Rev Billy Graham Never Had A Single Sex Scandal


US preacher Billy Graham who has been preaching for more than 60 years, has never had a single sex or money scandal, it has emerged. Never was it ever heard that Mr Graham squandered money for personal use, or touched another woman’s breast in all of Mr Graham’s continuing ministry stretching more than 63 years to date.

William Franklin “Billy” Graham, Jr. is an American Christian evangelist first ordained as a Southern Baptist minister, who rose to celebrity status as a travelling preacher in 1949. His life now celebrated details a preacher’s career who never had a single known extra marital affair or money abuse scandal in his years of humble and exemplary service. Even the smallest scandal would have generated big money for the media due to Graham’s international popularity, but none was found. One lady who personally welcomed Rev Graham in London for several years, told ZimEye, Graham was also careful to make sure he was accompanied by male aides whenever he rested at hotels in the United Kingdom.

“He made sure his hotel room was thoroughly checked before and after he has left,” she said of the preacher who goes into history as the only preacher who has met and advised just about every US president since 1950, from President Harry Truman all the way to present day Barack Obama.

As regarding counselling women, the preacher ensured he never engaged a female person on his own in a closed room. Graham specifically built a clear glass-walled office positioned at the centre of the office building in full view of everyone.

Met and advised US presidents since 1950.

As America celebrates President’s Day, Mr. Graham, is remembered as the only US preacher who has met with — or ministered to — every U.S. President since Harry Truman in 1950 (pic). Graham has commanded the respect of just about every politician who has lived since 1950.


Billy Graham met with President Truman in 1967 at Truman's Missouri home.


 More photos of other presidential meetings below:

Any dirt in Billy Graham’s life?

Has there been any dirt in Billy Graham’s life?  The only so called glitch in Graham’s half-century run of salvation came in 1978 when the Charlotte Observer revealed that the BGEA had kept hidden from its members and contributors a $23 million “World Evangelism Fund.” But no one accused Graham of misusing the fund, just hiding it. And after that he opened BGEA’s books for annual accounting, even though as a charity the organization wasn’t legally required to do so. In 1976, it subsequently turned out, the BGEA took in $28.7 million and spent $27.7 million. Not much dirt there if any such actually exists.

Graham lives modestly in the log-and-frame house he and his wife built in the hills of Montreat, N.C., in the late ’50s. There they raised daughters Gigi, Anne and Ruth, and sons Franklin and Ned. Graham takes a nominal salary from the BGEA. More photos:













  • Mavambo Kusile Dawn

    Well done nan of GOD! If only today’s servants of GOD could leasrn from those who started before them and not pretend as if they are the first to “discover” GOD. GOD honours humble service because He naver calls the equipped but equips the called.

  • Mavambo Kusile Dawn

    Well done man of GOD! If only today’s servants of GOD could learn from those who started before them and not pretend as if they were the first to “discover” GOD. Jehivah GOD honours humble service. He never calls the equipped but equips the called.

  • Alfred

    Good works……….ko the last photo ya Prophet Makandiwa iri kutsvagei apa

  • Brigadier General Douglas Nyikayaramba live@KGVI

    Let God be the judge here, you may say he always travelled with male companions in hotels oversees so that automatically means he didnt commit adultery LOL, what if he was sodomising those men??Lets wait for the Judgement day and avoid rushing to make other humans Jesus equivalents

  • pepsy

    Brigadier muri right lets not judge people here kuti anaga ari mutsvene uyu anga asiri we shall see on the day of judgement,u might neva see futi on the day of judgement coz ko kana ndakahura asi mwari wakazondiregerera

  • Bla Miki

    Nhai, munoda kuti ashambadze kuti anoblarta inga Tsvangirai aingokoda akanyarara wanhi? Izvi hazvitaurwi kusvika munhu abatwa

  • Mavambo Kusile Dawn

    @BrigGen – You see how difficult it is to accpet people at face value. I hope you now understand why Makandiwa is facing all he is going through. Am saying this because you are an adherent of papa. Let GOD be judge – you are right!!


    NXA!!!!!!NXA!!!!!!!!!! NXA!!!!!—So?

  • Johnny

    Billy Graham is a nice preacher. Pastor Graham is NOT a jesus christ. He is a sinner, not a saint. He is NOT God. I do not trust billy graham, but yes forgive him and love him. If a man says never break the law or never sex that mean it will be hyprocites! I do not judge them.