MDC-T expels 6 councillors


Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s party has fired six of its councillors after they were found to be ‘conniving’ with local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo leading to their subsequent labelling as ‘ZANU PF functionaries’.

The daily Newsday newspaper reported that the six MDC-T councillors last week had sent a petition to Chombo urging him to suspend Mayor Tinashe Madamombe, also of MDC-T, accusing him of corruption.morgan5

Chombo’s move to swiftly to suspend Madamombe and his ordering of a probe into the allegations has now led to the MDC party firing  the six who are: Deputy Mayor (Bindura) Ivory Matanhire, Makesure Mafukidze, Norbet Dhokotera, Rindai Muchemwa, Rickson Kaseke and Elizabeth Mafios.

“This mayor (Madamombe) is a victim of political machinations. The councillors are corrupt and have become law unto themselves. On the six councillors, as the MDC-T we don’t relate with corrupt people. So, they should as well consider themselves history. We don’t want corrupt people, they should find sanctuary in Zanu PF,” Local Government Minister (MDC-T) Sessel Zvidzai said.

“It’s very clear they have been bought and are now running with the Zanu PF agenda as they are Nicodemously going to seek assistance to get rid of a principled mayor they now call corrupt yet they have six stands each.”

A feud is reported to have now errupted between Zvidzai and Chombo over the suspension of Madamombe which Chombo actioned without consultation.

  • T.Musango

    The doors to the gravy-train were opened for opportunists and now yave bongozozo, makundano emakudo mumunda wechibage. MDC is full of opportunists who are bent on using gullible Zimbos for their own enrichment.

  • Chegotsi

    Mazitama eva tengesi. Just take a look!! Kuita sebhuru ra chief Chivi.

  • kemetalkebulan

    ahhh! guys the mdc-t is collapsing,i guess thats what you get when you say one thing in public about sanctions then go behind the zimbabwean people and tell your friends to keep sanctions in place.

  • choyachatsva

    excellent kemetalkebulan, chematama what a confused fool.denouncing sanctions and at the same time goes to west and tell them to keep the sanctions in place until mugabe gives up.what a silly puppet.

  • Chegotsi

    The womaniser par excellent. Ask Loreta Nyathi, she has a little Van Tsvangiseni who resisted an abortion. They even say there is no need for DNA tests. So besides treason charges ,this fat face should be charged for attempted murder. I hope we will be seeing pictures of the little Tsvangicied very soon!!!

  • RobertMugabe

    Well done MDC T a principled and heroic stand in the face of ZANU pf gravy train. Now the reason why my ZANY PF party would never sack those for same is cosi we wud have no one left if we sacked for corruption!

  • Riman

    Finding fault with the right people, what does it mean? Your own eye is evil! How can a Party that deals with decisively miscreants be faulted where one [read ZANU] keeps them close even when millions disappear is not?
    It must be the obvious bias of the accusers!

  • Makwembere

    I love MDC – the people’s party.Long live Cde Morgan Richard Tsvangirai

  • Guvnor

    They had seen canaan but shall not enter it.

  • Mshandudze veBanga, Varume Vakuru Vakuru

    Lets wait and see what will come out from the reportedly missing Chiadzwa funds.The treasury didn’t receive anything, so where is the missing monies.I love this.


    When I mention that we were not going to see a penny from the sale of our diamonds utilised i.e. to rebuild our infrastructures etc in Zimbabwe I was said to be a sell-out, nhasi ndezvipi.I knew it, that without transperancey mari yose inopinda muhomwe dzavo vana nhingirikiri.What annoys me is why it has taken this long for it to be made public that our leadres are thieves, thieves thieves nothing alse but thievs? Chinonetsa apa ndechekuti even when found guilty nothing will happen they will just continue stealing. So?


    Morgan should either resign or take his position seriously instead of galavanting in Bulawayo making babies left right and centre. I was wondering why we had not heard from him for a while not knowing he is using our time to fight partenity suit, zibenzi remunhu.You have not as yet shown your strength and what you can do for the country apa wave kumhanya nevana young enough to be your granddaughters ndiko kudii ikoko? Unonyadzisa how can you tell the world that you don’t even know or remember wht the girl you slept with looks like? It shows your weakness ( young women)and that you like one night stands. What about your children what example are you giving them? Nxaa–a-aaa-a, whandibhowa zvekuti. So?

  • Bla Miki

    Wati wadii iwe mupfana Chitete Cechibhambi, tinogara tichikuudzai kuti chimunhu chenyu ichi ndechekugadzira imi motoramba. Chichakunyadzisai pamuchanzwa yandakambonzwa yekuti chino blasta Roy Benett ndipo pamuchanyara. Vakatorara vese ku Cape Grace Hotel in Cape Town hapana asingazvizive. Chongoti maziso anenge echikudyu. kana kuti amakwembere

  • choyachatsva

    ndizvozvo bla miki chinongoti maziziso sa makwembere, haiwa tete mazoona manje kuipa kwacho chimunhu ichi nhaika, waikanyaira uchivhaira nachonekuona mazitama


    Murume uyu anenge anofungirwa ne Blambi yake haatye AIDS here

  • Sem Paul Kateta

    Hahahahah, MDC puppets are confused very soon they will start expelling each other left,center and right and their so-called party(coz its not) will surely go to dogs, am waiting for the day MDC(Mad Dogs Confused) will be buried! Runing doooooogs!!!!!

  • Rex Nhanga

    Hahahaha ZANU muppets confused, once Malawian is gone they are going to start expelling each other left right and centre and then the so called “party” will be buried once and for all ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Guvnor

    At least MDC still has the fibre to expell none performers. No such thing can be said about the once popular zanu muppet party who have the distinction of promoting deadwood and extending the tenure of non performers. If it is only a matter of time before the muppet party collapses under the shear weight of ineptitude and incompetence.

  • Bla Miki

    Guvnor please try to be level headed, how can you say none perfomers to those who expose corruption? In MDC, you fire or expel anyone who exposes corruption and is that democracy, good governance and the rule of law, your usual song? Stupid Guvnor