Mugabe provides food assistance to Ndlovu, Tshili families


President Robert Mugabe yesterday provided food assistance and various other amenities for use during the funeral of Adam Ndlovu and Nomqhele Tshili who died with the soccer icon in a car accident on Sunday.

Mugabe’s spokesman Mr. George Charamba said the President and his wife Grace Mugabe had been deeply touched and hoped the foodstuffs would assist the families in this hour of deep grief.

“The President and Amai Grace Mugabe have given food assistance and other amenities to the late Adam Ndlovu’s family for use during his funeral.

“Part of this assistance will be given to Nomqhele Tshili’s family,” said Mr Charamba quoted by the state media.

Robert Mugabe

He said the Bulawayo State House had also given water and firewood to the families.


Peter gets successful surgical operation

Meanwhile it was revealed that Peter Ndlovu underwent successful surgical operation.

Radio Journalist Ezra Tshisa Sibanda, a friend of the Ndlovu family said the soccer star is now progressing well: “Peter Ndlovu was successfully operated today [Wednesday]; both legs look fine and he is progressing well,” he said.

The young woman who died in the same crash, Nomqhele Tshili, 24, will be buried in Esiphezini on Thursday at 9AM, according to Sibanda.

“Let’s go and support the Tshili family at this time of need,” Sibanda said, “and thank you to Highlanders Legends for helping out in the funeral arrangements of our dear late sister Nomqhele.”

Nomqhele’s relationship with the Ndlovu brothers has remained a subject of heated speculation, with many concluding she might have been a girlfriend of either of the two.

And when journalists sought clarification from Ndlovu family spokesman Madinda on Tuesday, he would not put the question to rest.

“A tragedy like this needs special attention. She died with our brother so it is our concern and we will meet with the parents and ensure that we give her a decent burial. Maybe when Peter is well, he will tell us more,” he said.


Adam Ndlovu died in a horrific car accident on Saturday when his brother Peter’s BMW X5 overturned after a tyre burst in Victoria Falls in a mishap which however left Peter recovering sustaining injuries.

  • Papa Wemba

    Its unfortunate that the Ndlovu killed Tshili bcoz of negligence-ovaspeeding.Rest in peace Tshili.up until they pay something.Eish this z painful.

  • Bhodlumlilo gt

    The article might be misleading or Charamba is misleading us. If something is donated by the state house its not necessarily that the donation is from Robert or Grace. That is from government Zimbabwe.

  • Papa Wemba

    1st time Mabhodhomlilo u said something meaningful.Mgaybe is not statehouse he is very small as comprd with the bighouse.Monopolising everythin.

  • Chegotsi

    What about Mtwakazians? Where are you?This tragedy is for all Zimbabweans. A true Zimbabwean son has died and we shld feel it like that. Thank you Mr. President.


    Wena Chegotsidog. OUr lost son Obert Mpofu did more than. I thought you knew Mpofu ?

  • Bla Miki

    Thick heads or maybe dick heads should l say. I’m referring to the two fools above raising a stupid arguement out of nothing. The report is straightforward, President Mugabe and his wife, the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe “donated foodstuff and other amenities for use during the funeral and the report went on to say the Bulawayo State House donated water and firewood.

  • Chegotsi

    But who is the government it is His Excellency R G Mugabe. Whether the donation was from zvimba or munhumutapa office that will not change, do you agree with comrades?


    The problem with these stupid reporters is they cant distinguish between Mugabe as an individual person and Mugabe as the Head Of State and Government and Commander in Chief of Defence Forces.