Morgan Tsvangirai Secretly Apologises to Tendai Biti and Ellton Mangoma | OPINION



“Mr. Tsvangirai apologised to Mangoma and Biti yesterday (Wednesday) during a meeting in the afternoon. But we all wonder if the apology is genuine,” an insider  source has said.

When contacted by editors for a yes or no verification on Thursday morning, Mr Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka who picked up the phone twice did not reply only stating that he was at a funeral:

“Can I call you back I am at a funeral,” he said.

Biti and Mangoma have been the subject of attacks from party youths some who have been calling for them to be physically attacked because of Mangoma’s proposal for Tsvangirai to consider resigning.




‘I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.’ Ralph Nader.

How I so wish this applied to our own leaders. If this has made sense to them, we would have seen tolerance and openness in our politics. There would have been no long running animosity between and among the current and prospective leaders of our political parties. If this had made any sense to them, Morgan Tsvangirayi would not have had the riot act read to him today. He would not have had to go about looking for those he had set his attack dogs upon, offering his profound apologies. Yes, Morgan Tsvangirayi has apologised to Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma and begged them not to part ways with him. That is very commendable of him. However, I wonder if his begging them to stay is for the sake of the party or for the sake of the funding they seem to be walking away with? Will apologising privately whilst those who are very close to him are busy lambasting Biti and Mangoma help in any way? What apology does one offer without telling his fervent supporters to stop behaving like a pack of hungry dogs attacking a hapless hare? Morgan Tsvangirayi should offer his groveling apology in the same way he denounced Mangoma and Biti. Tsvangirayi should tell his followers that he will follow the party constitution as he has been strongly reminded; it allows a democratic challenge in every leadership post in the party. The party constitution doesn’t have room for a life president, let alone for creating a messiah? Those who thought Elton Mangoma was writing Love Letters to Morgan were mistaken, actually it seems they were Divorce Letters, and Tsvangirayi is unwilling to accept the termination of the marriage! But will its glue hold, or things have fallen apart already?

MDC Tsvangiarayi faction’s leaders like Obert Gutu, Charlton Hwende and Boaz Manganiso who are blaming the British Ambassador for allegedly engineering and funding the party’ s problems are simply being myopic and failing to accept that they erred by beating Mangoma. Everyone was appalled by the violent behaviour the youths exhibited whilst Tsvangirayi stood by watching as if it was a movie. For such people to always blame Zanu PF and other external forces for the party leadership’s failures encourages lack of constructive reflection. To always give a tag to others as CIO and Zanu project because they are disagreeing with the party leader will always stunt its growth, cause hatred, split the party and take it to nowhere. No political party grows out of unmanageable internal squabbles. Now that the two factions’ followers have been out in a full blown verbal warfare, how are they going to face each other and work together? I said this of the 2005 split; failure to manage internal dynamisms and to set youths upon other leaders will not build the party, but will surely continue to keep it away from power. The arrogance and cultist perception that is devoid of future plans and the party’s continued existence will not get anyone anywhere. Indeed, the ‘function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.’ MDC T had so many followers such that by now it should be running the country, but by failing to allow a democratic space for others’ views, it has inevitably destroyed itself. I hope Tsvangirayi’s apology also serves as a big warning to his followers that the future is not in these insults and beatings; politricks is unpredictable and leaders are forced to work together for various reasons, even if they do not like each other. Most of these leaders were no longer talking to each other towards last year’s elections because of the way primary elections were being handled, but they were prepared to cooperate where possible because they all knew they needed something from each other. But did this dawn on their followers? Followers can make or unmake leaders, and can equally destroy their own hopes and aspirations through blind loyalty.

  • Cheninga Zendera

    Wagona kubaya dede nomukamwa.



  • Mushavi

    chanetsa chiiko? Vese vanoda hutungamiri ngavamirire congress kwete kuda kubvuta hutungamiri. Mangoma haasi kuda congress why? Thats not democracy. Let him follow party’s constitution. Kwete opion idzi ndedze maEditor ezanu pf. Pasi nemi. Siyanai naTsvangirai mutungamiri weveruzhinji.

  • patriot

    Tvsangirai has lost direction.We thought violence and dictatorship was for ZPF.No
    Tvsangirai and his boot lickers are more violent and have become a replica of ZPF.

  • Chamahororo

    This Mangoma issue is now boring. Its like the Ndaba Nhuku of this world would like to see the disintegration of the Movement for Democratic Change through their uncalled for interference. How they would have known that Tsvangirai called Biti and Mangoma to apologise begs a lot of questions. If indeed he did that which I very much doubt then he is indeed a leader. As a leader yes he should bring the people he leads together where there are miunderstandings and if there is anything amiss apologise where neccessary. That to me is good leadership. To those who are agitating for leadership change in the MDCT through various writings and postings, I say you are wasting your energy and time. MDCT has 210 districts in Zimbabwe and those districts endorsed Morgan RichardTsvangirai as their leader until 2016. If there are any takers then, all are welcome. If before then the aforesaid districts decide otherwise then its another matter. For now until 2016 or should some other thing happen Tsvangirai remains the leader of the MDCT.

  • ben

    Mangoma, Biti and their president are part of the executive of the party. Democracy ceases to be when members of the executive clandestinely and blindly try to hoodwink their followers by preaching it yet they are brutally violating it.

    Mangoma and Biti know the legal way to ascend the ladder to presidency without violating the constitution.It is wrong for them to violate it in the false claim of democracy. Democracy that breeds chaos is not democracy.

    Yes Tsvangirai failed the moment he joined GNU and so did the party executive that endorsed the coalition with ZANU PF. Biti then was level headed and saw the danger but eventually joined . He cannot today heap all blame on Tsvangirai but map a nobble and educated way to get the party out of the messy they submerged it and themselves into.

    Good leaders dont behave the way Mangoma and Biti are behaving. They dont destroy the party but build it. learning and building from their mistakes. They all cost us the independence we had fought and sacrificed our lives for when they thrust themselves into GNU. We had defeated ZANU PF then but low and behold the greedy party executives abandoned the people’s project for their own selfish agendas.

    Tsvangirai, Biti, Mangoma and the whole executive should go back to the drawing table in the conference room and map a way forward. If it is Tsvangirai who should go let the people know the reasons and how we have to remove him. But if its the two of you please resign or be fired.

  • Nyamhangambiri

    Your analysis of the situation is spot on, I do agree with you when you said foliowers can make or unmake a leader be warned

  • Greyhora

    Who are these faceless, nameless and totemless “insiders”? How can anyone know such statements aren’t a figment of one’s imagination if they cannot be attributed to any specific individual who can then refute or confirm the said statements?

    As usual, the Zanu PF apologist, Ndaba Nkukhu, latches on to these anonymous and lame statements like an irritating tick. In the first place, why would Tsvangirai give Mangoma refuge in his own house, if he really wanted him savaged? To add another angle, how do we know Mangoma didn’t orchestrate his own “butchering” to further his own power agenda, a small price to pay if it will lead to the disintegration of the MDC, and he squirms out of it morally upright. Add your spin, if you like Ndaba Nkukhu but nothing is at ever seems in the world of politics, so away with your garbage.

  • aluta

    The writer only to his story and the apology issue, read between the lines

  • lwazi

    Apologised for what when he was beaten by zanu pf cios.

  • Charles Chamunorwa

    The MDC constitution does not allow the removal of leaders willy-nilly. We have to wait for the congress. There was never an agreement that if we loose the elections Tsvangirayi must leave office. Where is this coming from dear Nuku? And for what purpose? Mangoma’s arguments for the removal of Tsvangirayi are personal rather than ideological.


    Greyhora u might b right there.The level of damage or assult on Mangoma’s person is so small that u beggin to think he engineered it himself. Only a torn shirt and a pair of spectacles.thats not violence to me.

  • furedi

    This Ndaba Nuku should just go to baby showers and kitchen tea parties.This man is a lady who likes (zvemakuwha). Your story says secretly.If it is a secret how did you get to know about it.You Nuku are the mole, destroyer in this saga. Satan.

  • Hornbad

    We have to wait for the Congress full stop.

  • Zamalek

    Mangoma is very stupid and i want to believe that he is being paid by someone to destroy the party ,if he was beaten he was supposed to be beaten thoroughly not what we saw he is an idiot let him join zanu or madhuku rather than destroying our party

  • Wezhira Wezhara

    I am surprised people still refer to Mangoma&Co’s calls for an early congress as ‘unconstitutional’….Does the MDC-T constitution not provide for the calling of an early congress? Does it not provide for a leader resigning before completion of his term and election of new leadership????

    It is Morgan&Co who are unconstitutional…Tell me where it says if you challenge the president of the party you are a sellout? You must be beaten&insulted?? You must be disciplined??

  • hango Yapalala

    Captain Morgan you are failing to steer the ship,Biti ndizvo