Karate that turned into Sweet Music


Is it possible for a career in karate fighting to lead someone into full time music production?

Just about 36 years ago, a beautiful baby girl was born in the city of Kings Bulawayo, Zimbabwe into a family of mixed cultures – Ndebele, Suthu, Shona, Bemba languages living under one roof.

As she began growing up as a Ndebele lass, Loveness developed a passion for karate and decided to join the Cont Mhlanga led Amakhosi Cultural Centre which was conducting specialised karate training courses.

“When I was a teenager, I joined Amakhosi Cultural Centre with the hope I would become a karate Diva, says Loveness.

It was after rubbing shoulders with professional Karate trainers at Amakhosi Cultural Centre that Loveness discovered there was much more that the organisation was doing.

In action...Loveness Wesa

From then on she began to develop her singing after an X Factor-style competition conducted by Cont Mhlanga thrusted her into music making.

Today Loveness shares the international stage with giants such as Thomas Mapfumo and has released up to 6 albums of her own along the way. Three of her songs are constantly played on ZBC TV and radio.

Some aspects of her style sound like refined versions of Mapfumo’s organic militant music to the extent that recently Wesa had to correct people who were now alleging she might be one of Mukanya’s daughters.[flagallery gid=13 name=”Gallery”]

A mother of three, Loveness lives in Portland Oregon where she has been since 2002. She continues to both write and record songs(ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

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