill be an opportunity to put things into order.Poor gvnance is the major prob.

  • Anonymous

    It is a desire for every peace lover that dictators depart from us in alarming speed. If a dictator abandons the scene of play, tongues wag with reckless abandon in excitement. Africa has a knack of producing dictators, please God free us from these, AMEN.

  • ndini hangu

    ko imi murikunetserana dzei kana vari Mwari vataura two months dzacho dzinosvika chamunomhanyira chii.April tinenge tichionaka kuti chokwadi ndechipi uye anonyepa ndiyani but one thing i know is the devil is a liar!!!!!!

  • Chegotsi

    Jonathan Good Luck! Kikikikikikikiki. What a name. My dog is called photosynthesis makwembere.

  • it’s me

    I hope Bobaldo has not seen this abomination ooooo! There are many old presidents in Africa, vamwe vari kungorwara vasingazivi. lets just wait & see, whatever the case we should never wish death on anyone …… let there be love pple!

  • Tichatonga

    I think this is utter crap! Hanzi nemaChristians aripano “the man of God has spoken so let’s start celebrating…” What man of God? What celebrations? This man is in business, he will sell you what you want to hear and you, the gullible ones, will buy, dance to his every tune and JUDGE. Shame on all of you.

  • Matema Matema

    Utter rubbish.ko iye TB Joshua wacho wy cant he prophesise his own death.ashaya fame so he is now targeting Great people manje havafe vakazodzwa vaye by God himself he will live muchajaira zvenyu vatengesi

  • stonewall

    He probably means Mandela. ngatiregei kuvhunduka

  • T.Musango

    Hey, sei muchingomhanyira kurumbidza zvinhu zvose zvose. Man of God, my foot. Mwari chete ndiye muzivi wemunhu anomutevera nokutevedza tsika dzake. Imi vemaBible ndimi munodziidziswa kuti kuchaita zviporofita zvenhema. Zivai kuti zviporofita zvenhema zviripo, Mwari chete ndiye muzivi. Stop labelling pple,” Man of God”. How do u know? Svodai mhani.

  • lawi okumu

    please creation of god let GOD be GOD and in addition let not the false prophets confuse our right acknowledgment i tell you end time is now read revolution to confirm my truth

  • Fusteki

    It’s about tym uMgabe afe sikhathele nguye I will celebrate for two weeks if that man dies

  • Fusteki

    Niyabheda mashona yo God Mugabe is dying,sink that in

  • http://www.giftkugara.blogspot.com Gift Kugara

    Last year, a Califonia based prophet Harold Camping said in his prophecy that the” WORLD “would end on 21 October .It happened the world he refered to was “THE NEWS OF THE WORLD”(A Newspaper) following the hacking scandal.Now here is another controversial prediction, TB Joshua forseeing Malawi’s president on his deathbed.Sweet news for Zimbabweans, in case it turns the contrary.Fingers Crossed!

  • obositse


  • Fusteki

    I said Mugabe is dying Shona pple get used to it

  • Stiflert

    Gyz sum things r beta left than sæd if u hate Mugabe shut e fuck up b4 u get urself in shit…if u thnk TB joshua is fake shut up nd kip it 2 urse£f b4 God punishes u..kip ur comments 2 urse£f..tym wi£ te£ nd we wì£ see whether e prophet is tellin e truth…

  • Anonymous

    hehehehe.who is this god who knows our livez

  • Meva Ogagu

    Papa Wemba,Yes we need good governess and we shall thank God for any intervention and its true that nationally those affected will get relief and hope to continue. May God’s will be done

  • Anonymous

    vanhu kwanai why muchifarira kufa kwemunhu even if ari Mugabe wat do u benefit kana afa? Long lyf 2 His Excellents.

  • Jumpdaki

    Politics with God? God has his own way of doing things. You want men of God to prophesy about bridges and the constractions roads?

  • Anonymous

    Nxa we ol wil die some day and mdhara vakafa tinovaviga segamba iye TB JOSHUA was appointed by GOD and so was mdhara coz hurumende dzinogadzwa namwari.david was nt a prophet bt a leader aitotsvagawo vanhu vamwari asi ainge akagadzwa namwari.i have nthn against TB but ngaasati dictator if he is talking about MUGABE.

  • Jumpdaki

    Meva you are loosing direction my friend these are divine issues and not MDC-T and ZANU politics.

    This is a man of God we are talking about. Insult him and you has insulted God. TB Joshua will never argue with you. He knows who will fight his battles. How can you be beating by Papa Wemba sure! You are just lowering your profile for nothing.

  • napsotosto

    Zvino chiporofita chacho kana chichiviga ndezvamwari here? Zvamwari hazvitambudze vanhu pafair!! Ndonyambo as my Lord lives let the old man breath,

  • Raphael

    arikungofa ngafe mhani pamwe tinga gara mushe…if its Mugabe’s tym then let it b hm

  • Greyhora

    Iwe Nonimasi 1:16, u can’t read or you are stupid? TB did NOT mention the word “dictator” mhani!!! Anyway Mugaybe IS a dictator full stop! Umwe wacho Nonimasi 1:07 benzi, we will benefit a thousandfold with Mugaybe’s death, imagine Zim without that old goblin!

  • cliff

    is he the same person who said zim was goin to have a haiti-style earthquake,,i wnt believe it until it happens

  • cliff

    isnt he the same person who said zim was goin to have a haiti-style earthquake,,i wnt believe it until it happens

  • Charity Masango

    Let us be God fearing people. What we wish for others will be done unto us. Do not judge. Let us take our suffering and pain to the one and only creator of the Universe. JUST PRAY VANHU WE

  • aj

    ukuti afeme ropa ishungu dzedu,isu mafia

  • Dabulap

    I think Zanu people must not be worried because the prophet did not say a dictator which probably could have refered to Mugabe. Also those who don’t like Mugabe should not clebrate too early because it could be any other president. Maybe some someone that you love.

  • Anonymous

    Gushungo forever whether he is dead or alive

  • manu

    @Futseki…whether mugabe dies or not Shona ppl will continue to rule Zimbabwe..it wont change anything..get used to it

  • Anonymous


  • gift ben

    all eyes on zim.but GOD KNOWS


    It’s not him but it’s one of the Retired President’s in the Sothern Africa.

  • Aluttah Continuoa

    Remember April 18 1980,Ach Patrick Chakaipa,odained R.G Mugabe,and blessed him with this words n saying “Long live Zimbabwe,long live pipo of Zimbabwe,long live Mugabe”.Go bck to bible n du yo resach pipo b4 u mk conclusion,”its a blessin to live longer”.So I ask “why hate Mugabe so much?If its God he will do @ his own time n will.God bless Zimbabwe.

  • Kutuka

    Shame to all who are thinking its his excellency vaMUGABE.wake up nd smell the coffe mhani.ask urselves if he is the only old president in africa before u get to conclusions.

  • Chinja

    Lets wait and see. I just pray its not Mandela

  • Jumpdaki

    When God annoints one to take charge if His people he simply wants you to look after his children period.

    It does not mean he will force you to govern according to his will. You ahve to choose. For some it would appear they seem to think that since we are given leaders by God, whatever those leaders do is the will of God. I dont agree. Pastors where are with the correct texts from the Holy book.

  • http://www.nframw.com Dalitso Gomani

    God knows everything let’s wait and see
    for all who are targeted lets pray hard so that God can do with their Lives for Godv is able

  • Lahe

    TB Josh,yawave kutamba nayo yakaoma iyi, its u, yes u, who is going to disappear within e said time. Nobody, I repeat nobody, messes up with him & get away with it.

  • Christian..

    If all people were educated, then we were not supose to hve such debate, TB Joshua didn’t mention the name, bt nw u ar starting pointing fingers… Vamwe makumutuka, bt beware, coz are cursing yoselfs…he is a man of God, and he said wat God ask him to say… Don’t point fingers plz..

  • nambya

    Ya nhasi vanhu vashawudana.Instead of insulting each other we should be united in prayer,praying for the old president who ever he is at least thats what God expects from us His children unless you are a satanist.

  • cole

    Long live Mugabe u will never die!

  • zivanai

    sori i kudunoti kondirbyuti nekuti ndanga ndiri kushisa hembe yekuti zvikaitika kuno I WILL AND SHALL BE WELL TURNEED OUTIIiiiiiii

  • http://Wwww Me

    Shame on u varikty mugabe mugabe vamugabe havambofi i tel u he z e rty man 4 zim shame on varikuty ndivo vachafa nxaa

  • Harare

    Its possible that it might be our own President coz he once said it in August 2010 that we should pray for peace and lets pray for Zim, coz um seeing cancer taking our leaders, This year he also talked about the Zimbabwean Leader. If its God’s case then there is no appeal. We will miss our Leader coz he is a man of integrity

  • wezhaz

    Ther’s nthng lik a man of God. Ther’s a lot 2 prophesise other than sumbody’s dirth.
    We don’t eat lies (fake prophets)

  • nhundiramutsime

    Kumhata kwevanhu…especially this tribalistic piece of cunt meat #Futseki, madzviti anonetsa brain dzawo. Let the way of God be and dnt stand on judging pipo wheather its Joshua or Mugabe or Mtharika….let God run his world the way he wants and so be it. Just give Joshua time…. Harold camping was given time by God and the world and eventually he had a stroke….and even today so be it. On the other hand, why are all famous ‘prophets’ Ogas¿¿?!. Before Christ and during his time prophets were scattered all over, not confined to one nation or tribe. Eish End Times r closing in on us. REPENT.

  • http://www.ieb.co.za Munondidii kunyandiziva

    I share th same vision with TB Joshua and I told the people around me n there is good news for Zimbabwe free and fair elections wil b held in 2014. In 2018 everything wil stabilise

  • I love God

    What l knw is God is a faithful God. pliz My beloved friend dont talk too much read and meditate the word of God.

  • http://www.google.com mhatayemunhu

    mbavha dzese fanotizai.tamirira kutonga kwababa rufu murawo wamwari hapana waunosiya saka ngaafe.

  • Ralph chio

    You ppl dnt talk much on who the cap is going to fit lets just wait 4 April is just around the corner, so stop shouting at each other God bless u as we wait for the prophecy to come out

  • http://Wwwzimeye.com Peacemaker Moyo

    Peace be unto us all may God forgive us bcz we know not no tribalism plz zim is one let us pray for that old leader for God’s mercy upon him

  • mguel

    achafa handimuzivi, but wat i know is that everyone is going to die

  • bee tee

    long live bob. Prophet makutambira kunonyudza manje. Anywy if its God’s will, Zim2 or Mnangagwa will wil rule. And bob is better than e duo

  • Tsombori

    “I’m seeing none responding to my post, by that I mean my post is just a root and no leaf nodes. It is a very lonely post. What is this I’m seeing…sudden deletion into the recycle bin.

    Kana ka mufana kaye keku Mbizo section what what kacha tila, kana ka Gogaz keku Bubanza ku Burundi, ne tumadhara tweku Atakora ku Benin, Timbuktu ku Mali zvichingodaro, actually mu Africa muchabaya over thaza vanhu in two months

  • Ruregerero

    Pliz dnt tok about Mandela, hez is nolonger a president pliz just wait 4 th tyme 2 cum who r we 2 judge

  • ndini uyo

    ko hindava vanhu vachivhunduka chati kwatara(y r u all defensive and staf). Just keep yo comments to yourselves coz insulting God and his authority is not in yo best interest believe u me. U wil not enjoy watever u think u have. If u read the prophecy u wil note that it could be anyone so be careful please coz a lot of people are treading on soft grounds from their comments. Be warned GOD IS NOT MOCKED WAT A MAN SOWETH THAT HE SHALL REAP ! Why dont u wait and see.

  • Tito

    Tinongoti kune achafa zororai murugare isu tichatevera

  • http://bhantuh85@gmail.com Bhantuh

    MA ONE!

  • Changi

    Hanti zuva racho richasvika +editor are those the ethics u wr tought kuchikoro thr ws no such wrd as ditector ita mushe

  • Bla Miki

    Though l am a born again christian myself, it pains me to see how Christianity is now being used as a tool to settle certain aspirations and ambitions.

    lt is a well known fact that this self styled prophet TB Joshua, not so long ago donated a few thousands of dollars to charity in AMERICA? Americans, of all the people around the would do not expect such a gesture coming from Africa, worse more a mere church fighting for recognition in the whole world. There are genuine cases of feminine not so many countries away from him e.g, Ethiopia, Rwanda, the war torn DRC and even within his own Nigerian boarders. By donating to charity in the US, the con artist alias Prophet TB Joshua was trying to play in the hands of the western world to gain recognition.

    Now where in all the prophesies in the bible does it mention that death of man shall be predicted or prophesied? What remedial action does the so called man of god (if he really is) has to the late to be President of Africa? Could this be termed a pressing issue in the synagogue that he couldn’t let it go even if he was given this as a prophesy? And why would and Oga be used by God to determine other people’s destinations?

    This is all fake, he is trying to please his gay masters and l think it is wrong and evil to use God’s name for personal advantage. RUBBISH TB JOSHUA AND MDC TOGETHER WITH YOUR ZIMEYE STAFF

  • Anonymous

    Imi kaimi zvakanzi zimbabwean president? Ini zvekutaura zizvizo pamen of God handipo.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone shall die so wht amazing?

  • Inini

    Imi vanhu ityai Mwari, rufu rwakavako munhu paakanyengerwa nenyoka. Kuna mapisarema kwakanyorwa kuchinzi munhu achararama 70yrs anozoraudzira kana akawanirwa nyasha. Musazviisire chituko pane vanhu vaMwari

  • Chaps

    Our days r numbered

  • http://Yamai Mhoshu

    Ehe!!! Tataura, esp’ly, meva ogagu. Do not insult pipo, no-mata u agree or nt agry wth them. Dvelopmnt starts wth indviduals thru nation impert’ion not engn’red by prophets. It is gud that this man hv bin granted 60 days or more 2 repent 4rm hz wrong dids & be united wth hz creater wthout blamish if he is wise.

  • mukoma akai

    Fusteki, you are sick, I mean very sick. How can you still be tribal, talking about mashona, you are no better than the man you despise. Pasi ne Tribalism. This man talked about a president and you are making it tribal.

  • nhemytich

    lets wait until april

  • Tabvemvuma

    Mugabe haafi,akafa hawori,akaora hanhuwi.tamirira tsitsi dzenyu ishe

  • Jeke

    Ngaafe takaura nenhamo naye

  • http://gmail soldier

    Mugabe is not a dictator. he is the president of the republic of zimbabwe.if this self aclaimed prophet wishes him bad lucky we r sory 4 hm.long lyf cde Mugabe.only God knows why u r alive.we stl need u and we are grateful u enforced empowerment.i swear i can nt trad my kith and kin for bottle of wine.long lyf cde president.bona fides patriots stl nids u whilst elliens cry 4 yo death

  • Simz

    “Regai zvikurirane mashawi nezviyo…..” Kana vari Mwari vataura tinongoti ndizvozvo! Lets just wait.

  • Wasu kumakomo

    Ko murikupopoterana chinyi ndimi manzi muchafa here after all rufu harutizwi iya hazi wani wafa wanaka plus unonga adaidzwa ndimwari regai aende kuna musiki

  • Anonymous

    lets al jst wait and c

  • http://N/a jakobho mu hre

    Kana tikanamata mambo iyeyo akanzwirwa tsitsi samambo hezekiya akawedzerwa makore tozoti kudii, chii chinonzi chiporofita ,kutaura zvisina reverse here, food for thot

  • Mina

    Madzishe are apointed by God only uye ndiye anovabvisa so if its time up he goes. Then touch nt e anointed ones TB is a Man of God lets pray 4 a peaceful zimbabwe. Ko nyaya yaMujuru hanziiko nhaimi?

  • noma

    i am not sure where this cursed jurno got the words dictator and oldest from b whoever is refered to by this professy…you are the alpha and omega…God take control

  • Nev

    You Zimbabweans why r u mentioning ur president? Yet the man of God just said one of the African leaders, u failed to take him out through ballot and u guys dnt insult the man of God.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the response by you all is incredible ! even Bla Miki of the CIO has revealed he is a born again christian ! Another Prophet must be found , superstition in Zimbabwe is the thing !

  • ndini uyo

    the so called Bla miki. Mface u have got issues ! U claim to be “born again” if u were u would have expressed yoself better. U dont know for sure who is being referred to as ‘the president ‘ in the prophecy. Wat does donating money to USA got to do with the prophecy. Its u who is politicised that u cant keep a simple statement simple. Wat does mdc and gay pple have to do with TB ! U dont even know yo bible read 2 kings 1 if u want to know more about death prophesies ! For all we know it could be any African president and these u go like a fool u r to insult TB! He did not say a name for crying out aloud. It is called SPECULATION buddy so be informed and comment on fellow zims Not TB JOSHUA ! nxaaa kusadzidza kunonetsa mhani

  • Anonymous

    Why does he jus fuckn predit bad things,is he jus intrested in chaos??ngaapredite ma tsunami uko and prevent it,lier……..

  • Chimuswe

    Wish to hear the prophesy myself. Did the prime Minister visited the Prophet for preyer? We do not like dictators but we do wish them dead either.

  • Anonymous

    Tese tirihuruvaa

  • Stanley

    A man of God can not cheat,he prophesy what God shows him

  • rodger am

    nguwa ichakwana ko kut man of God kutii?wamwe makutya kana kumutuka wanambuya wenyu munowati waroyi ko iye anotyisei.ko jenalist rekut dictator ariwanepi?ndiye akonzeresa nekushaisha prophecy yemunhu.ko wanaWakandiwa warikuti nazvo.

  • im tmt

    ko munodyeyi ndimi ma presidents here tarisai chete chakabvondoka kuvakuru-vakuru!

  • anonymous


  • rodger am

    bla miki taurai henyu.wat wl lid or coz e death?if smeone is old chasara chi?machristians of nw adays ndeemari nekuromba chete.why donating kure kustates,mariyeafrica he is a coward.2hel josh

  • TICH M. M.

    Prophets are sent to utter the deep things of God so believe them. May the head of state pray to God. Amen

  • Martin daWilliam

    Saka ma bodyguards wachatii handiti ndivo vana mazvikokota we guradforce havo Jehova voita kutonga kwavo.. Kqna ari mugabe atozuva kuti .mavictims e gukurahundi,ve kuuraiswa pa chinyadzonya ,vekuurayiswa muna 2008 vose vaka mirira mweya we dictator iri hey…

  • E Makwembere

    tight for Bob. I checked Mugabe is the oldest Political geek followed only by the President of Senegal who trails 6 years behind Bob.

  • Real Zimbo

    Why should someone feel excited with the death of another person? Alright Mugabe shld die bt does it add anything 2 yr lyf? I knw its wrong 4 Mugabe kuramba ari pachigaro bt we musnt 4gt kuti ndiye akatiyambutsa! I support neither a party nor an individual but I know that you are putting unnecessary pressure to the old man! I love Bob

  • Johnny walker

    If he said “old dictator” there are only 8 left of wich “OUR” own is the oldest followed by 73,71,69,67,65,56 and lastly 46 i dont know how u gus define old but to me 87 ndo old.if its him hit me up “DRINKS ON ME zvese nefodya dzacho

  • orpah

    indeed d world wl end, not d world z endng no evn u, u dnt kno wen so f u kno dat hez a false prophert stop commentng hr bcoz u jst cheatng ur self. y taking part in stories dat z evil? Eish let God 4gv us evryday n gv us wat eva w want.

  • Anonymous

    We’v had quiet many prophecies from the Man of God nd believed. Y is this one difrent,coz it talks abt death of African leader? Watch out those insulting the prophecy abv ol it never mentioned Mugabe b careful! Let da wil of God b dn co he gvs nd takes away. MaZimbabweans y this fight da prophecy ddn’t say the Zim leader respect it nd dn’t insult God. Let His will be done, we r awaiting it AMEN!

  • Slave

    Kuzotaurwa naTB zvinoreva chishamiso chichaitika to africa and tht country ichafirwa yacho.chisionekwi mudzi umhandara hwamai.kana iri Nyika yangu tht day izuva rekufara.

  • http://veryanxious Anonymous

    Ini ndinofunga kuti this time tisu tine rombo rakanaka kudaro.

  • http://veryanxious Anonymous

    So ZANU PF is right.Elections are definitely coming this year.Whether we like it or not.

  • http://Gandazara Peter

    Is Mugabe really the oldest sitting president? What of cameroon, guinea? Do your research right please

  • Jumpdaki

    Vana Bla Miki death of a man is not like a death of a President. Death of a man affect his the lives of a dead man’s family but death of a president affects the death of a nation. Usuzanginyanyisa manje.

    Did you not say its God who gives us leaders? If so whats wrong with God saying am letting the leader I gave you depart from you.

    This is the will of God not of ZPF. Why are you so sure it is our President he is talking about?

    You want censor God like your sanction MDC-T rallies? Do you think the man of God is the easiest man to intimadate? You are sick mumpfana. I asked who you and you ignored me.

  • Artwell T. NYAMUZUWE

    T.B Joshua is saying the mind of God not changing the mind of God. People, what we don’t know we give a name and what we know we destroy. Only satan give false ‘prophecies’ become he was sent away from Heaven without knowing God’s mind. I am afraid with those attacking the ‘voice of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ’. This is a parable. No names mentioned. Watch out people. View the prophecy spiritualy than naturally because it would boogle your mind. When God says, ‘YES’ no-one will say no. We are in this world but never part of it. We need to ask God to accommodate the president in HIS paradise. When a prophet speaks, the wise listens. Prophets are sent to utter the deep things of God… Do not judge because you will also be judged. Keep watch!

  • Jumpdaki

    ndini uyo I agree with you but I say kutadza kuverenga and interpret what is written. A border Gezi dropout and ZPF functionary trying it out against God’s functionary.Dull and stupid Miki.

  • tafatatunda mahoso

    Jumpkadi what death of a nation now, where do yu get the impression that a nation’s continuity rests upon one old dictator? If its Uncle Bob, 60 days kutori kure dai vaenda before he slaughters other souls in the election he desperately wants. We will pray that God’s prophecies come true so that those of little faith come to believe and know that the Ruler of Man is at work

  • Khakhakha


  • chandengenda mutunhu une mago

    shut up tb devils messenger

  • george charamba

    i wud lyk 2 say to those who thnk ts nt mugabe,you are totaly wrong,im nt in any position to judge whether this man was by God or what but listen,if you had followed th editor,he sayed that a number of ministers including prime minister Tsvangira had been making flights to this man for prophercy,yet days ago we learnt that Tsvangirai made a u-turn on elections saying they be done this year when all along he was saying elections 2013,aonei,anzwei,thnk bout t

  • Anonymous


  • http://google Apostle Z.B.Chibaya

    Touch not the annointed of God, if he has spoken about it truly it will come to pass.For sure dictators must repent and its a special grace to be told before hand.I am glad our Zim president is hearing this as well, he should put his house in order for he shall not live beyond 2012.Change is inevitable, transformation would be the better ideal we must be but above all righteousness which God expects us to be.

  • Greyhora

    Whether it is 60 days from now or 2 years from now, Mugaybe is going to burn with his comrades Gadaffi, Sadam, Bin Laden, Idi Amin, Mobutu all in HELL. He will be tormented by those 20 000 Gukura souls. The general can’t wait to pour some petrol onto his ass as well. Be afraid, be very afraid Mugaybe…

  • shalom 07

    let time tell

  • anonymus

    hameno,time will tell

  • Jumpdaki

    tafatatunda your observation is correct it must read, the death of a man affects his family life while that of a President affect the lives of a nation.

    When a leader goes a nation may experience a worse off life even civil war or a beta life including peace and development when another president comes in.

    whilst many people hide behind the fact that our leaders are God given they then ignore the fact that what they later do when in power could be completely against the will of God.

  • unanimous

    Im a follower of TB Joshua and i can tell you,he is being used by God and he is not speaking of himself but of what he have heard from Heaven.Prophecy reveals the deep things of God.When he predicted the death of the Korean Dictator,the Koreans laughed him off and said some African Prophet is talking witchcraft but where is the dictator now?Be very careful Zanu pf pundits,if you can suppress people,doesn’t mean you can suppress prophecy?If its President Mugabe,he have to be on his knees now for his salvation coz he have a whole lot to answer for concerning the people he suppressed and killed…it will be good for him to know this and prepare his new life with Christ.

  • pofmaster

    don’t worry time is the answer of everything

  • Captain Nleya

    Vana Bla Miki hamuna zvinemusoro zvamataura kana ONE.
    If you are ignorant taurai zvamoziva zvekudembedza mabhurugwa.
    Nyaya ndeyekungomaka maChristu, akudii? Asi unonzi satani kana lucifer here? Kana iwawa asiri mazita ako chakugwadza chii nemaChristu.
    Vana TB Joshua vaunotaura hautombozivi kuti vanoita nezvei and wotopinda busy kuvatuka, muchatukwa naMwari nemasasi enyu aya pamusoro pevanhu vake.
    To others;
    Whether prophecy ndeyaMugabe chero whoever hazvina basa let’s wait and we will all know in 2 months.
    Mugabe ndisekuru vedu whether we like it or not he will go to meet the Maker and Zanu PF cannot stop nor change that. Musaite sekunonzi ndiRobocop, achafa chete!
    Tiitirei mushe

  • mhofu

    Imi munofarira kufa kwemunhu munodya nyama yevanhu here??????I hope you will live forever (hamufe muchararama 4ever)

  • chacho paguta

    Tisatukana nhai Here is a very good plan,those for ZNPF and Bob munyengetedzei tiholde maelections b4 april 16 pamwe zvingamupotse ava former PRESIDENT

  • Bro Vic

    I pray for this African leader, may God have mercy. I also pray 4 peace for the affected country. Everything works good 4 those who love God.Blessed

  • pofmaster

    guys if u are christians why exchanging words like that? otherwise try and test TB Joshua using the Holy Bible then u see whether he is a true prophet or not. let the Bible speak not ur opinions.

  • Dumi Sani

    Rufu haruvharwi nemaoko sezvibhakera machinda woyeee, kana rwauya rwauya, nyange mukarwadziwa zvinengei, nyange mukasazvida zvinengei asi yekutamba deng, kana rwakunanga rufu rwakunanga, hatingapikisi heru vamuporofita ava coz inogona kungoita genuine ka. He may not be mdara but one leader arikunyamalala chete

  • Sorry

    Mafungiro aMwari haasi evanhu. Lets wait for the Lors’ time which is always perfect.

  • ginmaez

    If T B Joshua said that , surely thts gnna happen ,it doesnt matter you dont believe him , or you are too much into politics , anosasa inoitika , but on other hand i say to HELL with those who are glad when some1 dies , thts being heartless .

  • Kwiti

    People must not lie he never said 60 days, this is what he said

    THIS is what Prophet TB Joshua prophesied regarding an African head of state:
    “We should pray for one African head of state, president, against sickness that will likely take life. It is a sickness for a long time – being kept in the body for a long time. God showed me the country and the place but I’m not here to say anything like that. I am still praying to God to deliver the president concerned.”

  • Tinoseka

    Mufambe mushe murwendo rwenyu Gushungo!!!

  • Wezaka

    Musafarira kufa kwemunhu kunyangwe rufu ruriko harwo.

  • chinotimba



    Pofmaster ndivo vanotaura chironzo
    “time is the answer of everything” kusanganisira muchinda ataura zvekuti munotyei, muri mapresident here? zvawira vakuru vakuru.

  • faya mother

    apa vanhu murikungozvinetsawo… tozongoona ka kana 60 days dzacho dzakwana. tibirie apa!!!

  • mhofu

    Big up Ngoni on yor coment ie Big up Pofmaster nemuface abigwa naNgoni. They hev said zvinhu zvinemusoro otherwise zvevamwe mutsipa chete.

  • http://www.zimeye.com General Mbezo

    Where is ths quote about the prophecy that Kwiti gave coz all the others say in two months and his is a completely different one. All the same all shall come to pass…the best we can do is WAIT

  • faya mother

    chokwadi Mhofu

  • Sweetness

    May his soul Rest In PEACE!!!!!!!!

  • Inini

    l think it is best 2 knw th prophecy s tht th president wil repent, no1 cn escape death guyz. 2 ths who d nt believe wht th Man of God is saying its nt yo fault, u a doin it s tht u cn fulfil th scriptures even Jesus ws rejected, stoned and killed. Pple only realised it later, so kana 60dayz dzakwana vamwe vachaita sana Judas. B crful

  • Hoo

    Who uses the titles head of state and president all at once? the thing with TB Josh`s prophecies is he will use the words that will be used on TV stations when these things happen if you have noticed.Hameno.


    I have no doubt-selizatshona.

  • ohnest

    yes evry1 mcs mistks God 4 gv us all lt us jst pray 4 our country nd our leaderz lt the Lord c 2 it

  • SHA

    there are many African presidents who are still awaiting death is the egyptian one still in life support!But this is the second time tb says such,im getting to doubt his timing!

  • Bla Miki

    Proper reasoning will tell you that the oldest person, President or not has the highest chances of dying early and you don’t need a prophet to tell you that. Ndiwe uyo and company, out of 150 comments posted you unashamadly pick my comment? Do you think l get moved in you stupid and useless insults? Whether you like it or not, l am a devoted christian who is living in the new testament. I therefore read and meditate the new testament and refer only to the old testament when the scriptures say so. Through the resuraction of Jesus Christ, we overcame death. In a congregation of thousands of worshippers, the prophet was supposed to preach the Word of God other than telling them who was about to die. When Mary informed Jesus about Lazarus’ deteriorating health, Jesus did not tell her that her brother was about to die even though he knew this. He even went elsewhere to preach the Word and even when he eventually went to Mary’s place a week after Lazarus had died, he insisted that he was sleeping! As for you bastard Jumpdaki, why would you want to know people’s identities and what they do in life. But fool, dont worry, l’ll make it easy for you and l vow l’ll fish you out soon and then you will know Bla Miki.

  • chandengenda mutunhu une mago

    tb joshua muporofita wenhema. long live \\\MR PRESIDENT. GODBLESS HIM vaite 100 yrs plus

  • mutape

    Let’s not wish death on others no matter how bad.we should learn to love. hoo ndizvo zvamunotiita nhai kuti dai vana mutape vafa.
    uye tirege kutonga nokuti tikadaro what’ll be the purpose ye Great Judgment Day. Asi umambo varume hahusi hwema cowards nor the faint-hearted but for real man, i mean real man full of confidence.
    Think of all types of kingships this earth has experienced-from autocracy, kleptocracy,democracy etc. God has allowed us to experience all these and then he will bring his best form of governance-theocracy where by he will elect us (billions of people) into his kingdom and government.By virtue of having experienced all our earthly types,we are at a greater position to see and feel that God’s will be the best and we’ll all exclaim and proclaim,”how great thou art”

    God abundantly bless Robert, Morgan and Guhune.They’re all my leaders.

    let’s all learn to like and love them.

  • Isimanga

    1)Please stop insulting the MAN OF GOD, u will be punished.
    2)Please don’t celebrate the death of a person.

  • team team

    vaimbotongawo manje vavakutongwawo.
    monya yebanga inofa nebanga. vakanzi vatitungamirire manje votitonga. mwari ndivo vanotonga

  • Anonymous

    Hey wacht out dont touth

  • Anonymous

    Jongwe ngariende. taneta isu, please..
    Todawo zvitsva.

  • http://chawagonahapana chawagona Hapana

    for what i know TB Joshua is not a liar. His prophecies usually came to pass. But on which president is going to die is sad news dictator or no dictator. If its gods words then who are we to judge or comment. Lets wait and see after all its only 60 days. If its a good president thats very sad news and if a dictator what good news though sad.

  • bhurumango X5

    Here is a list of old presidents..Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe (86 years), Abdulai Wade of Senegal (83), Paul Biya of Cameroon (77), Bingu Wa Mtalika of Malawi (76), Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia (75), Hifikepunye Pohamba of Namibia (74), Algeria’s Abdelaziz Bouteflika (74), Rupiah Banda of Zambia (73), Jos? Eduardo Dos Santos of Angola (69), and Jacob Zuma of South Africa (69). The average age of the ten African presidents listed above is 75.6 years.take yo pick ladies and gentleman,aint nowhere in that prophecy where i heard a name….

  • Dumi Sani

    If you kill, it means you were wishing dead those you have killed so how dare you think others will not wish you dead, museve werufu wananga munyika yeuchi nemukaka uyu, mungarambe nekutaura zvenyu zvamunoda, asi ma 1. Whether TB Joshua gets powers from the devil as others are saying it here or from God but you know guys this man’s previous prophecies, ndeyemu rasta haipotse kana, kana and yakatonanga areaz

  • Anonymous

    Regai tigoona kuchawira tsvimbo nedohwe

  • Dumi Sani

    “I’m seeing a head of state, by that I mean a president. He is not feeling well. He is very old. What is this I’m seeing…sudden death. .I’m seeing the death of an old African president in two months,”

  • Cde Festus


  • Jumpdaki

    Kwiti on Wed, 8th Feb 2012 9:38 am.I did not hear the prophecy myselvef and I realise you heard the man of God say it.

    I choose to believe what is quoted by Mavambo because he likely to be a more reliable source of information than you. My take is that the man of God, never said old dictator and technicaly speaking he never said 60 days but two months and as the story clearly quotes he never suggested anyone president. I suggest you are distorting things so kwit like you name.

  • Scorpion

    Iwe T.B.JOSHUA unoputa mbanje plus unopenga kumhanya bani chaiko.iwewe munhu wekuLagos kumusha kwevaroyi ndiwo wazviratidzwa kana MAKANDIWA wemuzim haasati azviona.mazivhudzi. nxa

  • Madara DAF

    Änopenga uyo ndiye achatanga kufa bt wsh his prophecy cmz true

  • Dabulap

    Makandiwa is fake.

  • http://www.cooltoad.com TB. True Prophet

    TB Joshua z a tru prophet of God whether u lyk it or not. God Himself speak thru him whether u believe or not. So whatever he prophesies comes to pass. Never compare hm wth those who prophesied fake. Kwakanzi kuchave nevamwe venhema kwete kuti vese ndevenhema. Those are major prophets,usangotuka vese unoita mamhepo neshamhu yamwari. Omesa musoro zvaurikuita izvozvo,tambokuyambira panapa. Venhema hauvaoni nendimi dzemadigits nekubata vakadzi vevanhu? Tuka ivavo. Hanzi 4695 wege for the prona mukati mehibha. Shekeni the horo naiti…Haa uyu chero ndototi shut up,handina dofo ramwari vanotaura chirungu chakatyoka isu. Kana kwanzi kuchafiwa kunotofiwa,muchida musingadi nokuti ndimwari vataura haugoni kupikisana navo. Dai ndirini ndakutoti mwari mundirerewo ndirimutadzi. Ndatomboudzwa,haa unonyepa denga ndoripinda,2 months dzokuita negotiate naMwari!

  • Xris

    I thnk ths prophecy is pointing at Robert.

  • inoe

    he once prophesised the winning team of 2010 world cup.so now movhundukei regai meso aone nzeve dzinzwe muromo unyarare. Kufa kufa ko imi moda kufe ani

  • Mamzo

    Do not judge 4 u wl be judged according 2 how u judge others. May our God be d judge of dis whole issue. Thank u nd Stay blesd

  • jehovha chikopokopo

    did tb joshua said former old pres?just repent.

  • jehovha chikopokopo

    may be thats why pres tsvangirayi made au turn about when the elections are to be held!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Next Zim Leader

    Of all 54 African Presidents we just had to pick out one…….REALLY!!!!,,, I don’t support nobody but I’m just saying…

  • http://www.zimbabwewatchmen.biz.ly Njini iyabila

    Lets all be careful what we say abt prophets. We can curse ourselves by the way we talk about servants of God. The only way to see a false prophet is when they live an ungodly life, which many of us can not judge TB J as we dont know him.

  • Bubuza

    Tsvangirai dead

  • http://www.zimbabwewatchmen.biz.ly Njini iyabila

    aaaaaaaaaah kasazi

  • Bla Miki 2

    Imi ko Mugabe wacho akafa anebasa reiko. Ko haachafa here, inga ini baba vangu vakafa wani. Chakosha pana Mugabe kana african president chiiko. Handisi evil but if mugabe dies i will be happy anyway…. handisi MuMDC. Asi Pharaoh uyu atitambudza. Iwe kana uchida Mugabe ndewako ko ini handimudi ka. ichoice yangu…

  • The Voice

    Psa_46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

  • waty


  • Papa wemba

    Jongwe remusvuu rorova pasi.batai tisevese.koroenda hakudzokwi.

  • Anonymous

    Here we go,this should finalize the story !

    By Wonai Masvingise and Thelma Chikwanha
    Wednesday, 08 February 2012 12:00

    HARARE – Reports that Temitope Balogun Joshua, a Nigerian prophet using the
    name TB Joshua, has foretold the death of an African president soon have
    raised debate in many African countries including Zimbabwe where ageing
    presidents are still in power.

    TB Joshua, whose prophecies have often come to pass, reportedly made the
    shocking prophecy during a Sunday service this week, according to several
    online reports.

    A Zambian website Tumfweko.com claimed that TB Joshua prophesied this
    message during a Sunday live service broadcast on his Christian television
    channel Emmanuel TV on Sunday, which they monitored.
    A Malawian website Nyasatimes.com also carried the story yesterday.

    TB Joshua is the leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan),
    based in Nigeria.

    Joshua, who commands a large following in Nigeria and beyond, said an
    African leader would die within 60 days. He failed to hint on the location
    of the leader, leaving wild guesses to fly around.

    “God loves us, you should pray for one African head of state, when I say
    President… again the sickness that is likely to take life; sudden death, it
    could be sickness being in the body for a long time but God showed me the
    country and the place but I’m not here to say anything like that.”

    “When it’s too close and there is nothing I can do about it, I’ll mention it
    clear; the place, the country and the person so that they can see what they
    can do to rescue him. Okay, it is very close. Jesus loves us. Wave your
    hand, wave your hand,” TB Joshua was quoted as saying by the online

    His prophecy immediately attracted the attention of Zimbabweans who began
    posting their own conclusions on social networking sites such as Facebook.

    Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, whose leader President Robert Mugabe was
    the subject of unsavoury facebook postings following the “prophesy”, refused
    to comment.

    “I do not believe some of these prophecies of doom,” said Gumbo.

    Mugabe, turning 88 this month, leads Africa’s league of aged leaders
    struggling with reported ill-health.

    In the past, TB Joshua’s aides have been forced to deny some prophecies
    attributed to the “Man of God” although some of his prophecies have been
    proved to be true. The Daily News was yesterday inundated with callers who
    wanted to pass on the “prophecy”.

    The Daily News tried to call Emmanuel TV, TB Joshua’s Television Channel
    yesterday evening but there was no response.

    Other aged African leaders that come to mind are Senegal’s 85-year-old
    Abdoulaye Wade. Once respected as a democrat after spending more than two
    decades as an opposition leader, Wade is ignoring fatal protests by citizens
    opposed to his manoeuvres to run for another seven year term.

    Kenya’s 81-year-old Mwai Kibaki, whose refusal to leave power in 2007 led to
    widespread violence that killed at least 1 200 people, has stated his
    intention not to contest in elections set for August this year.

    Paul Biya of Cameroon is 79 and has ruled for more than three decades and
    has shown no intention of leaving.

    Sadc’s newest president on the block, Zambia’s Michael Sata is an elderly 75
    year-old and has been reported to suffer several ailments.

    One of Zimbabwe’s younger politicians, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai (57)
    has in the past consulted TB Joshua, hoping for some charm.

    TB Joshua is renowned for prophesising the death of pop king Michael
    Jackson, the resignation of Pakistan’s ex- president Pervez Musharraf anԁ
    the rise of the current president of Ghana John Atta Mills, a few weeks
    before the events took place.

    TB Joshua also “predicted” the fall of Cote d’Ivoire dictator Laurent Gbagbo
    last year.

    Apart from Tsvangirai, prominent Zimbabweans known to have visited the
    prophet include Zanu PF politburo women’s affairs secretary Oppah
    Muchinguri, Zifa president Cuthbert Dube and the late musician Tongai Moyo.

    In 2008, Atta Mills also visited SCOAN to seek divine assistance during
    elections in his country.

    The Ghanaian president said in a thanksgiving service following his
    inauguration that TB Joshua had prophesied his victory in the Ghanaian
    polls, specifying there would be three elections and the results would be
    released in January.

    In Zambia and Malawi, there were calls on social networks and some onlines
    to pray for their presidents after TB Joshua’s reported Sunday prophecy.

  • Teleayo

    here’s tb joshua and the scoan’s official response to all these rumours, released today:
    There have been numerous reports flying round the internet and various news media in many African countries for the last few days about what Prophet TB Joshua said on Sunday 5th February about an African president. Different time-frames and false dates, including ‘2 months’ ’60 days’ ‘February 16th’ and ‘April 16th’ have been mentioned. This is to certify and clarify once and for all what Prophet TB Joshua actually said on that day.

    Prophet TB Joshua DID NOT prophesy that an African president would die in 60 days or two months time. He DID NOT mention any specific date or time-frame.
    DO NOT misquote him. DO NOT spread rumours and attribute them to Prophet TB Joshua. Prophet TB Joshua speaks forth only what he hears from God Almighty and it is not to be misquoted, mistreated or misused for one’s own benefit. “You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you” (Deuteronomy 4:2).

    PROPHECIES revealed by God Almighty through Prophet TB Joshua are broadcast LIVE on Emmanuel TV during the Sunday Live Services At The SCOAN.


    THIS is what Prophet TB Joshua prophesied regarding an African head of state:
    “We should pray for one African head of state, president, against sickness that will likely take life. It is a sickness for a long time – being kept in the body for a long time. God showed me the country and the place but I’m not here to say anything like that. I am still praying to God to deliver the president concerned.”

    He did not say more than that. He only said that we should pray for his life to be saved. He did not say that the prophecy was unchangeable. He did not give his name; he did not say when the leader would die; he did not say that the leader must die; he did not give the name of the country the leader was from. He only said that we should pray for him.

    Please let people around you, your friends and colleagues and all who care to listen know what TB Joshua actually said. What a prophet says is not meant for speculation; it is rather a sober encouragement for us all to continue to give ourselves to prayer. We may know that we need God but we may not know how much we really need Him.


  • chaps

    Have dreamed about this aswell ,a well known president has been told to go and he said give me 2more months.no wonder the hurry to hold elections so soon,it’s like choosing your last meal before you hanged.

  • yaya

    PLiz! he did not identify person. Even if this were true it applies to very many leaders so stop zeroing in on one dictator.!!

  • Gweta

    Could it be Robert Mugabe anyway?????

  • Prayerful African

    God Bless Africa.

    If it is true. I pray for salvation for the leader. God is Merciful and seeks that non should perish.

    Lord Jesus you have Africa at the center of your heart. May the death not lead to distraction. But rather turn all eyes to you. Just like Prophet Isaiah, prays, in the year that King Uziah died I saw the Lord. May this be true for us. But than again Lord if it be your will, May you prolong His days, add an extra 10 years. You are the only savior and only Hope for Africa. In Jesus Name Amen

  • pete

    This is what we call cheap journalism.Why don’t we learn to report facts as they are rather than distorting them.There was not even mention of the word dictator in his prophecy so it could be anyone besides why should we keep on speculating.Lets just wait and see when T.B Joshua reveals everything again

  • http://None Tino wasu


  • Jinbo ndimambo Chance

    T.b is a devil,you oll know nigerians will do anything for muny,he wants oll the old president to cum to him n offer him tones of muny to be healed he is a conemun stupid ass.long live bob,vafana vamurikuda pachigaro vane mhomba yemari Ava,nhamo wesi

  • Anonymous

    kwasara 54 days.TB Joshua haapotse,munhu iyeyo atopiwawo mukana wokutendeuka afe zvakanaka

  • dr T

    kwasara 54 days.TB Joshua haapotse,munhu iyeyo atopiwawo mukana wokutendeuka afe zvakanaka

  • http://www.yahoo.com Mupemhe Cheanakirwe

    The TB Joshua Blog

    There have been numerous reports flying round the internet and various news media in many African countries for the last few days about what Prophet TB Joshua said on Sunday 5th February about an African president. Different time-frames and false dates, including ‘2 months’ ’60 days’ ‘February 16th’ and ‘April 16th’ have been mentioned. This is to certify and clarify once and for all what Prophet TB Joshua actually said on that day.
    Prophet TB Joshua DID NOT prophesy that an African president would die in 60 days or two months time. He DID NOT mention any specific date or time-frame.
    DO NOT misquote him. DO NOT spread rumours and attribute them to Prophet TB Joshua. Prophet TB Joshua speaks forth only what he hears from God Almighty and it is not to be misquoted, mistreated or misused for one’s own benefit. “You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you” (Deuteronomy 4:2).
    THIS is what Prophet TB Joshua prophesied regarding an African head of state:
    “We should pray for one African head of state, president, against sickness that will likely take life. It is a sickness for a long time – being kept in the body for a long time. God showed me the country and the place but I’m not here to say anything like that. I am still praying to God to deliver the president concerned.”
    He did not say more than that. He only said that we should pray for his life to be saved. He did not say that the prophecy was unchangeable. He did not give his name; he did not say when the leader would die; he did not say that the leader must die; he did not give the name of the country the leader was from. He only said that we should pray for him.

  • Schigumula

    Believe it or not, but God has spoken!…don’t touch the anointed man of God!

  • jojo

    Guyz zvinhu izvi zvinoitika kana mubhaibheri chaimo zvirimo apo muprofita aienda kunotaura shoko rerufu kumunhu. remember Hezekia was told by Isaiah that he is going to die. Kana zviri zvaJehova varume sudurukai kani asi kana zviri zvavanhu nemweya yetsvina hazvina simba. Leave it for God alone.

  • Bongani mokoena

    Thanks God now , the time is now to see can the asian muthi go beyond killing our leaders, but now i think if this is Josua’s dream ,it is a dream he will wake up in 60days . as for Mugabe may the Lord have mercy and keep you beyond 2013. i am sick of people who say things for themself yet turn it as God’s say. Josua umuthi (ikhambi) wakho uyapupha!!

  • http://www.google.com Sadevwe

    Thank mupembe fo yo comment

  • Grace

    ndafara chaizvo kunzwa izvi. at last

  • leonard s

    if it is true we shall see and it is said africa not only zimbabwe

  • Lucy Albersen

    I have listen 2 TB Joshua and know that he is a mam of GOD he has the fruit of the spirit you see GOD in him. He is humble kind loving honest and always gives GOD ALMIGHTY all the praise because he know that without the Power of the Holy Spirit he can do nothing. people hell is a real place and so is heaven choose who you will serve GOD or satan . If we come to GOD in any other name but JESUS we will not make heaven our home.

  • http://Petermagumo@yahoo.Com Magumo Peter

    We are just wait & see as god is the answer peopel has their on vews but God jge us

  • http://facebook.com/tinotenda.samapundo Tinotenda Samapundo

    Ecclesiastes 1vs9 That which has been is what will be that which is done is wat will be done and there is nothng new under the sun

  • million james

    ndokupengaka,Mwari chete ndivo vanopa nekutora upenyu hwemunhu,suden death o no suden death,aids or health,accident or old age.Kwete zvatavakunwa izvi,ifundraising chete kumakereke oko

  • anonymous

    2 Kings 20:1 In those days Hezekiah became ill and was at the point of death. The prophet Isaiah son of Amoz went to him and said,
    “This is what the LORD says: Put your house in order,
    because you are going to die; you will not recover.”

  • addie

    MALAWI president dies~!

  • Mbuya


  • Johnson Nenty

    Exactly as the Man of God, Prophet T B Joshua of SCOAN prophesied. Those who do not believe in this prophet of God and hence blaspheme against him have no, or have lost their spiritual bearing and their opportunity to feast on the tremendous investment God has made on him through which many souls are being saved. While he gives out thousands and millions to the poor and needy other general overseers use God’s millions to satisfy their selfish earthly lust especially of flying personal jet planes far far over the heads of the poor they are overseeing. Yet they and their cronies have the audacity of condemning this Man of God


    Lets give respect to the son of god T B Joshua,He is a real prophet.

  • Enipher

    As a christian I do respect the man of God Prophet T B Joshua and his prophecies. You know the Bible says” where there is no vision, people perish ” every time he brings out the revelation he urges people to pray so that God can have mercy upon us but people don’t pray and yet we wait for a miracle from God to happen. One thing we fail about God is that we do pray after the thing has happened instead of praying for the issue before it takes place. Fellow children of God let’s pray always and stop speaking against men of God!