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Ranganai Chiwara ZANU -PF Candidate for Mberengwa South

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Name:Ranganai Chiwara

Aspiring Shadow Member of Parliament for Mberengwa South – ZANU PF


2. Marital status and number of children:

Undeclared; Undeclared


3. Last Education/ Profession:

Education Undeclared;  Profession Farmer/Politician

4. Constituency & Province:

Mberengwa South


5. Favorite Musician, sports team


6. How he used the CDF fund in 2012 for the area: Not applicable as was not an MP before.

7. What makes him stronger or different from his opponents running for the same seat?

I am a young nationalist and my interests lie in the area of human development, and global diplomatic relations.
I was born, grew up and received my education in Mberengwa. My main interests lie in the area of economics, politics and social welfare of the city of Mberengwa.

I am currently a shadow member of parliament for Mberengwa South a constituency which I owe a lot for its hospitality towards human aspirations.  Mberengwa is said to be a potential economic powerhouse of Midlands  Province with vast mineral deposits, but got downgraded to a mere rural based economy. Mberengwa had potential to be a modern city and with two airports: Musume (Kuground and Nyala) those modern transport facilities are now history.

Musume High School served as a Teacher Training College prior to 1980 but  was later downgraded to a secondary school and Mnene School of Nursing which has been training our nurses is seriously underfunded, a threat to public service delivery system in our local community.

In addition to that, energy security is increasingly becoming a major concern, with our local hospitals and clinics left without power, poor communication network and food shortages even though the district is full of promising if local resources are utilized.

I want to see a change for the future

What do I believe in for the city of Mberengwa?

1. Mberengwa`s economic and social infrastructure need re-orientation  in all areas; that’s addressing  issues relating to energy security, transport & communication not forgetting food security. As a strong believer in human capital (education), I will  campaign for more  “A” Level Schools, City Central Library, Mberengwa School of Economics & Development in partnership with UZ and Midlands State University.

2. Commerce is a major problem for traders in Mberengwa largely due to pure communication facilities to effect exchange of goods and services, it is in my belief that Mberengwa can do its best if we develop a modern Commodity Exchange which will link local trading to national markets.

3. I believe, we have the human capital to turn around our local fortune into something tangible because we are a striving community with higher aspirations.

4. Mberengwa is one of the richest districts in Zimbabwe and has has the capacity to meet its energy needs without relying on the National Grid by investing in solar and hydro power.

5. To address food security problems in my constituency, Irrigation schemes remain a pivotal source of productivity since the district is prone to drought, which means more dams and land are needed for irrigation. There is also a need for a  hydro-electric power station.

6. Mberengwa was a strategic location for military operations during the wars of independence. Thousands of our local men and women perished while defending their nation, some of them were thrown into coal mines at Nyala and Rhoda under the Rhodesian government and to this day none of our current MPs have ever talked about this. My promise is I will campaign for the establishment of a 40m war memorial statue at Mataga to honor those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and the the place will be called the independence square.“We as the future, of this country should aim to create a sustainable socio-economic and political climate free from violence, abuse and above all safeguarding our national sovereignty”.“Peace to all of us and lets continue to aspire for better and provide charity wherever its required and maintain the stewardship of our heritage. Our country is confronted by numerous challenges ranging from global warming, neo-colonialism and economic sabotage as we have witnessed in the last decade” he added.

The land reform program continues to receive a lot of criticism from the left wing together with some friends in Europe and elsewhere. Zimbabweans entirely believe in what they can do as a nation. Wealth redistribution exercise could have been carried out at the wrong time and also the violent nature that left some people for dead was very necessary step to address social justice. The land reform will remain in place for sometime if our leaders fail to take decisive measures to fulfil our future national aspirations of re-claiming economic fortune. This will form part of the future nationalist government’s social policy infrastructure. It is hoped that the future generation that when addressing issues relating to social policy, will not deviate from the main national theme of self independence. As such social policy would be an integral part of a wide economic policy intended to help citizens discover their potential, this will include opening up  various opportunities to Zimbabweans through economic empowerment such as handing over more land to the poor, increasing irrigation schemes up and down the country, training and  as well as buildng energy supply chains. These measures are the best for our country as we seek to be a  more defined economic, social and political republic. Ladies and Gentlemen, the land reform should be our battle ground for every Zimbabwean, the expansion of the Kalahari Desert into the western (Matabeleland) part of our country can not be ignored by this generation. Desertification is already threatening lives in those regions particularly in areas of food security, high temperatures and failing rainfall etc. We as future leaders, must guard ourselves against such threats which the current government policy trends do not seem to attend to climate change issues”

My proposed policies would be:

  1. Re-orientation of the Zimbabwean economy, that is both  manufacturing and processing industries will be re-located in those hostile environments in Midlands and Matabeleland provinces (region 4-6).
  2. People currently in those unfavourable regions (4-6) will be re-settled in regions 1-3, (Mashonaland, Manicaland , parts of Masvingo and Midlands provinces). These regions will form the largest human population in the country.
  3. Building more dams, canals and Lakes for irrigation purposes.

  • ghandanga-puruvheya

    tibisireivo mhepo idzi, which policies he states, does he give them or it’s zanuu-pf that gives them, is he an independent candidate or what.. mberengwa ndekwa joram gumbo. What has he done for people on the ground that makes him a sustainable zanu candidate, akuda kufa manje,zanu inouraya ko aka hwinha ma bye elections acho here,, mufana ano ganhira uyu, ano funga kuti isu vanhu ve mberengwa taka wata su, ada atonga, zimeye muna zivavo zvekuisa pano mhani…

  • Kwedu

    Is Mberengwa now a city? Just asking. Also, Inyala and Rhonda mines are not coal mines, but chrome mines, just a point of correction.

  • Hon Kurirakwejongwe.

    Mfana uyu haana focus.I advise him to swalow his pride,borow notes from his agemate papa Nero Chamisa.Pamwe zvingaita.

  • Samere

    Zimbabwe best MP candidates! tinokumbirawo respect zimeye please.

  • Mhofu75

    am from mberengwa but this fellow is a big joke. Makhosini failed, Joram failed, rugare failed, mai shirichena failed. these zanu-pf folks are all failures in mberengwa since independence. We need really change- MBERENGWA FOR MDC-T

  • PanthaJ

    Nxaaa mhani zanoo-pee has failed to provide anything productive for the past 33yrs and you want us to beleive that finally they have laid a golden egg in this young thwart,tsek pamhata.

  • MutundaSugar

    what the fuck?This is madness at its best.You have not even been selected for primaries.Idiot Idiot!

  • kemet-alkebulan

    MUGABE 2013

  • 40Shades

    This interview was clearly after a smoke or two. MP for a Mberengwa is coming up with policies for the whole country?

  • dZIWA

    city of Mberengwa lol, gurwe remunhu.

  • Svirimon

    member yakadhakwa iyi.maona doro ramapfura zvarinoita kana kuchipisa handiti.mukumbi hausi bhoo ita mushoma Chiwara.

  • Anastacia Steele

    What the hell is this? There is no intelligence or clear strategy here. I certainly hope the good people of Belingwe will tell him “to go hang!!!”

  • http://www.gmail.com Tawanda

    Hey fellows lets face t Zanu Pf has failed and we know longer want it period ,even if ikati vanhu vese hamuchaenda kumabasa mavapamudyandigere zanu pf hatichaida thats the honest truth zvinhu zvinonetsa kunzwisisa here izvi ndosaka ndati ndinyore nechishona kana muchida i can write Ndebele kuti munzwisise ,ths Mbereki waat s wasting his tym ZANU IS FINISHED PERIOD WE DONT CARE HW HE USED HIS HIS CDF hatina basa nazvo mhani >

  • http://www.gmail.com Tawanda

    Nonsense mhani .

  • wekwazhou weMberengwa

    haiwawo tibvireipo ma facebook politician asina chaanoita on the ground. Kutitambisira nguvai

  • Jongwe Mupoto

    Zanupf and perfect junk.

  • http://Live.co.za Steve

    Ranganai.dzoka unoranganazve nemunyori wako.hazvina sense zvauri kureva apa unotoshoora zanu yacho urimairi,ah taneta nemi makorokoza.

  • Hotlady

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