Obert Mpofu owns half of Victoria Falls


(Johannesburg)Zimbabwe’s Minister in charge of mines and minerals, Obert Mpofu owns half of Victoria Falls property area, it was debated during a University of Witwatersrand resource governance of Marange diamonds conference in South Africa.

Affirmative Action Group (AAG) president Supa Mandiwanzira was quizzed by Zim born journalist Basildon Peta on the source of Mpofu’s said vast wealth. Said Peta:

“As the issue of Zimbabwe diamond proceeds becomes topical, we need to know how Minister Mpofu, who allegedly owns half of Victoria Falls town and many buildings in Bulawayo which include the tallest building in that town, managed to acquire such wealth.

“What we know is that Mpofu earns US$250 per month and I am not saying that blacks cannot be obscenely rich, but I am keen to know how he managed to amass so much wealth on such a small salary”, asked Peta.

Obert Mpofu is blamed for widespread smuggling of diamonds from the Marange fields following a statement in which he admitted that it would be difficult to stop smuggling of the gem, a statement in which Mpofu has been viewed as participatory to the crime. “The leakages cannot be stopped, however we will endeavor to curb such activities. Look even in the developed world like America with all those sophisticated equipment but they have failed to curb drug trafficking,” Mpofu said this at the first auction of the Marange diamonds last year.


Feeling the heat of the inquiry, Mandiwanzira then responded claiming that Mpofu made his wealth on the back of a farm: “I have no brief from the minister or government to comment on his businesses and alleged wealth.

“However, I can only assume that he grew his businesses on the back of the farm that he got under the successful land reform programme and also from his humble beginnings in business.”

Mandiwanzira did not deny Mpofu’s vast wealth but charged at Peta requesting proof of the alleged corruption.

“If by asking your question you are trying to accuse the minister of corruption, then you must produce irrefutable evidence even to us in the AAG, because one of our mandates is to expose those who are corrupt and giving our economic revolution and our President a bad name.”

Further defending Mpofu, Mandiwanzira said Mpofu purchased the properties under discussion after securing a US$1 million loan from CBZ Bank while the other funds were said to have come from his safari business.

The conference, held at the University of Witwatersrand and organised jointly by the Centre for Research Development, Heinrich Boell Stiftung and the South Africa Institute of International Affairs, was reviewing progress in the Marange diamond fields. (ZimEye)

  • http://megazimbabweconvention.blogspot.com/ martin da william

    these looters shame, he says nothing happened in chiyadzwa, yet he knew people were shoot by helicopters and thousands lost there lives in new zimbabwe after independence.. an evil act by the regime

  • Makwembere

    Obert Mpofu owns 50% of Vic falls and he is paid US250? What the…! Obert your stomach is stuffed with frogs, snakes, and cochroaches. We will see how far you get with your vast wealth, nxa!


    Obert Mpofu owns 50% of Vic Falls the other 50% is owned by either CHIYANGWA, LEO, CHOMBO, GONO, GRACE or any of the thieves in government. Mbavha dzevanhu.You will all burn in hell. So?

  • http://yahoo Matinji Kunaka

    Saka Mpofu mudzingeiwo basaka nhai Chihuri

  • Ngwarai Murefu

    The answer to all the looting, all the cheap politicking, all the abuse of power is in the holding of elections and let the international community endorse the authenticity of the election process. If the truth be told who would not loot like Obert Mpofu given the opportunity? The hero, the late Mujuru owned almost every diamond deposits in the country! Even now let us be honest to each other, dont we hear that government tenders can be better won if one is backed by a party in the inclusive government especially here in Matabeleland? How many intellectuals in the region are being recruited by the parties in government with promises of jobs, employment and other government supports? Come on. We should hold elections before March as Bob says then we will check for all looters, abusers of power, murderers if we want. Its no use attacking Obert Mpofu just because he has outpaced you. I bet an MDC minister would even do worse given the opportunity. This is not to say Mpofu is right. The point is that most politicians are now just fattening their pockets especially during this time of the inclusive government.

  • icho

    Judgement is his the almighty lord.While our hospitals are empty and an individual owns 50% of Victoria Falls.

  • icho

    Supa,please such allegations may be wild but note that the povo is grumbling about the inequality gap in our society.Our leaders are so detatched from the masses and how life in our fatherland has become hell on earth despite our vast resources.On the other hand we support black advancement but let it not be for just a few.

  • kudakwashe Ruina

    Bring all the helicopters and guns. We shall be liberated yet. Icho


    Just looking at him you can see the effects on him of stealing our wealth—kana kumira chaiko haachatombo kwanisi, tarisayi zidumbu racho nemazidya ake. So?


    haasiye oga…vakawanda ……..lets just get rid of zanu pf if we want to give zimbabwe a better future……….tinosvikepi pliz ….just lok at a gold digger and corrupt man like KASUKUWERE AS A MINSTER HA HA ..HE IS JUST THERE TO FILL HIS POCKETS AND TARGET HIS ENEMIES…….ARE U HAPPY WITH KASUKUWERE AS A MINISTER ?

  • Bla Miki

    Iwe tete zvidya zva Minister wakazviona sei iwe kuchiva munhu zvekumupinda mubhurukwa kudaro. But in all fairness, could one take seriously a stupid Journalist’s phrase as the truth on the ground. Who does’nt know Basildon Peta from the days he was working for FinGaz? His hate for Zanu Pf and the so called investigative journalism antics, where he would write that President Mugabe has colapsed and died. I don’t listen to a liar who had more than a dozen cases of defamation laid against him, the reason why he finally got fired from the Financial Gazette. Its simple, you can check the Vic Falls story with the deeds office and you will be amazed.

  • Makwembere

    Bla Miki when and where did Basildon Peta write that Mugabe had died? evidence? Nxa!


    Vhura maziso ako mhani iwe BLA MIKI zibofu remunhu. Ndakamupinga mubhurugwa kudii?? Izvo zvidya zvichiita kupfachukira kudaro hauzvioni?–kana mazitama kuita semunhu akapfunda chakata kudaro nemari dzekuba. Nxa!! . Rega ndinyarare nekuti BP yangu inga tokwira.So?

  • Ngoto

    Miki uri m.h.a.t.a yemunhu.choya ari nani panewe godzva.at least reason.you are worse than a donkey dude.kura mhani.

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  • http://zimeye.org Steel Wire

    Something is preety wrong!!! Now I start to realise that it’s true that when one suffers for too long , one loses his mind. Bla Murefu you have lost the game before it even started. How can you stop people not to blame Mpofu? Dzako dzakakwana here? These thieves including Mujuru’s have brought our beloved country to its knees, so we should fight to rwesacitate the little, if there is something like that, ok.

  • Guvnor

    Nothing much to be expected from zanu muppets, usurpers, thieves and harlots.

  • Eugene Matikiti in Nacala mozambique

    Supa you are now president of the Aag , meaning you are now a businessman?