Gumbo not worried


    Munyaradzi Jusa|zimbabwean|FC Platinum face Sudanese giants El-Merreikh next in the Caf Champions league later this month, but Coach Rahman Gumbo is not worried.

    Platinum routed Swazi opponents, Green Mamba  8-2 on aggregate in

    Not worried at all...Rahman Gumbo

    the preliminary round last Saturday and Gumbo believes they have what it takes to stay longer in the competition.

    “We have assembled a very good team and with the indomitable spirit I am seeing in camp, who can stop us? These players fight for each other, which is a very encouraging thing to have in a group of players,” said Gumbo.

    “With this kind of oneness, I  am confident we will reach the mini- league and who knows – we might do the unthinkable and win it ,” said Gumbo.

    The first leg of the first round match is penciled for the weekend of March 23-25 at Mandava stadium, with the second leg scheduled for Obdurman, Sudan  a fortnight later.

    El Merreikh have won 18 Sudanese league titles, and in 2009 they reached the mini-league phase of the Champions league.

    Meanwhile, Dynamos, who received a by in the preliminary rounds of the same competition, will have to wait until Saturday  to know the identity of their first round opponents, after a Maputo clash between Mafunzo of Zanzibar  and  LigaMuculmana of Mozambique  this Saturday.

    Maculmana  carry a  2-0 advantage,  after  embarrassing the Zanzibar side  in their backyard.

    • Chimoto

      U shld be worried wena MaGumbo .Wadlisa itimu yesizwe leBurundi.

    • Bla Miki

      This man should be more worried with the Worriors where he has been recycled again into being the head coach. Rahman as a coach has always impressed me but his drinking habits is a cause of concern. I like the idea of throwing Peter Ndlovu into the fray. I believe this football maestro still has a lot to contribute to the national cause as a coach, if the football gods keep shining, maybe one day he will partner his former boss and mentor Charles Mhlauri and bring glory to this soccer crazy nation.

    • Jumpdaki

      Bla Miki please promise that if it so happens that P Ndlovu selects a lot of players from Bulawayo such as happened during the dream team when players were mainly Highlanders players, the soccer crazy nation will not start fighting Peter to include demanding that he includes some spent forces from Harare. I Still remember them crying for Moses Chunga to be part of the dream team with his “serious injuries in soccer cycles” to quote Fabisch.

      The dream team was the most successful in our soccer history and yet the least loved. Tell me why it was like that? I still remember Moses limping painfully and still Fabisch refusing to substitute him until he went out of the field on his own.

      Such things made me support Bafana bafana instead of the tribal Zim futbol. Did such tribalism mean we are a nation? Again it is something Bla that makes me respect Naked when he says, “Jumpdaki lets fight for our Umthwakazi so that we also have a nation.” Naked says to him it was a matter of accepting what Shonas have long sort to achieve that Non Shonas are not Zimbabweans. He says the only mistake that your tribesmen make is to think that Ndebeles should go back to South Afrca. He says Mthwakazi is your neighbour west of Zimbabwe. When I say but Cde Naked Shonas think they own Mthwakazi so they will refuse Naked says we will also refuse. See.

    • http://zimeye CHANDO KUPISA

      Is this Jumpdaki a grade zero child?

    • Dabulap

      Gumbo has a job at Platinum. Thats what he should be concerned about not the wariors. This thing of people expecting him to clear the mess that was created by other coaches is nonsense.

    • Bla Miki

      Jumpdaki, l agree with you on one area, that a certain section of soccer supporters from Harare usually want to impose certain players for selection into the top eleven of the warriors regardless of form and fitness. These rowdy elements are usually from the blue constituency of football and we have already condemned that including their spokesman Robson Sharuko, a member of Dynamos who also works at the Herald. Having said that Jumpdaki, you have terribly lied when you said the dream team was the least supported group of warriors. If you are a true soccer supporter, you would have realised how this nation got soccer crazy regardless of who was playing. Yes, Jumpdaki, l understand where you are coming from. For you were deprived of the opportunity to watch the dream team in action at the National Sports Stadium in Harare. Shame Jumpdaki, for you missed a lot of fun during those days. The gates at the stadium then used to close well before 2pm, and that is what is called a record attendance. We sang and danced and the popular nyama yekugocha was sung in shona to confirm that a big number of supporters were Shona regardless of who was playing. We all gave a standing ovation to our national soccer hero Peter Ndlovu each time he had last minute touch down from Europe and in return he never disappointed. Therefore the dream team was the best supported team in Zimbabwe. To me, Moses Chunga remains my best midfielder of all times and Peter remains the best player to have emerged in Zimbabwe. Please don’t divide us.

    • Dabulap

      Bla Miki, I wish you would write like this always and try not to be abusive or tribalistic.

    • Bla Miki

      Ha-aa, ndeyekwako iyo Dabulap