Sekeramayi “behind Mutinhiri farm invasion”


by thezimbabwean

Hundreds of armed “war veterans” and party militia invaded Tracy Mutinhiri’s Waltendall Farm on Saturday, allegedly at the behest of Zanu (PF) Minister of State Security and Senator Marondera-Wedza, Sydney Sekeramayi.

Once a close family friend, Sekeremayi has also been accused of engineering Muthinhiri’s divorce from her husband Ambrose.

“It is an open secret in Zanu (PF) circles that Sekeramayi was instrumental in the unfortunate split of the Mutinhiri family. We are not surprised to learn that his hand is behind the attempted invasion of Tracy’s farm. He hates her personally – this has nothing to do with politics,” said a top Zanu (PF) insider.

More than 1 000 militia drawn from across the province and led by a self-styled war veteran who identified himself as Chizema, descended on the farm armed with an assortment of traditional weapons such as axes, spears and catapults.

“We have been sent by honourable, Sekeramayi, to kill the rebellious Mutinhiri and farm workers sympathetic to her. We would also set on fire harvested farm produce such as tobacco, maize crop and confiscate beasts at the farm. Mutinhiri is no longer Zanu (PF). If she wants a farm she would be allocated one by her newlyfound ally, MDC,” Chizema told The Zimbabwean at the farm, 10 kilometres out of Marondera.

Sydney Sekeramayi

Mutinhiri’s personal police guards stationed at the farm and riot police from Marondera drove the thugs away.

The attempted farm seizure comes barely a week after Mutinhiri unmasked CIO operatives at Dhirihori School who allegedly wanted to eliminate her. Recently, Mutinhiri escaped a CIO attempt to spray her eyes with a blinding substance.

“We will stop at nothing in our bid to destroy Mutinhiri’s political career. She violated Zanu (PF) code of conduct by her non partisan politics through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects which benefited families from across the political divide in Chief Svosve area. Sekeramayi was not happy to see MDC benefiting from the income generating projects,” said one of the militia leaders who did not realise was talking to a reporter.

Zanu (PF) insiders said Sekeramayi was disturbed by the popularity gained by Mutinhiri.

“She has suddenly become so popular that she would easily retain the Parliamentary Seat even if she decided to stand as an independent candidate in the coming elections. Sekeramayi preferred party provincial security officer, Lawrence Katsiru, for the constituency legislative candidature”, said a Zanu (PF) insider.

Ambrose Mutinhiri, a former ZNA brigadier, is Zanu (PF) Member of Parliament for Marondera West.

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