Grace Mugabe in sexual affair with Gideon Gono


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace has been having a secret affair with central bank chief, Gideon Gono, a number of publications claimed on Sunday. The reports are now seen as a confirmation to historical details that say Robert Mugabe had certain parts of his manhood removed during the years he was incarcerated under the former Rhodesian government.

Albert Mugabe with Sally Mugabe

One of the publications, the South African Timeslive reported on Sunday saying that Mugabe, being unable to satisfy his wife knew of the affair with Gono. In an interview with ZimEye however, a respected former ZANU PF commissar added weight stating that he believes Mugabe’s said ‘impotence’ is what led also to his brother, Albert Mugabe having an affair with former wife Sally Mugabe and leading subsequently to Albert’s mysterious death in 1982 when Mugabe discovered it.

“Who killed Albert Mugabe in 1982?” the ZANU PF cadre who declined to be named said.

“I remember waking up one morning all of a sudden to hear that Albert who I knew personally had died in a swimming pool at home on his own,” the elderly man said adding that Mugabe later had his biological problem ‘fixed’ by a group of Chinese Physicians.

Gideon Gono with Grace Mugabe

Grace – who is 41 years younger than 86-year-old Mugabe – has allegedly spent the last five years cuckolding the veteran president with Gono, her husband financial adviser and a key political ally.

According to the British Sunday Timesm the couple would meet as often as three times a month either at Grace’s dairy farm or in expensive hotels in neighbouring South Africa as well as on foreign trips to Asia.

Mugabe’s late sister, Sabina, is said to have revealed the sensational affair to her brother as she lay dying in a Harare hospital three months ago.

Sabina was said to have intensely disliked Grace but found it difficult to oppose her.

However after realising she was dying, she decided to warn her brother about his cheating wife and her lover.

Mugabe learnt the shocking news as he sat by his dying sister’s bed in July.

He is said to have left the meeting “devastated” although initially refusing to believe the allegations.

The President later consulted his most trusted bodyguard Cain Chademana who had sat in on the meeting with Sabina.

The bodyguard reportedly said, like other members of the secret service, he had also heard the rumours.

Particularly galling for Mugabe however, was the fact that he had encouraged the friendship thinking the pair was discussing mutual business interests.

Chademana – who is said to be the source of the story by intelligence officers quoted by the newspaper– has since lost his life amid suspicions that he was poisoned.

His body was handed to his family for burial at the end of August. The Sunday Times alleges no autopsy was carried out.Robert Mugabe and wife Grace at sister Sabina's funeral

The newspaper claims officials had hoped the secret affair would be buried with Chademana but renegade officers in the intelligence services, unhappy with conditions of service, have started talking.

Still, it is not the first time Grace has been linked to affairs behind her ageing husband’s back.

One alleged former lover died in a mysterious car accident. Another, a business tycoon, fled the country.

Gono has known Grace, who married Mugabe in 1996, for at least 15 years and they are partners in a number of business enterprises.

  • http://n/a nero

    you always reap what you sow. i dont sympathise with any of them. i know for sure that the three of them Mugabe, Gono, and Grace will be dying miserable death soon and its ok for people who survive on corruption, oppression, murders and torment of the zimbabwean people. Grace and Gono can decide to eliminate mugabe first and its ok. and once mugabe goes we zimbabweans will take control of our country again and returns it to path of sanity. the rest of the people in zanupf will obviously be dying in jail or in exile like i have always been saying. choya spends all his time on the internet writting stupid comments when his boss’ wife achitemwa naGono. you choya deserve to die because you are useless

  • john banda

    hapana nyaya apa, just talking nonsense, hatred and blackmailing someone for nothing. its just rumour as usual. its onl;y that people hate the president of zimbabwe and nothing else. Be united with your wife president so that the enemy won’t penetrate. nero fool, stupid, full of ignorance. Respect the first laDY okay.

  • http://non myself

    ViVa Grace a Diva got to what a Diva got to Do ! Well done for screwing the Bank Governor!

  • agripa

    H-metro tipei nyaya tinzwe…

  • cc
  • Shani

    Mese muri mhata

  • shiri

    Leave President Mugabe alone. What has he done to be embarassed like this. Lets be serious guys—stop this nonsense. Stupid

  • Dzimai Moto

    Stealing is very intertaining. Thieves cover their tracks very well and when they do their act they do under the cover of darkness far away from TV coverage. We do not have the technology yet to capture what happens in the blankets of a private home. I dont think a professional thief will want to leave a sperm in another man’s blanket as that will provide DNA evidence. Gono knows what risk is and is intelligent enough to weigh the risk. The proud owner of the property under theft is very reactive, the risk was not worthy it.

    Gono is very unfortunate victim of circumstances, last time it was rumoured that he had died. This time the rumour is beyond the regulation. Keep well Gono, if you are clean you will always come clean. Gono did not support campany seizures and political opponents are always looking for ways to skin Gono.

    My advice to all males out there: Dont allow some other males close access to your wife as there are a lot of unknowns.

  • http://yahoo JOSEPH MUTASA

    Mashaya nyaya manje.

  • Bla Miki

    A persistent criticism of President Mugabe is lack of leadership – a penchant for prevarication, obfuscation or evasion when faced with a controversial decision.

    While this is often interpreted as a character flaw, the MDC leadership paralysis is an affliction that would beset true and patriotic revolutionary leadership. By trying to tarnish the image of Cde Grace Mugabe together with that of Dr Gideon Gono, MDC has shown how desperate they are now in trying to unseat the popular President in the land. Shuwa VaGono vanga yerese Grace netsvimbo yamozisi zvikaita here. l do have a senior contact who works at Cape Grace in Cape Town, he says nothing of that nature took place. You can confirm the records through Miekles Hotel if you are in Zim. Kuda kuvenganisa vanhu chete imbwa dzevanhu MDC. Tsve nyaya yekuti Gono afa mave kuti amuka achikedebura mukadzi mukuru (First Lady)

  • bofuratsikamwana

    be warned, always a molecule of truth in every lie. hwever, im sure GONO is a man of principles and moral values. BOB is no fool and every of GRACE moves are closely monitored 24/7 hapabatwi paya. politics chete,utter propaganda unfortunately BOB wont lose focus over elections. he wants them 6/11 and will win, enemies are trying t get gono out, matadza, edzay zvimwe. garo raGRACE nderababa BONA none else, mkanwa meshumba and dont underestimate BOB pabonde

  • Bla Miki

    Apa bofuratsikamwana wataura chokwadi. According to the report in the Sunday Times, SA, the reporter is a British and the Sunday Times took time to tell the public about the writers past achievements. One wonders why the paper took all that trouble. The second issue is, why would the writer give us deceased persons as witnesses to this story. Why don’t we have living witnesses. Hehe zvakataurwa na Sabina, he he Cain Chademana what what and yet all of them are now dead. He he Bob asked Happyton Bonyongwe kuti auraye Cain, that stupid and nonsense. People, l read daily the following papers, Cape Times, Cape Argus, Son, The Sowetan, Weekend Argus and Sunday Times. All their stories are based on fiction, hate and, or are racially biased. l dont listern to nonsense thats why l am Zanu PF and shall remain so.

  • Chihombori

    Bla miki mutori benzi rekupedzisira

  • Tete Vaneshanje Havakuri

    There is no smoke without a fire, and please remind me again how The Mugabes met? So?

  • disappointed zw

    These are absolute lies. Please leave our president alone. If this is what news is coming down to then truely Mugabe has every right to ban u. this is utter crap. im tempted to use the F word. leave the old man alone if you dont have any stories to report.

  • Cde Gendecratic ( 1969-79 Provincial Commander Tete Province )

    this is rank madness on part of the journalist !!!!!!!

  • Tete Vaneshanje Havakuri

    ROB other people’s wives and you in turn will be disGRACED sooner or later.So?

  • choyachatsva

    habitual fool tete,who robbed someone ‘s wife? can you steal a human being? nxaaaa

  • http://ZIMEYE... Steel Mann.


    GONO I MUST SALUTE YOU for F*CKING your BOSSES WIFE… in fact she is a PROSTITUTE and the OLD JONGWE cant do his THING.


    Now WATCH YOUR BACK… ENSURE your MERC is SAFE. Somehow a TRUCK will collide & take your life.

    Hey… SATAN NYOKO MUGABE… Did U NOT STEAL this *ITCH from one of your AMBASSADORS that you appointed to be away from ZIM… So you could FORNICATE with her ???





  • Guvnor

    Plobrems in the mighty crumbling empire?

  • Anonymous


  • Mafira kureva

    The fact of the matter is that the allegations, whether true or false, have political consequences. VaGono vakaibuda vasina mavanga iyi venenge vakagwinya chose… Since when does the truth matter to politicians???

  • Anonymous

    he had to get paid one way or the other nice move gono.hope u wont be seeing Pamire soon( person)

  • Guvnor

    Governor becomes a royal pain in the ass ?

  • rega zvirovane

    Good for Mudara. Mwana andzva nendzara. Leave Mudara for Chembere’z wena and go for the young ones. Ye-e, ye-e President’s reputation for what? What matters is the stick and not name. Pamperi newe Gono, you feeding the hungry ones- thumps up. Grace do not steal, take it public now.

  • musa musa

    akaiswa chete

  • Bla Miki

    Varume ndanyara zvekusvika pakucheneruka kumeso kunge Scones.Ndabva ndapera ropa kunge chimukuyu.Zanu yakadhakwa ndabvuma zvangu.Kwasara mupengo unonzi Dhagi na Choya kumeso kusina ropa kunge bakayawo

  • cms

    the thief comes to steal , kill and destroy . Be alert always

  • meme

    You can outsmart the Tsvangirais, the Bennets, the poor Zimbabweans scattered all over the world and the poor ones stuck at home with no one to turn to but God, but you can’t outsmart God. Lets see how the “love triangle” unravels itself out of this one!!! The steak is sizzling!!!

  • meme

    This is just a ‘starter!’ The main dish is yet to come! Watch this space!

  • Tete Vaneshanje Havakuri

    No man will aproach a woman who exudes “stay away I am married” unless she wants to be seen as “married but available”. The fault lies with Mai Mugabe if it’s true that she is jumping in and out of beds with several men. If these guys were to rebuke her advances they will get in trouble one way or another, if they reciprocate they will get in trouble.That’s the prize for hanging around with thugs either way you lose.So?

  • Khule

    Chinyararai kani, zvapera.Kunze kwadoka,moteya zheve pane zvichatevera.

  • Khule

    This reminds me of the late musician,Solomon Skuza’s “Love and Scandals”.Yawe nyama yegocha,yowerere hohahoo-oo,baya-wabaya…

  • http://yahoo JOSEPH MUTASA

    Zimbabweans dont have money but luckily, common sense. Now that you have failed to get Gono removed using the useless GPA you think you can fool people by causing hatred between friend.

    These things usually happen in UK. Remember the Princess being ffucked by a “suicide bomber” from Egypt?

    If you asre looking for mahhure in Zimbabwe, try vana Khupe and team.

  • taika mutambara

    amama mugabe rega asvirirwe mkadzi wake nayewo ihure rinokara mboro.gono wakaita basa wasvira mukadzi yemahure grace.amai venyika vanonyadzisa iye mugabe rwachembera munoti grace haana mafeelingz here……………

  • Guvnor

    Spunky story ?

  • palita nerako

    nothing bad since the husband is old

  • Geryy

    Please do not blame them. Both Bob and Grace are unable to control their lifestyles. Again Confucius said “when a man 70 years marrys girl aged 25, it is like buying book for others to read.

  • Anonymous

    nxaaaaa!!! all nonsense comments regarding the president ,commander in chief of the defence forces, the onl;y president in africa

  • schmidt

    Gono did the best you can do to a friend. Taking care of a neglected wife by sexually satisfying her is the best one can do to a good president like Mugambe who at 86 years cannot even attain 20% election leave alone a maximum penetration to satisfy an inch of lust to a 41 year old. Bravo Mr Gono. Gono in Kiswahili is sex here in Kenya.

  • Desmond

    Bob okwa ningwa nawa!!


    I can also do the same to a love hungry rich woman given the chance and in a influential position like Gono. Money is power and Grace cannot buy sex just from anywhere anyhowly. She needs wealthy and energetic handsome men in the class of Gono being a sexually starved woman from neglect by an 86 year old Grandpa.

  • tempemfaco

    charm the husband ,charm the wife wakapenga Gono kana wakatema wakatema and ramba uchitema id do the same you satisfying a need for the starved 1st lady waratidza kuti ndiwe Mukono in the triangle so i applaud you.

  • zvakaitika

    varume kana bhora rikaputika totengesa stadium here.munoti sekuru vanoisa chigunwe ne munhu anoisa nyama muura muhombe ndiani.Gono urimuchina muhombe;Grace kana newewo unonyadzisa Gono aida kutongoona panepfungwa dzako chete

  • putin

    set a thief to catch a thief

  • dess

    whatever the true story may be,i love Mugabe but this one is a heavy one to carry even for a man with such tactics well known to be intelligent. Haiwa Gushungo iyi yakora. I will be watching the space to see how yu will wade this one.But nevertheless i still feel what yu have done is cming back to yu.

  • http://ZIMEYE ENUFF


    Maybe YOU should TRY ORAL SEX you OLD BASTARD. Maybe GONO can give YOU A SUCK !!!




    Mugambe should know that no one can refuse his wife’s advances. If you refuse you are dead meat. She is a lustful wife who has laid very many youths by showering them with cash.Gono is just a victim and either way he could have faced the music.Ask all good looking staff in all her enterprises and some Governmenbt sectors and they will tell you the lady is a real fucking machine.She just like men penetrating her through her money and power. Sex is power just like money and rich and powerful women needs different dicks between their legs.

  • mukanya

    hure ndarisvirwe

  • James Mbano, Zimbabwe

    Anyone who is saying this story is false is STUPID. Everybody knows how EVE cheated on ADAM. All wives around the world cheat on their husbands. You guys in the UK and left your wives in Zimbabwe, do you know who is satisfying your wives for over 6 years now. Dont pretend that these things happen. Once you let your wife talk or meet another man, definitely she will want to know the man very well. ITS you MEN who are stupid, how can you allow your wife to partner with another man in BUSINESS and where are the other LADIES. Munonyana kuzviita ve chirungu. Imagine your wife eg a secretary spending 8 hours from 8am to 5pm in the office with a MALE boss. After all these day, you allow her to go with a mini skirt, Zvidya zvese panze. Tinoswera tichibata zvidya zvake and you will never know. Even if you come you have to wait at the reception while she goes to clean herself and make up in the toilet. Try to remove all the perfume in your wife’s bag and tell her to go to work like that. She will never sleep with anyone. They cove up with perfume. GONO and GRACE its your TIME dont separate.

  • actor

    the bible says honour your father and your mother to my hero president be strong and believe in jesus munoda mwari daddy and we love you if all we where perfect jesus wont have come so i pray for you that you must not do anything evil on your wife or gono but this one is a big trial i believe in zimbabwe i believe god put you as a father of zim for a reason this time show up with a forgiving heart read the bible on shadreck misheck and abedinego story at the book of samuel and may god. as for our mother grace grace you know the story of mary margadeline she was a prostitute but she also found favour in the eyes of jesus she was the first to see jesus on his ressurection i was so hate when i heard the news but you know what ask for forgiveness to god and vamugabe baba needs you this time please do not forget zvepasi nedezvepasi denga rinoona instead of you to put vamugabe a smile you brought sorow again to him change go to church at list visit man of god in nigeria remove pride please do it for you children and for the nation as for gono you need to be saved to be born again and to kiss goodbye grace is not your wife mabebi haapere ndapota live our president and wife grace in peace

  • McPaul

    At this stage Grace’s other lovers should be mentioned, there was Peter Pamire, who later died in a mysterious car accident, then there was James Makamba, one of Zimbabwe’s richest businessmen who was later run out of town by Mugabe.

    Poor old Cain Chademana the, ex war veteran and personal body guard to the Mugabe’s died under very mysterious circumstances after he had confirmed Sabina’s story to Mugabe. he was buried in Warren hills without an autopsy

  • Anonymous

    they are all lies created by his western enemies to destroy and underrate him the way he underated them on 62nd un summit, viva mugabe, no matter what you are still the father of africa, long life

  • Bla Miki

    All these are lies bent on turnishing the image of the mighty Zanu just the same way an MDC supporter above sees it fit for nefurous reasons to use my name to denounce and castigate my fellow comrades.
    Mdc have been doing all acts of sabotage and banditry in disguise just to woodwink the public. They have killed and maimed their own just to claim it was Zanu PF. Now a son of a bhichi decides to write something against Cde Dhagi and Cde Choya using my name, saka ndozviramba sei kuti nyaya dzenyu ndedzekunyepa. Raamai vako iwe wanyora nezita rangu uchituka and be warned that even if you weigh 100kgs, l will weigh a tonne.Stupid.

  • Hokoyo mdara,

    The root cause of the problem is that, Mugabe had no kids.He failed to make kids with Sally for all those years. Sally had her on own son who later died.
    Mugabe was supossed to make more kids with Sally.He love kids.When it comes to Grace just wants rich peeople and prestige. she had never been happy since she married sekuru.Ayita yeku poya.Vana ngabatorwe DNA once and for all. Mugabe dont kill those innocent men you are the problem

  • tatekulu

    Izvo Gono kuita ma exercise huwandirwa nemadzimai. Grace akanzwa kuti Gono anonaka zvino haachadi kushaya mboro. Rwusvire Gono hapana kwarwunopiwa nyoro dzechidiki. Mufana wakapenga wena,handina kumbofunga kuti wairevesa paya. I only thought you were just imagining. Ini ndine changu Joyce,chivhindikiti asi dzangove mvura chete. Svira mupfana,usamboteerera zvevanhu asichenjera kamudhara aka katsamwa zvino.

  • Anonymous

    Chii chashamisa… King Mswati, Zuma and even Bill Clinton… Even Portifas wife in the Bible… Its typical of human nature>>>!!!

  • helen ntuli

    he-hee !zvakaoma chokwadi nyaya dzekukwirana gono na grace havasi vega vanokwirana vana ***** ******** vakazvarisa wani mukadzi ne girlfriend vakabara pamwechete iscandal chaiyo manesi emu uk munonshupika ini ndiriini i will devorce the bastard unochengeterei munhu akadero nhai ***** mubvise pavisa rako siya zvitambure

  • Unasinga

    Good for you Mugabe

  • Unasinga

    Where is the champaign? I want to celebrate this.

  • Tete Vaneshanje Havakuri

    What are you talking about, can you elaborate and let the rest of us know who Clara is and izvi zvemaVisa zvabvanepipi? I thought nyaya iripano ndeya dis-Grace na Gono-rreah. So?

  • helen

    ko nhai tete,clara mukadzi wavakasvosve vanogara mutaundi inonzi newport mu wales baba ava vakaitisa nhumbu mukadzi wavo navamugiro furendi vakabara vana musi umwe chete saka ndichiti grace na gono havasi vega vano kwirana .clara akachengeta murume asingaseenzi asi akamuhurira achigara naye mumba inyaya dzemu uk dzema zimbaa

  • Tete Vaneshanje Havakuri

    @ HELEN
    Thanks Helen sorry handina kuziva kuti inyaya yeku BHIRITENI nekuti inini ndakadzoka ku Zimbabwe karekare saka izvo zveBhiriteni zvingatozikamwa nemi vemhiri.Clara uyu dayi atodzoka hake kumusha zvimwe angangowanawo wake minisita. Kana bizinesimeni nekuti varume veku Zimbabwe vakangowa kuti kune mukadzi abvaBHIRITENI mudungwe kuno mutsvaka. Asi anofanira kuchenjera nekuti vanomudyira mari yake, yangopera nzve- havachabatiki.Newe kana uine murume wotogara wakamumaka 24/7. Kana usina murume newewo dzoka hobho kuno varume,sharaude. Asi maminisita ndeekungwarira. So?

  • yasmien williams

    although i do not condone extra marital affairs…..i do not blame Grace doing this to mugabe…who want to get into bed with a big bad wolf, not to mention that he has NO tililili, haai bo. Gono looks sexy and surely has a healthy PARCEL…go GRACE go!!!!!

  • manyepo


  • gushungo nhodzera

    vakomana siyanai ne mukadzi wedu mazvinzwaka handidi zvekutaura nemi mazvinzwaka varume.ndaka guta nesha izvozvi nezvamuri kutaura izvozvi ndini wenyu nhodzera

  • Siporo oli

    Bhobho bhoro yako yedhadha nhasi yakupinza panyanga.wodyirwa munda nendomure.

  • Ba john

    Gono urichikoko. pahotera pakaterwa Grace panosevenza shamwari yangu Jomo ini ndine full information kana ma niggar juli ,Augar na malalapipe Keni vanozvizivavo

  • Jefferson

    Yea, Shits happens and this are some of things we call shits in our local language. Should there be any more to squander? just wire me. The lord is honestly in our lives and he is concern in every aspect in our lives, so nothing to worry.

  • Fucker Peace

    Ndiko kuti uzvione kuti zvinorwadza sei ku***** mukadzi zvakangofanana nezvaunoita matongero ako manje Gono akubvisa chiri kumeso. and mukadzi wako ihure futi

  • Icho

    Anotamba nebanga achafa nebanga. Why all the hate Robert , Grace and Gideon are humans. What are we doing to their family.

  • Jah b

    Mudhara mamama. Sure sure kugara nemwana wavanhu musinga sviri.

  • gridza

    keep it up gono hope you satisfied the first lady if not come take viagra pa cabin !!!!!!!!

  • blaz

    faisai mdhiri tinakirwe

  • blaz

    faisai mdhiri tinakirwe asi kule hamunzwaro

  • Mphathiwakhe Ngubane

    Well done Grace that mankey thot would get away with everything well done Grace I love you and Gideon I love you too

  • FJO

    May you all rot in hell, Mugabe, Grace and the whole corrupt ZANU PF!

  • Julius mutanda

    Interesting news,i didnt knw,keep us posted