Perence Shiri injured in assassination attempt


By Moses Muchemwa
Bulawayo (ZimEye)-Air Force of Zimbabwe Commander Air Marshal Perence Shiri was injured in an assassination attempt after being shot and injured on Saturday evening by unidentified gunmen.

He was ambushed while he was driving to his farm near Harare.

Shiri, who is widely viewed as a warlord who led the gukurahundi killings against Ndebeles in Matabeleland in the 1980s, suffered a gunshot wound on the right palm and is receiving treatment at a Harare hospital. Sources said he was shot by his Zanu-PF colleagues over unclear differences.

Shiri’s assassination plot comes against a background of revelations that Zanu-PF commissar Elliot Manyika was shot.
Minister of Home Affairs, Kembo Mohadi, said Shiri’s incident was part of terror attacks to destabilise the country.

“The attack on Air Marshal Shiri appears to be a build-up of terror attacks targeting high-profile persons, Government officials, Government establishments and public transportation systems,” Mohadi claimed in a statement announcing the assassination attempt.

The desperate President Robert Mugabe regime has blamed Botswana for training MDC militia.
MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti, has scoffed at the allegations and accused Mugabe of planning to declare a state of emergency.
(ZimEye, Zimbabwe)
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  • Mohadi top face

    I fear the the British government the Tswana’s have shot dead our dear Air Marshall Perence Shiri while he was driving to his farm in Harare. They are hiding in the bushes and thickets of Harare. Oh yes, not to forget the Americans are also with them. May heaven have mercy on us all!

  • http://yahoomail Shaibu

    He should be killed so that his family feels how it is like loosing dear ones. He disected pregnant women in Matebeleland claiming that they carried dissidents in their wombs.

  • Tombs

    I think the people who shot him are not marks men they should have shot on the head straight away. Varikuda kuurayana pachavo

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  • Lodza

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