Rhino horns found in MDC-T minister’s car – HERALD


LOCAL Government, Rural and Urban De-velopment Deputy Minister Cecil Zvidzai (MDC-T) has been named in a case in which three men were arrested in possession of two rhino horns worth US$120 000 last week.

Police recovered the horns in an Isuzu KB300 registered in Mr Zvidzai’s name at Road Port in Harare.

The vehicle has since been impounded following the arrest of Zivanai Masvaire (27), a game scout at Eldorado Farm, Charles Dowe-rowe (37) and Shepherd Naite (37).

Sesel Zvidzai
Minister Sesel Zvidzai

The trio was arrested while allegedly trying to smuggle the horns to South Africa.

They are being charged with poaching and an alternative charge of unlawful possession of a trophy of an endangered species.
Their alleged accomplices, Naison Murindatsimba, a soldier, Ophel Makumburenga and his cousin Musiringo are still at large.
Dowerowe and Naite were arrested before they could flee to South Africa with the horns weighing 8,2 kilogrammes.

Naite has a pending case before the courts in which he is jointly charged with three others for possession of 15 elephant tusks worth US$8 500.

The trio yesterday appeared before regional magistrate Mr Hosiah Mujaya and had its application to have its detention pending court appearance declared unlawful, thrown out.
Through their lawyer, Mr Norman Mugiya, the three are expected to apply for bail today.

In his application for a declarator order, Mr Mugiya argued that his clients were assaulted and detained in police custody without a warrant of further detention.

“The court must give a declaration that the arrest was unlawful considering that they were over detained contrary to the provisions of Section 32 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act,” said Mr Mugiya.

Prosecutor Mr Michael Reza opposed the application, arguing that such an order can only be made by the High Court.
“A declaratory order is a final order; it forms part of precedence. Ordinarily, it is not appealable, only a judge can issue such an order,” he argued.

Mr Reza said the police had lawfully detained the suspects because they had a warrant of further detention.
He urged the court to dismiss the defence’s application as frivolous.

It is the State’s case that on December 31 last year, Masvaire, Dowerowe, Naite and their accomplices hatched a plan to kill a rhinoceros at Eldorado farm in Macheke.
Masvaire reportedly directed his accomplices into the farm where they killed a rhinoceros and dehorned it.

Investigations led to his arrest and he implicated Dowerowe and the others.
Dowerowe and Naite led police to the recovery of the horns, which were stashed in an Isuzu KB300, registration number ABI8755, which they were driving.

  • http://mbonisi1@mobileemailvodafonesacoza Comrade Naked

    Hang him,mdc is corrupt like her husband zanu nothing will b right in this country

  • http://N/A Meva Ogagu

    This is why some of these people do not want elections. They are now busy looting whatever and whenever they can. By the time we have elections to choose a government that accounts to the electorate, they will have made a lot of money. MDC are now just making money like Obert Mpofu. Read the arguement of the stupid lawyer defending murderous criminals. They were assaulted by the police! The police were supposed to give them cake and ice cream during investigations? It is disgusting to kill a rhino just for ukunqantshisa amaAsians. Shame on you MDC-T minister but obviously this is not surprising at all. Sex seems to be the main business. A prostitute lady minister from MDC-T is encouraging her fellow mawules to form a union in Byo, the leader of the party is an example of sex, love making, impregnating and just paying damages with money from equally crazy sex activists in the GALZ movement and now a minister is giving his car for the transportation of rhino horns which make people un naturally sexually active. Ukusathana kuphela and nothing more!

  • http://zimeye CHANDO KUPISA

    KI!KI!KI!KI!KI!KI!KI!KI!KI!KI!KI!. Nyaya dzevanhu ve MDC(Theresa) dzinosekesa,zvinoti kuba, hupfebe ne chihuuree,kunyepa, kutora wakadzi vevamwe nekupaza misha yevamwe,nekutengesa nyika.Obviously this idiot is going to blame it on CIO.

  • Mavambo Kusile Dawn

    Let investigations continue. I do not want to quickly conclude ‘un-Honorable’ Minister is in it but the evidence may be overwhelming. This is not new, MDC-T has fast inherited all the evils we were castigating ZANU PF for. Am sure if this party ever gets into power, we will see worse things, worse crimes than any ZANU PF official ever committed. They have already been mired in all manner of scandals (moral, civil and judicial). They are a hopeless lot. This is the reason why I argue ZANU PF fell from grace, sure, but MDC-T is never Zimbabwe’s solution. Zim’s salvation lies in either Mavambo, ZAPU or a completely reformed ZANU PF – never this sell-out party that used us in 2008!

  • http://mbonisi1@mobileemailvodafonesacoza Comrade Naked

    @ Mavambo am still waiting for the answer i asked u last time,is Kusile n ZAPU in a relationship?

  • Mutengesi Chii

    This a CIO nad Zanu plant. He has been giving Chombo nightmares. This case like all cases before them will collapse. These people are so desperate that they can do anything. ZANU is no diferent from Taliban, HEZBOLLA, Hamas. It is a terrorrist organisation wrapped with a soomth and innocent cloth of revolution.

  • Mavambo Kusile Dawn

    @Naked. After such pestering, probably you deserve to know.

    Whether there is a relationship or not, am not sure coz am just a supporter of MKD and not an official. I do not wish to wrongly project MKD’s values and mission but personal opinions. I fully support MKD (am not a registered member though). Hope that helps.


  • Ann

    This is just disgusting!!!! I don’t care about your politics. WHAT I DO CARE ABOUT IS THE DEMISE OF RHINO AND OTHER ANIMALS.

    What don’t people get when we say “if it is gone, it is gone”?

    Africa is it’s own worst enemy. They will steal and sell anything they possibly can to get hold of the illusive dollar. When that is gone, what are they going to do then????????

  • http://mbonisi1@mobileemailvodafonesacoza Comrade Naked

    Thank u Mavambo

  • Bla Miki

    Thank you Mavambo without answering to his question, idiot Naked. This story, true in every sense as it may, gives an opportunity to those still still living in denial about the reality on mdc. The facts and evidence to prosecute this fake junior minister are as irrefutable and quite overwhelming that the junior minister should simply hand himself over to the police. Maybe time for Nandos to be “very creative” once again come up with an advert against the mdc? Please would be authorities kindly organise space for this moron in Chikurubi

  • http://mbonisi1@mobileemailvodafonesacoza Comrade Naked

    @ Bla Miki am waiting,asked u abt ur profession n there was no answer

  • http://optusnet.com.au SIMBA


  • Bla Miki

    Simba nechiminister chako wamunoda kuvhara ndianiko? How long does change of ownership take? A year? Kupi ikoko? You think we are fools trying to connive with a Tour / Car Hire Co that they bought the car? Munofira mujeri makaita zvekutamba. Jeri rakavakirwa mdc

  • http://Live.co.za Chematama chekebuwe

    Tichaona kwauchaperera,miki

  • P Kuboni

    I like the manner in which brother Mavambo relates to Cde Naked not the usual snake and honey bear attitude of Miki and Chando. A honey bear would relentlesly attack and attach a snake.