Nation prays as Tamborinyoka battles for life


(Harare)Thousands of Zimbabweans from all walks of life in the past 24 hrs thronged the cyberspace with various “get well soon” messages wishing MDC-T President and  Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai ‘s official spokesperson  Luke Tamborinyoka a speedy recovery following a near fatal car crash.

Luke Tamborinyoka is reported to be battling for life at hospital in Harare after he was involved in a car accident early Sunday.

He was travelling to his rural home in Domboshava when a rear tyre of the Toyota Prado he was driving burst and he lost control of the vehicle. The car overturned three times before  landing by its roof, leaving Tamborinyoka seriously injured and his five brothers who were in the car escaping with minor injuries.

Hospitalised...Luke Tamborinyoka

Douglas Mwonzora, the spokesman for Tsvangirai’s MDC-T party, confirmed that Tamborinyoka has suffered head injuries, broken ribs and his lung was also affected following an accident.

Another senior MDC-T official who visited the Avenues Clinic this evening where Tamborinyoka is on life support told ZimEye “I was at the hospital this evening we couldn’t see him as he is in ICU-(Intensive Care Unit). We are all hoping he gets well but from what I hear the injuries are quite bad.”

Meanwhile, his boss Tsvangirai was yesterday reported to be in the United Kingdom with his wife, Elizabeth Macheka may have to urgently return to Zimbabwe, in light of this incident, senior MDC-T sources said.

They  rubbished speculation that PM Tsvangirai is on honeymoon, saying he travelled on a business trip to Brussels last Thursday.

  • Cde Black

    get well soon Cde. We are praying for you.

  • MDC-T

    You will make it Cde!

  • Green Bomber

    Another opposition killed!

  • Zero

    Get well soon boss.

  • http://Google Martin

    All our prayers are with you.

  • Tina

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the snake tamborine is now breaking apart it was the loudest instrument in the band of idiots aka Morgay and ochestra La whitebootlickers wanzwa butter bururu

  • pound

    varume ivavo vanomhanyisa mota vanoda driving yemu movie tinovaona hedu

  • True

    These guys refuse e services of our most trained guys within e security service. Fearing that vanozobirwa data, nt knwing kut whether uripi data rinongowanikwa. Hezvo PM vakapotsa vafa bt ended up giving in. Get wel soon

  • http://Google LOVERBOY

    I thought it was one of these old dogs. . .like John Nkomo, rest in peace in advance john nkomo incase i dont have airtym wen we kiss the coffin

  • nambya

    get well soon though i don’t like you.where in hell is mukadota,changed names again or running out of air time?

  • chevhu

    get well soon!!!

  • Amai vaMbonje

    get well soon

  • Mai Miki


  • Mike Hove

    Get well soon Mhofu

  • Nhamo Zvanyanya

    we are praying for you Mhofu …May the Lord Bless you , we are waiting to see out of the hospital.

  • chamakadya chamuka

    get well soon cde

  • Skipper

    Get wel soon Cde,some of you fools don’t have heart,hw can u wish death on fellow countrymen.nxa

  • S. Zet

    Get well soon, gallant democratic fighter.

  • Philosopher

    Tina u r pathetic.get well soon Tamborinyoka

  • Tina

    Get well soon my apologies earlier post I was under the influence of glue.

  • Bla Miki

    I’m not too sure if the sellout will survive and l really don’t care what happens to the idiot. I agree as well with Pound, these idiots can fly zvechibharanzi chaizvo and kana vagemuka voti Zanu Pf, CIO, Mugabe etc. The other day, driving past Norton towards Harare, Biti almost killed himself when he tried to overtake me in front of an oncoming vehicle. Had it not been for my good judgement, my knowledge of defensive driving plus my international driving experience he could have been history. Ruka, dai Mwari vaita kuda kwavo vazorodze nyama iyo. At least manyepo anoita mashoma. Ki ki ki ki ki ki ki, while taking the wise waters at a waterhole in Domboz yesterday, somebody said, “…..ah, zviri pachena uyu ndi Jimalo Maridhadhi akitisa dinga..”.

  • anti mugabe

    Luke we r with u in our prayers,the devil is at wek bt he wil not succed in Jesus name.Long live Tsvangirai and i wish hell on ol the Zanus from the Leader to the last person.freedom of xpression at list

  • Anonymous

    Hope a speed recovery Luke !

  • Chegotsi

    Tamborinyoka, Mhofu? I thot he was one of those totemless from up there. What does tambolinyoka mean? A car spinning 3 times might mean over speeding. But inotambika, I once had rear tyre burst and ended up in a bridge and God’s help nevadzimu ,I came out clean. I think this was an inside job, vana Maridadi ava!!

  • Bla Miki

    Kwanzi rurimi rwakazvimba, rangi rimwe rakabvaruka, musoro wakatsemuka, mbabvu dzikatyoka apa blambi anzi yakati nga – aa kumira. Anzi aripa okusjeni ne dripi. Ini ndofunga kuti ndi lyeni Makone ashandisa chikwambo chake. Famba zvakanaka dzungubhoyi, waida kuti ani afe? Vhaya!

  • Muchadura

    Get wel sun!remember you are not alone in the ICU, Zimbabwe was jacked by fear and teror from a certain group, that why we cant add our names here.ln some way lm saying we need healing frm the ogre of fear that has taken our confidence, from ourselves.lts when poor citizens can only wish for the death of those with power.when l pursuing my studies in intelgencia l leant that it means you are helpless when you can only wish someone dead yet the person does not wish like you do but kills.

  • Muchadura

    Get wel sun!remember you are not alone in the ICU, Zimbabwe was jacked by fear and teror from a certain ogre, that is why we cant add our names here.ln some way lm saying we need healing frm the ogre of fear that has taken our confidence, from ourselves.lts when poor citizens can only wish for the death of those with power.when l was pursuing my studies in russia, l leant that it means you are helpless when you can only wish someone dead yet the person does not wish like you do but kills.

  • Tsano

    Domboshava? Unenge waimhanyisa papi ipapa nguvai. Mozoti tisu maCIO musadaro vakomana. Hameno no comment

  • Greyhora

    Tionereyiwo satani dhiyabhorosi nyoka, muroyi anoroya masikati uyo anonzi Bla Mikidog, how can u rejoice that someone is injured critically and wish him dead, you zinjanthropus? Dai wafa uriwe hapana anochema, we will just say the dog has gone let it rot in hell.

    Cde Luke, get well soon and continue with the struggle against these forces of darkness.


    GOOD ROADS!GOOD ROADS! and cars in good conditions is what is required in Zim.Also no drink and drive should and must be the motto. Having said that hope you recover and get better soon. So?

  • Ndetshu

    Sorry kakhulu Thambolenyoka.

  • Baba Greyhora

    Poetic justice! Muchapera madinga apa Mdara vachirikukika! Mhofu mainyanyawo kutaura twenhando. Rovaipasi!

  • Greyhora

    Baba what what, you are just an uninventive dog barking at nothing in particular. Stop your fixations with other people and write of your own accord, otherwise your existence is just pointless & u are a wasted night, a wastage of space and resources with nothing to contribute, schupet!

  • Bla Miki

    Usatuke baba vako mhani iwe Greydes unongoti miromo mitsvuku. Kutoda kushaina nekufirwa. Hatiuye kunhamo kwake kuhavhesti hausi ikoko.

  • Baba Greyhora

    Greyhora, Greyhora my son can’t u see that this indeed is good riddance to an otherwise morally bankrupt being who must have earned the wrath of the creator to deserve such a backlash! My son I urge you to take a good lesson from these events unfolding b4 yo very eyes. Leave that morally decayed party for the only part with the people at heart ZANU-PF that is if the cadres there accept such rotten junk like u Greyhora my son( don’t worry your stupid off though, it can be arranged)

    . U will have to go through a rigorous cleansing ceremony though! To rid u off demon rehungochani, hutengesi and hupombwe hwawakawana kubato rezvimbwa sungata rinopikisa reMDC-T.

  • Greyhora

    Bla, ndiyani afa? As far as we know, Luke is alive but in critical condition, if it was your ploy to kill him then muchamaama as usual, and even if it happens, musauye kurufu kwacho, who needs baboons at funerals? Garayi nechidhoma chenyu kustate house ikoko chisingade kufa icho. Kuzoti iyo ngochani huure ra John Nkomo riri kuzviti Baba Greyhora, who will you turn to now that your “old man” is dying slowly and painfully, enda unonzwiswa blambi na jonathan, wapedza woenda kuna kasukuwere, kana vasingakude ivavo woenda kunofa, dog!

  • Bla Miki

    Toziva kuti tisu takasota vhiri. Ma
    sellout eZanu ndo akakonzeresa.

  • Tsano

    Get well soon Mhofu

  • Baba Greyhora

    Get well soon Mhofu.

  • Bla Miki

    Contrary to reports in the media at the weekend which claimed Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is on honeymoon in the United Kingdom, the PM has not been on any private visit to Europe as claimed, ZimEye has been told.

    Last week senior aides told ZimEye early on Thursday the PM was travelling to the UK and Brussels for an official visit.

    When contacted again Sunday one official who declined being identified asked, “Who on earth would go to a cold rough country for a honeymoon? There was no need for that to be raised and the journalist even reported that they were unverified rumours.”

    PM Morgan Tsvangirai

    Speculation against Tsvangirai reached another peak at the weekend because of the rumours as news readers accused Tsvangirai of insensitivity based on the news reports. This was following an accident in which Tsvangirai‘s spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka was involved in a near-fatal accident as he visited his rural home in Domboshawa.

  • Baba Greyhora

    I blame u MDC-T thugs for indoctrinating Greyhora my boy with this foul language he is now fond of!

  • Bla Miki

    Ramai vako whoever is abusing my name. Dùzví remunhu

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  • Zola Bata

    Bla miki u r heartless, zvichakuwana.get well Luke

  • Farai Mamina

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of being tried Luke. Be strong my brother as we need to celebrate and live in a new Zimbabwe with you. The Holy Spirit is covering you and you do not need to be afraid.

  • moyoz

    i wish you a speedy recovery we have you in our prayers , wish you just recover in
    time cause this is the tim the team need you most

  • maxwell mavhuna

    Get well soon Luke.

  • Sekuru

    Get well soon

  • Nehondo

    When is it goin 2 bite the dust? Minuz 1 vote.


    He had taken one too many at Mverechena shopping centre and was speeding on that rough road.

  • Patricks

    get well soon Luke………….!!!

  • Green Bomber

    mbwaa dzevanhu

  • Bla Miki

    Zvabva zvabatana ne edzi haapone munhu uyu. Anzi akaburitsa ropa rebläck kunge ropa regava. Kaimhanyira kuenda kun’anga. Akafa tinenge tazorora kunyeperwa nenyurusi iri. He is not originally from Domboshava hameno kwakabviwa vachitiza huroyi just lika ana Makone vakango tamirawo kwedu. Oh and stop Mhofing him, hakuna mhofela ngochani ngaashevedzwe nemutupo wake chaiwo wekuti Phiri. Mukakaviga kuDomboshava tokafukunura, hatidi ngozi mumusha, dhemeti.

  • Tina

    bla miki pamh ata uridu dzvi go to h ell moth er f u cker

  • lrm

    apo PM vabva mukuboritsa 300thaza kupa LOCA hurwere hobva hwapinda mumusha apo vachambotenderera pasi rese vari kuhoneymoon yemock wedding…..maelections anosvika mumwe asina kana cent….!

  • Mhofu75


  • Chidhinha

    Get well soon!

  • Papa Wemba

    Comrade everything will be okay in Jesus Christ’s name.

  • chihera mukonde

    Get well soon Mhofu,Im sure you will be fine. I hate hupombwe hweMDC but hukama haugezwe nesipo setsvina.



  • Vrugte

    Very unpleasant knews to hear and wish u speedy recovery in his mighty Name. I wld like to pray 4 the heartless men out there who reciprocate contrary to human feelings, who are not actually touched by this unexpected accident.