Kirsty Coventry Dismisses Doomsday


    ZIMBABWEAN olympic legend who is also Africa’s most prominent swimmer Kirsty Conventry has dismissed a prediction that claims the world is going to end on the 21st December 2012.

    Conspiracy theorists and internet trolls have for several years claimed that the world will end on the 21st December 2012 following leads from the end of the Mayan calendar.

    Vulnerable religious internet users have been surfing the web for clues to the truth if the world is indeed going to end tommorrow.

    But Coventry said she is still to finish what she needs to on earth and so is not at all expecting to leave the world.

    “No, I don’t believe the world is ending on 21 December because I haven’t finished what I’m supposed to do,” she said.

    The US astronomy organisation, Nasa has for several months maintained a page assuring the world why the world cannot be destroyed for several billion years. A statement by NASA states:

    “Dec. 21, 2012, won’t be the end of the world as we know, however, it will be  another winter solstice.

    Contrary to some of the common beliefs out there, the claims behind the end of the world quickly unravel when pinned down
    to the 2012 timeline,” the statement reads.

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