MDC-N to Hold Primary Elections


Lower Gweru-The MDC-N led by Professor Welshman Ncube will soon request aspiring candidates to submit their papers for vetting before going to primary elections in cases where there is more than one aspiring candidate per constituency.

This was said by the party’s national chairman and former Zengeza legislator Goodrich Chimbaira in Maboleni about 50 km north of Gweru last weekend.

“The MDC is a democratic party that does not impose on the people. The director of elections Ellen Shiriyedenga will soon announce the dates for primary elections,” said Chimbaira.

The MDC-T led by PM Morgan Tsvangirai recently came under a barrage of attacks from a cross section of its supporters for what has been alleged by its members to be an unconstitutional method meant to protect sitting members of parliament. The party replaced primary elections with a confirmation process.

Addressing the same rally, the party leader Professor Welshman Ncube said his party is ready for elections even if they are to be held in January or February. He said this in light of hurdles in the constitution making process.
Zanu PF has since reneged from its earlier position to push for March polls after the two formations in government had indicated willingness to comply. President Robert Mugabe’s party is reportedly broke making it difficult for him to match his rivals in free and fair elections.

The Ncube-led by MDC has since declared a deadlock in the constitution-making process and has written to the SADC facilitation team to intervene in the impasse.

  • Endangered

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  • Pumpkin

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  • Papaz 21 Dec 2012

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