Mutinhiri barred from next election


by thezimbabwean

Marondera East MP Tracey Mutinhiri escaped expulsion from Zanu (PF) on Wednesday but has unofficially been demoted and barred from taking part in party affairs in her district.

She will also not be allowed to contest the next parliamentary election on a Zanu (PF) ticket, according to party sources who attended Wednesday’s explosive politburo meeting chaired by party president Robert Mugabe.

The issue has deeply fractured Zanu (PF) and highlighted the divisions within the party over a successor for the ailing dictator. The dispute put egg on the faces of senior party officials, including administrator Didymus Mutasa, who was taken to task by Mugabe over why he allowed the issue to feature on the meeting’s agenda all.Tracey Mutinhiri

“Mugabe was furious. He questioned why such a ‘petty issue’ involving a junior member of the party should be brought to his attention. Importantly, however, the president seemed afraid of the potential fallout from the public humiliation of an army general’s wife,” said a politburo source.

“There were also fears that taking any direct action could lead to more damaging revelations after Mutinhiri alleged that Sekeramayi’s CIO wanted to assassinate her. Those charges are probably true, judging by the history of the party.”

The Zimbabwean broke the story of the CIO assassination plot against Mutinhiri last Sunday. Party heavy-weights vowed to get rid of Mutinhiri, wife of retired brigadier-general Ambrose Mutinhiri.

She was accused of working too closely with the MDC-T, and castigated for banning party slogans at her meetings – which she had done as a way of preventing division and violence.

Party chiefs were also suspicious after she was removed from the targeted measures list for her efforts in promoting the implementation of the GPA and bringing peace. Party bosses suspected she had sold out.

Our sources said an angry Mugabe had refused to even hear the report from the Marondera DCC and referred the matter to party commissar Webster Shamu to sort out.

  • Bla Miki

    No one bigger than the party called Zanu PF. Traitors, sellouts and puppets seen dining with the enemy should have their wings clipped.

  • julliana zivanai

    Tracy just run as an independent and teach them maggots a lesson that its noones business should you change your mind and its even better to completely become MDC HAPANA ZVAVANOKUITA.

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha! huri bhenzi mfana miki? Anyway welcome to dog eat dog party girl

  • cde bofuratsikamwana

    ZANU has policies and principles, there are ethics in politics as well and loyalty, loyalty is top of the list. if you become short of it then you are not a part of us. go and just go wherever the wind takes you, however procedures will be followed. the member have been punished accordingly and hope she abides with the instructions to demostrate her loyalty.
    mai MUTINHIRI havnt been expelled yet but if she decides to go it alone, that’s democracy no-one will stop that. it never will be a lesson to anyone but a sighn of political freedom and multipartism. members have been expelled, demoted or other measures t aken before in the party’s history, nothing new.

  • Bla Miki

    True Cde Bofu, our party is built on a solid rock of principles. Zanu Pf is simply a household name in African politics, we stand sholders above the rest. All dissident material will therefore find no place in Zanu Pf

  • Makwembere 2

    I think Sithembeni today you have disgraced our movement. Did you conduct consultations from your constituency on this matter? How many did people men and women did you interview? What quantitative methods did you deploy? What methods of evaluation did you use?

    Of course we all know this behavious was acquired from ZANU PF. But it is wrong for any MP MDC or ZANU PF to just wake up on the let side o their bed and craft a legislative proposal before making substantive consultations.

  • http://zimeye CHANDO KUPISA

    How does the issue of succession come in Mr Editor? The topical issue here is the demotion of Mutinhiri.Apa marasika nyaya.


    Ko nhai iwe Chando nyaya yaurikutaura yabva nepiko? succession chinyiko ichocho? Unokundwa nesu tisina kuenda ku form 6, ah!

    Chinhu chimwe chandinonyatsoziva ndechekuti vaTsvangirai vakagara panyanga ende vanotyiwa nekuremekedzwa nyika yose. Uyu Mutinhiri uyu aiteiko uyu zvokuti all of you mese mava kuto mun’en’ena ? Vanurume hamuna nyadzi mose

  • gava

    @bla miki

    sorry, but gaddaffi is the most popular leader in africa, followed of course by mugabe. shame the ppl in their respective countries think otherwise