Rhodesian Drums beat against Mugabe |OPINION|


The below poem was written by a certain Alf Hutchison and the title was later changed from Zimbabwean Drums to Rhodesian Drums.

The drums are calling you old man, and grow louder by the day.

They are calling you to judgment, it’s now your time to pay,

For the wrongs you’ve done Zimbabwe, the trust which you betrayed.Mugabe-worried

So hear those drums a pounding, hear well, and be afraid!

The drums are calling you old man, and grow louder by the day.

For The cries of those you murdered, simply will not pass away,

In a land we called Rhodesia, Twas truly ‘God’s own land’,

You trashed it with your gluttony and evil thieving hand.

The drums are calling you old man, and grow louder by the day,

You starved your kinfolk of their food; the meek, your favored prey,

With all your years of tyranny and lavish trips abroad.

Their proud heritage you squandered, through patronage and fraud.

The drums are calling you old man; and grow louder by the day

For your fellow brothers in Africa, are now ashamed to say.

That Cholera, poverty and starvation, are the heritage you’ve left.

But help won’t come from cowardly Africa; it will come now from the West.

The drums are calling you old man, and grow louder by the day;

Twas not the world that brought you down, but Christians who could pray.

God heard the prayers of His saints to stop you in your pride,

The gates of hell, I believe, are broad and high and wide

The drums are calling you old man, and grow louder by the day,

The drums have sound their verdict; listen well to what they say,

For they foretell of your demise, and they have much to tell.

So hear the drums, old man, and listen to them well.

The drums are calling you old man, and grow louder by the day

Your ‘war vets’ will abandon you, to flee another way

Now listen to those drums old man their message is not vague

They are pounding out across the world “We’ll see you in the Hague!!”
By Alf Hutchison inspired by an unnamed e mail

(ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

  • Morgan Tsvangirai

    You see what I mean when I say the Rhodesians create problems for me. Now they say Zimbabwe was given to them by God. So God in his wisdon made the country of Zimbabwe in the heart of Africa occupied by black Zimbabwean for the white british thieves led by Cecil John Rhodes to name Rhodesia and to pocket and loot its wealth? This is blasphemy because you imply the God we believe in is a crook like the western mortals.

    So HE created black Zimbabweans to surrender and tend the land for the whites so they could enjoy the heritage bestowed natuarally to the Zimbabwean African people?

    “But help won’t come from cowardly Africa; it will come now from the West.”

    And people think even our African institutions should be serving them not Africans. They want SADC to say black Zimbabweans are stealing land from whites? Trying to twist who the complainant and defendant?

    You see what I tell you about the mentality of these people? As far as they are concerned the African blackman has no right to any legacy in his country because that belongs to white civilisation?

    Wait and see South Africans cvlaim their natuaral heritage in the form of land. There is nothing Alf Hutchison and his Pioneer column drum beaters will do about it.

    People like Alf Hutchison should realise the belong to Zimbabwe and nothing will change that, not even me as President of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.

    Try to send another “Pioneer Column” but remember last time people had spears and you grandfathers had guns.

    This time people have their own AK 47s and a company that makes rounds for them, see the change in dynamics?

  • Anonymous

    Of course, the rhodies did not stop fighting in 1980 when britain gave zanu pf Zimbabwe. Instead they pursued a deadly cold war, compounded by zanu pf misrule and the developments in lybia, this country is on its way back to the control of the selous scout. If anything happens its because the mass is fed up of the current regime. But in so doing the mass will effectively play into the hands of the selous scout.

  • McPaul

    Come on, its common sense, the Rhodesians with their infrastucture that worked,law and order, hospitals and schools are never coming back to Zimbabwe, they are too scattered round the world, and besides there is nothing to go back to.
    Mugabe will die and probably go down where he belongs, another dictator will take his place and so the cycle continues. The continuing influx of Chinese nationals into Africa may eventually change the situation in Zimbabwe but this will probably be detrimental to the black African poplulations.

  • Morgan Tsvangirai

    Very good McPaul- the “system” of you rhodesians staying away from Zimbabwe forever should continue. Make yourselves comfortable where your ancestors came from and leave Zimbabweans to their “disorder” or whatever you want to call it.

  • Dumiso Dabengwa

    Wena McPaul you want to talk about Law and Order in Rhodesia, do you know order if you see one?

    Rhodesians almost bombed me while I was in the toilet in Lusaka and you talk about Law and Order.

    There is only one things thats brings Rhodesians and my ZAPU together though, ZANU PF.

  • McPaul

    There was one thing I forgot, the plentiful supply of food in Rhodesia where no one starved!

  • McPaul

    First an answer to Morgan – It cannot be honestly denied, Zimbabwe as a country has been more or less been destroyed since the time it was taken over in 1980.
    Remember Mwalimu Julias Nyerere’s remark to Mugabe at Independance “You have inherited a jewel, keep it that way”. Well, Mugabe obviously did not take that advice.
    Second an answer to Dumiso – I do not think bombing you in a Lusaka toilet has much to do with law and order, it was a War situation at the time. At least they missed you, unlike your representatives in the bush who shot down a civilian Air Rhodesia vicount aircraft and then proceeded to slaughter the survivors at the crash site. But,all these things are history and perhaps should be left that way, unless of course one is provoked into bringing them into the light again.

  • T.Musango

    McPaul, what about the rhodesians who bombed my whole village because nobody had reported the presence of vakomana who had ambushed and killed a platoon of racists? Let us leave all these things that way.

  • Morgan Tsvangirai

    Iwe McPaul you want people to forget Rhodesian brutality against the African people but at the same time demand that Mugabe be held accounteable for non- existent or less violation in the same circumstances why? Is it because you guys are white and can get away with anything and Mugabe happens to be black?

  • Dumiso Dabengwa

    Wena Swangirai dont talk about brutality in the war when you were busy enjoying in Salisbury when other guys your age were busy fighting the enemy.

    To tell the truth it pains me to realise how low I have sunk from revolutionary intelligence supremo to Rhodesian apologist.

    But of course we are talking pounds here, pounds.

  • Mutororo Akachinja Maitiro

    Rhodesian days are a time we now really miss nokuti zvinhu hazvina kunyanya kuita deteriorate kudaro, zvaive nani. Pakangopinda Mugabe nyika yakatanga kuparara kuitwa mamvemve sekumeso kwake. Dai Ian Smith akachiita castrate chiri muchitorongo nhasi pasina Grace anorambira kuState House.Ngachibviswe nema mass protests!!!

  • McPaul

    Its strange to think any person connected with Zimbabwe in their thirties, knows nothing about Rhodesia, UDI, the war or independance day. You have to be the minimum age of say forty five years to remember the true circumstances. Many of the main players, Smith, Nkomo, Walls etc are now dead and so it all passes into history.
    Morgan, you appear to be leaning more and more towards Mugabe, perhaps in the hope you will still be sharing power after the elections.
    Dumiso I do not think you are a Rhodesian apologist, ZAPU
    has suffered greatly after independance, especially in the early eighties and if he does not die first, Mugabe still has to face the court in the Hague for those terrible things carried out by his 5th Brigade.

  • Makwembere

    Nice one Umdala-McPaul, you are true Zimbabwean. We need elders like you educating the childish elements of the land. If only they would admit their ineptitude and be helped!

  • Morgan Tsvangirai

    McPaul really wants his farm in Nyamandlovu back. Thinks if he become cozy ZAPU will tell ZAPU functionaries to give back the farm to the nice talking Rhodesians the same way Moffat sweet talked another Ndebele in the 18 th century.

    His is making a full circle dont you think guys?

    Listen to @Makwembere;

    Nice one Umdala-McPaul, you are true Zimbabwean. We need elders like you educating the childish elements of the land. If only they would admit their ineptitude and be helped!

    Seems like someone who has just tasted sugar and is surrendering Matebeleland.. again.

    Anyone remembers the name Lotshe? Seems the spirit of the dead man is looking for or already found a body..

  • McPaul

    Morgan if you are indeed the Zimbabwe prime minister it a great shame that tribalism still exists in your mind.

    This exchange seems to have gone on long enough, maybe there will be more exchanges between us when Mugabe finally makes an exit, that will probably depend on where you are and who your new boss will is!

    Until then I wish you happy birthday for the 10th March.

  • Morgan Tsvangirai

    Dont talk tribalism with me McPaul.

    We dont need an Irish person tell us about tribalism here. Talk tribalism in your part of the world with the English, the welsh, scots etc.

    We dont have any Mc-Sh.it in this country.

  • Bla Miki

    Indeed it is a shame to see and hear that, in this age and with all the reasoning you claim to have, you still admire, cherish and wish for Rhodesian days. Oh! my foot. Even if our own Robert Gabriel Mugabe is said to be cruel, never have l heard anywhere where he donated tonnes of salt,(yemagodo for that matter) to be distributed to the people. Tell me, a weekly ration of cabbages, beans(nyemba), mahewu and 20kgs of mealie meal ndiko kudya kwamunochiva ikoko? During Smith’s regime, how many of you could afford beef everyday? Rice and chicken was for xmas, birthday parties and other occassions and yet someone claims taidya,taidya, maisapona nezvibhaka here imi kumamisha uko or else hautorina kumusha kwacho saka usingazive reality on the ground? Maidya chingwa everyday imi? Mbiti dzisingatende manje hamusi kuzoitengesazve nyika ino. Never, Zimbabwe will never ever be a colony again