Pokello ‘is Truly Chombo’s Daughter,’ Enemies Claim


As the heat turns up to remove Zimbabwean Big Brother Africa rep, the so called ‘porn star,’ Pokello Nare, it has been claimed that rumours of her being the daughter of controversial Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo, are true.

The Social networking website Facebook was awash with a string of bitter rumours claiming she is Ignatius Chombo’s daughter. A source who claimed he was close to the so called Chombo-Nare affair told ZimEye the girl who has become the talk on everyone’s lips, is of a fact Ignatius Chombo’s daughter from a continuing extra marital indulgence- “small house”.

It has been claimed that Pokello, now nicknamed Pornello’s immoral behaviour also witnessed on live international television, is a result of her upbringing caused by poor parenting.

Chombo's daughter?...Pokello
Chombo’s daughter?…Pokello

“You want to know more about this girl? She is indeed Chombo’s daughter and in the eighties all through the nineties he was constantly together with them – Pokello’s mom in Harare. I saw them myself, call him now and see if he will deny it. Just take a look at her, you can see Chombo painted on her face. Mhanza iyo ndeya Chombo– That forehead is Chombo’s,” the source who requested anonymity said.

He added that there was a decision to never use the Chombo surname.

“There was obviously an agreement to use the surname Nare and that she never uses Chombo as the minister feared that would ruin his career,” he said.

Chombo who is nicknamed in the media “Whitehead,” has presided over an unpopular era of local government administration which has seen many mayors belonging to non-ZANU PF parties being removed by him only to be reinstated when discovered that Chombo was the one in breach.


Meanwhile Facebookers on the “Bring Pokello Home” page continued their attack of her saying Pokello is a bad inspiration to the young girls.

“By keeping Pokello there we are simply telling our daughters that they can use sextapes to propel them to fame. Moreover she has accumulated vast wealth through shoddy dealings and underhands money that belongs to the people. Now she expects those same people to vote for her. Ini hangu kwete those vakudya neZanu just like Pokello go ahead and vote for her but ini maya she and her croonies are taking the youth for granted vakutishandisa,” said one Joram Chitedza.

Other Facebook discussion contributions however varied.


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