Zuma Seeks Regional Consensus on Zimbabwe Elections

By VOA news

Lindiwe Zulu, foreign affairs adviser to South African President Jacob Zuma, says Zimbabweans must also own the electoral process though Pretoria is seeking regional support for an electoral road map
South African President Jacob Zuma has widened his consultation in drafting an election road map for Zimbabwe, drawing in fellow Southern African Development Community leaders in a move seen as intended to press for faster reform in Harare.
Sources said Mr. Zuma has already opened talks with the three principals in the Harare unity government – President Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara – on the way forward.


mugabe-tsvangiraiSouthern African diplomatic sources told VOA that they do not want a repeat of the 2008 elections which were deeply marred by violence and alleged vote rigging.

They said the regional leadership is particularly concerned in light of developments in Ivory Coast where incumbent Laurent Gbagbo has refused to step down after losing a presidential election, and want a Zimbabwe road map with a clear exit strategy.

The regional diplomats said Mr. Zuma is seeking the support of his counterparts in the region, who are said to have become exasperated by the bickering in Harare.

SADC and Southern African sources said the roadmap would be modelled along the lines of the regional bloc’s Mauritius principles and guidelines governing elections.

The so-called 2004 Grand Baie Guidelines call for the full participation of citizens in the political process, freedom of association, political tolerance and equal opportunity for all political parties to access state-controlled media.

Zuma international relations advisor Lindiwe Zulu told VOA Studio 7 reporter Blessing Zulu that Zimbabweans themselves must also own the electoral process.

Zimbabwe Election Support Network Chairman Tinoziva Bere said Mr. Zuma is on the right track.

Some political analysts caution however that whatever the intentions of SADC leaders, the grouping lacks a mechanism to enforce its principles if they are violated, unlike the Economic Community of West Africa which has been known to intervene forcefully.

But Bere said SADC needs no military force to compel compliance as mere denunciation of a rigged election and shunning its winner is enough to produce results.

Elsewhere, Zimbabwean Minister of Parliamentary and Constitutional Affairs Eric Matinenga said he will not be rushed into turning out a constitution that is not all it should be simply because some are intent on holding elections this year.

Matinenga, a member of the Movement for Democratic Change formation of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri there is no way the country can short-cut making a proper constitution for the sake of holding early elections.

He said work on the new constitution will resume next week.

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  • Thokozile

    wena Zuma.amaLeaders leSouth africa are useless.

    the same tired rethoric year in year out.
    Zimbabwe will only know peace when the gukurahundists are help accountable!

  • SaManyika

    Iron age language. We need real maturity.

  • Guvnor


  • Mutororo Akachinja Maitiro

    About time yekouna SADC ichiratidza mutsauko. Panofanira kusimbiswa mutemo unotibatsira kuti benzi ririkurambira pachigaro chaPresident irorakasoruza ma election ribviswe nekukurumidza nyika yedu yeZimbabwe isati yanyanya kuparadzwa.

  • king solomon offspring

    thokozile dont be a racist despite everyone is angry on gukurahundists

  • Bla Miki

    Thokozile, whatever thast means in your language, please be warned that Zanu PF will never be a colony again. You are very silly, you dont think using your brains but your ass. You seem to suggest that regional leaders are the same same old whatever, can you tell me the difference here? If we call the the United Nations to intervene, isnt it Britain, US, France and Australia? Is that not also the same old boring song, save the fact that they would be anti Zanu PF? ZveGukurahundi yamunoramba muchitaura, murikuda a replay of the same here tikurovei futi? Just start it once more naicho Dabengwa chenyu muone zvatinokuitai? Mafuza evanhu

  • Mutororo Akachinja Maitiro

    Zvawataura Bla Miki zviripachena kuti chimusangano chenyu ndeche ma murderers chinotungamirirwa nemhondi huru Mugabe. Shuwa after maThousands akawanda kudaro evavhu vamakaponda ungarambe uchi bhosta kuti munozvidzokorora. Vana venyoka sababa wenyu ane mwoyo wenyoka.

  • Bla Miki

    Iwe katsi inozviti mutororo akatengesa, zveshuwa iwe urimbwa ine muswe wewaya iwe. Wanzwa here zvandiri kutaurira imbwa sewe iyo inonzi Thokozile? Ini ndiri kutomutsiura kuti gukurahundi yamunoramba muchingotaura yakapera kudhara chinangwa chenyu ndechei? Munoda kuitanga zvakare here sekuitanga kwamakamboita? l am trying to warn her/him/it that should you harbour any feeling of starting yet another civil war, Zanu PF will not sit and relax, we will box you in and out and to your satisfaction. The point is, such misguided elements like Thokozile and yourself will always try to fool people that gukurahundi started from nowhere, killing innocent people for no apparent reason. No, that nonsense, it started when we discovered your tribalistic tendances, when you started butchering shona speaking people in Matebeleland and Midlands. Why dont you want to speek about that? Wasnt your dissident war headed by this Dabengwa l have mentioned? Saka hurumende yaifanirwa kuita sei pakadai nhaiwe mbiti? Be balanced and stop waffling nonsense, fool.

  • Riman

    SADC is toothless; it cannot have a backbone like ECOWAS. This statement is nothing new.
    How can Zimbabweans ‘own the electoral process’ when we have the results stolen by the few because they have guns?
    Can you answer that? Did we not win the elections and yet ended up in a political settlement heavily biased against us?

  • Mutororo Akachinja Maitiro

    Bla Miki ungandituke hako kuti ndirimbwa but hazvichinje fact yekuti you admitted to massacre of so many people as well as threaten to repeat it and kuti mutungamiri wenyu Mugabe wamuno bhosta naye aponda vanhu vakawanda after independence kupfuura vakafa nehondo. Zvinorwadza sei kuti vana General Tongogara ma genuine Liberators vakarwira kuti vanhu vasungunuke asi nhasi wese anongo taura an opposing view because of corruption ne incompetence yeZanu anodimburwa musoro. You label me a tribalist for your information ndiri muZezuru from the hot spot of Mashonaland.

  • Bla Miki

    Problem yako iwe mudzakutsaku ndeyekuti hauteerere zvandiri kutaura. Yes, agreed, people were later slaughtered in their numbers in Midlands and Matebeleland soon after the discovery of dissident activities spearheaded by none other than your Dumiso Dabengwa, Gwasela and company. Many of those people killed were guilt of habouring dissidents in their homes, making it difficult for the security forces to distinguish ordinery citizens against dissidents and hence the massacre. In such a situation, the security forces did a commendable job. In Afghanstan, not only people have perished in search of Bin Laden, even mountains, deserts and forests have been destroyed by the mighty American forces, one of the so called leading democratic nations. Millions have perished in Afghanstan and Iraq and yet you people continue to speak about a post independance conflict instigated by yourselves. Saka ndati murimbwa baba mutoro wekubhaiza

  • choyachatsva

    thanks bla miki for bashing this fool mutororo akachinja maitiro nekupusa. always making baseless arguments, fool.the security forces are there to protect people whereas in the process they cannot distinguish who is a dissident or not, so discipline must be applied to rogue elements. it was a job well done by our president and the security forces to bring peace to the citizens of zimbabwe, peace loving country. chimboedzai na chematama the same thing will happen.

  • Mutororo Akachinja Maitiro

    Imbwa dzakapusa ndimi nokuti Mugabe wenyu iyeye arikukuurayayi senhunzi even muZanu PF macho imi nokupusa kwenyu muchisoromunata at the end of the day okuitai maNational Hero. How many people buried at national heroes acre dead before or after independence died a clean death without Mugabe’s hand in it? Why not agree pane chokwadi for once in your life time.
    Mhondi dzevanhu. Munofunga kanamuri vanu veZanu mava vana mwari here? Richakudokerai gore rino.

  • Guvnor

    They talk peace but have murder in their hearts. Bloody minded useless zanu party you will surely loose the coming elections Zimbabweans have had enough of your thieving and usurping of national assets.