SHOCKING PICTURE: ‘Ignatius Chombo “Shows Up” As Pokello’s Father’


As rumours went around that Pokello’s father Retired Colonel George Nare had snubbed his new son-in-law, a picture of a man identical to Local Government and National Housing Minister Ignatius Chombo with Pokello, Elikem and family has emerged and circulated as proof that Elikem actually met all family members in Zimbabwe.

The photograph was published as Pokello relatives sought to prove that boyfriend Elikem actually did meet Pokello’s parents contrary to claims on social network rumours.

A story has been widely held for sometime that Pokello’s real father is Chombo not a certain retired Retired Colonel George Nare.

Pokello family standing with boyfriend Eliekem

But the picture might be seen as a confirmation after a close friend claimed early this year that its a small secret known by a few that Pokello’s real father is Chombo not Nare.

Widespread rumours had gone around that Pokello’s father had snubbed Elikem but Pokello in a twitter confirmed that Elikem actually met her entire family. In her words, “he (Elikem) met my entire family.”

Pokello’s assertions reaffirmed that her real father met her new lover, but has now left open to question the role of and relation to General Nare.

  • jongwe ratiza risina musoro

    Baba Jukwa told us long back, Chombo achimwene is the father of the hoe.

  • Jack Sparrow

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  • Cash Talk

    It appears all of you guys including BJ; noone knows the truth. Now all of you listen to me!!!! Ginnah Chombo divorced his wife Mirriam and started to live with Ms Nare – a divorcee who happens to be the mother of Pokello. So, Chombo is the Stepfafher of Pokello. The Rt Brig. Nare is the biological father of Pokello.

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  • Ndebenkulu

    Dont you know that Chombo is barren,he does not have kids.He only fires blanks.

  • Hlafunana Magade

    I would not be surprisd if that George Nare is one of the grade 2s who just left Rhodesia and found himself carrying a gun. He is illitterate and just said things to be in the press for once. Why would he snub his dauighter’s choice ? Will he one day ever marry her? Let the rea

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