I am addicted to ‘mistresses’ – Mugabe


Harare(ZimEye)President Robert Mugabe has for the first time confessed that he is addicted to mistresses, from what are known as ‘small houses’ in Zimbabwe.

Speaking during a United Nations event on Thursday, Mugabe said in the Shona language, “Tiri vanhu vemeso meso. Chakabaya chikatyokera, tozviita sei? (We are easily tempted by different women. Once it is in and it has stuck right inside, what else can we do? Its an addiction, what can we do about it?)”

Chairperson of the MDC Women’s Assembly, Theresa Makone immediately rejoined Mugabe, telling him the ‘bad habit’ could be stopped.

However, Mugabe who also castigated homosexual people said that it was impossible for him and a lot of other men to give up the ‘small houses’, a widespread practice that gave rise to a television soap, ‘The Small House Saga”.

“Its impossible to stop. ‘Small houses’ are everywhere in Zimbabwe. That’s what we do and the women suffer,” Mugabe said.

He said when his brother Donato died, a child materialized after two years claiming to have been fathered by his brother. He said this was the common practice in Zimbabwe.

Mugabe’s infidelity is spoken of widely in Zimbabwe. While his first wife Sally was alive, he carried on an affair and reportedly ‘had a child’ with his married secretary Grace Marufu, whom he later wedded even though her marriage had not been formally dissolved.

He has also been linked to other women, including the Zanu (PF) Women’s League chairperson Oppah Muchinguri (pictured above in Mugabe attire) , who was married when the scandal broke. According to a report by The Standard at the time Muchinguri had scuffled with Grace Mugabe at Harare Airport over earings allegedly bought for her by the President. According to the report, Grace had ordered Muchinguri off the plane bound for a foreign trip after discovering the affair.

During acrimonious divorce and child custody proceedings, Muchinguri’s former husband Tapiwa Rushesha told the courts that he had been upset that Mugabe often sent his bodyguards to pick up his wife for ‘meetings’ in the middle of the night.

If Mugabe is an infidel, his wife Grace is not far behind him. A few years ago, his chief bodyguard, Winston Changara was fired after he told the President about his wife’s love affairs with other men, among them businessman and former Telecel Zimbabwe Chairman James Makamba.

Information obtained by this correspondent this week shows that Makamba was provided a love nest by businesswoman Jane Mutasa. A maid for Mutasa who witnessed the events had a house bought for her to silence her.

The information has now been leaked by our sources after Makamba and Mutasa clashed recently over control of Telecel Zimbabwe, of which Mutasa is acting chairperson. Makamba had Mutasa arrested and jailed for week recently after she attempted to take over a controlling stake in the company using Makamba’s money. Makamba is a ‘specified’ person, meaning he can not conduct business in Zimbabwe lawfully.

Makamba fled Zimbabwe in 2004 after his affair with Grace was discovered. He was detained for five months on corruption charges which he says were trumped up. Secret service agents contacted by this reporter said Grace’s affair with Makamba was ‘common knowledge’ within the spy agency, the CIO which is also responsible for providing VIP bodyguards to the first family. (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

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    I think Mugabe was imagining things….he probably can’t even get it up any more.