Mother caught in bed with son, 19


(Gweru) In a shocking report that has gripped the whole city, a Gweru mother is being tried for having been caught in bed with her son.

The mother, Shuvai Mudzingwa (33) was reportedly caught intimate with her son Michael Mudzingwa (19) by the father.

The incident which police are backing is recorded as having occured on the 11th July 2010 at 10pm.

According to police, Shuvai, her husband, together with the son share one bedroom which is only separated by a curtain stretched across the room.

On the night in question it is alleged that while both husband and wife lay in bed together, late in the night Shuvai rolled her body over across the curtain towards her son and persuaded her son for intimacy. While in the act, Michael’s father then woke up to the noises and as he started to shout at the wife and son asking why they were doing such a despicable thing tried to separate the two. According to the report which police are backing, he struggled to pull the two apart but this was impossible as they were virtually ‘glued’ to each other body to body.

The two then physically overpowered Mudzingwa forcing him out of the house and telling him to leave them alone, the report continues.

Feeling both shock and shame, Mudzingwa is said to have went away to work and did not come back. According to Midlands province Inspector Patrick Chademana, Mudzingwa later came back on the following night and found the two continuing in their incestuous acts. Inspector Chademana confirmed the further devevopment which he said became clear after thorough a investigation.

The two have been denied bail amidst concerns that they will continue in their act. (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

  • Isaac Misi

    Kwahi full zita raMudzingwa ndi ‘Blamiki Mudzingwa’.


  • Bruce Derere

    How can parents and kids sleep in the same room?state inflicted poverty These things will continue as long as Mugabe is in power. Get the man out and we can begin to build a new zimbabwe that works

  • chando chando

    this must be a stepmother look at the age difference..33 vs 19? does it mean that the mother had a child at age of14? lol.

  • perence shiri

    ndichoyachatsva akaita izvi anga opisa choya chamai imbwa yemunhu mfana

  • G 1

    varume tigutse madzimaiedu mudzimba and i dont think kuti mwana wo murume iyeye she snatched that son police has to come in