SADC Summit: Mozambique President Demands Zimbabwe Election Debate


INTERNATIONAL-stripMozambique’s President and outgoing SADC chairperson, Armando Guebuza has demanded that Zimbabwe’s elections dispute be tabled for discussions during the current SADC summit in Lilongwe.

This emerged amid denials in the local media reports which claimed that the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation said the Zimbabwe issue is not at all on the summit’s agenda.

President Jacob Zuma who has carried a SADC mandate to oversee political processes in Zimbabwe revealed Zimbabwe would be discussed at the summit which begins Saturday morning. He stated this as he arrived at Kamuzu International Airport in the Malawi’s capital Lilongwe, I don’t know yet the issues to be discussed so I can’t say anything now. But am sure there are several issues to be discussed it’s not only Zimbabwe,” said Jacob Zuma following reports by two Lilongwe based sources close to the summit.

But in a separate interview Zuma had also revealed he and other leaders had been expecting the elections to be merely free and peaceful.
“South Africa was appointed by SADC to facilitate in Zimbabwe starting from the previous elections. We were working for the election to be peaceful, to be free and I think that has happened but of course we will be receiving the report from those we had sent as SADC to monitor the election and I am sure they will give us the report,” Zuma said.

The SADC leaders’ meeting is expected to discuss and communicate on a wide range of regional issues including the appointment of a new leadership for the regional bloc’s secretariat.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has dismissed the election results after which he obtained backing from Botswana President Ian Khama who has demanded SADC to order a forensic audit of the electoral process. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe’s opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party has withdrawn its legal challenge of the elections. Spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora says they didn’t expect fair treatment from the Constitutional Court on an appeal over elections that the electoral commission said President Robert Mugabe won by a large margin.

  • Shiellah Sibanda

    Even if SADC Leaders discuss the Zimbabwe election,I don’t see any difference or changes I what we are facing now because these are the very people who saw and know what happened during these elections,and never pointed out any irregularities,so now what are they going to discuss besides saying,the election was free and fair as they did so on 31st of July when all when the issues were being raised.They were on the ground but turned a blond eye and a deaf ear to all concerns bring raised.I don’t think we should expect anything pleasing from their discussion except to hear them pouring out congratulatory messages to Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF.So discussed or not the situation remains the same for poor Zimbabweans -no democracy.

  • BMarsMars

    God is the answer no matter what people say ot think. If its God’s will it will come to exist. Mr Tsvangison wait for God’s time, God bless Mr Gugabe this is your time, in Jesus name.

  • Bla Miki

    I think its logical for the regional bloc to discuss the Zimbabwean issue and put this matter to rest. It is important that they do a post mortem of their efforts, do checks and balances and more importantly, congratulate President J Zuma for his mediation role, congratulate themselves for being able to rise above the challenge and then congratulate the ultimate winner, President Mugabe and Zanu Pf. The matter will then be sealed and done.

  • Kamudhosvo

    It is important for Sadc to evaluate their GNU roadmap and see what impedements obstructed the achievement of the determined goals.

  • kabasa

    President Jacob Zuma rushed to declare the just ended Zim election becoz he nolonger wants to be the mediator.He Mugabe doesn’t respect or listen to zuma’s advice.The truth is the elections were rigged

  • Walter

    South Africa is the biggest beneficiary of Zimbabwe’s brain drain, so naturally they enjoy the chaos that a ZANU government brings and of course it means that the young professionals working in SA will stay put! SA will endorse Mugabe for its own selfish reasons!

  • Bla Miki

    Guys, please explain to me, who is this Kamutuzvi / Kamudhodhi alias Kamudhosvo? I always confuse him/it with Lucifer, refer to his photo inserted above. Or maybe he just one of the many MDC T idiots?

  • Quanella

    Kana maavenues ese aramba totoita simudzai maoko tiverengane coz secret ballot yaligiwa naLITA Makalawu neMOSSAD

  • Mukadota

    Bla Miki your annoyance with Kamudhosvo shows that your underdeveloped brain cells are no match as they are designed for tree swinging primates like you. Kikikiki reasoning capacity yako is maone, you talk as if the sun rises from your anus.

  • jongwe ratiza risina musoro

    Mugabe aona moto imboko.

  • zimbabwebo grieved

    chokwadi chichazvirwira munhu akaita chivi ichi hana yake inozviziva. Hapada court hapadi sadc. Zvichabuda chete

  • Guvnor

    Shoddy decisions have consequences even the SADC leaders know they can not be associated with a false “landslide victory

  • Mukadota

    Mugabe is a dirty old man, should be treated with disdain and contempt he deserves. He is worse than a paedophile who thinks raping and brutalising a minor is equated as consensual intercourse.

  • zimbabwebo grieved

    pray 4 zim. Pharaoh persecuted isralites but he ended up in a humiliating defeat all his fame and his soldiers drown under the red sea

  • Chiri Pakati

    Why is it that people want other people to be like them? Mukadota/ Kamudhosvo, please look at yourselves. Your ideas of democracy seem to me to be as rotten and do not meet what democracy is really about.Kamudhosvo seems to be a racist idiot, who only preaches democracy when it really suits him. Shame!!. Zimbabwe is slowly becoming a democratic society serve for these pretentious democratic self centred individuals like Mukadota. Remember all the words that we frequently use are relative and never absolute. Wake up guys.

  • Cde Molica

    Thank God to those who advised Tsvangira to withdraw the petition. It wz a sheer waste of time. To tell u the truth, u lost. What did n’t realise is tht people deserted u ws. Yo social lyf as a leader leaves a lot to b desired. U need go bek to drawing board.

  • Ndarwadziwa

    My question is,why did Zuma rush to declare the elections as free and fair,how educated is Zuma?

  • Guvnor

    The leadership of SADC know that zanu muppets and their policies are bad for business and economic growth, they understand that the region needs policies which create more jobs and foster faster growth. It clearly doesn’t pay them to foster a failed state within SADC.

  • Bla Miki

    Oh, many thanks Chiri Pakati for such a brilliant observation and comment about Mukadog and Kamusvodog. This MDC T idiots will remain in denial while the freedom train moves on. The CHITONGAI TIONE notion doesn’t apply this time around. My challenge to the deluded Makadog is, why is the MDC T so obsessed with KUTONGA? Is it not that the people are the ones who makes decisions and the government simply implements? We elect councilors and MPs so that they can represent us in forwarding our ideas to government and öt kuti vatitonge, they are our servants. This then exposes you as power hungry idiots, fools.

  • Hove

    Tsvangirayi was wast our tym for a long tym couz the only thing that he have to know is he is not gonna be the leader of Zimbabwe if Mugabe is still alive nothing to discas

  • Kamudhosvo

    @bandit miki this is an honor to call you by your professional occupation of being a bandit than bla. My full name is Lethal Talon Kamudhosvo. Dont call me names ok

  • NdooPolitics Dzacho

    All peace loving Zimbabweans and the whole wide world who know all that VaMugabe did for all races in Zimbabwe should congratulate him on his landslide victory irregardless of whether he stole it or won it fairly. Here is a recap for those of u who might have forgotten or do not know what vaMugabe did; i) when the first democratic elections were held in this country (1980) and results were coming in from the different provinces, indications were an outright victory for vaMugabe. The Rhodesians had least wanted nor expected this. Consequently they started putting up their properties for sale. Mr. Mugabe rightly interpreted this panic disposition of properties to mean flight for fear of retribution for the terrible/nefarious sins committed against poor villagers and other black civillians by them Rhodesians. In response Mr. Mugabe phoned Ian Smith (the notorious terrorist) to come for a meeting at Mr.Mugabe’s transit res in Mt. Pleasant. In that meeting Ian Smith was so amazed by who he met: a well meaning and very humane gentleman instead of a perceived blood thirst savage. Mr. Mugabe explained that the purpose of his invite was to alay fears. Rhodies had the skills, the capital and experience needed to keep the economy functioning. As a real honest gentleman Mr. Mugabe was humble enough to acknowledge that he was going to inherit a Jewel in Africa from the Rhodies and therefore there would be room for everyone in his new nation accross color and racial lines. NO ONE WAS GOING TO BE PUNISHED FOR THEIR SINS DURING THE WAR. BLANKET PARDON!! Considering how very, very badly the Rhodies had sinned against us (they knew this themselves very well too) this Blanket Pardon relieved the Rehodies of sooooo much pressure and anxiety until their kith and kin in the West hailed it a Miracle. When VaMugabe took office as Premier here is how he validated his promise of reconcilliation: Chairperson of the RCFU D. Norman appointed Minister of agric (fullproof there will be no take over of farms) RCIO boss K. Flower appointed CIO boss of zim. (assurance that the seret service in zim wld nt be used clandestinely to track down war offenders) D. Smith appointed Min of Ind and Commerce (assurance that no companies wld be nationalized) Terrorist # 1 : P. Walls appointed overall commander of the new ZDF (assurance the army would not be used to avenge blacks for sins commmited against them by Rhodies.) ii) Up until 1999 at the formation of the MDC, President Mugabe was using executive power to give Ministerial positions to Rhodies. Dr. Stamps was the last such person. Becoz Rhodhies were nonchallant towards Zim Politics, vaMugabe wld appoint them as non constituency members of parliament, (in order to give them Minst. Positions) since they never took part in elections at all and at no levels whatsoever. All this was so vaMugabe could show Rhodies how much he valued them and desired their input for the gud of Zim.
    Amazingly when the MDC was formed all RHODIES and the West were the major funders of it! My Big question to blacks (ignorumases) and Rhodies (shame on u!) and Imperialist Western or Worsetern backers of the MDC-T is this: What do you find in Morgan for the gud of Zim that Mugabe lacked? What should he have done to eraise your suspicion and earn your love and respect? I for think, vaMugabe did much more than enough and even if he were to steal the election he is ijustifiable Because your support (Worsetern countries and Rhodies) smells of a Big Rat! Kana akabirira maelections aya akaitira vatema zvakanaka nekuti MDC kutengesa nyika back kuvapambevhu!!! Nxa!??

  • Greyhora

    Kabiyasi yemunhu Bla Dog, you are relishing your empty victory, pretending the people have “power”, all the while you deny them a vote during elections and manufacture phoney victories, just so you can keep stealing from the people and expand your fleet of luxury cars instead of serving the people. Nxaa munotinyadzisa mhani, bloody vampires!

  • Blessings

    Guys every Zimknows that these elections were rigged using the voters roll thus why Zanu is using propaganda in e tv so that pple w believe eir victory,Tsangirai did right by withdrawing his case bcz e Zim court was to judge in fovour of zanu,Khama is a great man who stand for e truth but okufuze likwazi yikuthi zanu had loosed too much money rigging so it wont just be quite and be relaxed isadc inga judger in fovour of mdc,,,,eso pple r geared even for anything

  • Mukadota

    Bla Miki and your sidekick Chiripakati we thank you for parading your stupidity. For starters if dimwits like you acknowledge that Zimbabwe is slowly becomming a democracy……then we can all agree that we have never been a democracy and thanks to the MDC. Secondly in Bla Miki’s twisted view of things to allege that MDC is power hungry is laughable. Power should be vested in the people not in an individual or partisan institutions. MDC has always tried to remove the tentacles of dictatorship from every aspect of our arms of state,so as to allow independence, fairness and justice to prevail. We now have a new constitution and what we need is a leader who will respect every statute and article. For 33 years we have had a one single man traumatise and frustrate a populace for the sake of power.

  • zimbabwebo grieved

    the only thing which worries us is how can a democratic veteran (33years in power) if he really is democratic and caring to the children of soil. HOW CAN HE RIG LIKE THAT. The whole country is mourning how can an old man like him be that mercyless. Many graduates are vendors selling air time. Against people’s want he keeps on saying “i scored ” singing same old songs which paralyse the economy chasing away potential investors. Thats inhuman i tell u. To prove your goodness chimbopaiwo vamwe tionewo huipi hwavo. Pakubira apa ndopatishamisa izvi zviri pachena kuti pakabirwa

  • Bla Miki

    Thanks again and again Cde Ndopolitics Dzacho, manyatso radanura chaizvo chaizvo sezvazviri. Kungoti this bunch of gays led by Mukadog, Gaygodzva and now this latest bastard Kamusvodog, because of the annal screw, will never hear or see any evil in their sellout MDC T party. These bafoons would rather die having sex man to man than listern to logic. And you Kamuduzvi, haumbotyisa kana one time bhambi.

  • pat Ndlovu

    I’m still waiting 4 someone 2 tell me wat makes some pple think another party wwld nt bring chaos 2 zimbabwe.wat makes them so sure?

  • http://Yahoo Peter Matibiri

    I have been following comments on most topics that a raised for discussion on zimeye. What is worrying me is the level of insults raised by the so called Bla Mik. Why is he always angry and insulting Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai like any other Zimbabwe has the right to oppose a system he does not agree with just like bla miki does. If mugabe fought fo democracy then didnt he fight so the people like Tsvangirai could enjoy, participate and practise it. Did bla miki wanted us to do it his way. Tsvangirai is not the first person to do it neither will he be the last. What i think is most important is how we do it. If anybody tries to unseat an incumbent he should allowed to do so and the voters should decide his/her fate. Mugabe should expect to be contested by people who think they can do a better job than him. If he performs as badly as he has been doing during Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina and most elections where is butchering Zimbabweans and calling those episodes “moments of madness” then he should not expect us to vote for a person who rules us when he is mad. The corruption that we see in this country is due to poor governance. Its only those who benefit from corrupt systems who want to perpetuate it. Where is diamond money. Kana ikabuda ikozvino nekuti zanu yawinner then it will show who the real traitors are. Ikasabuda then its looting continued. Saka u revolutionary hwacho huri payi. We a waiting to see the miracles zanu pf promised during the elections. If they dont come the expect heavyor contest next election. Tsvangirai is just the face of the revolution to remove zanu pf. The real enemy are the people who a fed up of mediocrity. Mugabe knows it, that why he uses force and rigging to retain power.

  • kuMhata kwa Bla Miki

    bla miki uri Dhodhi haufunge nxaaaaaaaaa

  • Chatikobo

    Dont waste yo time and energy trying to knock sense into the pigish brainwashed head of bla miki(mouse). He is a half literate Mupedzanhamo second clothes vendor who belongs to the notorious chipangano outfit. He knows nothing about democracy or good governance, only praise singing and bootlicking to retain his vending table

  • gold price

    Zimbabweans went to the polls on Wednesday to vote in council, assembly and presidential elections. Membe congratulated the Zimbabwean people for turning up in large numbers to exercise their democratic right.He urged political parties and citizens to uphold peace and stability across the country. “Be patient and calm as you wait for the results.”Membe appealed to political parties not to resort to violence, but to instead take the matter to a court of law or settle it through negotiations.He added that under the circumstances, these elections went well.Meanwhile, earlier the African Union also endorsed the Zimbabwean elections as free and peaceful. The SADC Observer Mission’s final report on the elections will be released within 30 days of the results being announced.

  • Gordon Reynolds

    Most of the African leaders are crooks including Mugabe the sooner the people reject them the better.

  • NdooPolitics Dzacho

    I had expected a comment from MDC-T supporters to my earlier article. Bla Miki do not debase yourselfuchituka nekutaura zvinonyadzisira. Pres Mugabe aptly stated it when he said ‘worse/lower than animals’. Saka Blamiki ukatukana navo unozopedzisira waeenzana navo. Ngatinwei kuti vanodaira vachitii kune zvandareva padenga apo? Muna Moregan muneyi chinoita kuti mabhunu amude chavanoti vMugabe havana kuita?

  • Guvnor

    The zanu muppets have opened a pandora’s box with the “landslide electoral victory”. These elections were supposed to bring closure to the transitional gnu, but instead have brought more questions than answers observers and those that witnessed the process. This is further as exemplified by Mozambique’s demand for a debate to clarify the many concerns.

  • zimbabwebo grieved

    gold price . Let of tel u we dont need sadc au endorsement we zimbabweans know very well that zanu can not bit mdc even if endorsed by the whole world zanu rigged. This z day light robbery

  • zimbabwebo grieved

    the rigging method used is so mysterious. We may fail to produce overwhelming proofs evidence. That does not remove the fact that zanu rigged. They used super wisdom,intelligency and cunningness. If the can use the same method 2 purge corruption and to build zimbabwe we will be the most developed country in africa. Kune mbavha dzakawanda dzakangwara dzisingabatwi nemhosva kucourt

  • Mwanawevhu

    How on earth can Zanu PF APPARENT party PROBLEM turn out to be acceptable national problem. Zimbabweans as nation have always been fairly capable of imagining MORE THAN ONE POSSIBILITY for state president, in 40 years, the Zanu PF problem. Elections results fairly reflective of the majority sentiment would have reflected the majority consen sus emphatic constitutional statement against presidential candidate seeking 3rd term in office. Otherwise Zimbabweans en masse are here potrayed as AT BEST abstruse lot. On the other hand no rational remains for taking future political disputes for resolution by SADC or AU.

  • leo

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  • David Butau

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