Kunonga faction splits as Kunyongana breaks away


The EX-COMMUNICATED Archbishop Nolbert Kunonga led Anglican Church of the Province of Zimbabwe has split into two church factions one led by Dr Kunyongana, state media reports reveal.

The splinter group named Anglican Reformed Church of Zimbabwe is led by Dr Kunyongana who was a priest at Dzivarasekwa, Harare and currently has been appointed vicar general pending the election of a bishop for the new church.

Kunonga who broke away from main stream Anglican church (Church of Province of Central Africa) has spent a lot of energy in court battles wrestling to keep control of the church assets he seized in 2007. Until last month Kunonga had kept control of a number of church buildings and schools only to be dealt a blow by a Supreme Court ruling that ordered him to return all church properties, a ruling he has complied with to date.

Dr Kunyongana who once served as vicar general under Kunonga’s ACPZ until he was removed in 2010 yesterday said the church would make far-reaching changes to the canons, one of them includes putting a limit to the tenure of a bishop.

“The Anglican Reformed Church of Zimbabwe is a new church, an indigenous church that is community oriented. The reformation of the church shall be based on the following values — embracing Catholicism fully, Pentecostal and charismatic beliefs, prophesy and visions,” said Dr Kunyongana.

“We believe that the term of office of a bishop should be limited to five years and if re-elected for another term of five years there shall be no term extension. Ten years in our acts and cannon is enough to sit on the bishop’s chair,” he said.

ACPZ spokesperson, Reverend Admire Chisango said they were neither moved nor surprised by the development.

“We are, however, baffled by the fact that they are embracing charismatic and Pentecostal beliefs. Once you do that you cease to be an Anglican,” said Rev Chisango.-(Additional reporting ZimEye/Herald)

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    Magumo enyiks aya.read the book of revelations carefully. These are the end of times.

  • Papaz 21 Dec 2012

    Gonzo na chingayi- Heyo ngoma. The beginning of the end of the so called ACPZ. Mark my words.

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    Return to me and i will return to you says the lord.

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    kikikikiki kuda zvigaro.kunonga church will soon die a natural death.mark my words.



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    Dr Kunonga versus Dr Kunyongana. Zvekunamata izvi hazvidi maPhD. Iwo mazita acho they almost rhyme