Mugabe Launches Scathing Attack On Tsvangirai

president robert mugabe
President Mugabe

President Mugabe on Sunday sunk his teeth into MDC-T party leader Morgan Tsvangirai in what appeared to be a one sided war of words while addressing mourners at the funeral of Retired Air Commodore Mike Karakadzai, who was the general manager of the National Railways of Zimbabwe in Harare.

Karakadzai was declared a national hero following his death in a car accident early Tuesday.

In his first public speech since Thursday’s swearing-in, he targeted Tsvangirai, his former partner in a shaky power sharing government, as “an ignoramus” and “a lone stray locust”.

This was in reaction to Tsvangirai’s attempt to seek a court’s help to overturn the polls and his calls to rid the security forces of officers allied to Mugabe and his ZANU-PF party.

“I hope our people will never repeat the same mistake and choose an ignoramus when you have bright children who went to university. I wonder what you admire in him,” he said.

On security reforms that were meant to precede the polls, he also hit out at Tsvangirai.

“What sector reform can you a lone stray locust implement? When has the frog aspired to be the crocodile?” he said.

“You are better off with an ignorant person who is conscious of his ignorance. It becomes a problem when you assume your ignorance is wisdom and lead people into trouble.”

The vote ended the pair’s regionally brokered compromise government forced by chaotic 2008 polls.

This time round the electoral commission declared Mugabe the winner with 61 percent of the vote, against 34 percent for Tsvangirai.

Report by AFP/Additional reporting ZimEye

  • Comrade Ivhu

    Death Results 3-0. You are next Satan

  • Sabhuku Vasura

    Ko zvavakakunda iye Tsvangirai wacho pamaireksheni chavari kungosadharara kumutuka harahwa yese iyi havanyari here. Tirikuda mabasa isu nemari kwadzo dzekutambira kuti tiendese vana kuchikoro.

  • moyoza

    tswangidiot must be embarrased in his political grave.

  • mombemumunda

    Ndozvo Mugabe, I like the way you described tsvangirai,, you couldn’t have said it better n Is aa locust for sure

  • MDC-T Mapuppets

    Tukwai VANHU VE MDC-T You deserve kutukwa coz arrogance dzenyu after losing zvinobhowa.

  • Rakanga

    Mugabe’s Son will be hanged, Perpetuating Father’s Legacy

    Peter Mugabe is an innocent boy who did not choose but was born by a crafty parent Robert Mugabe. Peter was born innocent but unfortunately he will be hanged in Zimbabwe for perpetuating an evil cycle that he was born under and was raised to believe that his father’s way is the normal way that Zimbabweans deserve.

    Peter has be groomed to replace Mugabe and his advisors will be the current Zanu PF thugs who are down-running Zimbabwe today. Their power will be hinged on the partisan military, partisan army and partisan Police who are defending Mugabe’s crockery now. The problem that will lead to the final brutal hanging of Peter will be dissatisfaction of the armed forces who will by then be reduced to extreme poverty by lack of pay.

    Peter will run a more aggressive Secretive Police which will kill all the old Zanu Army generals and the Police commissioners. Peter will take advice from some members of Zanu who will be carrying grudges some of them dating back from the liberation struggle in the 1970s. He will be advised that his father used to kill even his own cronies if they became a threat. The young incumbent won’t have the ability to asses who is lying and who is honest and he will kill even the honest ones in Zanu following grudge advice.

    Zimbabwe will be one of the most dangerous places to live on Earth following the insurgences that will be caused by the current vote rigging of 2013. Mugabe will stay full term at the end of which the Military, Police and Courts will be openly excising dictatorship that Zimbabweans will resist violently.

    The Economy will not recover and the gains of mineral wealth will be spent in quelling insurgency and Mugabe will not have enough money to pay the military. In 2018, Mugabe, who does not trust anyone will cede power to Peter.

    Using the excuse of insurgency, Peter will ban elections and demand that the armed insurgents destabilising Zimbabwe should put down arms. The insurgency won’t put down arms because half the current military will be on the people’s side fighting against the highly corrupt Government.

    The United States will ban the use of their money in Zimbabwe following the request of insurgency and the ZimDollar will be re-introduced which will loose value in a few weeks of its introduction. Zanu will try to use Chinese money but China will not accept because insurgency will have killed so many Chinese accusing them of helping Mugabe to prolong his destructive stay in power.

    At the end, most weapons in Zimbabwe will be in the hands of disgruntled people who will press a bloody struggle that will end by the hanging of Peter Mugabe. Peter will be hanged on a makeshift gallows that will be mounted at a piece of land to be named Freedom Square. Women will sing Go Hang!, Go Hang!, Go Hang!, reciting Robert Mugabe’s own best phrase which he uses to rebuke forces of change.

    Zimbabwe will recover and become a stable country in 2034 but most people currently yearning for Freedom will not live to see it.

    Mugabe will be loathed by all and many will deny ever having been Zanu PF members by 2034. Mugabe’s name will be categorised with Saddam Hussein, Mohammed Gadhafi, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler and Mobutu Sese Seko.

    None of his accumulated wealth will be left to sustain his surviving children and all his other children will leave Zimbabwe. The books of history will fail to find anything good about his name regardless of having succeeded in defeating Colonialism.

    The hate of Robert Mugabe will unite all fragmented Zimbabwean tribes and never again will they let anyone damage the Nation by divide and rule. Mugabe will be used as a bad example in the rest of Africa and the World.

    These things will happen step by step and by July 2014, the Zimbabwean National Army will have its first encounter with an aggressive and disproportionately armed insurgency. The insurgency will be full of morale and the youth will most likely want to be identified with them.

    Most Zimbabweans will drag their feet to join insurgency on its first inception but the escalation of regime repression will trigger an unintended result for the regime which will see the youth taking up arms en masse.

    By 2015, most loyal armed forces will be joining the insurgency who will be too much of a challenge to the then frail Mugabe. Peter will then take over in 2018 but at the end, he will regret ever having indulged in dirty politics.

    Blood is inevitable unfortunately because Zanu currently feels they are the custodians of Freedom in Zimbabwe and they do not believe anyone is capable to shoot at Zanu PF. They have not seen it is 33 years and it has become a cultural belief that Zanu are bullet proof. Democracy has failed through vote rigging and Mugabe had been offered a safe exit, an opportunity that he gambled to miss. Like Gadhafi after 40 years in power, Mugabe will find it hard to believe that a Freedom Seeking Zimbabwean has a finger to shoot.

  • Son of the soil

    Tsvangirai is not leadership material. We could never have a president like him in this country

  • Negomo

    Rakanga u watchin’ 2 many movies shamwari maconspiracy theory ekuita justify zvinhu zvisina brain. Smthn is certainly wrong with u hauna kana kumbokwana!

  • Diego

    It’s time the President of Zim focus on issues that affect the nation than going for Tsvangirai. He is out of the picture now and it’s prudent to focus on the bread and butter issues and the whole economic spectrum that needs a complete overhaul.

    Please we beg you Mr President to focus and not to mis-direct your energy on the opposition leader Tsvangirai. That doesn’t bring food on the table of the many people that are hungry in Zimbabwe. The seed of hate should go and I personally thought you would lead by example and be true role model to those apsiring to be leaders in every sphere of their lives.

    Unfortunately the President continue to stoop so low to vent his anger on the vaquished, who is completely out of the equation. I was a great admirer of you in the 80s but uuuuh, that’s gone to be frank.

    The focus is to revamp the ailing economy, root out corruption, stop purging your own people, allow the freedoms that the people of Zimbabwe need to prevail. Hasha hadzina ndima. We want peace and forge ahead in rebuilding the country. If we learn from our past and our experiences then this could be the best time to make amends, but I wonder if at all we will see this coming.

    Issues I request your honour to focus on:
    1. Revamp the Zim education sysyem to the levels of the days of Dzingai Mutumbuka and to the prevailing global shift
    2.Rebuild the economy – discard your look east policy and divergently embrass policy across the globe, reopen industries eg ZISCO etc
    3.Allow investment within and without – do not ZANUFY the mines and CRONISE the economy but allow non partisan policies in growing the economy
    4.Root out corruption, starting with the leadership in the rulling and all your cronies
    5.De-militarise all parastals and every other institution used for political advancement
    6.Create jobs – a robust economic blueprint should be adopted and impelemented in cosultation with the people
    7.There has been a lot of atrocities caused by political differences which was uncalled for – there is need for REAL NATIONAL healing
    8.We need performing Ministers not ceremonial ones in the Cabinet, the old guards should be rested, I dont see much come out of them. Could assume advisory roles instead.

    Having said that, I wonder if the President himself realises his shortcominmgs and embrace the changes that the country urgently requires. It calls for a man of guts and balls to admit his wrongs and take corrective measures.

    Arrogance and aggression worsens our situation.And all it doeas is build in our young generation thugs and thieves as they believe everything comes through vioence and aggression. It’s detrimental to the development of the country and to us as a people. Chibhakera hachitongi nyika, chinowondonga. Musha hautongwi nebopoto kwete. Tinonyara kana tichinzwa muchitaura nekutuka all the West.

    You are misdirecting your energy Mr President, as these have nothing to loose. Gadzirisai pakatsveyama musingataurisi. You are too old for that. Please get your act in place if at all you want to enjoy your LAST TERM in office otherwise WE ARE HEADING FOR THE BIGGEST DISASTER EVER.

    Take criticism constructively and introspectively look back and you can perhaps see the light at the end of the tunnel. Kudzidza hakuna wakura and now it looks Tsvangirai is much better by keeping to himself than kuti naye naye nanga nanga. Please get real and stir the ship. We want food, jobs, better education, improvesd infrustructure etc. Ndapedza mwana wevhu.

    These are some of the few suggestions I’m putting forward but there are so many things to work on.


    I nga vamwe vanonyora maroto chaiwo, THERE IS NOTHING LIKE PETER MUGABE SUCCESSION, but us young Zanu followers will vote a successor like Amai Vice President or any amoungst our capable commrades to take over the baton.
    This time around its going to be youth and women empoerment ,SO DO NOT BE SCARRED by these Imperialists praise singers.
    Pambari nomusangano total freedom to the indigineous citizens (both black and white)!

  • qiniso

    Rakanga stop drinking beer until late on sundays,wange wakadhakwa nezuro.ririsei bhabharazi?

  • jongwe ratiza risina musoro

    The most unfortunate thing we have here is that bob asked the jews to keep him in ‘power, he is president of Israel sort of. Mambo wevajudha. He cant get support from the pple. He can manufacture support with the jews. Bob will get support the day he releases the voters roll .

  • hange

    Mugabe have zim at heart.nt morgan support by eu ro cauze trouble.

  • Gogodera

    The Gospel is about West and Tsvangirai, this is a pre excuse of failure to provide better economy becoz on that people will demand answers, so the answers will be anditi taigara tichitaura zve masanctions wani.

  • Tomas Chiangwa

    Mugabe is insulting us that we are stupid to have chosen ignorant and locust Tsvangirai as candidate president instead of his puppets with university degree. Mugabe is guilty of rigged elections, only God knows but I guess the heaven won’t forgive. U are there as president, knowing very well that people don’t like u. Shame u!!!!!!

  • gandangagururisingakwanemusaga

    Shame on you CD CADRE

  • Kamudhosvo

    Morgan Tsvangirayi is the people’s choice because he is not corrupt. Mugabe was educated by the Rhodesian government while in prison. Do today prisoners get the same education under Mugabe rule? The answer is an emphatic NO Mugabe is selfish and mean. Zimbabweans are saying Mugabe rigged the elections not USA, Britain or Europe.

  • Charles Chamunorwa

    Rakanga on sunday-I enjoyed your artcle about Mugabe’s son, Peter.

  • clido

    if u cant beat them, join them. viva president. whether he is in the office through rigging or not the fact still remains that he is in power. its not about the means to the end but about the end in it self. the best man won the elections. they say politics is a game so why are you crying. have a life mdc losers. better adapt and move on with life under president mugabe and zanu pf leadership. muchamuda musingade musingade chete

  • Madziya

    I was in Gutu paweekend with my brother-in-law, a teacher, a former staunch MDC-T supporter. He supervised the recent elections. I asked him how it went. He said he has never been so shocked, by his party lost fairly, and need to analyse where they went wrong rather than blame Zanu for rigging. Said MDC T never campained in Gutu. Imposed candidates. I t was very easy for Zany to just ask people to review what the seating MDC cancellors and MPs had done during their tenure.

  • Greyhora

    Mugay should just stop this nonsense and focus on governing the country! He is already looking for scapegoats to blame for his impeding failure to do just that! He knows the people reject him time and time again, hence his contempt for the people’s real choice!

  • Oneal Patel

    Your lies and rigging machinery won the day, now it’s time to deliver. We are tired of your rhetoric against the West. Zimbabwe is at the crossroads, as our leader we expect you to be building bridges not burning them. You need Tsvangirai more than he needs you. When the dust has settled you will realise that Zimbabwe needs the world not just the Far East to support it. Your policies are good at securing votes but in reality will stall investment and growth. Take heed of the advise from Gono and carry on with the policies set in motion during the tenure of the GNU.

  • Hubo

    Since He is a graduate y dnt he stick 2 da Topic, He has a tendency of History thingz of da past 4rm Tswagirai going all da way back 2 1980. All these thingz He yaping abt, beef btwn Him, West nd His Opposition need 2 stop doesn’t help us(pple on da ground) He need 2 be productive service delivery thus wat we need.


    KIKIKIKIKIKI , Just enjoying my Chinese porridge.

  • Georgina Tsvangirai

    Chando Kupusa unongofunga zveporidge rechiZhing Zhong zvakauomera!

  • Greyhora

    Who asked you, Chandog? Anyway, why is a dog like u eating porridge?

  • Chick Hachirovi

    Pharaoh akarwadziwa, he never knew people would vote Tsvangirai that’s why he is insulting the man each time he get a chance. He has failed to revive the economy and is distracting himself by insulting innocent people. Yes he has a few degrees, but what has he done with them, murder, corruption, theft, adultery. Some leaders in other countries who are not as educated as he is have produced much better results. This man has serious psychological problems that’s why he is so abusive and power hungry.

  • Mliswine

    They keep talking about west and tsvangirayi, they have nothing to tell people, historians that went to university are no good than leaders that never went to university. History will not help this economy, killers, murders, corrupt cronies, careless people who worry about themselves but want to lead the country…aah, this is just too much!Shame on you

  • Nehondo

    Tsvangi takabata Je.nde chairo.

  • Hungwe

    zanu (pf) 5 year national plan.
    Objective: National re-building and employment and wealth creation.
    Key Areas:-
    1. Denounce and demonise Tsvangirai
    2. Denounce and demonise the MDC
    3. Denounce and demonise the West
    4. Review key areas after 5 years

  • Bona

    Ko makahwina deal with real issues not Tsvangirai.Madegree anoitwa 7 first degrees hakusi kudzidzi plus chikoro chemujere ndechekiya kiya. Mamwe ndeekungopiwa futi

  • jekanyika


  • Z man.

    Its real pathetic for a preresident to stoop so low when there are issues of economic and national interest trhat need urgent attention. Issues that he neglectected for the thirty years he has been in office. You an embarssment mr president. Can you focus on real issues normal presidents will deal with just to see their countries moving forward. You have never been a nation builder, its amazing till today how you have failed to take a cue from other leaders! Its a shame on you mr bob.

  • Julian Gumbs

    In most parts of the World, 61% vote considered a landslide, Zim’s Courts,AU,SADC,Brazil,Sino, endorsed elections…but people only want white ppl approval, thats what this sounds like…Get the facts straight SADC has calles for th lifting of sanctions, Which has Freezed Credit, making Zin a Cash Only country, because they dont honor property rights.

  • Gukurahundi tendencies

    The MDC-T, and its leader Tswangirayi were well taught by this Gukurahundi on how to deal with opponents.

    Its all about getting personal – I see where they got their lessons. Remember, the village politician and tribalist comments about our beloved Prof Welshman Ncube.

    Once a Gukurahundi, always a Gukurahundi ngiyalitshela bafowethu!

  • Gukurahundi tendencies



    Please Robert Mugabe ( ZANUPF ) You won the Rigged Election fine. Way forward. We are tired hearing of insulting. Kana ZANU PF yakhwina freely then if Mugabe is given the Platform and all event.We want to hear Logic issues not insults everytime. Ndizvo zvinoratidza humbwende. Kungozhamba chete. Zvekutuka hazvitipi hupfu mumba. Chiratidzai kuita zvamakavimbisa vanhu pama Campainings.Ndizvo zvinomusoro kuti tifare toziva kuti ZANU PF yechokwadi. But now kuda kuvhara vanhu nekungo drawer attention yevanhu nemashoko asingabatsire. Gore rinopera Mugabe achingotaura zvisina basa. Economy ngaigadziriswe siyana naye Tsvangirai. Tinoda kunzwa zvawakativimbisa chete end story. Mabasa tishande tanzwa neurovha. Ma soldiers majaira kunyeperewa hapana mari.

  • Guvnor

    Robert the blind mouse of all people has the temerity to talk about ignorance. First this is the kind of speech to give at a funeral by a civilised person in African or Christian perrspective. Second you have lost the respect and love of decent people in Zimbabwe and the rest of the world. Third you associate with and befriend ungodly people and nations. Don’t be surprised why even MT whom you look down and have contempt for is much more revered by Zimbabweans than your dispicable self. In fact Zimbabweans can not wait to be rid of your suffocating presence which pollutes our nation.

  • http://tsvangirayi mugabe

    isay 2 my self zvituko zvose

  • martin mudzviti

    im happy about this previous harmonised elections wadyiwa wadyiwa ndozvazvinoita

  • http://gmail gugariraguyosembwa

    Vakuru musagadzire nyika nemuromo chete, kana muchida nyika nevanhu onekwayi nemabasa kwete kuramba muchinyepa nguva nenguva.Nemiwo vanhu kuti dzirimo dzese indava muchinyengedzwa nakitsi arimutsaga. Hakuna zvaichagona kuita harabhwa iyi dzangove Alzheimer’s dzega dzega.

  • thamas munazvo

    Nhaiwe Robert ko iwe nefundo yako waitei kuZimbabwe? Nyika yawakasiirwa nemuchena ichishanda nomazvo even yainge iri under masanctions. 1$ Rhodesian was = to 1 pound nedegree rako reEconomics raunaro yo failed to maintain the strength dzimara takutaura zvemaTrillion. I would personally stay without a degree than kungoita boast yet you cannot implement zvawakadzidza.Ruzivo rwacho pakadai harubatsire zve if you cannot separate that which is morally wrong and right semukuru wenyika zvareva kuti fundo haibatsire dzimwe dzenguva. VaMugabe Zimbabwe inyika inehupfumi asi makore 33 amatonga dai iricompany yangu, basa renyu rakapera kare chero dai maiuya nemadegree 100 nokuti munongogwauta zvefundo yet when it comes kuita implement fundo yenyu hapana chabuda. Dai machisimba nePositive Ageing kuti muzorore munezvakanaka kwete kungowawata senge musina kuenda kuchikoro. Vanhu vanoda mabasa, health, roads, accommodation, education kwete kurigga maelections. Hativei nenyadzi zve nekutya Mwari.

  • Gukurahundi tendencies

    Its the same old “VILLAGE POLITICIAN, REGIONALIST” talk – enjoy it, you are birds of the same feather!!


  • http://gmail gugariraguyosembwa

    Martin its not about kudyiwa its about people’s well being hausi mutambo webhora uyu, hupenyu hwevanhu.

  • Mukadota

    The roadblock to the economic recovery and political sanity are these men like Madzibaba Mugabe and his coterie of evil worshippers who thrive on underhand deals and blood thirsty ruthlessness that disregard life and its rights. Many of us are all too aware of our own country’s flaws and troubled past, but we don’t want to speak out. We are still a poor country, and one that desperately needs international assistance and investment. Sadly, our leaders are so uncouth and vile they even use unattractive policies to scare away potential investors.

  • http://n/a ZANU PF Mhondi chete

    Pliz Comrade Robert, you won you won, stop shouting to the Opposition. You need to say you have been sanctioned if you fail to conquer this country. Tsvangirai is not educated as you say, but we cannot notice the difference with you who says you are educated. Basa ngerekungopopota chete pamusangano chii?