Sizzla defends police-brutalised Zimbabwe Fans


    Dancehall star Sizzla Kaljoni (pictured) defended fans as they were beaten by police during his Friday performance at president Robert Mugabe’s 86th birthday gala in Bulawayo.

    Sizzla was welcomed on stage by the usual adoring cheers, and allegedly, extreme crowd violence as several fans toppled it in an effort to get closer to the Jamaican legend.

    As RadioJamaica reports, riot police at the birthday bash, responded by brutally beating many of the seemingly rowdy fans. Ugly and escalating violence between both civilian and law enforcement officials ensued. So dramatic was the scene, in fact, that it brought Sizzla’s performance to a halt. Only after Sizzla called for calm and asked the police to stop the beatings did the show, as it always must, go on. (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

    • Roja

      Sizzla sings for terror

    • Chando Leeds

      Use your music to spread the revolutionary message, just like the lateBob Marley,2pac,Malcom X,Martin Luther king and the living legend Leo Mohammed.Cmon brother sing until the message encores all all Africa and those who hear will liberate Africa not only Zimbabwe from neo-colonialism or imperialism of the West and American.Get up stand up.Stand up for your rights.Don’t give up the Fight. Help Mugabe to spread the word bro, that Zimbabwe is a sovereign state and does not need outside interference and for people to lecture us on how to run our own economy. Peace brother!!

    • http://Nyasaland Matteo

      Yes Breheren&Sistren,great Zimbabwe walls remains ancient rocks,when they saw Zimbabwe they thought it the phonesians,or chinese.But is it was just me and you,who gathered these ancient rocks.inorder to build Zimbabwe Black man has to stand up,not what the Presidents can do for us,but we can do for our countries.Its just we who can build it.

    • http://Nyasaland Andrew Juwawo

      Keep’t up.Reegae music unites Africa.It ignites and inspires African sons and daughters.Police is a white man in a black mans skin.we naah go jail again.

    • http://mine T

      independent Zimbabwe for life
      independent Cuba for life
      independent Venezuela for lIfe
      independent Haiti
      The UN supports and protects (in its ideal and Charter) the sovereignty of free states and the UN (in its ideal and Charter) supports and protects all nation-states against attacks of imperialists such as the united states and israel and/or the European Community.

      Rastafari is about equal rights and justice for all regardless of color, class, race, or nationality. Rastafari is non-partial. No partiality.

      African for Africans, Europe for Europeans, Asia for Asians, “america” for Indigenous nations…

    • D angzz

      dem wish dem coulda jomp in our face,Rasta Livity mi brethren and sestrens nuff luv fi de yutes,outa mi say