MDC-T: Zanu PF’s Pull Out of JOMIC Thoughtless

The three main political parties in clean up campaign sponsored by JOMIC in Manicaland| file photo
The three main political parties in clean up campaign sponsored by JOMIC in Manicaland| file photo


The MDC notes with great concern the decision by Zanu PF to pull out of the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC), a body that was created by the Global Political Agreement (GPA) to monitor the implementation of key political processes by the inclusive government.

Despite some challenges, JOMIC has been playing an important role of receiving reports and complaints in respect of issues related to the implementation, enforcement and execution of the GPA and the relative peace and tranquillity that Zimbabweans have enjoyed in the last few years was largely a result of JOMIC’s sterling work.

The MDC would like to state categorically that the life of JOMIC ends with that of the inclusive government.

JOMIC has a strategic plan to monitor the coming elections to ensure that they are held under conditions of freeness and fairness.

The real reason why Zanu PF is pulling out of JOMIC is that it wants a chaotic election as it fears losing in a credible one.

Its claim that it is pulling out because JOMIC has been abused by the MDC for political purposes is a laughable ruse to hoodwink Zimbabwean citizens. It is very clear that Zanu PF’s withdrawal is part of the ‘chaos faction’s ploy to disengage from all platforms of negotiation with the MDC as a precursor to the intensification of violence and intimidation.

The merchants of chaos in Zanu PF are in panic mode and they fear that rigging the July election is going to be a mammoth task, hence the chaos that they unleashed during the Special Voting process.

They have become so scared of the election that they are now seeing shadows all over the place.

This explains Mugabe’s infantile hallucinations and scurrilous claims that the MDC had petitioned the African Union (AU) to convene a summit on Zimbabwean elections, something that never happened.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC), which is playing an important mediation role in Zimbabwe, has acknowledged the important work that JOMIC is doing and has called for the strengthening of JOMIC’s capacity.

When SADC dispatched its officials to work with JOMIC, Zanu PF cried foul and made flimsy claims that SADC was interfering.

How can Zanu PF accuse SADC of interfering in Zimbabwe when it is common cause that the GPAand the inclusive government are products of SADC facilitation? Such disingenuousness is unacceptable to Zimbabweans.

In spite of all this, the MDC is aware that the people of Zimbabwe are committed to a peaceful election that produces a government of their choice. They have persevered in the face of oppression and repression by Zanu PF and come July 31 they will get their moment of a peaceful revenge through the ballot box.

We call upon SADC, the AU and the UN, as guarantors of the GPA, to rein in Zanu PF and ensure that JOMIC continues to play its important role of monitoring the political processes in Zimbabwe until a legitimate government is elected.

  • Bobby J


  • Mukadota

    At this rate they will be breaking records pulling out virtually from everything.

  • Bla Miki

    A sane party such as ours, a revolutionary and principled party like Zanu Pf cannot have its image soiled by pretending sellout parties. Zanu Pf represents the will of the people and therefore cannot be enticed into dinning with the enemy of the people. Is the JOMIC HQ at Harvest House? This is where all Jomic vehicles are found. Zvenyika izvi takabva kure nazvo.

  • Mukadota

    Thank you for your intelligence mickey mouse and God bless you.

  • Greyhora

    I hate it when MDC-T sellouts abuse Bla Mikidog’s name. It shows they lack debating skills like Tsvangirai.

  • http://facebook zviiripsvuuree

    Kikik its not long when Bob threatened to pull out often Sadc.These people are just desperate,watch the space kaaaaaaa!!

  • Lobengula

    Zanu Pf was never part of Jomic they were playing cat and mouse with the system. The main reason why there corruption and lawlessness in the country is because of Zanu Pf which does not believe in formal administration. During census we saw soldiers causing chaos with no control at all. The so called commander in chief was hopelessly unable to control these rowdy soldiers. So an organisation like Jomic would never be respected in a lawlessness country.

  • Greyhora

    Wena Mbonisi mtwana wenja a.k.a. Nakednja, stop abusing my honorable name with your filth. It’s not my fault that you are a product of incest between two dogs, uyezwa?

    Back to the story, why is Zanu Pee panicking left right and center? Pulling out of this pulling out of that.

    Blambi Diki says that Zanu Pee represents the will of the people! Which people? As far as we know Tsvangirai beat Mugabe in 2008, and Mgabe is an illegitimate president with SADC to thank for his presidency, so whose will do they represent?


    They must be very scared of something. However, this time around vaidya mari yemaresources edu must now fight their own wars to defend their ill-gotten wealth-believe me you, they are less than 1% of the population,so they are now seeing that the game is up and they are running confused.Of course they have to see enemies everywhere because ndoozvavepo-people are tired of being used to protect a few cruel and greedy individuals,vakapusa coz mazimbabweans angwara!
    I hope that they run away to somewhere very far away from us and leave us in peace.

  • Comrade Naked

    Kwakwakwakwakwakwa Mugabe illegitimate president. Are you insane Greyhole?

  • http://The Tangwena

    So long as the International Community has said whoever wins we will legitimise the result ZANU Pf will do anything to return power,this is power not a simple race mind you.

  • http://Zimeye Samora

    Cadres I feel u. Believe me u, I really do understand yo pain. Just imagine spending hours with gullible sellout goons, the likes of Greyhole, Makwembedog and crew! Who then amongst us comrades can bear that torture for years? Beware of the devil’s long fork freinds. Why do these sellout goons yearn to always hangout with us?

  • http://Yahoo Joseph Mtasa

    People be afraid, very very afraid coz plan 2 has now commenced.

    Plan to rig the Special vote did not go according to plan and Zpf now realises if they do not implement old operation “Wavhotera Papi” things can go wrong.

    SADC was already warned if they want to stop this violence and rigging, zim will go alone and form ZIDC.

    Where the hell is SADC?

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