Police Officer Fired Over Tsvangirai Photos.


An Assistant Inspector stationed at Gwanda Police Station, Matebeleland South Province was relieved of his duties with no compensation following a picture of Prime Minister Tsvangirai found on his memory card.

William Mutsago (30) however said thememory card ironically was also being used by many people including Radio Workshop staff, Press and Public Relations staff and at some stage Bulawayo Polytechnic Course-mates during his training at the institution.

Gwanda district police station has since black listed Mutsago and written letters to public service commissions’ and government institutions advising them not to employ him as he is a “danger” to society.

Mutsago said he was first called to attend a court on 15 October last year on allegations of internal police act likely to bring discredit to the police force, based on an anonymous letter written against him.

He was subsequently detained for 14 days and his appeal was rejected. His wife, Z Sibanda who is also a Constable and stationed at Press and Public Relations office was also caught in the fire and was charged. She is currently waiting for judgement on the appeal she made.

Police Officer Fired Over Morgan Tsvangirai Photos

In the report compiled by PDIO Gwanda, it is reported that Mutsago had various items including a picture of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai standing with a number of people including Police Officer standing dressed in suit FD and belt sambrowne.

Mutsago denied that the picture was his saying he did not know how it had gotten into his memory stick adding that the memory stick was being used by many people including Radio Workshops staff, Press and Public Relations Office staff. At some stage Bulawayo Polytechnic Course mates had also used it during his training at the institution.

He failed to trace the origins of the picture and was made to write a report explaining how he had had the picture in his memory stick.

Meanwhile, Mutsago remains jobless and is failing to secure any employment since he has been black listed and is “unemployable” in government institutions.

As a reprieve, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights are reportedly attending to the matter.

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  • Stop-a-Thief

    My view is that this policeman was supporting a family and most likely some relatives. His dependants have been punished for trivial reasons and they will be itching to punish the source of their suffering (Mugabe and Zanu PF) at the first opportunity.

    The same applies to the man’s disgusted sympathisers, who would be waiting to put Zanu down.

    Bring on the elections!!

  • http://www.zimeye.com richie moyo

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  • Greyhora

    Gwanda is part of the Mthwakazinja foolish dream project, and they take orders from Mugay, who is their Godfather. Already efforts are underway to accomodate Mutsago within the MDC security structures, with better perks and pay than what those hungry Mtwakazinja baboon cops earn. One of the priorities after elections is to re-orient the wayward police force, we know they shall come to the fore, much like Kunonga’s surrogates and beg to be accomodated in the new police force claiming they “were only following orders”. However, Constable Bla Dog will be banished to Mthwakazinja, where Nakednja will bonk him till they both die!

  • Mavambo Kusile Dawn

    From this report, I struggle to find a reason why this guy can be fired. Unless something is not being told right, he must stay put as a police officer.

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  • http://www.zimeye.com sikende

    The other problem now is that Morgan Tsvangirai aguta. He is now more into lip service than practical action. A lot have been abandoned to suffer alone after suffering political violence and prejudice. Thus is the very reason he wants to quit politics next year to focus on women and private businesses. We are in big trouble Zimbabwe.

  • rod

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