King Mswati visits Gono’s farm


Harare(ZimEye)SWAZILAND’S King Mswati III yesterday toured New Donnington Farm in Norton owned by controversial Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr Gideon Gono and officially commissioned what has been called ‘the first phase’ of the governor’s ambitious 8 000-tonne silo project.


President Mugabe, his wife, the Swazi delegation — including the King’s wife Nkosikhati Lagija — senior Government officials and business leaders witnessed the occasion which the state media reported to have been ‘colourful’.


President Mugabe described the event as “rare and historic” while King Mswati hailed Dr Gono’s farming exploits.


“This is a rare, a most rare occasion of a visit to a farm by a king. That had not happened in this country before, but it has happened today,” President Mugabe said.


“And so we should regard this as a historic moment, as a moment that should evoke in us a sense of pride, pride that we have in Africa a king who can easily associate with ordinary people.”


In the morning, President Mugabe and King Mswati had crept behind doors to discuss what the state media has defined as ‘political, economic and cultural relations between Zimbabwe and Swaziland and political events in Africa’ at State House.


The Herald claims that King Mswati saluted President Mugabe’s ‘leadership’ qualities, acknowledging that he learnt a lot from the veteran leader.


“Throughout the many years we have known each other, he (President Mugabe) has always shown me how much he loves his people. Running a country is not always easy, I had to learn from experienced people like President Mugabe,” he allegedly said.


Furthermore the paper said that King Mswati applauded Dr Gono for his success as a farmer and challenged other Zimbabweans to follow in his footsteps to ensure food security in the country.


“I am glad to see that the man who is implementing this (silo project at the) farm is the governor of the central bank. I understand why he is the governor.”


The first phase of Dr Gono’s silo project consists of four silos with a capacity to hold 8 000 tonnes of maize and soyabeans.


The silos were constructed at an average cost of US$40 000 each with the support of some local and regional financial institutions. (Source: ZimPapers)


(ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

  • Munetsi

    Which local institution gave Gono money for this massive project, these are projects which must be confiscated when new government comes to power. Paweni lost his companies and the state took them even Mutumwa Mawere’s companies were taken so this silo project must be taken and given to the people of Zimbabwe

  • Tarisai Gwenure

    Gono. You must give us the names of the organisations which gave you that money. YOU stole the money, you creep!

  • Sarah Chipandu

    Haiwawo. Gono akaba mari chete

  • John Motsi

    I stand to say this day taht the MDC must now pull their socks, with a Mugabe who is supported by this Swazi Despotic King!

  • Anonymous

    putseke wenyu mhani vana Motsi, kubva nhasi wava Piri. Mugabe is our President forever, over his dead body for Tsvangirai kuzotonga. Munga zviramba asi ndozvatovapo izvi, Bob the prophet, political genious.

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  • Rororo

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  • Bruce Derere Ph.D

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  • comrade Gandanga

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  • comrade Gandanga

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