Man “Caught Enjoying Sex” With a Chicken

Chicken similar to the one killed in the alleged sex attack in Zambia.

CHISAMBA, ZAMBIA – A Zambian man, Mr Goliath Nyirenda was caught sexually pleasuring himself on a chicken in Zambia’s Chisamba area, a court was told.

Mr Goliath Nyirenda, 27, was on Thursday convicted of having indulged himself in “carnal knowledge” of a chicken.

The man of Mubalani settlement in Chisamba is reported to have had sex with the chicken at approximately 2300hrs on November 18, 2012.

He was unemployed at the time, the court heard.

Mr Nyirenda however denied the allegation stating that on the night in question, he returned home after a night of heavily imbibing drink. He went to bed and was awoken by chicken owner, Gift Michelo. Nyirenda further alleged he was shocked when Michelo locked him in his own house then called his neighbours and the police for no reason.

However, when he took to the witness stand the chicken owner, Mr Michelo, testified that on the night at about 2300hrs he was awoken by a chicken squawking unnaturally. He then followed the noise to Mr Nyirenda’s house. When Mr Michelo entered the house Nyirenda  then threw the chicken out the window in blind panic.

 The arresting officer, Mr Chishi told the court that he made the decision to arrest Mr Nyirenda after he investigated the matter. Mr Chishi noticed that the chicken was soiled in its rear end. This testimony was also corroborated by Mr Michelo. The chicken subsequently died possibly due to trauma to the rear passage.

Mr Nyirenda now awaits sentencing by the High Court.

The maximum penalty for the crime of bestiality in Zambia is 15years.


  • Comrade Naked

    What happened to Regina Nyirenda? This is a Shona Zanu-ZANLA gukulahundi child left during struggle liberation days. Or it is a sign that Zanu is facing tough times

  • Cde Festus

    Who doesent know that the Nyrenda’s are based in Magwegwe?

    Even Google states they are from Magwegwe and some of their relatives migrated to Lusaka and then Chisamba in 1975

  • Ndetshu

    So mai Chisamba comes from Zambia.

  • Greyhora

    I like chicken inn

  • Chegotsi

    Sign that zanu is facked up


    better off fokng shona dudes butts… they love it when î do them in th rear…

  • Hon Kurirakwejongwe

    Coments from fools are not that difficulty to identify.

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  • Chegotsi

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  • Anastasia Steele

    That’s a mighty fine chicken you got there Editor. Does she have a name? I think this man’s hand was tired. Greyhora tells me that for 3kwacha Bla Miki would have given Poor Mr Nyirenda oral relief.

    Kisses! xxx



  • Jumpdaki


  • Comrade Naked

    Yeyi wena Shona lo 2v abuse your own name n chickens before they are named nandos,kfc,chicken inn etc n leave Cde Jumpdaki in peace

  • Bla Miki

    Thats a good confession Jumpdonkey….. Ay bloody muggot Annastadog Steelegay, do l look like one of your MDC T compatriots who enjoy man to man sessions like you do with Gay**** and Mukadog? There are so many flows in the way this matter was handled. This is such a serious case considering the jail term faced by the accused should he be convicted. Police should do clinical tests to establish if there was penetration. They also need to take samples of sermen and see if the DNA matches that of the accused. The complainant did not catch the accused having sex with the hen red handedly. The accused also need to be taken for a mental exam. 15years is too much of a sentence to ignore the above.

  • Ndetshu

    What penetration are you talking about Miki? Do you think his big mtoto could penetrate the chicken’s ass? I think the accused should have been charged with murder of the chicken instead. The murder weapon being his mtoto. Kodwa lendoda inqantshu kubi, heyi madoda.

  • Shariyah

    Zimeye how can you claim this is the similar chicken to the one killed in the sex act??
    The one involved is obviously a roadrunner which fends for itself,Naked is this the one you humped to put the case to rest.?

  • Shariyah

    Thanks Ndetshu,your analysis shows you are quite experienced with chickens,how do you do a chicken?

  • Ndetshu

    Msunu kanyoko Shariya. Wena zekambuzi lo thuvi. Kathesi suzeka lenkukhu. Sivoko ndini.

  • Jumpdaki


  • Mavambo Kusile Dawn

    Kikikikiki1 There are numerous laughing points to this article from what is alleged to have happened to what the editor insinuates in his analysis. For example, the editor says in the caption there: ‘Chicken similar to…’ as if s/he was shown a picture of the actual one. Anyway, like Bla Miki says, there should be thorough investigations before judgement is passed on the accused. Many things can happen between neighbours and stories can be cooked to “fix” each other.

  • Venge

    Bla maliki muri duzvi MDC T yadii?nxaaa

  • http://nil marcia mashumba

    I think 15 years z too much for a chicken that costs say 7 dollars give him another chance

  • Thobias

    Mavambo Kusile Dawn, did you not see the Zambian Watchdog pic of the actual

    Why insult the editor’s professional stamina like that?

    You are so deranged Samanyika, I don’t think you will ever taste the dregs of power mwachewe, nxaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • mamoyo

    kanti i-chicken ayisiyo nyama yenkunku? like beef being nyama ye nkomo? sithi he had sex with a chicken or had sex with a hen? sengi confused, please help