Oliver Mtukudzi Blames Himself For His Son’s Death


Harare(ZimEye)Oliver Mtukudzi has blamed himself for the death of his son, Sam (22 years old) which occurred in the early hours of the 15th of March 2010.

Oliver (pictured) and his wife, Daisy were in South Africa, and were supposed to return hours before Sam was involved in  a car accident that claimed his life. Sam had travelled to the airport to no avail, as he was supposed to pick up his parents, but Oliver changed their travelling plans, and were due to arrive at another time than initially agreed on.

“He called when he was already at the airport and he joked with me saying, ‘Mudhara asi marasika? Mazofunga kuita zvebhazi?’ (Father are you lost? Have you decided to use a bus instead?) Those were the last words with me,” a distraught and disturbed Mtukudzi pictured told mourners after arriving home in Norton late Monday.

Gone so soon. Zimbabwe was plunged into mourning on Monday following the news of the death of superstar Oliver Mtukudzi’s son Sam.

Sam playing the saxophone at HIFA 2008, his early shows performing with his father

Sam (pictured-above-middle) 21 was due to launch his second album next month which he had just finished mastering in South Africa last week.-

“I was confident he was going to look after me. He was such an excellent kid and I don’t know what will become of me. I am devastated.”

Sam Mtukudzi was a star in the making, and was a rising talent follosing is father’s footsteps.

More pictures from funeral -below

Selma (dreadlocks), Oliver Mtukudzi's daughter sobbing at the loss of her brother.
Selma (dreadlocks), Oliver's daughter sobbing at the loss of her brother.
Oliver Mtukudzi surrounded by friends from the musical circles outside a funeral parlour where he had just viewed his son's body.
Oliver Mtukudzi surrounded by friends from the musical circles outside a funeral parlour where he had just viewed his son's body.
| Sam Mtukudzi funeral | Bob Nyabinde and Sunday Mail reporter Robert Mukondiwa gripped
Bob Nyabinde and Sunday Mail reporter Robert Mukondiwa gripped's life
Damage to a bridge caused by the early morning crash which claimed Sam Mtukudzi's life
Damage to a bridge caused by the early morning crash which claimed Sam Mtukudzi's life

(ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

  • Anonymous

    Ndizvo zvinoitika kana museve woda nyama. Tuku it is not your fault, it was written long ago in God’s masterplan kuti zvichaitika zvikadaro. Lets be grateful that we had a chance to know one so humble, yet so great. Lets celebrate the life of Sam and remember always that death is the way of all flesh and that it is neither age or gender sensitive. To Sam, Go Well!!!

  • Esthere

    Tuku do not blame yourself over Sam’s death. The word of God says,”He knows the end from the beginning.’ God knew this was Sam’s end. You should just forgive yourself and let God heal your spirit in this difficult time. Amen

  • Peter Murage

    May he Rest in peace

  • Rev John Dube

    I would NEVER blame myself if I was Oliver. Instead I would find strength and know that something good is coming my way.

    Most of us don’t realise the tragic-drama that occured universe over when one Man lost his Son – There is no greater tragedy than that which occured in AD33. When Jesus, the most perfect human being and God’s Son became eternally separated from God; on that day, even the sun could not shine.

    Oliver must know that life is just a short trip to eternity – the place where we meet God and where there is real joy. Sam [the real man] is not dead although his body is. Oliver must find his encouragement from God, THE FIRST AND LAST Man to loose a Son. It was only after Jesus had died that God now through that tragedy gain more children back to Himself – It was a blessing, but yet a blessing disguised in a tragedy.

  • addyjana

    tuku please dont blame urself its all part of Gods master plan,Pfugamai munamate se mhuri mwari anemi uye anokudai zvikuru.tinochema nemi.nyaradzwai na mwari wenyasha

  • http://valerielunga@ymail.com valerie

    tuku please dont blame urself its all god s plan we re all going to miss him

  • Blessing Jefeson

    Baba Tuku, the death of Sam isn’t your fault..dnt blame yourself it is God’s judgement.We ar with you during this tough time..

    My Greatest Sympathy To Baba Mtukudzi the family, and the nation as whole

    Sam, u will be greatly missed

  • alois nyamuronda

    its sad, it pains me most when i think great musicians like Dembo akangoenda pasina akasara achisimudzira music yavo. zvino zvatanga tati vaMtukudzi havarovi sezvo Sam angaachiratidza kuti acharamba achisimudzira Tuku music. am realy realy sory baba Mtukudzi!!!

  • tendai towo

    god in heaven wants those who are good thats why he took Sam and those who are not good God do not need them in heaven God took Sam because he need him in Heaven. everyone have got a duty Kudenga duty rake rasvika. Dont worry baba naamai Sam God has a purpose. we will really miss your son.

  • http://www.zibusemnyulwa.co.zw Zibuse

    Samanyanga na Amai ;tinemi pane ino nguva yokuchema.Sandimi makonzera kufa kwa Sam.Zivai kuti musiki anopa otorazve.

  • http://www.zibusemnyulwa.co.zw Zibuse

    Sam ,Hamba kahle ,lala ngoktula.

  • makuvatsine roy

    we have been robbed of a rising star,the
    plan of the devil is to rob and to destroy,when will people learn that god does not kill people,they are no duties for us up there.an old person 100 years ndiye anonzi azorora, not a21 year old sam.rufu ndimadzongo nyedze.they is nothing like god gives god takes.

  • http://www.yahoo.co.uk R Machaka

    munhu wese akazvarwa nemunhukadzi ane mazuva mashomanana okurarama nokutambudzika panyika.thats what the bible says.be strong,its not easy but for sure God wouldnt have given you this if you couldnt carry it. Praise God and read the story of Job. One day you will know why. Im sure the entire nation shares the sorrow with you from the deepest of their hearts.

  • Keamogetse Kim Tlhobolo- Botswana

    It’s really a sad moment to you Baba. Don’t blame yourself for what happened, we all have a certain period of time to live in this world which only God knows when. Be thankful for the precious time you spent together and let the light shine in your heart. Share his memories with your friends and family because only us who are still alive know that we will die some day, but for them they feel no pain. To you our beloved brother, Rest In Peace

  • Anonymous

    Rest in Peace young man, you had talent and focus, Tuku Family we are with you in your grief – famba mushe mukomana

  • Thomas Machote

    Samanyanga, we pray that do not despair, for god actaully knows what should have otherwise been of your son, Sam. Its really painful indeed but when things like this happen, we can only encourage you to mourn but with hope in Christ. we share your pain as you did all your best to nature him to be like you and to found his future. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Our deep condolences baba naamai.

  • Lisamary

    Rest in Peae Sam You will be greatly missed. To the Tuku family you should always know that when GOD closes one door another one will be opened. God loves you very much and he has a reason for that.

  • http://www.childrenafrica.org Laimon Ncube

    It shocking knews indeed, it a lose to the Zimbabweans, but God gives and take away. Indeed same was talented. Please do not blame yourself Tuku there is a time for everything. We are praying for you and your Family. May your Soul rest in peace Same. My deep condolence. Laimon Ncube, south Africa

  • Flandra Mungoshi

    Rest in eternal peace Sam. Mudhara Tuku don’t blame yourself its God’s desicion.

  • Lewis D

    Sorry the Mutukudzi family we are also with you during this sad moment.


    Tuku never blame yourself for death,inga unoimba chokwadi wani. Yanga yakwana nguva.Ngatichemei netariro.

  • amos nzira

    Our roads need work. They are death traps

  • http://www.masukucavenblogspot.com Caven Masuku

    I am sorry for the death of a young talented musician, Sam Mutukudzi. We are with you in this sad moment and hope God will comfort you. Indzira yedu tose asi zvinodzimba.Kubuhlungu kuyadabukisa okwanzeka kulumhlaba. Makalale ngokuthula umfowethu!Death you are not shy. Why do you rob us of our talented young musician.Chemai munetariro baba. My deep condolence

  • Anonymous

    tirimubindu chaimo…R.I.P boys

  • tatenda makuti

    in these hard time,may the lord guide you and give you all the strength.Just remember,this is alson part of God’s plans.May his soul rest in peace

  • tatenda makuti

    (Mr Mtukudzi)in these hard times,may the lord guide you and give you all the strength.Just remember,this is also part of God’s plans.May his soul rest in peace

  • Raphael Mudombe

    rest in peace Sam(anyanga). Oliver, sorry. It was not your fault.

  • Cuthbert Tembedza

    Sam’s time had come, There is a time for everything and his time could not have been a second ealier or later than this. It was all according to plan. May his soul rest in peace. Tuku we are with you and your family all the way. We say farewell to adeserving son of the soil!

  • Teresa

    …No one knows the day and time. Tuku and Mama Daisy it will be well just continue to have faith in God that He know what will happen next. You are in our prayers

  • Anonymous

    ndimwari vaita kuda kwavo….

  • Julie

    Noone can say No to what the Lord says Yes to… R.I.P Boys

  • RIP

    Like A Sunset
    Dying With The Rising Of The Moon
    Gone Too Soon

  • mai Katsande

    ndirikunzwa kushushikana nekurwadziwa nerufu rwaSam asi hatingozvisiyayi mumaoko aJehovha may his soul rest in eternal peace

  • Douglas Njirisi

    R.I.P guys

  • lawson madimbu

    Such is life mdhara Tuku dont blame your self Sam akadanwa naMwari ndonzira yedu tose .

  • chimoyochashe

    hama ngataizvei kuti jesu akati iyi hunge tobvunza kuti ko mamutorerei mhinduro ndeyokuti Ishe vanga vave kumuda.ngatichemei netariro hongu zvinorwadza but ishe vanoti zves pasi pano zvine chikonzero (reason).there is a reason as to why sam died and may his soul rest in peace…my condolences to all family and friends

  • # Jacqui Kiwa

    hey life has alwayz been a journey and every journey endz…ths was his..written down by fate. Its never too easy to accept that the most loved departs..we cant undo the done Tuku! Done ever blame yourself, juss hope he iz safe wer ever God had taken him.

  • Lloyd

    Its hard to think of as passed on, all I seem to remember is us playing in the yard in Norton as kids, he was such a jovial fela. Lets remember the good times and believe that God has done what he sees fit. Rest in Peace Sam

  • Zimbabwean

    A great loss my brother. Please find comfort in God.

  • fafie chibhaz

    go well Sam , may your soul rest in peace i know we will meet in heaven


    it doesn’t help to blame oneself, rather take time to cherish the good memories. in his few years he did more than many will do in 80 years.its better to die a hero than a villain- to leave behind a legacy at such a tender age is to be valued.

  • bev mugarisanwa

    Mwari aita kuda kwake nyararayi zvenyu Samanyanga ndiyo nzira yedu tese

  • daniel thom

    the whole of malawi has been shaken .Takanga tiinaye kuno kumalawi gore rakapera… Mwari nhai mwari .. We loved sam

  • rastinmab.k

    zvarwadzira mumoyo chinyararire.ndinoti
    sorii vatuku.kutonga kwake nyadenga

  • Ralph H

    We miss you guys may your souls rest in peace. We are with you in your moments of sadness the TUKUS

  • Mambokadzi

    So sorry Mutukudzi family, Zimbabwe has been robbed of a talented young musician. Keep singing wherever you are Sam

  • WaMaruza

    Its all God’s plan, we can all plan all we can but the execution belongs to the All Mighty. It just meant to be.

    My deep condendolences to the Mutukudzi Family, particularly the greatest unsung heroin, Mai Mutukudzi.

  • g m

    may your souls rest in peace.till we meet again.

  • Ian

    there is never an easy way to say I am sorry or we know how you feel because we all dont but all our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. May his dear soul rest in eternal peace.

  • http://www.proplastics.co.zw adolf gasseler

    Mr Mutukudzi don’t blame yourself thats the way for all flesh. makaimba wani mukati “….pwere dzotungamira sare chembere neharahwa…” sorry baba. famba zvakanaka chinin’ina RIP Sam

  • Hazie

    R.I.P Sam, u will be missed greatly, not only by ur frenz, the music industry bt most imprtantly ur family… God saw it fit for u to join him shaa, even wen i think of it nw…i still cant digest that u gone… R.I.P my friend

  • munyorovi

    Hupenyu wemunhu wakfanana neruva…ruva rangoyevedza chete iwe dambu watanha”..this is hw God wrks(Chirimu Bindu”….Hanzi “usawore moyo kaNeria…Rufu runhe shnje runotora vanodanana”…nematambudziko Samanyanga mweya waSam ngauzorore murugare

  • gyle 2pac

    Well DADY TUKU,Gods will is never opposed that is the way things had bn planned for nw lets pray that God gives him his rightful place in heaven.Amen.

  • Thandiwe

    Don’t ever blame yourself Tuku. Just thank God for the 22 years you were with Sam. Inga mukoma Tuku you sang a touching song, RUFU NDIMADZONGOYEDZE, ANOUYA MUSINGAFUNGIRI MAMBO. That is life my brother. I know how you feel coz I have been thru that. I once blamed myself for the death of my daughter and this has haunted me eversince. My daughter of 27 died while she was six months pregnant. Not even a day passes without thinking of her. I urge you Tuku to wedzera minamato, if it means praying the whole day, thats it. Because kuchema nekufunga kunounza kuhwara. Pray to God kuti akusimbise. I wish I could get the opportunity to talk with your wife seni ndirimudzimai. Kufirwa nemwana kwakaoma hama dzangu. Today you can pray to God and say, Lord I have accepted. Tomorrow it will be another story. So I urge you mukoma Tuku to surrender all to God. Mwari aita kuda kwake. I believe we will meet again with our children in a better world kusina kufa, kusina zvihwere. There is one thing we are assured of, and its DEATH. We will all die. Saka ngatichemei tinetariro. Tirivaeni panyika pano. Handiti vayeni vakavhakacha vanodzokera kumisha yavo nenzira dzakasiyana. Naizozvo, nesu tichadzokera kumusha nenzira dzakasiyana. Vamwe vanohwara, vamwe vachisangana nema accidents, etc. Rufu inzira yedu tose. Ndinamatire neni ndigokunamatiraiwo. Mhuri yekwaMutukudzi lets pray for other families that they don’t go thru what we are going thru. Kuti vana vatinobereka vakure, vaite misha yavo, vaone vazukuru nevana vevazuku neZita raJesu.

  • Joe

    Sam rest in peace. Tuku dont blame yourself its not your fault.

  • Isle munhuuripi

    may he REST in PEACE

  • garande musekiwa

    rest in peace Sam Tuku its not your fault.may the Lord be with you during this difficult time

  • http://yahoo.co.uk rutendo zvavandanga

    4 everything God has a reason. prayer is the best remedy 4 this situation. God is with u and may he comfort u during this difficult tym. May Sam’s soul rest in peace.

  • http://yahoo.co.uk rutendo zvavandanga

    m soory tuku bwt the loss. God always comforts in tyms like this. prayer ryt nw is the best remedy. may sam’s soul surely rest in peace…

  • http://yahoo.com tb zvava

    m so sorry 4 the loss. May God b wth u all the way. Sam will always b wth u in yo hearts.

  • charity p mutasa

    We god says YES,no one says No.so i guess it was his time.may his soul rest in peace

  • charity p mutasa

    Wen god says YES,no one says No.so i guess it was his time.may his soul rest in peace.u shall forever loved

  • pragg always

    i have no comment thi is death everyone believe it

  • tatenda maposa

    We are also devastated as your fans Mr Mtukudzi

  • rumby

    ndine urombo kumhuri yaVaMtukudzi. l feel for you. sorry about the loss. @Sam, may your soul rest in peace

  • Engels Gabriel Mirção

    I’m a Mozambican living in Brazil. My all family are Tuku’s Fans, we are so sad for oliver family.
    Sorry for my bad english, but the feeling is same.

  • innocent makawa

    ngatichemei tine tariromwari vaita kuda kwavo

  • John Bepa

    I can imagine how his relatives feel because of how i as a stranger feels.I am a fan of Tuku and his son who passed away.Rest in peace Sam.

  • Kabeba Kato

    Tuku, be strong and know that God has a plan for you.

  • Kabeba Kato

    Tuku, be strong and know that God has a plan for you.

  • Anonymous

    Tuku may you find peace in your heart Mwari vanemi panguva ino. and to Sam zorora murugare.

  • http://www.ananzi.co.za Mlondolozi Mbolo

    Really it was sunset at noon,may be that was God’s plan,he wanted him to go in heaven and sing for his angels. in South Africa we loved Sam and his father so much.